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Full ResMan Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about ResMan


Do you need a reliable residential property management software? ResMan is the ultimate solution designed just for you. It will assist you in every way possible, towards providing the best property management services to your residents.

While several property management software today is designed to cover several property functions, ResMan has chosen to be different; by maintaining its specificity and focusing on only residential property management.

What is ResMan?

ResMan is a suite of tools, designed to boost your residential property management functions, towards increasing the efficiency and profitability of your property business. This property management software offers an integrated interface, which incorporates all the relevant tools, needed to enable property managers and property owners to gain complete control over their operations and properties respectively.

resmanUnlike most property management software, ResMan is a lot more specific; in that, it focuses on the management of multi-family or residential properties. However, some of its features can be applied to other types of properties like commercial, student housing and more.

Furthermore, ResMan hosts an extensible platform, which enables it to integrate seamlessly with specialized software solutions ranging from marketing, lease management, vendor management, call centre, payment processing, debt collection, and more. In addition, you can also integrate ResMan with your in-house software solution via its API tool which facilitates the integration.

In addition, this property management software offers around-the-clock customer service, which is always on hand to, not only answer your queries but also guide you in your daily business operations, with the aim of improving your overall efficiency.

Besides, ResMan is a cloud-based property management solution; hence, it is accessible via any major desktop or mobile device. Basically, this property management software supports operating systems (OS) such as mobile – Android and iOS and desktop – Windows and Mac. Other devices can also access the software via web browsers.

Essentially, the software is a system of digital functions, which greatly assists residential property managers to improve the efficiency of their entire operations.

Benefits of ResMan Property Management Software

Flexibility of Use & Ease of Access

ResMan property management software is highly flexible and can be adopted in various working conditions. Although ResMan is specially designed to manage residential properties, it can be extended to assist in certain areas of commercial property management.

Furthermore, its cloud-based deployment option makes its easily accessible to every individual, group and company. As such, the software is comfortably supported on most mobile devices. This ensures you can access ResMan’s multi-family dashboard any time, regardless of your location.

With ResMan, your on-site team members can receive work orders from you via their mobile devices. Also, your residents (tenants) can easily send maintenance requests and in response to such requests, you can mobilize your maintenance team to the location, all within the comforts of your palms.

Besides, ResMan technically eliminates the need for an office and provides you with the convenience of navigating its integrated interface, towards providing your residents with the best available property management service.

Performance Monitoring

ResMan is designed, basically, to ease up your business operations and improve your overall performance, thereby enhancing your property business’ productivity. This property management software ensures all the core aspects of your workflow are aptly automated and executed, directly via the software, with near-perfect accuracy. This ensures you execute your plans with unparalleled precision.

Typically, ResMan ensures property management tasks such as accounting, property inspection, maintenance approvals, renters screening and so on are carried out by the software, with respect to the instructions given to it. For instance, the software enables you to automatically run an in-depth screening on prospective tenants (rent vacancy applicants), to check for their suitability in terms of financial and criminal history before leasing/renting out units of your properties to them.

Essentially, ResMan ensures you take charge of your property business, by ensuring you optimize the use of your time and resources, thereby guaranteeing improved efficiency and overall productivity.

Extension & Integrations

By default, ResMan offers a broad variety of functions to property managers. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of the software, the platform offers you unlimited extensions to certain functions like property marketing, leasing and so on. With this, you are able to easily integrate with any of the extension suites offered by ResMan.

Typically, to reinforce your property marketing function, ResMan allows you to integrate with a hub of marketing tools known as ResMan Marketing suite. This means you are able to expand the functionality of ResMan’s default marketing function, to enjoy an optimized experience of property marketing. In a similar vein, other functions of property management like leasing and accounting tow the same path.

Therefore, this platform technically grows alongside your business, by allowing you to modify the functions of the software to suit your needs, as you progress in your business.

Financial Management

resmanResMan basically allows you to gain complete control over your financial dealings. This is achieved by monitoring your cash inflow and outflow, to provide you with comprehensive insights into the performance of your property business via powerful, in-depth financial reports.

