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Full Really Simple Systems CRM review – all you need to know about Really Simple Systems CRM

Really Simple Systems CRM
Really Simple Systems CRM

In a world which has seen tremendous technological developments over the last decade, companies are certainly making use of the very best tools to enhance their business operations. When it comes to tools, Really Simple Systems CRM is certainly one of the best of the lot. It has been labeled as one of the very best CRM tools out there.

What truly makes it special is its ease of use and the plethora of features it offers to its users. In this article, we shall be reviewing Really Simple Systems CRM. Let us now discuss the exact use of this great tool.

What is Really Simple Systems CRM?

Really Simple Systems CRM can be thought of like an all in one CRM platform which assists its users in areas of concern such as marketing, sales along with online customer support. Really Simple Systems CRM is a platform which is very easy to use and is something which works immediately as well. Another notable thing about Really Simple Systems CRM is its scalability which can be done to hundreds of users.

When you make use of Really Simple Systems CRM, you will enjoy access to your data from any location around the world and all it requires is a stable internet connection. With Really Simple Systems CRM by your side, you will be able to manage almost all of your customers, team members, marketing campaigns, prospects, and etc. all at the comfort of your home itself.

The full functionality of the tool is there at your disposal the moment a vendor runs the CRM tool on their local system servers. There is absolutely no reason why you should download the Really Simple Systems CRM software on your system. The vendor is the entity who maintains both the software as well as the server. The data too is backed up on a nightly basis. All that is required of you is a stable internet connection and a good web browser and Really Simple Systems CRM is ready for use.

So, what exactly is Really Simple Systems CRM? Really Simple Systems CRM is an award-winning CRM tool which comes equipped with an integrated marketing cum customer support system. Over the years, Really Simple Systems CRM has encompassed more than 17,000 users hailing from almost 11,000 businesses worldwide. All in all, it certainly is one of the world’s largest CRM tool providers out there. Their list of clients is a rather impressive one which includes the likes of large names such as the Royal Academy of Arts and the Red Cross as well.

Really Simple Systems CRM is a tool which is designed for usage by small and mid-sized B2B businesses who have about 5 or more users who are working at different locations. Despite that number, there are a ton of single user clients as well which also includes 100+ user clients as well.

Despite Really Simple Systems CRM being rather simple in terms of functionality, it still can be put in the same bracket as that of high-end CRMs such as Salesforce, Sugar CRM, etc.

The latest Version 5 of the Really Simple Systems CRM comes equipped with a number of improvements which includes the likes of a glittery new interface, enhanced search capability, along with the inclusion of the Google Maps. Email marketing too is an integral part of the Really Simple Systems CRM platform which allows users to send emails to their customers directly from the Really Simple Systems CRM dashboard itself. Emails can also be designed here as well.

Another notable point about Really Simple Systems CRM is that it’s usage and handling of data is well within compliance limits with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A new functionality even allows users to comply with these regulations.

When you make use of their marketing module, you can easily seek consent from your contacts by either having a web form foiled up or simply by sending in an email link to them. When you send mail to contacts, you can make a review of the consent data and make sure that only those who have given consent, receive their information. Hence, if you’re doing business in the EU, this integrated CRM tool helps you stay put with the regulations of the EU.

All in all, Really Simple Systems CRM tool is loaded with an exciting range of features which will be discussed in detail below.


Access your CRM system from any device

As a CRM platform, Really Simple Systems CRM offers its users a wide arrange of benefits to enjoy. They have been listed as follows:

  • Really Simple Systems CRM is a very fast and robust CRM platform which helps manage your business from almost any location in the world. This is all thanks to its web-based service.
  • All information which could be related to your business will be available on the same dashboard page which allows you to take immediate decisions without the need to switch tabs.
  • Really Simple Systems CRM is deemed perfect for companies small in size and ones who are not in need of complex functionality. Really Simple Systems CRM is also perfect for large firms who are looking for s platform to ease most of their business operations.
  • Really Simple Systems CRM comes in 4 plan packages which are highly affordable and are packed with features. The first plan is the free package which comes with free usage for 2 users. The other plans are all the paid ones where the price begins at around USD 15 per user per month, all the way up till USD 50 per user per month. The features offered by all the packages are all the more impressive and useful for any organization out there.
  • Really Simple Systems CRM is one such tool which is very customizable and one which allows users to personalize it as per their business requirements.
  • With the help of Dribble Mail, you can now easily schedule emails as well.
  • You may also maintain a track of opens and certain click-throughs which may come out of multiple links within the email itself.
  • Users can also enjoy features such as spam score reporting in the form of graphs and reports as well.
  • As a Really Simple Systems CRM user, you are entitled to the best in class data security and an unparalleled customer care service.
  • Really Simple Systems CRM also offers its users a step by step guide on how to use all the features available on the platform.


