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Full Reevoo Feedback & Reviews Management Software Review – All you need to know about Reevoo Feedback & Reviews Management Software


Reevoo is the smart solution which generates a reliable and authentic content for the products, brands, and services. The Reevoo also comes with a strong and powerful content accumulating feature which collects, reviews, stories, and some more content.

In every 3 seconds, the Reevoo accumulates a story or some kind of response from its real consumers. It gives the potential buyers insights as well as experiences in order to assist them with the purchasing choices.

The Reevoo’s solution also permits you to completely manage the users’ ratings and reviews whilst encouraging more and more engagement through social conversations and integration as well.

Ratings and reviews actually could be displayed throughout the site and could also be easily integrated into the email newsletters.

Complete reports; as well as analytics give you with a detailed overview of your customer trends whilst also providing you with an opportunity to give some kind of response to the negative feedback.

What is Reevoo?

What is

Reevoo is the impartial customer reviewing company which provides the unbiased reviews from the real customers. The software does not delete or even edit any negative comments from the consumers.

With the Reevoo you could view the real honest comments from the customers who have purchased this product you are interested in.

The Reevoo only allows people to write some review which could prove that they have purchased this product and also have set the criteria for which the reviews would be accepted. There’re 3 different ways which the Reevoo collate these reviews:

The Reevoo either gathers reviews by just working with some online stores that notify the Reevoo that some customer has purchased the product. Reevoo would contact that customer in order to ask for his or her review.

You could also fill in the review questionnaire on the Reevoo and you also have to show a proof of your purchase, either via some confirmation email or a receipt.

Then, register that product with its manufacturer who informs the Reevoo, who would ask you in case you need to review this.

Benefits of Reevoo

Reevoo gives the businesses a big boost by collecting, as well as sharing the authentic reviews and ratings from its customers who are actually keen to share.

This system also collects and then posts convincing and powerful content from the real customers that create a proven bond of trust.

With the Reevoo, customers are just not able to purchase good, but be heard by the brands also and assist them to produce & maintain good services and products.

The Reevoo Peugeot reviews are honest and independent reviews from the Peugeot owners. In case you are thinking regarding purchasing the Peugeot and also need to get under the skin of what this is actually like then, you need to read the software review from the genuine Peugeot customers.

Content with Influence



A content which is provided to the users comes from the actual people. It means that it will be real social proof.

The rich media that is believable and also has some potential to be even more influential as compared to anything the brand could create itself.

Anywhere and Any Time

The customers quite often have a plenty to say regarding products as well as brands that they are using – from particular details of that product to the experiences along with the brand.

These moments also have the power to educate, inspire, and convince the audience that ultimately helps them to make some good quality decisions and get close to (& past) a purchasing point.

Knowledge and Experience Together

There are sometimes when your home video is much better than the Hollywood blockbuster movie.

The customers may not always provide some ‘boardroom approved’ spin. They can present their personal experiences in so many beautiful as well as unexpected ways.

They Live and You Learn

Data actually means simple decisions, for you & your customers.

Particular information that is basically collected assists the shoppers to make the better choice, but this actually informs the business decisions, hence you could be completely prepared for the customers at each stage of your purchasing journey.

The analytics service could provide you the what – we assist you to understand the why.

Features of Reevoo


It is understood that to organize the educational trips is very tough for the busy teachers. It is also understood that there are so many travel companies which could assist.

But this is not very easy to decide about the company to travel with. That is why the Reevoo is used as it permits you to be sincere with the customers while building the trustworthy relationships.

Following are some core features of Reevoo:

Brains & Brawn

Through the rare collection method, its content is proactively collected that the customer is looking for.

That is not some kind of guesswork – the approach is actually data driven. Hence, the teams are always there to support the business goals.

Trust Builder


The related content is collected from the customers.

They trust the software as it helps them to purchase better and provide the customers an opportunity to be just heard by other brands and assist others too.

It is why many people tell more about it – 89 percent of the customers who have contributed the content via software did this as they trust its values.

There is 92 percent of the consumers who say that they trust the earned media, whilst just half trust paid advertisements.

Proactive and Productive

The proactive content collection actually gathers several times more than in case you just sit back & wait for the customers in order to volunteer this.

And while you have got additional content then you could leverage this in order to reach many people wherever they’re.

Fit in with the decor

The experiences are designed to be somewhat seamless in the look as well as feel.

The Reevoo know this very well that where & how to display the content to make this sure that it boosts the existing environment and not clashes.

