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Full RecruitBPM HR Software Review – All You Need to Know About RecruitBPM


Softwares like RecruitBPM has simplified the process of tracking and recruiting applicants. This software is a business process management solution which offers innovative tools to help companies streamline their hiring process.

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What’s better than that?

There are various aspects of this software you have to consider as choosing the right human resource management software can sometimes be difficult.

In this RecruitBPM review, we’ll provide a detailed understanding of the platform, its features, benefits, and drawbacks. This resource is useful if you are looking to locate the right human resource management software.

Let’s start with the obvious question.

What is The RecruitBPM HR Software?

It is a cloud-based recruitment management solution that uses technology to help industries and businesses manage their hiring process. This innovative software solution is a combination of the core functions of recruitment management, CRM systems, and applicant tracking system.

This software helps in effectively managing and sourcing recruits, placements, and jobs. This innovative software simplifies the recruitment procedure as it allows recruiters to find the best candidates quickly.

This business process management solution comes with many features. The features include a calendar, advanced applicant tracking platform, schedule management, social recruitment, recruiting analytics, career portal, semantic search,  contact management, and security solutions.

Recruiters can control the various hiring processes with the applicant tracking platform from job posting to candidate sourcing to interview scheduling. The social recruitment feature allows recruiters and managers to post on multiple social media sites and job boards.

This software comes with a set of reporting tools which provides data and insights into the various recruitment processes.

There is also a mobile application which helps recruiters and human resource managers access any information from anywhere. Small and medium-size companies are the target market for this software.

Features of The RecruitBPM Software

The RecruitBPM software has a distinctive set of features. You have applicant tracking, vendor management, lead management, elemental analysis, calendar management, sales tracking & CRM, customized access levels, interview management, mobile applications,  and others.

Applicant Tracking System

This platform is a recruitment management solution that allows HR managers and recruiters to manage all job applications from a database. This applicant tracking system helps in contacting and hiring job applicants from a large number of candidates.

The applicant tracking platform of RecruitBPM searches all resumes the way recruiters do by focusing on keywords, location and other factors relevant to the job. This process is done to streamline the candidates and make the recruitment process more manageable.

Other Functions of The Applicant Tracking System

  • This platform screens numerous resumes to select a group of relevant candidates
  • The resuming analyzing feature speeds up the hiring process
  • It possesses compatible formatting for posting jobs
  • Recruiters can make successful hirings as this platform provides useful analytics and reports
  • RecruitBPM ATS helps recruiters source for candidates and add them into the pipeline
  • This platform comes with an automated interview scheduling tool
  • RecruitBPM ATS easily integrates with Gmail, Outlook 365, 2013 and 2016
  • This application tracking system performs tasks such as adding notes as well as generating candidates appointments
  • Recruiters can view the upgraded candidate information from their inbox

Social Recruiting Platform

This feature allows recruiters and managers utilize the most trafficked sites to reach candidates. This social recruiting platform will enable you to engage directly with applicants on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Your job postings can reach thousands of connections if you post them to social channels. This platform also makes it easy for applicants to apply for the jobs using their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.


This feature improves your sales productivity as well as strengthens your relationships with the managers and CEOs. You can effectively manage your contacts using this platform.

You can perform contact tracking involving emails, meetings, and job orders efficiently on this platform. This way, long-term business relationships can be maintained easily.

This platform also has the calendar and scheduling features. You can easily access calendars, notes, and meetings to keep your schedule updated directly from your device.

The email integration feature allows you to link all sent and received emails to respective individuals. With this feature, you can have a comprehensive list of all interactions.

This software solution also analyzes signatures to ensure the recording of the right contact information into the system

Career Portal

This feature makes sure that the maximum number of candidates sees all your job postings. The portal also makes it easy for candidates to apply and connect with your team.

With this career portal, you can post your jobs to all your connected sites as soon as they arrive. This way, your job posting will reach a lot of prospective candidates.

This platform allows candidates to register with your company using their LinkedIn or Facebook accounts. You can also build the career page of your company and post jobs by title and location using this portal.

Customized Security Access

This platform allows you to manage different access levels for different users ensuring that each person can make use of the software solution for their exact purpose.

You can effectively manage all your users in your account. You can delete users that are no longer part of your company and team as well as add recruits.

The security on this software solution is role-based which allows access to different users based on their company roles. This customized security access ensures that data is accessible to users based on their hierarchy in the organization.

The hiring managers and HR personnel, on the other hand, have customized access to get all the information needed for the recruitment process.

Analytics & Reports

The analytics and reporting feature allows you get high-quality visuals of the progress of your company in real time. The recruiting analytics allows human resource managers to quickly view candidate submissions, team statistics as well as summaries of company sourcing.

This platform helps you manage all your documents with compliance reporting. With this software solution, you can be able to get a detailed applicant overview as well as submissions and placements.

You can see which jobs were applied to as well as which job orders are pending with this analytics and reporting platform.

RecruitBPM Mobile

You can access all your ATM and CRM data from anywhere on the go with this mobile platform. This mobile platform allows you to manage candidate application, job order, and contact easily.

