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Full RentPost Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About RentPost


The RentPost Hotel Management software is a full-featured online solution for property owners and managers to control their properties. The headquarter of this software company is in Athens, Georgia, USA.

Thanks to software like RentPost, renting and management of properties have never been more straightforward. But, there’s is a bit of an issue.

Choosing the appropriate software can be a bit of a drag sometimes. You might end up with an underperforming software which isn’t right.

In this article, we’ll be doing a deep-dive review of this software. We’ll uncover its features, benefits, and flaws. By the end, you’ll know enough to make a decision.

What is The RentPost Hotel Management Software?

The RentPost Hotel Management software is an all-in-one software solution for landlords and property managers.

This cloud-based software solution makes the work of property managers easier by offering solutions such as contact management, unit & tenant management, automatic rent collection, accounting, and others.

The interface of this software provides landlords and tenants with transparency needed for a hassle-free transaction. This software is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This software was designed to manage rental properties effectively.

The integrated advanced payment system of RentPost allows users to oversee account handling and prioritize work orders. This payment system enables the collection of rent paid online.

RentPost’s dashboard possesses varying types of visual indicators such as a heads-up display which shows the primary rental metrics, past owed rental payments, real-time news updates, and amount of money processed in the online system.

This heads-up display also shows you when a tenant has paid, a list of work to do, and work orders to be submitted.  Managers and landlords receive real-time information as a result of this software.

RentsPost’s accounting system enables online rent collection and account reporting thus, saving time.

It’s all impressive, isn’t it?

But before you answer that question, there are other parts of this review you must read. These sections are necessary to have a complete picture of RentPost. Let’s talk about the features of this software, shall we?

Features of The RentPost Software

RentPost offers a distinct set of features to landlords and property managers. You get Full AJAX Interface, quick stats, document storage system, reporting & statistics, intuitive dashboard, and others.

Let’s take a look at the features that come with this cloud-based hotel management software.

Full AJAX Interface

The AJAX technology of this software enables fast display of page requests. Due to this AJAX interface, usability experience is fast and fluid.

Online Rent Collection

RentPost integrates with an advanced, secure online payment engine that allows your tenants to make direct online payments. This platform provides notice and information on payment status, analytics, reporting, and accounting integration.

Intelligent Filtering Technology

This software’s smart filtering technology enables you to search, and the page will instantly filter down to show results about your filtered query. This technology is essential as there are thousands of records and resources available.

Universal Search

The universal search enables you to access your company’s asset by searching. RentPost makes use of an advanced search algorithm that provides quick access to requested assets.

With this feature, you can search for anything and results will come in quickly.

Units & Tenant Platform

This platform comes with status buttons that allow you to filter to results that match the criteria. There are also custom groups that will enable you to sort your units to your preference. You can categorize by property, neighborhood, building.

The action pane allows you to apply actions such as edit, flag, duplicate or remove to tenants. You can see all tenants in any unit by merely selecting the group on this platform.

Other Features of the Units & Tenant Platform

Unit Photos & Maps

You can upload unit photos to help you distinguish your units. This platform automatically generates google maps for each group for better directions to tenants.

Unit Notes

You can add information about units to the platform for easy retrieval. These notes are usually used to jot down information of appliances to be updated in groups.

Multiple Tenants per Unit

This software system supports numerous tenants or leases per unit. The flexibility of this unit platform is unlimited.

Prospective Tenants

This platform comes with a record where you can input potential tenant inquiries to follow up at a later date.

Unit Flagging

With this feature, you can flag units, and they will be re-ordered using the smart sort feature. This feature will show the flagged house at the top of your unit list.

Unit Alerts

You will receive alerts when a tenant is late. This alerted unit will then show up under the past-due unit filter.

Quick Stats

You can view and act on the quick stats on your units and tenants. This feature allows you to stay in tine with all operations.

Work Order Management

The intelligent filtering technology comes to play with this platform as well. You will stay at the top of your operations with the straight-forward statistics available. The action pane possesses all the controls for this platform.

Other features of Work Orders

Intelligent Sorting

Work orders are organized using the smart sorting algorithm which puts essential work orders at the top of the list.  This grouping is on the work order, age, priority, and other factors.

Photo Attachments

You can send a request to your tenants to snap a photo of an issue in the unit. This platform also allows you attach pictures to work orders to help clarify the point.

Direct Response

This platform comes with an immediate response feature that allows you reply inline on work orders to tenants. Tenants will receive a notification of the reply to respond.


With this task feature, you can assign scheduled events to managers, or take over events planned from colleagues.

This platform also comes with a toggle that helps you sort your personal and company tasks. Every account comes with a personal to-do list where you can record assignments.


You can sort all your contacts by groups so you can easily find connections for specific tasks. This contact platform allows you to have multiple contact types to enable smooth interaction.

The automatic location sorting creates location groups automatically for your contacts for you to be able to target connections within any city.

