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Full QuickLaunch Workflow Managment Review- All You Need To know About QuickLaunch


Thanks to a software solution like QuickLaunch! You don’t need to re-enter your details when using multiple web applications. You do not have to memorize your many passwords or usernames.

If you make use of multiple web applications, you only have to sign in once. What’s better than that?

But, there’s a little issue.

Finding the right IT management software can be difficult. You have to consider pricing, supported platforms, customer support, integrations and more.

Let’s explore QuickLaunch in detail.

What is QuickLaunch?

QuickLaunch is a single sign-on system that is cloud-based. It enables you to use multiple web applications on your device by logging in once.

This IT security software eliminates the need for regular updates of passwords and usernames. This password update elimination is because there is no need to remember the different passwords, URLs or usernames.

QuickLaunch is a workflow management software that focuses on IT security and credited for changing the way users make use of web applications. You can manage endpoint security, user identities and authentication with this software.

This software has some functions such as user verification, device management, access limitations, security complementation, authentication based on AI and more.

These functions uniquely manage user identities. The efficiency and productivity in institutions can be significantly improved using this cloud-based software.

The QuickLaunch software is in wide use across sectors and industries. It supports small, medium and large enterprises or businesses.

This cloud-based software has its significant capabilities. This platform gives you access to functionalities like single sign-on, password management, multi-factor authentication, mobility solutions and an identity provider.

Efficiency and productivity can be achieved better with this software. This effectiveness is as a result of the seamless user interface experience.

Its cloud-based and multi-factor authentication abilities contribute to its security. There is no threat of data leakage or identity theft with this software.

This software is very cost effective, and the user can pay either on a monthly or yearly basis. Users can make use of this software to gain central access into the system.

These multiple sectors include the academics, companies, and businesses. Thousands of Higher Educational Institutions make use of QuickLaunch such as Kansas City University, University of Dubuque, New Mexico State University and others.

How Does QuickLaunch Work

You can register on the different QuickLaunch software platforms. The platforms include single sign-on, password manager, multi-factor authentication, mobility, and the identity provider.

Each of these platforms come with an individual set of features. Let’s take a look at these platforms, shall we?

Single Sign-on

This platform allows you to access your IT applications with one unique sign-on password. This single sign-on password is heavily secured using AI-based technology.

There is federated access to web-based applications. This access saves time and improves productivity.

QuickLaunch single sign-on gives you a single point of entry to all applications. This way, the user interface is standardized. The user experience is also consistent as a result of this.

This platform has adaptable integration properties. This adaptability means it can integrate and support authentication standards such as SAML or CAS.

Self-Service Password Management Platform

This platform allows you to manage their password service effectively. It eliminates the need to call the IT helpdesk.

The self-service process is straightforward with the QuickLaunch password manager. This platform can perform different functions.

You can recover expired passwords through the multiple factor authentication. Users can set dates to update passwords.

You can select from the different security questions. There is the option of using phone or email to recover passwords.

QuickLaunch password manager delivers reports covering password resets, configuration, and others.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Platform

This platform allows you to access sensitive information from different devices and locations. Enterprise mobility and BYOD enables this platform to function properly.

The gateways to access the sensitive information are tight due to the data security challenges. This multi-factor authentication is adaptive to give users flexibility.

This authentication means that you can make use of any device to access their sensitive information. The platform enables a secure authentication process.

Identity Provider Platform

This platform solves all identity-related problems. The whole IT structure rests on identity provision. Issues with identity can cause the system to be vulnerable.

This identity provider platform manages users access to the central systems.

All your corporate identities reside in one adaptable place. Secure federation is adopted this way.

QuickLaunch identity provider solves and manages all identity problems you might have. It also allows you to have all the control.

Mobility Platform

QuickLaunch can provide you or your organization a mobile app. This app can be used to identify all your users.

The use of the mobile phone has become a necessary part of today’s enterprise. You can access apps that contain sensitive information need with no interruptions.

QuickLaunch mobility platform allows you reach maximum productivity.

Features of the QuickLaunch Software

QuickLaunch platforms have a distinctive set of features. You have self-service, password recovery, fingerprint authentication, secure authentication, mobile sign-on and more.

Let’s explore the features that come with each of the QuickLaunch platforms.

Features of Single Sign-on Platform

Self-service Portal

You can get anything done with the self-service portal. You can brand or add applications easily with this feature.

In-built App Suite

You can access almost any application you need to work. The applications accessible are Salesforce, Banner, Box, Dropbox, ADP and more.

Reporting and Analytics Tool

You can see which apps your users are accessing with the insights tool. You can view who your users are and so much more.

Access Control

This platform allows you to give role-based access to employees or team members. This way, you can manage their roles effectively.

Pay as You Go

This platform has a license that allows you to pay only users that have been active.

Centralized Feature

There is a centralized control that manages log out and visibility.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base of this platform is easy to understand. There are tips available to help you in any situation.

Features of Password Manager

Password Recovery

The platform comes fitted with a multi-factor authenticator for recovering expired passwords. In addition to this feature, you can set the notification for password updates.

If you prefer, you can recover your password with your phone or email.

Security Questions

You can select from the variety of questions on the platform.

Insight Tool

You can receive reports on MFA configured accounts, password resets, and others on this platform.

Features of Multi-Factor Authentication Platform

Password Integration

The multi-factor authentication feature allows you to reset passwords securely.

