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Full Record360 Car Rental Software Review – All You Need to Know About Record360


What is Record360?

Record360 is a potent property assessment software that is responsible for granting a variety of industries with excellent digital services including asset condition management, claims management, fleet management, auto transportation and rentals. Armed with precise and accurate analytics, the cloud-based solution empowers companies to get rid of the traditional paper-based documentation and achieve a centralized condition review process and a progressive workflow. Likewise, Record360 further assists users by supplying them with all the tools they need to instigate a thorough asset inspection, thus, resulting in a massive upturn of their bottom line and a desirable customer experience.

Record360 Benefits

Among the industries that greatly benefit from Record360 is transportation and logistics, which makes use of the application in providing detailed mobile condition reports, enhanced claims management process, transportation oversight and account bidding. Powered by its ability to produce photo and video documentation, the robust property management solution ensures logistics corporations that their containers assets are in tiptop shape upon acquisition. By means of this process, users can guarantee that they won’t fail to spot teething troubles and other damages, thereby, ensuring a smooth delivery. Addedly, the solution also adopts customer sign-offs to establish approval of asset condition at the drop.

In connection with transportation, logistics companies lean on Record360’s dynamic documentation at the full length of the transportation process to affirm customers that goods will turn up as wanted. To do that, companies incorporate the file-sharing and time-stamped capabilities of the application to put the customer’s mind at ease, knowing that their chattels are being ferried fitly. Apart from the aforementioned proficiencies, Record360 product purchasers can also take advantage of high-resolution photos to enable them to monitor their assets as it heads to its havens. Energized with driver and personnel sign-offs, transportation and logistics businesses can asseverate the condition review accountability of their assets, hence, making the transportation operation effective.Record360

Moreover, the cloud-hosted application further raises the quality control principles of transportation and logistics companies in the account sales process as it authenticates the conditions of their assets throughout the shipping process. This way, users can make their customers feel important, thus, resulting in more profits while preventing the arduous insurance claims. In reference to insurance claims, Record360 also banks on its geo-tagging and time-stamping capacities to demonstrate when and where the assets were gathered.

Amplified with enriched documentation, product users can guarantee less time with insurance claims adjusters, thereby, enabling them to earn back damage expenses. It is common knowledge that bloodthirsty insurance claims providers will thoroughly examine every base to find a single loophole to nail companies into the wall. However, Record360 is here to validate that all bases have been covered by presenting insurance claims personnel with comprehensive photos and videos to give surety that the condition of a certain asset or vehicle is right within their standards. Gassed up with an asset management portal, the property evaluation program facilitates users to store relevant and significant documentation in a streamlined environment.

Dissimilar to other programs, Record360 fosters environment-friendly processes as it reduces the usage of papers in documentation, which means that there is no need for on-scene file storage. Incredibly, the property assessment application also employs digital methods in saving historical information, therefore, removing the demand for record terminals. In this fashion, businesses can vouch for squeakier and better-kept on-site activities.

Record360Apart from transportation and logistics companies, car dealers can likewise leverage Record360 in concocting mobile condition reports to satisfy customers and elevate vehicle sales. With mobile condition reports, car merchants can get a kick out of shipshape documentation when checking end users in and out of the service. Addedly, the multidimensional application also leverages customer sign-offs to not only accumulate definitive reviews regarding the condition of the vehicle but also scale down damage brouhahas up to 80%.

In addition, the property inspection and documentation program has what it takes to come up with a more productive process of making rental vehicles ready for the secondary market. Mobilized with digital records and online checklists, Record360 makes it easier for rental corporations to generate stable reviews and condition collation across multiple dealer districts. In addition, Record360 also depends on its video capture adequacy to ease up the sharing of vehicle condition and peripherals with potential customers. The multifaceted platform likewise utilizes its back-end portal component to amalgamate the users’ vehicle record in a particular place.

On a related note, the application’s claims management feature is further boosted with its facility to modernize the warranty claim process by indulging car dealers with photo and video documents. Impressively, Record360 organizes all the necessary documentation and paperwork in a singular system to systematically monitor claim submittals and churn out a notes diary wherein users can make a recording of follow-ups and the quality of claims. With this technique, car dealers can instantaneously encapsulate and disseminate supplementary service and repair to customers.

In reference to customers, Record360 is likewise geared with a driver’s license verification solution that makes it simpler for dealers to rapidly scan and amass customer information while transferring customers expeditiously through the service center for the loan process. Consequently, the mobile process automation program boasts a mobile licensing attribute that makes the whole customer verification brisk and painless. Security is also greatly emphasized by the program as it offers reliable and certified databases that let users staunchly store sensitive customer information.


Fueled by its digitalized records, car salesmen would no longer scan or duplicate the classified information of the lodger, thus, making the service intake of cars paltrier and more immediate. Ensuingly, Record360 users would also proffer photo and video documentation of the vehicle’s condition during the period of intake. Additionally, dealers can keep a record of the initial record requirements to nourish customers with updates for the duration of the rental stages.

On the other side of the coin are motorcycle dealers, which exhausts Record360 in weakening the probability of damage disputes and reparations across service and sales. Besides plying motorcycle companies with mobile conditions reports and encyclopedic claims and warranty management, the digital property assessment program is also able to whip up with real-time notifications to not only allow users to receive updates but also avert budding problems.

