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Full Raklet Community Monetization Platform Review – all you need to know about Raklet Community Monetization Platform


In case you an event organizer, life can be tough. Managing and organizing events take a lot of time and effort. This is where an event management software is useful.

An event management software simplifies the way you organize events. It allows you to organize and send/receive emails in a hassle-free manner. This makes communication easy.

One of the trending email management software is Raklet. It offers diverse email management features. This simplifies the way you manage your email activity.

What is Raklet?

Raklet is a cloud-based platform and event management software. It intends to help affiliations, clubs, and non-profits collect donations, send emails and organize events from one place.

It enables you to track your individuals in a single place. It provides a secure login to the members. Using this they update their profiles. Industry standard security algorithm secures the data stored in the server. This ensures that your information is always safe.

You can observe individuals’ communication with you association by looking at their profiles. You can even add notes to a member’s profile and conversation. These notes help you to keep track of your members. To add more information about your member, you export data from a spreadsheet to your system. As a result, you always get updated information about your member.

Apart from this, it allows you to send personalized messages to your members. These messages assist you to remind members of the time of recurring payments. It provides excellent filtering and categorization. This enables you to send bulk messages to a group of members. This feature makes it easier for you to collect payment. You can send notifications to users who did not make the payment yet.

With Raklet, you can track all the financial transaction happening within the organizations. This empowers you to track the financial condition of your organization without any disparity.


  • It is very simple and user-friendly. As a result, any member can use it
  • Raklet makes event management easy
  • You are able to track the financial transaction going on in your organization in a click.
  • It allows you to send personalized messages to remind members of their payment date
  • Raklet allows you to focus more on revenue generation and community growth
  • It allows you to import unlimited contacts using which you are able to communicate with your team members.
  • Raklet provides membership management tools. This simplifies the way you manage members
  • It provides a private social network which makes collaboration simple.


Membership Management

One of the advantages of using Raklet is that it makes member management easy. It provides tools which simplify the way you handle membership. It automates all the member management process ranging from new ones to renewals. As a result, you do not need any third party application to access member data or to send emails to them.

It stores all the member information at a centralized location. Members have the ability to update their information. The app then reflects the information in the database. It allows you to retrieve updated information about any members in a click. Since your data is crucial, it ensures that it is safe using a security algorithm.

Raklet creates a timeline for each member. This makes it easy to track communication with the member. You can even add notes and other documents to the conversation. These documents contain extra information about the conversation. Users refer these documents whenever they want to.

It allows you to send customized emails and messages to your members. This makes it so easy to communicate with them. You are also shown the time when the user opens the email and even its location.

Email and Text messages

It allows you to send customized emails and messages to your members. You have the feature to schedule emails on the basis of customer behavior. You are also shown the time when the user opens the email and even its location. As a result, you have all the data by your side. This makes team management easy. You can even automate the emails and messages based on customer preference and behavior.

The smart email feature allows you to sell tickets, collect membership fees and donations. The email embedded link authenticates the user and redirects them to the Raklet’s payment page.

It provides a custom template which is easy to customize and edit. The email templates are compatible with all devices even on mobile and tablets.

The automated email newsletter keeps the member up to date with the latest happenings in the organization. Using newsletter users stay in line with the latest happenings. Raklet likewise gives sponsorship choices with the goal that organizations generate extra income.

Or, Raklet allows you to schedule text messages. This helps you remind the members about the payment due date.

Payment Integration

Raklet simplifies the payment collection process. You are able to collect payment through a computer or mobile devices for membership fees or donations. Moreover, it charge members for recurring payments. This ensures that the members need not worry about the payments they need to make.

Tracking member payment is often a time-consuming process. In case you want to check the past history of any member, you need to refer many spreadsheets to determine the payment made. This is often a time consuming and tedious job. But, Raklet simplifies the process.

It generates automated invoices and receipts. Once the user does an online payment, it sends the receipt to them and also the administrator. Users can always refer to the invoices to determine their payment history. Administrators refer to the invoices to track the payment history of a member. This reduces the work of searching many spreadsheets to track payments.