Accounting Management Platform

This platform lists and associates all your transactions with your savings account, credit cards, checking accounts and others. This platform also organizes your general ledger accounts.

The accounting system integrates seamlessly with the rent collection system which enables the recording and reporting of all payments.

Other Functions of the Accounting Management Platform

Processing Funds

You can view all your funds at a quick glance with this platform. You can also use processing status to filter the list so you can see transactions that are currently in processing.

Interactive Updating

Your income or expense log allows you to edit, adjust and save your adjustment. This platform also makes all calculations for you automatically.


You can filter your income and expense log to your specified requirements and export the results into any accounting software such as excel or backup.

Returned Check Handling

This software allows you to mark a  payment as bad if a tenant writes a bad check. The platform will reassess the unpaid charges and notify the tenant of any action taken.

Print Income and Expense Log

The print button allows you to print the income and expense log easily.

Remove Transaction

You can remove any transaction by merely selecting the deal and clicking on the remove icon.

Granular Expense Recording

You can record expenses to units, owners or groups. Thus, allowing you to have accurate books. The reporting tool provides insights into spent money.

Document Storage System

This platform enables you to attach documents to an associated unit, person or work order. The usage meter shows you storage usage overview.

This s0ftware comes with an advanced uploading system that coves uploading support. You can also organize all your documents according to customizable groups.

This platform allows you to recover documents from your account’s trash bin. You can remove files in the trash bin forever.

Messaging Platform

You can apply actions to multiple messages at once with the mass action buttons on this platform. You also get a notification via the message indicator for important messages.

A quick preview of emails is available in list view. You can also use the delete button to remove messages conveniently.

Reporting System

The Rent roll features groups automatically by address and filters with the advanced filter technology. The upcoming renewal report helps you stay on top of operations at all times.

RentPost’s owner report consists of graphs, stats and unit breakdowns. You can also get reports for completed scheduled tasks and work orders.

The advanced filter technology shows you tenants with delinquencies in a state, city or by address.

Pros and Cons of RentPost

Here are the benefits and the downsides of using the RentPost software.


The RentPost software attracts both tenants, property managers, and landlords because of its benefits. Highlighted below are the main attraction points of this hotel management software

Ease of Use

This software’s AJAX technology makes it very easy to use. Despite the complicated processes, the user interface of this software is simple and easy to navigate.

This software also saves manager and landlords time to perform other activities as it keeps them on top of operations.

Great Customer Support

Customer support is fast and thorough. The feedback button on the website is also useful for the immediate response of queries.


This software makes use of a 256-bit encryption key that ensures all of the data in this application are safe and secure.

Cons of RentPost Hotel Management Software

The best software’s have defects, and RentPost isn’t immune. Let’s take a look at the drawbacks of this cloud-based hotel management software.

Payment processing Time

The payments processing time is relatively long which will cause operations to be slow.

Non-customizable Owner Statements

There are limits and restrictions in customizing owners statements. This limited feature is a defect that affects the total outcome of the report.

Poor reporting time

It is relatively hard to make reports and the reporting time is inferior.


The RentPost software is on a tier-based pricing model. Each of these plans come with their set of distinct features.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you have a free 30-day trial.  Currently, the software offers six tiers.

Cobalt Plan

  • $29/month
  • 25 Units
  • 10 Owner accounts
  • 1000MB Document Storage

Aqua Plan

  • $59/month
  • 50 Units
  • 25 Owner accounts
  • 3GB Document Storage

Mine Plan

  • $99/month
  • 100 Units
  • 50 Owner accounts
  • 6GB Document Storage
  • 1-hour setup with Relax Team

Lime Plan

  • $169/month
  • 250 Units
  • Unlimited Owner accounts
  • 10GB Document Storage
  • 2-hour structure with Relax Team
  • Rest API

Silver Plan

  • $249/month
  • 500 Units
  • Unlimited Owner accounts
  • 20GB Document Storage
  • 3-hour setup with Relax Team
  • Rest API

Technical Details

Here is what you need to know about the technical details.

Platforms Supported

The RentPost software is a web-based solution. You can also download the mobile application to your Android or iOS mobile devices.  This software offers support across many platforms and operating systems. These include Windows, Linux, Web-based and Mac.

Customer types

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Large Enterprises

Contacting Support

RentPost provides stellar customer support for their customers. They offer multiple platforms to reach their support agents.

You can contact them by filling request form, emailing or calling. The contact support will respond and sort out your problem in no time. There are also resources and FAQs available to make the use of this software hassle-free.

Wrapping Up

RentPost is a comfortable and easy way to manage properties. It not only saves time and cost, but its features are very distinct. For example, report and smart filtering system for improving the search function.

Furthermore, this software allows landlords and property managers to be at the top of their operations. It eliminates the need for the physical presence at tenant units.

In addition to this, it improves payment process and tracking of properties.  This software does have its drawbacks; it is still a robust hotel management software solution.