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Full QuickBooks POS Software Review – All you need to know about QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS software

Today’s world is a world of advanced technology as many more advanced systems are coming into existence.  More importantly, better POS systems, many of which can be accessed from the cloud are being developed. However, some businesses are still interested in a locally-installed POS platform but not many of them as most of the businesses go for the cloud-hosted systems which have more benefits. With this in mind, why would you choose QuickBooks POS software as your POS solution? If you are majorly concerned with remaining fully in control of your backend POS, then QuickBooks POS application would be a perfect fit for your business as it offers robust features that you’re looking for.

QuickBooks POS software comes with numerous functionalities and a feature set which add up to form a suite of tools that is more similar to an Enterprise Resource Planning platform than just a virtual cash register. In this regard, QuickBooks POS application provides features like inventory management, tracking of commissions and employee hours, keeping a master list of clients and their contact information, managing client credit accounts, handling sales orders, and shipping among many other things.

Unfortunately,  in today’s more advanced technological environment where most POS systems are being offered in the cloud, QuickBooks POS software has some drawbacks. With QuickBooks POS application, almost all the basic features and functionalities of a good POS platform are there in addition to integration with QuickBooks accounting software. However, QuickBooks POS software still lags behind many of its competitors in different ways.

Despite being recently equipped with improvements such as reduced prices and a new pairing with Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, this POS platform is not quickly adapting to the needs of the increasingly highly competitive market. QuickBooks POS charges for updates and this could be quite a burden to small businesses and startups.

When QuickBooks POS application was developed in the year 1983, managing your finances using a computer was a great innovation but in 2018 that’s not so impressive. The software still applies an old-mindset as evidenced in its closed ecosystem of POS that doesn’t leverage the equalizing power of modern technology.

Despite QuickBooks POS software having added some basic mobile functionality and backups via the internet, this is not a great leap forward when you consider the user experience that is offered by other POS systems which are much more less expensive. However, as already mentioned, QuickBooks POS software can really help your business if you want to be in full control of your backend POS. 

What is QuickBooks POS Software?

QuickBooks POS software is a powerful platform that helps users effectively and quickly track sales, inventory, and customers. QuickBooks POS application is offered in two versions – Basic and Pro that have been created to improve the customer service offered by businesses and meet their needs.

QuickBooks POS application - sales report

QuickBooks POS software tracks client’s information in addition to offering features that help in improving customer loyalty and retention while encouraging repeat sales. One of the most important features offered by this POS platform includes tracking the customer’s past purchases to know the products and brands that they prefer to buy.

QuickBooks POS solution is offered as a web-based solution, installed on-premise, and as a mobile POS system for businesses of all sizes. With this POS platform, users will be in a position to manage their inventory, build their customer relationships, and automate their entire banking process.

Users of QuickBooks POS application will be able to automatically enter sales information into their accounting software.  Some other features that still make QuickBooks a very useful POS platform in today’s highly technologically advanced environment include barcode scanning, receipt notes, credit card processing, discounts, gift cards, refunds, exchanges, quotes, customer history, and layaways.

The inventory management capabilities offered by QuickBooks POS software include inventory classification, price tag customization, inventory forecasting, inventory matrix, customer orders, back orders, and kit assembly.

Additionally, this POS platform also comes with a number of employee management features like tracking of employee performance and a time clock, assigning security access levels, and commission’s management. QuickBooks POS application also integrates some retail accounting capabilities such as payroll processing, sales audit, and accounts payable and receivable.

QuickBooks set of applications is one of the popular financial software that is available in the market today and most importantly for small businesses and individuals. The pricing of QuickBooks POS software begins at $1200 and the application is mostly designed to serve the needs of small businesses.

According to the opinion of a company representative, QuickBooks POS application was developed for two sets of users – experienced sellers interested in setting up a new POS system for an existing outlet and experienced sellers who are in the process of establishing their own shop for the first time. QuickBooks POS software is suitable for single outlet users to users with a maximum of 25 outlets.

This on-premise version of QuickBooks POS platform works on your desktop PC and Microsoft Surface Pro and as a result, provides you with the flexibility that you need to run your business. Also, QuickBooks POS application works perfectly with other QuickBooks programs and this enables seamless integration to serve the needs of QuickBooks users.

Despite the drawbacks that were previously mentioned about QuickBooks POS platform, is it still worth considering this system? QuickBooks POS software was designed to serve the needs of retail businesses. However, this doesn’t mean that other businesses will not find the application useful. This is because, as already mentioned, QuickBooks POS application offers several features like a barcode scanner, employee tracking, and inventory tracking that will be useful to both small and mid-sized retail businesses.

QuickBooks POS platform - Dashboard

Businesses that deal with products that don’t require scales or any bulk ordering could benefit from this POS platform. Simple service-type initiatives could also find the program useful but bar owners and restaurants would want to search for a system that is more suited for their business.

Benefits of QuickBooks POS

Similar to any other software or POS system, QuickBooks POS has its own advantages and drawbacks. Some of the benefits that businesses and users of QuickBooks POS application will gain are explained below.

QuickBooks POS software integrates with desktop

When you’re updating your inventory, or you process a sale or accept a payment, QuickBooks POS application will update your books. This will ultimately save you time plus effort and reduce the potential errors that you could face without the system.

The POS platform also makes it possible for you to avoid facing any kind of problem at tax time. At the end of the day, it means you will be able to synchronize your POS systems with QuickBooks desktop and this reduces double entries and as a result, saves you both errors and time. Consequently, your books will be updated all year and this will help you during taxation.