It also ensures a safe transaction. It employs industries best policy and security features. This ensures that your transaction is secure. It also keeps your data secure in its database.

Event Tracking

Organizers invest a lot of time and effort in creating and hosting events. But, Raklet provides an easy way of creating, hosting and managing events from a single place.

It allows creating custom registration forms. This allows you to give special discounts to your members. You are free to create your private or public events. It even collects payment online. Raklet employs industry’s best practices. This ensures the payments are secure.

It allows you to send customized emails and text messages to your members. This allows you to promote your events efficiently. It also has a social media sharing tool. This helps the word of mouth to reach the largest person.

On the day of the event, it allows on-site registration using a credit card. In case you want to cancel your participation in the event, you get easy refunds a week before the event starts.

Once the event ends, you can send customized emails and text messages to the participants thanking them for their participation. Additionally, it provides tools. These help you analyze how the event performed and how much revenue was generated by the event.

Fund Raising

Raklet has inbuilt fundraising functionality. This makes it easier for users to manage fundraisers. You create fundraising campaigns and keep donors up to date about it. This is done through emails and text messages.

Additionally, you can share your campaign details and attract support from your members. Raklet provides inbuilt integration with Facebook, Twitter, and email. This lets you keep your members aware of the events. As a result, more and more members take part in the event. You also have the feature to send thank you messages to the participants from Raklet.

What makes Raklet attractive is that it is linked to your bank account. As a result, the app submits all the donations made by them to your bank account.

Private Social Network

Raklet provides a social media like platform. The platform is integrated with the centralized database. Users make changes to their profile, pay membership fees and event communicate with others. As a result of this collaboration becomes easy. This leads to an increase in the organization strength.

It allows members to search the member directory and find relevant people. It provides a dynamic filter. Using this you are able to search members on the basis of work, section or education qualifications. You can create job opportunities and even find postings made by other members.

Using Raklet, members of an organization can communicate with each other privately. It makes sure that the communication is safe and secure. Members who pay the membership fees have access to such features. This provides another way to increase revenue.

It provides a unique way of logging into the application. It allows users to log in using text message or emails. Or, users can log in using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This removes the need to remember your password.

Pricing Plan

Raklet provides 3 pricing plans for users to choose from. You can review all the plans and then decide which plan is best suited for your organization. In case you want a custom pricing plan, you are free to contact the support team.

Essentials – USD 49 per month or USD 39 per month billed annually.

  • Unlimited Contact
  • Payment Integration
  • Email.
  • Text messaging
  • Chat support.

Professionals – USD 99 per month or USD 79 per month billed annually.

  • All features of the Essentials plan
  • Recurring payments.
  • Automated Messages
  • Priority Support.

Premium – Custom Pricing plan.

  • All features of Professionals plan
  • Custom solutions.
  • API access
  • Dedicated account manager.

Technical Support

Raklet is a cloud-deployed application. This means it does not reply to any particular operating system or device. The device is accessible from across the globe using any modern system. The application does not need any hardware or software installation. The support team takes care of all the updates and maintenance.

The application is mobile-optimized. This makes it easy to perform work on the go. Raklet stores all your data in its centralized server. It employs the industry’s best tools and practices. This keeps your data secure.

  • Device Supported – Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, Web-based.
  • Language Supported – English.
  • Pricing Model – Monthly Payment, Annual Subscription, Quote-based.
  • Customer Types – Small Business, Medium Business, Freelancers.
  • Deployment – Cloud-based, APIs.

Support Details

Raklet has an extensive support team. In case of any query, you can email the team at support@raklet.com. Or, there is a chat feature available using which you can clear your doubts. There are many online videos and documents that users refer to get answers to your query.

The various support options are :

Email – It provides solutions through email at support@raklet.com. The response time is very good. You get the best solution to your query.

Phone – Or, if you want to a one-on-one conversation with the support team you can contact them over a phone call.

Online Training – In the event that you want to get an in-depth knowledge about the application, there are various programs available. You can enroll in the program from anywhere across the globe.

Live Support – Raklet provides a chat feature on its website. Using this you can clear your doubts from a knowledgeable person.