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Full Quoteroller Sales Proposal Automation Software Review – All you need to know about Quoteroller Sales Proposal Automation Software

What is

To keep the working going for the business, it is necessary to approach prospective clients. Clients do not accept your requests unless they find something interesting in it.

Well, with the Quoteroller software, you can catch the client instantly. You can get any client which you aim to as it helps you in creating the proposals.

The attractive templates are up to date within this software which increases the productivity. You can create the document of sales along with e-signatures in it.

The quoting is now easy with this software and keeps the workflow smooth. If there is any duplicate work, it detects and removes it upon your approval. Instead of spending hours on a proposal, now the work gets done within a few minutes.

You can send the quote in less than one hour and receive the feedback instantly too. There is no wait time included when you have this software included in the activities of your business.

Consider making the right choices to bring accuracy to your work.

What is Quoteroller?

What is

Every business needs to have clients so it can help it grow. Whether it is a small business or large, clients are your base.

To get the big projects, you have to send proposals which are attractive and different. If your proposals are not well aligned then you get to face rejection.

However, with Quoteroller, you can easily get the automation of documentation. It is a solution for the business to create proposals and organize them in the best manner. You can also keep the tracking of the proposals without any problem.

There are professional tools which help you send the proposal without any mistake. You do not have to spend hours on writing the proposal anymore.

The impression on the clients is going to be amazing now when you have Quoteroller with you.

It comes with the extensions which help you create the base of your business. There are leads and CRM enhancement within this appellation.

It helps you in closing the deal with building a strong relationship with the clients. The fast and quick turn out of this software will perfect for the growing businesses in the market.

Benefits of Quoteroller


When you have to choose the right proposal software, prefer Quoteroller. There are various reasons for it and for that, you have to know the benefits.

Check out some of the amazing benefits which can relate to your business.



Clients look for professionalism when it is about accepting the proposals. You have to show the professionalism in your writing and the way the document looks.

The first thing which gets noticed is the template of the document. It needs to be beautiful and attractive. Quoteroller has multiple options to access the templates.

You can create the documents within minutes by adding the data to it. It is easy for the team to utilize it and create a great proposal for the business.

You do not have to look at anything else when you have this software. There are various examples and samples within the application which you can check out as well.

Easy to Use

Even if you need to calculate something, there is a calculator in it. It helps you with the margins and totals along with discounts.

When you have to mention the numbers in the proposals, you have it all in this software with you. It makes it easier for you to calculate the prices and write them down instantly.

The productivity increases 30% better than before for your business when you have this amazing software with you.

There are content blocks for you to write the proposals which you can send and it will be authentic.


The best thing about this software is that it has a content library in it. You do not have to search for the content anywhere else.

If you are not able to find the right words then refer to the content library. All the necessary words required for the proposals will be there for you to look at.

You can make the chunks of words collaborate with the help of this library. It helps you in making the right decisions for the future regarding the proposals.

Check out the library in your free time so you can refer to it when needed. It helps in the daily activities so well that you will not want to get anything else for sending the proposals.

Features of Quoteroller

Make use of the software in the perfect way by knowing features. When you’re aware of the features, you can relate to the business in a better way.

Here are some of the amazing features which you can choose for the quoting of your business.

CRM Data Merge

Not only sending the proposals is there with this software but also the record of data. You can check on the information of the client when you send the proposals.

It stays there within the software so you can refer back and remind yourself which company it was. As you end proposals to a lot of clients, it can be difficult to remember each.

This application keeps it all organized for you to manage. The professional quality of the content is manageable within the software too.

There is a configuration with PandaDoc which helps you the quote. It also generates the pricing for you to make it convenient. The operations of the business become easier through this application.

Full Focus

You can focus on the work better than before due to so many tools within the software. It helps you in revealing the configurations in an easy way.

The real-time clients and their address are present there too. You can improve the operations of the business strength checking on the library of the content.

There are departments within the application to keep the content organized. You have the CRM and other applications integration through this application.