Mechanized with its recall alerts ingredient, motorcycle tycoons can reassure that their team only puts out safe and steadfast vehicles. Furthermore, its automatic alert potentialities are in accordance with federal policies, which means that dealer companies would never be chastised for lending out recalled vehicles. Motorcycle dealers can likewise resort to recall records to track and rectify plausible issues in the quickest possible time.

On top of that, Record360 is also being implemented in the structured property claims management procedure. Jazzed up with high-resolution documentation and its tap-and-type plug-in, the multitalented program lets users conjure up intricate notes about on-site premises, thereby, improving field inspections. What makes Record360 relatively ideal for field agents and claims manager is its mastery to compile claims information anywhere, at any given time.

Meanwhile, investigated assets can be a cause for concern for every claims manager but Record360 erases those said worries thanks to its expertise to conceive regulated claims information. By simply incorporating digital condition reviews throughout different properties, field agents can get their hands on a rationalized and coherent documentation. Notably, the property assessment software is decked with digital workflows and mobile records that makes the whole record collection more self-explanatory, which implies that, it can readily be applied by company employees in the information capture process.

In addition, claims managers can lay their money on Record360 to permit for the comment trail to be succeeded by all pertinent parties through condition annotations. Piqued with its wherewithal to muster custom workflows by asset type, field agents can guarantee that they will be able to pull together complete information regardless of what asset is being reevaluated. Moreover, product consumers can exercise high-resolution documentation in the auditing process to attest that their team members are on the same page when it comes to digging up impeccable records at remote locales.

Additionally, Record360 also knows the ropes of claims collection review, which insinuates that claims managers can put up coaching opportunities for employees to spawn sought-after results in the future. Besides that, the program promotes claims collection accountability by implementing geo-tagged and time-stamped records to measure the reliability of the information. Relationships with tenants are likewise made better with Record360 thanks to its cleverness to initiate tenant sign-offs.

Tenant sign-offs ascertains the adjudication of property condition ahead of any rental, therefore, making certain of sleeker tenant relationships before and after leases transpire. Roused with a one-time user token, tenants can note down damages that need to be fixed as well as distribute condition reviews via email. Condition reviews yield customers with their own condition record, thus, letting them know where things stand and what are the necessary changes that should be made.

Record360 Features


Record360 is girded with a multiplex of features that include customizable checklists, mobile video and photo capture, customer identification verification, claims management, transaction dashboard not to mention a secure cloud storage. By utilizing the aforementioned peculiarities, users can vouch for the software’s to reduce damage expenses, perpetuate quality standards, centralized operations and more especially uplift customer service. Minimizing the risks connected with vehicle investment while enhancing its efficiency and productivity are easier than done but with the transaction dashboard of Record360, transportation companies can make the entire fleet management method clearer and more elementary.

The primary function of the transaction dashboard is to help users manage a property and keep a close watch on the inventory condition of the company. In addition, company managers can likewise evaluate how effective their employees are in the matter of chronicling asset damage. Speaking of damages, the claims management integral is also at the bottom of simplifying claims management undertakings as it appropriates its condition reporting and file repository utensils to improve damage recovery.

Like it or not, verification and security assume critical roles in a variety of processes no matter what business you are operating on. Propelled with its customer identification verification, Record360 users can completely verify that their customers are who their identification says they are. In reference to security, the property assessment platform is also packed with a secure cloud storage, wherein users can lock away condition reports, unlimited transactions, videos, and pictures to conserve their devices’ storage.

Another essential constituent of Record360 is its savviness to synchronously capture premium photos and videos to scrupulously catalog the authentic estate of the users’ equipment, property, and vehicle. Intensified with its customizable checklists, company managers can quickly transport their paper worksheets online with its extensible inspection patterns to help manage fuel and mileage levels as well as the condition of an equipment. Concludingly, Record360 also possesses a real-time asset documentation competence that lets users catalyze object asset condition reports that are indispensable in rationing concurrent visibility in inspections.


Record360The enterprise pricing plans for Record360 is only made accessible upon the request of the customer. Contact the vendor to ask for a detailed quote. Addedly, the asset documentation application provides promising users with a free trial.

Technical Details

Record360 is accessible in a number of platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and over the web as well as on iPhone, iPad, and Android. The English-supported program which offers a cloud-hosted deployment can be applied by small and medium businesses and large corporations in their daily business affairs. Likewise, the flourishing property assessment program is competent in integrating with diversified third-party applications which include Actuant, Karmak, Procede Software, RM RecallMasters, Restman+Innovation Partner and TSD.

Support Details


Record360 is perked up with an all-embracing support team that extends users with email support, ticketing system, phone support, training support and live chat support. In addition, the intricate asset condition management program is likewise equipped with a well-developed Frequently-Asked Questions section, blogs and case studies wherein users can examine how the software assisted different companies worldwide. Among the companies which makes use of Record360 include but are not only limited to StateVan Rental, Landmark Trucks LLC, American Dream Vacations, Chevrolet and Budget Long Beach.