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Full Qwaya Social Media Monitoring Software Review: All You Need to Know about Qwaya


What is Qwaya?

Qwaya is a Swedish social media advertising company which specialises in Facebook advertising. The company is a specialist in Facebook marketing, and is staffed by a team with a deep background in online marketing and software development.

With a suite of powerful features, and an intuitive web interface, Qwaya offers companies the ability to run measurable Facebook advertising campaigns effectively, and with a minimum of effort. It is used by marketers in small to medium-sized businesses, as well as by advertising agencies.

Qwaya’s business proposition is that it is able to open up Facebook advertising to a much larger market and pool of advertisers. The reason it is able to do this is that it lowers the financial barriers to entry. Most competing products in the market are aimed at mid-sized to larger businesses, and employ pricing models that are based on the amount of monthly spend on Facebook advertising that they incur. By contrast, Qwaya charges its clients on a low fixed monthly basis, irrespective of their level of Facebook advertising spend. Not only do clients have certainly as to their monthly exposure but this fixed price model brings Facebook advertising within the reach and budgets of smaller companies and advertising agencies.

With Qwaya, users are able to enhance business performance through Facebook as tools that drives website traffic to their company’s website. The application enables specific targeted advertising and marketing campaign, whilst integration with Google Analytics enables accurate measurement of campaign success.

It should be noted that, in order to create and publish ads to Facebook through Qwaya, users do not to have a valid Facebook user account and a Facebook add account. For those who do not currently have such an account, Facebook can automatically create one through their advertising page.

Qwaya has been awarded and certified as a Preferred Marketing Developer by Facebook. They describe themselves as one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe.


Amongst the benefits offered by Qwaya are:


Qwaya’s fixed monthly pricing model makes it more affordable than many competing solutions which are based typically on monthly Facebook ad spend. As a result, advertising through Facebook becomes a more viable marketing strategy for smaller companies and advertising agencies, who can budget with more certainty as to their monthly costs.

Split testing and audience segmentation

Qwaya enables its users to ascertain the most effective audience for its ads by running split-tests across different audience categories and segments. They can then get a side-by-side comparison of the performance of different ads across different segments and channels (bearing in mind that what works on desktop might not succeed as well with mobile users). They can experiment with various combinations of text, images and other content to determine the best performing ads.

Tracking URLs

With Qwaya, users can add tracking URLs to all ads; these can either be based on the Google Analytics standard, or users can use the URL Builder provided by the solution to create custom URLs. These can be customised according to campaign, ad set or type of ad. The Builder makes it not only easy to create URLs, but also offers templates which can be adapted for future use.

All URLs are automatically created and added every time a Facebook ad is published. This ensures that users can immediately begin tracking the performance of their ads and campaigns.

Facebook Assets storage

In order to help users organise themselves better, Qwaya allows them to collect all their Facebook assets – Ad accounts, Apps, Pages and Events – in one place.

Ad Testing and Placement

With the Qwaya platform, users are able to test all types of ad placement and types, including, for example, Mobile Installed App ads, and Newsfeed advertisements for company websites. Once ads have been prepared, the solution automatically combines them with an audience, and adds them into a campaign. It will also sort them into an ad set folder structure that enables users to stay on top of even the busiest of campaigns.

Reporting Functionality

The solution offers users a range of standard and customised reporting tools, including a range of visual graphing tools that enable them to gain an overview of campaign performance, and also areas where corrective or additional action may be required. Furthermore, all data can easily be exported into Excel for further custom reporting and extensive data analysis.

Instant access sign-up

As soon as a company or agency has subscribed to one of their plans and provided that they have a valid Facebook account and ad account, then they can begin using the system straight away and start tracking their campaigns.


The main features of the Qwaya platform are:

A/B Testing

Qwaya enables both audiences and ads to be split-tested.

Audiences: The solution enables users to find the best Facebook audiences for their ads. They can do this by breaking audiences down and segmenting them according to categories such as demographics, location, age, interests and preferences. Ads can then be displayed to those segmented audiences on a side by side basis to determine what works best with which type of audience.

Ads: In addition ads themselves can be tested for content, and combinations of images and text. A good deal of time that would otherwise be spent in testing can be saved by generating every possible variation at the same time. With Qwaya users are given the ability to test all varieties of ad types and placements. These include Mobile App Install ads and News Feed ads for websites.

Google Analytics Integration

Qwaya offers automatic integration with Google Analytics. There is no need for an API or programming skills, nor is there any manual work involved. All a user has to do is enter their existing Google Analytics credentials into Qwaya, and they are ready to start tracking.

