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Full Report Garden Marketing Automation Software Review – All You Need to Know About Report Garden

Report Garden
Report Garden

What is Report Garden?

Report Garden management and reporting system is a multi-platform marketing application that enhances all marketing and SEO workflows and helps a business gain more visibility online. Report Garden’s automated features allow digital marketing agencies to create and prepare performance and analytic reports and help them gain impactful insights.

The company behind Report Garden has been in the business helping ad networks, business owners, digital agencies, and marketers create the report that would enhance their performance and reduce their spending. The application provides comprehensive tools to manage SEO, generate robust reports, provide significant insights, and ensure fast ROI turnover.

Report Garden

Report Garden is not just a simple reporting software that gives you bars and graphs. It provides comprehensive reports that are completely customizable and adaptable to the current trends in the cyber world. This management and reporting software can provide business owners with all kinds of vital reports such as Adwords, PPC, Facebook, Instagram, SEO, Social Media reports, Google analytics, twitter, and more.

Not only that Report Garden helps take care of the business’ reporting needs, but it can also enhance business workflows by utilizing open API integrations and assimilate the application’s helpful features in any third party software. In addition to its open API integrations, Report Garden allows clients to be proactive in managing progress and generating reports. Using a client portal, your customers can easily check their progress and manage tasks easily and conveniently.

Report Garden Benefits

Quick and Easy Reporting

Report Garden provides a comprehensive list of tools for the business’ reporting needs. One of which is PPC reporting tools. Report Garden can easily generate customized PPC reports that help digital ad agencies to manage and share their performance progress.  Automated PPC report generating tools help application users generate reports for Google Adwords, analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Bing ads, and much more.

Generating reports can take only just a simple tap of a button. Application users can easily create parameters and connect the data from a specified server. Additionally, there are hundreds of available pre-installed templates that are conveniently added to the controls for your utilization. The software can easily generate unlimited PPC reports using diverse reporting tools and templates. For companies that need to generate reports daily, this feature is a total lifesaver. There’s no need to manually create report page, the software automatically does that. Aside from the pre-installed reporting templates, creating your own customized reporting template can be easily stored for later use.

For companies working with multiple clients on a regular basis, manual report generating process could take most, if not all of your time. Report Garden allows report templates to be white labeled. White labeling PPC reports allow application users to attach the client’s or agency’s logo on the report. Any customization options such as adding cover pages and other visual improvement tools are easily accessible. Once the report is done, application users can easily have the report connected to the client’s portal for better visibility.

Report Garden

Automated Invoice Management

Creating invoices and managing payments can take up most of your time. With Report Garden’s automated invoice management module, generating invoice has gotten much simpler. Application users can easily create an invoice using pre-installed invoice templates for faster and much easier invoice generating process. Additionally, the software’s open API features allow third-party software integrations to any financial management or accounting applications that the company is already using. Not only that it keeps business owners informed, it allows full control and visibility of the business’ financial status.

In addition to fast and convenient invoice generating processes, Report Garden also includes reporting features to track and manage your business’ revenue cycle. Report Garden helps ad agencies create reports on turnaround time for payments, invoice open rate, and revenue forecasting. Automating invoice management would also include proper payment scheduling. Report Garden includes payment scheduling features to ensure that payments are being processed in a timely manner. Financial reporting tools and scheduling features help agencies check their financial health which will lead to a better evaluation of their performance and their clients.

Helps Manage Finances Effectively

Report Garden is equipped with budget tracking features to help agencies manage client spending. The budget tracking dashboard includes a list of monitoring tools to determine ineffective budgeting processes and prevent client overspending. The application’s features include multi-account monitoring to gain more visibility on the clients marketing expenses. Report Garden allows application users to track client’s budget around multiple platform accounts and campaigns. This feature helps application users to determine which platform or campaign needs more financing and which ones to cut off.

In addition to budget monitoring features, Report Garden also allows application users to set notifications on certain budget levels. This is extremely helpful for agencies who are closely monitoring their client’s spending. Once the client’s spend reaches the defined threshold, notification is automatically sent to the account manager to take immediate action to prevent overspending or any undesirable result.

Report Garden

Real-Time and Informative Dashboard

Report Garden utilizes customizable and informative dashboards to create impactful reports and help business organizations gain insights on their business progression. Application users can easily customize the dashboard to display all the necessary information that the business requires. Data is also being transmitted in real-time. For marketing agencies and online ad companies, real-time data capturing features are completely necessary to keep track of site visits and to monitor their marketing performance. Report Garden dashboards also include advanced sorting and filtering options to provide a better view of the data flow.

The application’s dashboard also includes data analytics modules to ensure that no stones are left unturned. Report Garden’s analytical features allow application users to discover hidden trends that would otherwise help improve marketing practices or find underlying causes of poor performance.

Better Client Interaction

Getting the client involved throughout the entire process is a good way to gain trust. Report Garden provides clients with a better view of the entire process by allowing access to their very own portal.  The client portal displays all the necessary information that a client needs to know to make sure that they are fully aware before making any decisions. Agencies can easily connect with the client and send informative reports to the client’s portal. This promotes effective communication and allows better trust build up.