In addition, ResMan assists you in moderating your expenses, by allowing you to set spending limits (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). In fact, you can easily set the maximum amount to be spent on a particular property or task. This is achieved via ResMan’s budgeting feature, which ensures your spendings are kept within a specified threshold.

Furthermore, the property management software ensures you don’t need to waste quality time and money in creating payment invoices or receipts on account receivables; ResMan helps you out in this regard. It automatically generates payment invoices.

Nevertheless, ResMan property management software ensures you have an overview of your finances, thereby ensuring you and your team do not, in any way, violate your firm’s financial integrity.

File Management & Data Security

ResMan ensures the safety of your clients’ or residents data. The software’s document manager enables you to organize your tenant’s data as appropriate and then save them on the cloud, to be retrieved when needed.

Also, all relevant documents like invoices, lease or rent agreements, tenants behavioural records/history and so on can be stored online. To retrieve any of these files, you can easily access your company’s cloud storage and retrieve them.

Moreover, this property management software ensures you don’t need to keep a stockpile of files (on your device), as you can easily keep them in the cloud, where they can be retrieved at any time.

Strong Customer Support

ResMan has a standby customer service team, ready to provide you with various forms of supports, needed to help you get the best out of the software. With this, all you need is basic digital know-how to successfully navigate the software’s interface and enjoy its inherent benefits.

Essentially, ResMan becomes your digital go-to team, anytime you run into difficulties while running your property business with the software.

Key Features of ResMan Property Management Software

Lease Management

resmanResMan comes with a simplified online platform which facilitates online leasing. This cloud-based property management software allows prospects to set criteria for housing units and then view their preferred housing unit before applying for a lease. Nevertheless, ResMan comes with secure document management and built-in eSignature services which allows you to automate leasing workflow processes.

In addition, ResMan supports upload of supporting documentation from applicants in order to facilitate the leasing process. Property managers can automate payment processing online and allocate housing units to successful applicants.


ResMan provides you with a set of tools, aimed at improving the value of your properties and at the same time, making your tenants happy.

With the property maintenance functionality, users are provided with every basic tool, needed to maintain the value of your properties. Besides, ResMan supports mobile inspection, which ensures every major maintenance activity can be carried out via mobile phones.

Therefore, your maintenance team is provided with unparalleled convenience, in going about their duties.


resmanResMan comes with boardroom analytics features which are primarily aimed at improving your business intelligence. The analytics functionality enables you to analyze the operational efficiency of your properties, to generate concise metrics on their respective performances (ROIs). Besides, this property management software analyzes every vital index (KPIs), ranging from core business data to tenant-level data.

With the analytics functionality, you are able to weigh your KPIs – Key Performance Indicators against one another, to determine which set of tasks and properties are productive and which are not. This enables you to improve your firm’s operational performance, simply by adjusting your resources and workflow to ensure that, the efficiency of the less productive tasks/properties are improved and those of the productive ones are also further enhanced.

Furthermore, every core area of your business is analyzed and presented in metrical representations, thereby providing a clear picture of your business performance. The performance metrics are displayed in an overview-format on your screen.

In addition, ResMan’s BoardRoom analytics feature ensures you get regular (real-time) updates on the overall performance and progress of your property management setup. With this, you are able to adjust your business methods as appropriate, to further improve the efficiency of your team, towards attaining optimum productivity.


resmanResMan’s accounting tool enables you to have a strong grip on your company’s finances. It provides you with every tool, needed to improve the convenience of your cash flow, aptly accompanied by a transparent, comprehensive audit tool.

Basically, ResMan’s accounting tool offers functions such as automated AR – Account Receivable & AP – Account Payable processes, GL – General Ledger, accounting reports, recurring revenue, bank reconciliations and more.

With the above-outlined functions, you have your company’s finances under complete control.