You can do this by analyzing your data, connecting with applicants & contacts and tracking your progress from everywhere regardless of your location. This application also has an iPad supported web interface so you can manage your companies activities from anywhere with your iPad.

You can get the mobile application from App store for your iPhone to connect with your contacts and applicants.

Microsoft Office 365/ Google Integration

Due to the integration with Google and Microsoft365, you can enter your email information in the setup procedure to automatically start syncing your emails and calendar meetings into the software solution.

You can easily access and view all vital information on contacts, orders, and applicants from within your email inbox directly. The email integration API allows you to quickly track and sync all the emails of contacts and applicants from Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail.

The calendar appointment syncing API creates a calendar appointment automatically and sends Google Calendar, and Outlook invites to your important contacts and applicants.

Benefits of RecruitBPM

The RecruitBPM attracts recruiters and human resource professionals because of its benefits. Highlighted below are the main points of attraction of this human resource management software.

Complete Control

With this software, you have full control over the lifecycle of candidates application from resume collection to hiring. The analysis tools help you analyze and review all the resumes gotten to help save you time.

Easy Categorization

This software allows you to categorize applicants based on different parameters for easy reviewing. This categorization process helps reviewers to find candidates suitable for specific roles easily.

Easy To Use

This software’s interface makes it easy to use and navigate. Users can efficiently perform various recruiting functions on this software solution.

Increases Efficiency

Efficiency increases at the workplace as the different processes that will usually take more time are handled efficiently with innovative tools provided by this software

Quick Response

The support team of this software is very quick with their response to any issues. They offer materials and tutorials which will help users understand this software more.

They are focused on continually improving their software.


Compared to other HR management software, this software is very affordable with regards to its features.

Cons of The RecruitBPM HR Software

Even the best software has limitations, and RecruitBPM isn’t immune. Let’s take a look at the drawbacks of this human resource software.

Limited Sales Reporting

The sales reporting feature on this human resource management software is limited, and this is a significant drawback for managers and HR professionals.

Limited Search Functionality

The search functionality stops working at certain times and this limits efficiency and productivity. This limited search function makes accessing data and contacts difficult for managers and HR personnel.

No Financing Solution

This software does not have any financing platform included in it, and this disrupts the tracking process of the lifecycle of candidates.

No Multiple Tab Feature

This software does not allow users to open multiple tabs, so it limits them to focus on one function at a time thus, detaining multi-tasking.

Mobile Application Has Limited Functionalities

The mobile application has limited functionalities compared to the web-based application. This limit is an issue for managers that want to access their contacts, apps and work reports on the go using the web application.

Pricing and Price Models

The RecruitBPM HR software is on a tier-based pricing model. There are different pricing models with varying features for this software. Currently, RecruitBPM is available in two tiers.

Standard Pricing Plan

This standard edition is a free model. The features that come with this pricing model include

  • Sales Tracking & CRM
  • Candidates Pipeline Management
  • Interviews Management, Scheduling & Scorecards
  • Jobs Management
  • Placements/ Hires Management
  • Activity & Task Management
  • Customized Access Levels
  • Robust Searching Functionality

Premium Pricing Plan

This plan is billed annually for $39.00 per month and $49.00 on a month to month basis. The features that come with this pricing model include

  • Advanced sales tracking and CRM
  • Mass import
  • Advanced Dashboards & Reports Analytics
  • Onboarding & Training
  • Correspondence Monitoring
  • Social Integration, Integrated Job Posting
  • Email & Calendar Integration
  • Background Checks
  • E Signature

Technical Details

Here is what you need to know about the technical details.

Platforms Supported

The RecruitBPM software is cloud-based software that is both web-based and app-based. It offers support across many operating systems and platform. These Include

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mac
  • Web-based devices


RecruitBPM integrates seamlessly with some different systems such as LinkMatch, Chrome, Sovren, and Google Drive. This software integrates with communication systems such as Gmail, Outlook, and RingCentral.

This software solution also integrates with job board systems such as Career Builder, Career Jet, Dice, Glassdoor, Indeed, Job Inventory, Juju, Logic Melon, Monster, Simply Hired, Trovit, Work Hound, and Zip Recruiter.

The onboarding systems that this software integrates with are DocuSign, Expense Watch, Shift Board and SpringAhead. RecruitBPM integrates with social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Customer Types

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses


Cloud Hosted

Contact Support

RecruitBPM provides stellar customer support for users. They offer different platforms to support agents.

The self-service option features plenty of training and resources to help you set up your accounts.  To contact support, you may reach out through:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Support
  • Tickets

The agents will respond and sort out your problem in no time.

Wrapping Up

RecruitBPM is one of the leading human resource management software today with its distinct features. With this software, you can effectively recruit and track applications and contacts.

This cloud-based software enables seamless access to numerous systems and applications. This smooth integration results in increased efficiency.

It does have its drawbacks, but it remains one of the most robust software available today. So, is RecruitBPM the best human resource software solution in the market? You tell us.

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