Part-based Authentication

Through modes such as SMS, email and mobile app, you can start role-based authentication.

Routine Challenge Questions

You can verify that the right person is logged on. All you have to do is ask the usual questions.

Fingerprint Authentication

Touch-enabled devices come with the fingerprint authentication feature.

Push Notification and Detection Criteria

You can use push notifications on your device to aid user authentication. The location, network, device or browser can be used to activate authentication.

Features of Identity Provider

Federation Backing

QuickLaunch’s federation support allows collaboration across different trust systems.

Directory Integration

This feature allows safer and faster access to the various applications.

Safe Authentication

This platform supports authentication mechanisms such as CAS, OAUT, SAML, OPENAM, and others.

Provision and Deprovision Access

This feature allows provision and deprovision access to web applications for your users.

Supports SSO and SLO

It supports both single sign-on and single logout. This feature aids in closing the security holes.

Admin Interface

The identity provider has a self-service admin interface. This feature allows easy registration on applications.

Features of Mobility Platform

Branded Mobile App

QuickLaunch mobility platform provides an exclusive mobile app for you.

Single Mobile Sign-on

You can give your users access to the mobile single sign-on experience.

Over 200 integrations

You can benefit from over 200 pre-integrated free apps.

Pros of the QuickLaunch Software

The QuickLaunch attracts various sectors and industries because of its benefits.

Highlighted below are the main attraction points of this IT security software.


This aids in safely managing information. It helps you cut costs and be more productive.

Mobile and Flexible

The AI-based software makes you smart. Users can also access the web applications from different devices and locations.

The multi-factor authentication allows this without any compromise to the security.

Visible and Accessible

The application usage of users is noticeable. Users can also have access to their essential apps anytime and anywhere.

Cost-effectiveness and Safety

The QuickLaunch license manager allows you to pay only for what you use. The multi-factor authentication helps to enhance the security and keep threats at bay.

The identity provider platform ensures that there is no loophole left. The provision and management of centralized identity reduce security risks.

The multi-factor authentication also allows the entire system to be more biddable. This authentication also prevents identity thefts.

Centralized Control Access

Admins can have centralized control of the software. Users of the software have unified access to all the applications needed for business.

Control access to users can also be limited depending on business requirements.

Increased productivity

This software delivers an excellent user experience because of the easy access to different apps.

Productivity increases with this software because of features like expiry notification, time-based notification, password configuration and others.

Removes Shadow IT

You can get all the information you need into your system. This way, shadow IT is mitigated.


You can efficiently manage all your web applications. This manageability results from the ease of access the software gives.

Integrated Access

This software supports integration with different standards and protocols. Think of standards like SAML, CAS, OPENAM, OAUTH, and others.

Eliminates Data Leaks Possibility

This software eliminates the possibility of data breaches. Unauthorized apps cannot gain access to this software.

Seamless Mobility Platform UX

The UX of the mobility platform ensures a seamless experience for users. This experience is not dependent on the device you are using.

Cons of QuickLaunch Software

Even the best software has limitations, and QuickLaunch isn’t immune. The key drawback of this workflow management software its limited app usage.

The app usage is limited to cut costs. This limit is to sustain a fair app usage policy.


The different platforms on the QuickLaunch have different pricing models. There is a free trial period for all platforms after which you have to subscribe to one of their plans.

Let’s find out the pricing model for the different platforms, shall we?

Pricing for Single Sign-On

It goes for $1.2 for monthly billing and $12.96 for annual billing.

This plan offers features such as self-service, inbuilt app suite, analytics tool, and role-based access control.

Pricing for Password Manager

The pricing model for this platform is $0.6 monthly and $6.5 annually.

Its features include password recovery, expiry notifications, standard security questions and email recovery by phone or email.

Pricing for Multi-Factor Authentication

The pricing model for this platform is $0.8 monthly and $8.64 annually.

Its features include role-based authentication, custom challenge questions, fingerprint authentication and others.

Pricing for Identity Provider

The pricing model for this platform is $0.6 monthly and $6.5 annually.

The features of this platform include federation support, secure authentication, directory integration, provisioning, and de-provisioning.

Pricing for Mobility

This platform pricing model is by quote. Its features include a branded app, over 200 pre-integrations, mobile single sign-on, and accessibility.

Technical Specifications

QuickLaunch supports popular platforms and integrates well with a wide range of apps. Let’s look at these specifications closely.

Platforms Supported

QuickLaunch is an AI-based service provider that is both web-based and app-based. You can access this software from your laptop, desktop or mobile devices.

This software supports devices such as Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac book.

Integrated Platforms

QuickLaunch integrates easily with standards like SAML, CAS, OPENAM, OAUTH, and others. They also have over 2,000 pre-integrated adapters such as

  • Jenzabar,
  • Office 365,
  • Zendesk,
  • Desire2Learn,
  • Canvas,
  • Banner,
  • Box,
  • G-Suite,
  • Moodle,
  • Blackboard,


Contact Support

QuickLaunch has excellent customer service which makes contacting support pretty quickly. You can contact them by emailing, calling or live support.

They’ll respond and sort out your problem in no time. QuickLaunch also has resources available to make users understand the software.

To Wrap It Up

QuickLaunch is one of the Leading IT security software today with its AI-based features. With this software, there is no need to sign into your different web applications multiple times.

This cloud-based software enables easy access to numerous web-based applications. This seamless access results in increased efficiency. It does have its drawbacks, but it remains one of the best software available today.