QuickBooks POS application will help you to manage customers

There is a need to move your CRM up to higher levels. When you ring up a sale, QuickBooks POS software will allow you to view customer histories such as the balance owed, credit available, loyal program status and special offers every time after a transaction.

QuickBooks POS platform will help you manage your inventory

With QuickBooks POS platform, your inventory will be updated after every transaction and this will provide you with insights on what is currently going on and what’s not going on. As a result, you will be able to identify the products that you should reorder, those that are your best-sellers, and what you can do.

QuickBooks POS application allows you to make and accept payments after a sale

As a user of QuickBooks POS software, you will be able to authorize, process, and record sales which are made through debit and credit card in just a single step. With this POS platform, you will not need to enter information twice and accuracy will be increased. This means you will be able to handle transactions with speed and move your customers by checking out in an efficient way. QuickBooks POS application is EMV ready and it is designed to support payment technologies that offer more data protection.

QuickBooks POS software simplifies your daily tasks

Because of its user-friendly interface which doesn’t present a steep learning curve, QuickBooks POS platform doesn’t require complex training as it doesn’t present a steep learning curve. Your inventory is automatically updated with QuickBooks POS software without needing to manually input information. While with many POS solutions you will lose time during credit card payments, QuickBooks POS will speed up the process with only a single click.

QuickBooks POS software - Navigator


Businesses will not stay at a steady point. They will shift, grow, and even shrink in relation to customer demand and most aspects of your business already reflect on this fact. Moreover, this is the reason businesses will post seasonal jobs on peak seasons and rent as opposed to buying the majority of their offices and storefronts. In this way, they will be able to keep overhead low and allow decision-makers to move resources so that they match the fluctuation demand.

With QuickBooks, you are not only provided with SaaS products that will match your rapidly growing business, but they also develop different versions of their software.

QuickBooks POS platform is accessible on multiple platforms

QuickBooks POS software can be accessed from the web, installed on-premise, and can also be accessed on mobile. The application is designed for small, medium and large businesses and with it, you will be able to accept payments using credit cards.

Some other functionalities of QuickBooks POS application include inventory management and customer management among others. With the solution, you can also get additional hardware which includes barcode scanners and receipt printers that you can use with the application.

QuickBooks POS platform - sales receipt

QuickBooks POS software supports multitasking

Unlike most of its competitors, QuickBooks POS software makes it possible for its users to multitask. In this regard, managers using the system can easily swap between management roles and service roles in the event that a customer enters the store when they were examining the payroll.

Cashiers using QuickBooks POS platform can search for answers to client questions without having to abandon a transaction that is half-complete. Your employees will not have to choose between tasks. Therefore, QuickBooks POS application accommodates the pace of modern business.

QuickBooks POS platform has a huge support

With QuickBooks POS software, you’re guaranteed of a huge support. The application incorporates an extensive FAQs section. However, in the event that you don’t find what you’re looking for in the FAQs section, QuickBooks POS platform offers phone support to handle your issues. With its online videos, you’ll get a brief overview of the software and you can also interact with the software before purchasing it.

Features of QuickBooks POS application

QuickBooks POS application provides businesses and users with several features that can help them handle their sales challenges. These features include the following.

  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Label Printing
  • Kit Assembly
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Inventory Classification
  • Customer History
  • Back Orders
  • Photo Image
  • Discounts
  • Salesperson History
  • Exchanges
  • Gift Cards
  • Customer Information Database
  • Inventory Matrix
  • Price Lookup
  • Receipt Notes
  • Inventory Reorder Alerts
  • Refunds/Returns
  • Layaways & Quotes
  • Customer Orders
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Multiple Stores/Inventories
  • Price Tag Customization
  • Print Receipts
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Purchase History
  • Standard Discounts

QuickBooks POS application -sales screen - multistore level


QuickBooks POS has three one-time purchase pricing plans that are offered with starting prices in addition to a free trial. The POS hardware is sold separately.

Basic – costs $1,200

  • Ring sales
  • Track customer data
  • Take payments
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Desktop financial software
  • Basic reporting

Pro – costs $1,700

  • Ring sales
  • Take payments
  • Rewards & loyalty programs
  • Basic reporting
  • Manage inventory
  • Track customer data
  • Manage employees and payroll
  • Offer layaway and gift cards
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Desktop financial software
  • Advanced reporting

Multi-Store – costs $1,900

  • Ring sales
  • Track and transfer inventory
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Desktop financial software
  • Offer layaway and gift cards
  • Basic reporting
  • Take payments
  • Rewards and loyalty program
  • Track customer data
  • Manage employees and payroll
  • Advanced reporting
  • Manage multiple stores
  • Manage inventory
  • Advanced sales and inventory reporting between stores

Get your free trial at quickbooks.intuit.com.

QuickBooks POS - Pricing

Technical Details

The devices supported by QuickBooks POS application include iPhone/iPad and Mac. The application only supports the English language. The pricing model for QuickBooks POS software is Quote-based. Customer types served by this POS platform include small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises.

Support Details

The vendors of QuickBooks POS offer their support through Email, training, phone, and tickets.

Call: (877) 282-0782 or Sales: 1-877-683-3280

Facebook: Intuit QuickBooks

Twitter: @QuickBooks

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Get more support at QuickBooks Support.