Use it Anywhere

You do not have to sit in the office to use this application.

It is accessible on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. You can download the application and write the proposals even if you are traveling.

The tools will help you get the content which you can create and send within minutes. You can also check on any errors within the content to keep it perfect.

It is a solution for the growing companies to attract clients in the best way possible. The accuracy of content is guaranteed through this application which can eliminate any human error.


To make your work efficient, this application works perfectly.

The content stays original with the proposal. You can get the results within a few hours when you send out the proposal through this software.

Download the document in your computer and keep it saved. You can also have the e-signs done to make it look more authentic.

This software helps you in staying up to date with the systems and trends. The automatic updates assure to be on the top of the trends in the market.

It keeps you aware of the changes within the proposals and needed to attract the clients. You can also use the branding option to make the documents on the sales perspective.

Highlight all the important aspects of the proposals and get the client instantly through this application.


For all types of businesses, pricing plans are available. It is on their feasibility which suits them the best.

Getting the right pricing plan is essential so you can use the features efficiently. Here are some of the pricing plans which you can look into.

It will help you decide which one is better for your business operations.

Professional Plan (for individuals) – $19/month

This plan is simple to understand as it has services for individual professionals. It provides you up to 5 templates for the proposal.

The access for e-signatures and documents is unlimited. There is also an option for the analytics and editor of documents. You can also attempt the custom branding and there is instant email support.

Business Plan – $39/month

The features which are available in this plan are attractive. You can get unlimited templates of the proposals.

There is also the content library to help you write the proposals. You can also manage the workflow through this pricing plan. Along with that, you have the option to get an initial template conversion too.

Enterprise Plan – Quote Based Payment

This plan is better for the growing businesses which are aiming to reach the top. It will increase the efficiently through CRM tools along with assistance on designing.

There are workspaces and integrations which you can customize through this application as well. You can also get the account management along with attending training sessions.

A private team works with you to assist you on the operations of the features.

Technical Details

Devices Supported


Quoteroller supports multiple devices such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

It is also available as a web-based system. If you wish to use it as an application then you can download it on phones too. Download the application on Android, iPhone or iPad easily to access the features.

Language Support

This software supports the English language only.

Pricing Model

The pricing model for this software is through three ways. You have the option for monthly payments and annual subscription.

The third option is through quote based pricing. You have to mention the need of your business and the price quote will be there for you.

The quote based price can be different for everyone. It depends upon the nature of the business and what specific features it requires.

Customer Types

All types of businesses can access this software. Whether it is small, medium or large business, there is no hassle in using it.

It helps the businesses to run smoothly when they have the tasks aligned through it.


The deployment for this application is through cloud hosting services.

Support Details

If you face any problem with the software, it is better to contact the representatives. The professional’s help you out through various ways.

You can reach out to them by phone or email. The response to email is very quick so you will not have to worry about the wait.

The professionals greet you pleasantly on the call so you can be comfortable. If you wish to receive any training for Quoteroller, that is available for you.

It helps you in understanding each feature for your business. When you know the use of the feature, you can utilize it for your business conveniently.

The training sessions get booked with the experts under the slot time. You have to attend that slot so that the time is saved on both ends.

Avail the opportunity to get complete training on the software free of cost.


With the help of Quoteroller, you can make your business shine. When it is a need of the business to send out proposals, use this software.

It is easy to use and you do not need any guidance for it. Anyone in the organization can use it conveniently to send out proposals.

Select a wide range of templates within the software to attract the clients. There are CRM leads for you to collaborate with the client. It helps you sending out the proposals and getting great results.

You do not have to spend a day to write the proposals. You can get it done within minutes now with the help of this amazing software.

The tracking of the proposal is there for you so that you can check on the progress. You do not have to be in the haze now that whether it is accepted or not.

You can see the results within the application as it is accepted or rejected. When you use this application in the right way, there will be no rejection of the proposal for you.

Make your document look beautiful through the quoting tools and choose the right time for it. Close the deal with confidence when you have this software within the business system.