The integration enables marketers to view, at a detailed level, the number of goals or online conversions generated by a Facebook campaign, set of ads, or even an individual ad. They are also able to measure the effectiveness of their Facebook marketing strategies compared to other channels.

If a user has enabled Google Analytics tracking for their ads, then each ad, when it is published to Facebook, will have its own URL.  The solution downloads Google Analytics data every 15 minutes.

Ad Rotation

Ad rotation is the way that multiple ads within an add group rotate. No more than one ad can be displayed at any one time, but this feature enables users to decide which ad variation should display before Facebook makes its own choice on their behalf. They can also control how often they want to change which ads are active.


Qwaya’s ad rules feature enables users to control their advertising campaigns and ad set. This is especially useful for those who are simultaneously running different ad sets, and do not want to exceed certain criteria on them – such as a budgeted cost per click. Depending on user preferences, the Ad Rules feature enables them to pause an individual ad in an ad set, without affecting the running of the other ads. Users can choose what rules, or criteria, should trigger the pausing of an ad, when the pausing should take place, and when it should be resumed.


Qwaya enables companies to optimise their Facebook marketing campaigns by scheduling them to run on certain times of the week or time of day. These may depend on the demographics of users or the time zone of a target audience. It is always better to run ads when the target audience is likely to be online, and ready to buy, as opposed to being at work, or asleep.

Research, for example, has shown that the highest click-throughs on Facebook occur between 1 – – 4 pm, with the peak time being Wednesdays at 3 pm. By contrast, the worst time to post a Facebook ad is after 8 pm on a weekend.

When setting-up campaign scheduling users need to be mindful of time differences, because irrespective of where the Facebook user is located, the system only has one reference time. This can be overcome, for example, by choosing not to include different target countries in the same campaign.

Qwaya uses a scheduling grid with markers which can be dragged and dropped to select the hours when campaigns should run.


Qwaya offers a range of reusable templates where ads and target audiences can be saved. This means that ads do not have to be created from scratch each time a new campaign is set to be launched; the existing templates can be edited as required. Finding a good targeting takes time and fine-tuning; templates enables users to capture these ideas, and to modify them for future use.


One time saving feature for those who are running a lot of Facebook advertising campaigns is the ability to place all campaign material, ads and templates in dedicated folders. This provides a structured over of all campaign assets, and allows users to create separate folder for different product categories, markets etc.

Team Collaboration

The application allows team members to collaborate and work simultaneously on campaign creation, campaign management, and related marketing activities. All users share access to Facebook users and Ad Accounts – a feature which competing solutions do not offer.


Qwaya enables users to obtain an overview of campaign performance with a range of graphical reporting tools which can be used to identify trends and patterns, and assists companies to optimise their returns from their Facebook ad spend.

The solution provides a range of both standard and customised graphs covering campaign and ad performance, which allows uses to drill down to the granular ad level to determine which marketing messages are succeeding, and which are missing their target across different market segments. The application supports graphical reporting both at a campaign, and at an ad reporting level. Users can choose to view and compare a maximum of 5 campaigns simultaneously, each of which will be represented with its own graph.

In addition, the solution offers the functionality to export graphs and campaign data to Excel for further custom reporting and data analysis. Users can choose in which format they wish to export reports – either xlsx or csv. Both daily and weekly reports can be exported by exporting graph data.


Qwaya offers three pricing plans – Premium, Business and Agency. All offer unlimited ads and Facebook users. The main difference between the plans is the number of monthly Qwaya users allowed – one for Premium subscribers, five for Business, and 10 for Agency customers.

Current Prices are: Premium US $149 per month; Business US $249 per month, and Agency US $349 per month.

In addition, prospective users can sign-up for a free 14 day trial – no credit card details are requested.

All plan subscribers are given access to the same tools, including Ad Scheduling, Ad and Campaign rules, Ad Rotation, integration with Google Analytics, a Campaign Organiser, a range of templates, and a URL Builder.

It should be noted that payment for Facebook ads needs to be made to Facebook. Qwaya will help users create and manage those ads, but, in order to publish ads via the platform, subscribers need a valid funding source to pay Facebook.


Qwaya is a cloud-hosted web-based platform that supports Windows and Android Operating Systems. The solution is for optimised for mobile devices and allows Facebook ads to be shown on smartphones and other mobile devices in the form on Mobile App install ads.


Qwaya’s offers direct help support to customers only through email. In addition, the company can be contacted through the main social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.

There are various self-help features available through their Support Center, including a range of helpful tips on how to use the solution, as well as more general advice on Facebook advertising. The Resource Center offers a limited range of customer case studies, whilst there is a blog section – although it has been several tears since any fresh postings.

Subscribers to all their pricing plans are given a free initial training webinar.