Clients can also check for the status of deliverables and keep track of all of them in one place. This is extremely helpful for agencies managing multiple clients. Sending emails back and forth from multiple clients can be a real hassle. Most common mistakes include sending deliverables to the wrong client or providing an inaccurate and unreliable report. Client portal simplifies this process and eliminates most errors caused by multiple data handling and manual management protocols.

Report Garden


Report Garden Features

SEO Analysis

Improving SEO practices and strategies can help lead to a better website visibility and presence. Report Garden provides analytical and performance monitoring tools to keep your SEO performance in check. One of the most challenging parts of monitoring SEO performance is managing multiple sites. Online ad agencies would take so much time going from one platform to another just to keep track of their progress. With Report Garden, monitoring SEO performance can be done in a single universal platform. The application’s features allow agencies to use a single dashboard to all SEO performance monitoring tasks and helps save more time.

Report Garden SEO analytic tools to help agencies in different means. The application’s SEO analytics includes keyword analysis modules to know how a website is being ranked based on certain keywords. Report Garden’s SEO audit functionalities observe website ranking automatically using keyword concentration and identify which URL is getting the most hits. This feature helps agencies analyze targeted keywords and devise effective SEO strategies.

Additionally, Report Garden’s SEO analytic tools include backlink and website analysis. Backlink analysis determines the quality and quantity of useful information through backlinks directed toward the website. Website analysis includes a detailed website audit that allows application users to determine SEO errors and develop ways to improve it. There are also several other tools that would help check data gathered through multiple points and monitor website performance.

Report Garden

Multi-Channel Operability

Report Garden management and reporting system allow application users to link data from multiple platforms and have it managed in one dashboard. Most marketing agencies utilize social media and other web platforms to gather data and increase reach. Report Garden’s open API and custom integrations allow agencies to pull up information from Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and other familiar online platforms.

This feature creates a convenient setup for application users to manage reports for each platform. It helps to save a lot of time allowing the system to gather all data in one location. Report Garden ease up the process by providing dedicated dashboards for each platform. Dashboards are completely customizable that allows better visibility on performance and data levels.

Scheduling and Notification Features

Report Garden does not only automate management tasks but allows application users to be updated real-time. Scheduling and notification features enhance performance by keeping tasks on the clock and allows a quick action for any critical turning point.

Notification features can be extremely helpful in preventing any negative outcomes. In a quick-paced environment like online marketing business, getting real-time updates is tremendously crucial. Report Garden allows the application to trigger notifications based on events or using a certain threshold. It works perfectly with the software’s budget management module as it allows the immediate update to business owners as soon as spending reaches a critical level.

User-Friendly and Comprehensive Controls

Report Garden was designed to with easy-to-use controls to minimize the time needed on control and feature familiarization. Reporting tools are as easy as point-and-click and are arranged in an organized fashion that promotes convenient in-app navigation. Each tool has its own tooltip with the corresponding description to help explain how certain commands and controls work. This is extremely useful for clients and business owners who are not technology savvy.

Report Garden


Pricing Details

Report Garden provides four (4) pricing plans that are available in monthly and yearly subscription offers. An annual subscription gives two months free of charge.

The Standard Subscription plan costs $149 per month or $1490 per year. Features include:

Dashboards and accounts 30
Budget Spending $20,000
Keyword Units 200
Google and Social Media Integrations

The Professional Subscription plan costs $299 per month or $2990 per year. Features include:

Dashboards and accounts 70
Budget Spending $50,000
Keyword Units 750
Number of Domains 10
Crawl Limit 1,000
Crawl Archives 3 Months
Backlinks 1,500
Invoices 10
Proposals 10

Integrations include Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Bing, Quora, and more. It includes email and retargeting, call tracking and marketing automation.

The Agency Subscription plan costs $649 per month or $6490 per year. Features include:

Dashboards and accounts 170
Budget Spending $150,000
Keyword Units 1,000
Number of Domains 20
Crawl Limit 5,000
Crawl Archives 6 Months
Backlinks 5,000
Invoices 30
Proposals 25

It includes a localization pack and similar professional subscription integrations. It also adds call tracking, email and retargeting, and marketing automation.

The Enterprise Subscription costs $1299 per month or $12990 per year. Features include:

Dashboards and accounts 300
Budget Spending $300,000
Keyword Units 2,000
Number of Domains 30
Crawl Limit 25,000
Crawl Archives 12 Months
Backlinks 10,000
Invoices 50
Proposals 75

Enterprise includes all integration features in Professional and Agency subscriptions.

Report Garden provides 7-day free trial to Standard, Professional, and Agency subscription plans. For premium integrations, interested parties may contact the product vendor for more information.

Report Garden

Technical Details

Report Garden’s standalone application can be installed on computers using operating systems such as:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS

Installation and support are available in English. The application can be re-configured with plenty of language options available.  Software data is transmitted and safely secured in a central cloud-based server.

Support Details

Report Garden provides support in different communication channels. Interested parties may contact support through email, tickets, and phone.

For general inquiries, application users can contact Report Garden through this phone number: +1 (855) 777 8436.

Interested parties can also send emails to sales, marketing, and technical support:

Sales: sales@reportgarden.com
Support: support@reportgarden.com
Marketing: marketing@reportgarden.com