Authentic Opinion

An authentic opinion of the customers is a great source of different ideas for enhancing the performance, irrespective of whether you are running some blog or selling services/products online by using mobile.

Reviews & Ratings

So, thanks to honest reviews that several businesses get in order to raise the brand awareness and enhance the market positions with the help of using feature ratings and reviews management which ultimately drive further traffic to the blogs.

Reevoo a Great Suite

The Reevoo is a perfect suite with the list of thousand trustworthy global brands that confirm that this platform could genuinely assist your company in improving the customers’ experience along with its reports, product review, and analytic feature.

Customer Insights

How does it actually happen? The very first direct impact from using the Reevoo has a very good feature of the customer insight & contribute to the conversation. It is a strategy which would resultantly turn the random browsers into purchasers.

Hence, being the retailer, you would surely experience enhanced sales and best insights as to how to run the operations or boost the products or services.

With the help of Reevoo for this aim is extremely simple, as this system is created to allow you to work in the automated as well as familiar way.

Google Seller Rating

There is one more core feature to have in your mind is Google Seller Rating. The Reevoo is a popular partner of the Google.

It is featured by the Google engine as a reliable and responsive partner.

It makes this very easy for the customers to locate the site and offers them a large number of different reasons in order to trust the services.

In the end, you would be quite visible on the Google because the Reevoo has a powerful feature of syndication and aggregation and would have all insights essential to close the performance gap that your business might be experiencing.

Immediate Response

The Reevoo actually takes its users a step closer to the customers. The Reevoo also shows you that it genuinely cares about the customer’s experience.

Hence, being able to give a response soon means that you could actually convince the online shopper in order to make the purchase quickly. All the info is served and you do not need to wait anymore.

There are several answer features as well. These include the Virtual FAQs, Expert Moderation, and Inbound SEO. These are also available in order to enhance the organic search traffic.


There is no need of any credit card for the Reevoo.

The pricing package of Reevoo does not possess so many features. The Reeevoo does not have the subscription plan although there are 96 percent apps that provide a subscription plan.

Reevoo also does not feature free trial. Whereas 83 percent of the total apps give you facility of the free trial. Because with the free trial, before buying the software, you can check it in detail.

The Reevo also does not offer a freemium plan while 27 percent of the total apps offer this pricing plan.

By Quote Basis

The pricing plan of Reevoo is available on the by quote basis.

Technical Details of Reevoo

Devices Supported

The Reevoo is compatible with every device that is available on the market. Hence, this feature makes it easily accessible from anywhere across the world.

The Reevoo supports Windows, Mac, and web-based devices. You can use Reevoo on the devices that are supported by these systems.

Language Support

The Reevoo supports the English language.

Pricing Model

The pricing model of the Reevoo is very easy to understand. There is just 1 main pricing package available and you will not face any problem while choosing it.

Its users also have the ability to select the quote-based payment model. You need to keep this in your mind that the pricing model has several benefits as well.

Customer Types

In case you give a quick look at the pricing plans that the Reevoo provides then you would come to know that the Reevoo is suitable for every type of the customers.

This software is appropriate for a business of any size that includes medium business and large enterprises. So, there is a pricing plan that would most likely be a perfect fit for your business requirements.

Support Details

The Reevoo excels in its customer support service. This solution is easy to use and this features a simple and user-friendly interface. There is an expert-grade customer support in order to aid you at anytime, anywhere.

You could also contact its support team through 2 main communication channels. These communication channels include tickets and phone as well.

In case you’re a new user and want assistance by using the first collaboration software then the Reevoo even provides a training session along with its software support.

Hence, you could easily learn how to use this solution. And even completely get benefits from it with the aid of experts.


There are millions of shoppers who are using the Reevoo in order to make much better purchasing decisions in the everyday lives.

There are thousands of brands across the world. And they all use the Reevoo’s solutions to get a clear idea about what actually makes the customers tick.

It is a transparent as well as an independent approach which makes a great difference. The Reevoo believe that the sincere communication between shopper and brand is way better for both of them.

The Reevoo was initiated by Richard Anson, Guy Logan, and Ben Griffiths in the year 2005. Of course, in order to assist its customers to select what to purchase – not only when or where.

Nowadays, the Reevoo is actually available in more than sixty countries and in thirty different languages.

Customers all over the world are trusting Reevoo in order to make good decisions. Support comes by the brands to create a link with the customers too.

The Reevoo inspires much confidence within its consumers that allows them to make good purchasing decisions.