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Full Replicon Project Management Software Review – All you need to know about Replicon

Replicon Software
Replicon Project Management Software

What is Replicon Software?

Replicon Software is a business workforce solution that will allow you to stay on top of your project management as well as unite various business management aspects of your organization. This all-in one time intelligence platform will give you numerous options that can be implemented in your business decisions. Drive your organization forward by making fruitful decisions for your organization and guiding it on the path you desire. Manage your workforce cohesively and completely that will help you deliver the results you want.

This business workforce solution was founded in 1996 in the United States. Replicon Software started as a means for organizations like yours stay on top of time and project management in a way you never thought possible. Today, this time intelligence platform is helping organizations such as Expedia, FedEx, Xerox and many more save time and increase overall productivity. With a mission to help businesses like yours capture, manage and optimize their time, you too can gain the 50% increased growth. With a customer satisfaction rating of 97%, you will quickly see what makes this business workforce solution a true contender for your business.

Replicon Software is a cloud-based time intelligence platform that will help your organization to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Furthermore, you can organize and manage resource productivity and time spent on tasks. Get complete visibility into your organizational work processes and performance so that you can make sound business decisions moving forward.

Benefits of Replicon Software:

There are many ways a business workforce solution can benefit your organization. So that you can make a comprehensive decision regarding which project management software you go with, you need to know what those benefits are. Here is an overview of some of the benefits you can reap from when you choose Replicon Software.

  • Replicon has a variety of solutions you can choose from to stay on top of your organizational work processes. You can get these solutions as individual apps or as a complete bundle based on your needs.
  • Manage all your customer and project portfolios with ease using a single centralized platform. Keep things organized and know what is happening and when.
  • Use this business workforce solution to help you look into historical organizational data to help you move forward in making smarter decisions.
  • This software allows you to operate it intuitively without the need of having to constantly reference the user manual.
  • The basic functions make it super easy to use by anyone in your organization regardless of their technological knowledge and know how.
  • Customer service is noted to be excellent as there is always someone willing to help you when you have questions or concerns.
  • Replicon software is very flexible. It can move along as your business grows or your objective changes. You won’t have to worry about this software not working as your business changes.
  • The rollout for your organization will be relatively smooth as Replicon will seamlessly move into your already established work processes without complications.
  • You will be able to gain insights into your organizational proficiency with ease and cut back on administrative tasks. Save time for mission critical endeavors and let Replicon handle the mundane stuff.
  • There is an auto-save feature. As you add more information to your business workforce solution, even if you forget to save it, Replicon has you covered.
  • There is a free trial you can use to test drive this software before making any final purchasing decisions.
  • You will gain full transparency into your entire organization from individual employees to numerous multi-faceted projects.

Features of Replicon Software:

A robust and powerful set of features is offered to you by this time intelligence platform. You will be able to do just about anything using this business workforce solution.  With everything covered from employee days off to full project management, you won’t need another software solution. Here are the various features that you can use the minute you deploy Replicon Software at your organization.

Make project management simpler and more complete.

Using this software there is the ability to set up projects complete with a complex work breakdown that is structured according to your specific needs. You will enable your project managers to define and initiate entire project processes that include budgets, costs, resource allocation, utilization, skills and even estimates. Your entire project management structure can be handled from this one software.

Furthermore, you can align your project managers, accountants and even consultants from one single source. Use the collaborative platform to ensure all project leaders are on the same page at all times. Get real-time transparency into all your project metrics and have complete control over the delivery of each individual project.

Unify all your client management using this business workforce solution.

Have the ability to create and manage all your clients including capturing all related details to each client. Furthermore, easily associate each of the projects with the respective client in order to get a consolidated view of all your client-specific projects and work. Know what project is for whom and related deadlines to help you stay organized and on top of your work processes.

Get access to real time metrics that enable you to better assess your professional relationships. See things like client billings and your profitability by the client using these metrics. Finally, use the historical information service to help you select your client with intelligence and know who is worth working with to achieve the desired results at the end of each project.

Stay on top of all your organizational resources.

Mange and utilize the skills of each of your team members through the ability to gain complete visibility into your global resources. Find out the availability of your resources to help you choose selectively. Track and manage all your project resources and their skill sets to help you make resourcing decisions that are intelligent.