Really Simple Systems CRM offers its users a wide variety of features to enjoy. They are as follows:

Home Feature

This is the main page of the Really Simple Systems CRM dashboard which gives a summary of tasks pending, your sales funnel along with forecast summary as well. This page also consists of links and certain help drawers which direct you to a Customer Support Hub.

Drawer Contact Management

The Drawer Contact Management feature offered by Really Simple Systems CRM helps users keep all of their customers and prospects in a very well defined stricture. This structure is two-tier in nature and is segregated into accounts along with the contacts.

Accounts Page

This is the page which offers a wide variety of features which helps decrease the complexity of your business management process.

Accounts Form Opportunity Management

Really Simple Systems CRM is one tool which maintains a close track over all the close deals you have struck. This allows you to prioritize your efforts towards more important things in your company.


Just as the contacts and accounts menu, all related info too is nestled into one useful page.

The opportunity management system comes in handy for users who offer multiple services or products for their customers to choose from.


There is no calendar feature on this CRM tool. All the tasks on the list can be sorted out based on priority or their date. It is easy to use and very much on par with top CRM Tools like InTouch CRM, Salesforce, etc. to name a few.

Tasks Reporting

Really Simple Systems CRM boasts a feature which offers live forecasting and reporting. The platform comes equipped with certain built-in reports which can be changed or even run as and when required. Creation of custom reports is all the easier and these reports can easily be downloaded to your local data files or even PDFs.

Reports Settings

This menu allows you to group certain administrator controls. Together. This is where you can easily download your data, view your log or even make an alteration to the subscription agreement.

Settings Marketing Management

This is the feature which allows you to measure the prowess of your marketing campaign with the help of robust marketing management features offered by Really Simple Systems CRM. This includes a mass email marketing feature along with a contact segmentation tool which allows you to select contacts on the basis of data held over your CRM.  The inclusion of Drip marketing too allows its users to send emails at intervals which are predefined by you. The addition of the web-to-lead forms tool helps you run great online campaigns post completion of registration.

Marketing Dashboard Service

This feature makes use of Case Management to maintain a track of all requests furnished by the customers. These requests are then further escalated to comply to target service levels.

CRM Timeout Settings

This is the feature which logs you out automatically after o activity is detected on the platform for about 2 hours. This is more of a security feature which comes into action when users leave their workstations. This further allows users to log in continuously for a time duration of up to 2 weeks.


Another latest addition to the Really Simple Systems CRM platform is the quotations generation option. This feature allows users to build their very own sales quotation once an opportunity comes up.

Once a sales opportunity arises, the quotation is generated directly from the dashboard itself and further mailed to the prospective customer.


Really Simple Systems CRM comes available in 4 plans which are suited to meet almost any business requirement out there. It begins with a 14-day trial post which a plan will have to be chosen. They are as follows:

Free CRM

As part of this plan, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Usage limit for 2 Users
  • Store Unlimited Contacts
  • Create a maximum of 100 Company Accounts
  • Maximum document storage capacity of 100 MB.
  • Effective management of your contacts.
  • Generate custom reports
  • Enjoy Sales Automation
  • Enjoyed the best in class email and online based customer support

Starter Plan

This plan is made available at a per-user price of about USD 14 per month. This plan offers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited storage of contacts
  • Manage up to 1000 company accounts
  • Maximum document storage capacity of 1 GB.
  • Two-way Mail Sync™

Professional Plan

This plan is available at a per-user fee of about USD 30 per month. This plan offers you the following benefits:

  • Store an unlimited number of contacts.
  • Manage 5000 customer accounts
  • Maximum document storage capacity of 5 GB.
  • Generate custom quotations
  • Enjoy the best customer care support from the company.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is made available on a per-user fee of about USD 46 per month. It offers:

  • An unlimited number of contacts and company accounts.
  • Unlimited storage limit for storing documents.
  • Best in class Custom Settings
  • Creation of highly detailed reports.
  • Complimentary online training modules for teams

Technical Details

The various technical details of this tool are as follows:

Devices Supported

Really Simple Systems CRM supports the following devices or platforms:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Windows Mobile

Language Support

You can now sue Really Simple Systems CRM in the following languages:

  • English

Pricing Model

The pricing model devised by Really Simple Systems CRM is:

  • Free
  • Monthly payment

Customer Types

Really Simple Systems CRM caters to the following category of customers:

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Freelancers


As a CRM platform, Really Simple Systems CRM is deployed using the cloud making it easily usable almost anywhere.

Support Details

If you have any queries, feel free to contact the parent company through any of the below communication channels:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Support
  • Training
  • Tickets


All in all, the Really Simple Systems CRM is certainly one of the best we have reviewed so far. It offers great functionality and convenience for anyone who uses it. It is very moderately priced as well which makes it an investment making.