Budgeting & Forecasting

ResMan provides users with a unique budgeting functionality, which assists them in creating their business budgets, on the basis of available funds and future prospects. The budgeting tool provides your team with everything it needs to set targets and also assist you in formulating plans to meet those targets.

Furthermore, this property management software provides you with a forecasting tool, which assists you in projecting your business’ growth and financial situation. This is done by analyzing previous/historical data to generate informed guesses on the future prospects of your company.

SMS – Resident Text Messaging

ResMan’s SMS tool is designed to provide your clients or tenants with a direct communication line to you and your team. The SMS feature comes with an open rate, which is only 2% short of absolute perfection. This makes ResMan’s SMS the most reliable communication channel in the industry.

The SMS feature is most effective on mobile devices, as you are able to receive messages from your tenants and also reply to them, anywhere and anytime. Moreover, most people now prefer using a smartphone to a desktop PC, as a medium for accessing information on the internet.

Furthermore, ResMan SMS feature offers you a function known as Foolproof Documentation, which helps you send and receive pre-recorded text messages from residents.

Nevertheless, ResMan’s SMS ensures your residents are able to maintain constant contact with you. This is especially important for improving customer (tenants) satisfaction.

Third-party Integrations

ResMan seamlessly integrates with a series of third-party software solutions and web applications. This property management software integrates with solutions such as call centre, call tracking, maintenance, CRM, online payments, revenue management, debt collection, vendor management and more. Some of the popular integrated solutions include CoreLogic, Knock, SMS, Nexus Systems, PayLease, Indactus, Rent Dynamics and more.

In addition, ResMan property management software allows you to integrate the platform with your customized software solution via its API. Therefore, property management business can either integrate ResMan with their current software solution or create a new application, which they can use to extract data from the ResMan platform.

Other notable features of ResMan property management software include:

  • Accounting management
  • Accounts payable (AP)
  • Accounts receivable (AR)
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Affordable Housing Compliance
  • Certification approval workflow
  • Collections
  • Compliance management
  • Comprehensive receivables history
  • Create follow up tasks
  • Credit check
  • Customizable statements
  • Electronic tax reporting
  • Identity verification
  • Insurance management
  • Inventory management
  • Invoicing
  • Landlord database
  • Late fee calculation
  • Lead management
  • Lease management
  • Marketing (Lead Generation)
  • Notifications
  • Online availability tool
  • Owner portal
  • Payment processing
  • Portfolio views
  • Property search
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Real-time key performance analytics
  • Recurring revenue
  • Rent tracking
  • Reporting
  • ResMan Engage – Marketing; Leasing; Qualifier & Credit Builder
  • Set up recurring journal entries
  • Single sign-on
  • Sublease management
  • Task management
  • Tax management
  • Tenant database
  • Tenant portal
  • Tenant self-service
  • Tenant tracking
  • Transaction templates
  • User-defined permissions
  • Vacancy tracking
  • Vendor portal
  • Website hosting


resmanResMan property management software offers a unique, flexible pricing plan; hence, you can get a pricing plan tailored according to your business needs.

The pricing plans for ResMan are strictly by quote. You can contact their support line to get a suitable quote for your property business.

In addition, prospective customers can request for a free demo before subscribing to their custom ResMan plan.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Web-based, Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, Mac

Pricing model: Quote-based

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Real estate professionals, Mid-Size businesses, large enterprises

Mobile Applications: iOS, Android

API Availability: ResMan comes with an available API for custom integrations

Popular integrations: 365 Connect, Anyone Home, Apartment Finder, Assurant, Bluemoon, Conservice, CoreLogic, Deposit IQ, Ellis, HandyTrac, iloveleasing, Indatus, Knock, LeasingBook, LRO, Navas Labs, Nexus Systems, Notifii, On-Site, PayLease, Record360, Rent Jungle, RentDynamics, Resident Spark, SMS, Updater, Wakefield & Associates, ZG

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted, Open API

Support Details

ResMan property management software offers users the following after-sales support:

Email Support

Phone Support: +1 888 702 0971

Online Support



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