Go through your resources through advanced filtering options based on parameters that you set up. Easily allocate your resources to projects using these same parameters. Use real time visibility and control to help you achieve increased consultant utilization.

Use this project management solution to help you create and manage billing contracts.

Model various billing rates and complex contract using this very flexible system. You can also manage billing engagements and create billing contracts at any time. Enjoy the unlimited terms and clauses that you can set up however you see fit. Have complete control over your contract life cycles through managing fixed, milestone and custom contracts.

Furthermore, handle entire contract terms and changes including effective dates using an event driven platform. Transform you contract terms into billable data. You can achieve this in real-time using the billing generator that is powerful.

Use this business workforce solution to manage organization processes and projects.

Through the embedded BPM engine, you can create flexible orchestrations and models. Handles entire business processes from beginning to end while facilitating exceptions using the embedded collaboration engine. Furthermore, stay on top of all projects through the ability to use time sheets that are able to capture all your project information.

Stay on top of billable and non-billable hours either by the client or by the project to get real-time visibility into the status of each project. You can add comments or other pertinent information to help you provide better contextual evidence for your clients and your project managers. Finally, define approval protocols that include project managers, stakeholders and clients.

Additional Features:

  • Get email reminders when deadlines are looming to help you achieve time targets.
  • Have a vacation management tool to help you know when your team members are available or away.
  • Use custom sheets or pre-built templates to help you organize each project effectively.
  • Access the cloud clock to help keep team members on task during billable hours.
  • Gain actionable insights using the analytics features that enable you to narrow your focus to certain aspects or get overhead images of each project.

Pricing Details of Replicon Software:

Replicon software offers a couple of different pricing plans and solutions. Each has additional add on options you can choose from based on your organizational needs. To gain full details of each plan, you must contact the vendor.

Quick Start Package:

This plan costs $19 per user per month. The additions are Time Attend for $4, Expense for $3 and Time bill for $12 per month.

Plus Package:

This package is $63 per month per user. The additions are Time Attend for $8, Time Bill for $22, Time Cost for $22, Time off for $6 and Expense for $5 per month respectively.

Enterprise package:

This is a custom-built package and it only has a price by quote based on your organizational needs. Additions are Workforce management, professional services automation and project portfolio management.

Technical Details of Replicon Software:

The cloud deployment of Replicon software makes it compatible with and Windows or Mac operating systems and devices. You can also use the web-based version from anywhere at any time you desire as long as you have internet connectivity. Furthermore, there are native mobile apps that have been developed for your mobile devices. Get the app from the iTunes store of your iOS devices or from the Play Store for your Android devices.

Supported Languages are English, German, Simplified Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Support Details of Replicon Software:

This business workforce solution will help you conduct your entire organizational practices. Therefore, you need to know that you will have the full backing of Replicon when you use their time intelligence platform within your organization. There are three different support options that are offered by the vendor. Here are the details of the offered support options.

Email: Through a dedicated email address you can get in touch with the staff at Replicon any time you have issues, questions or concerns. They pride themselves on responding quickly. However, response times can be anywhere from an hour to 24 hours.

Phone: Call them using the toll-free North American number, their direct line, the toll-free Australian number or their UK number. For other countries there is another dedicated toll-free number. Using any number, you can get a live representative who can help you out immediately.

Live Support: Using your Replicon dashboard, there is the option to open a chat window that lets you speak to a representative remotely. There, you can explain your issue and get feedback and/or help based on your issue.

Resources: There is a multitude of resources the vendor offers you through their website. You can find things like a comprehensive FAQs section where you can get answers to common questions or leaf through the various how-to manuals. Furthermore, there is a forum where you can find out solutions to common issues or concerns.


Replicon software is a complete project management tool that you can use within your organization to help you get the job done. Using this business workforce solution, you will be able to stay on top of projects, resources, clients and much more in order to get a complete view of what is happening within your organization and stay in control. Through the time intelligence platform, you can track time, create bills and know who is doing what and when at all times. You will always know what is happening in your organization from start to finish and down to the minute details using Replicon Software.

However, you want to be sure to read all the reviews you can regarding any project management software. You need to know what the end-users are saying and what various experts recommend in order to make a comprehensive and sound business decision. Overall, there is a lot to be said regarding Replicon Software. From the full set of robust and powerful features, down to the various benefits they provide, this software is a true contender for your organizational work processes.