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Full QuestionPro Survey Software Review – All you need to know about QuestionPro

QuestionPro Survey Software

What is QuestionPro?

QuestionPro is a powerful online survey software that can help you to design online surveys for a variety of reasons. Through this survey application, you can gain valuable and actionable insights in order to help you make better business decisions. Using this easy survey application, you can use the tools of creations, distribution and analysis of all your research needs. Everything from being able to evaluate customer satisfaction to improving organizational and employee relationships can be done using this survey software.

Currently used in over 100 different countries, QuestionPro has over 2.5 million users who are gaining valuable insights into their businesses. Organizations like Toyota, Siemens, Samsung and The United States Postal Service are making use of this survey application. QuestionPro is the world’s leading survey creation tool that allows you to do online surveys from anywhere at any time.

Founded in 2002 in the United States, QuestionPro is allowing users to generate the insights they need to make smarter business decisions. As a team of innovators, creators, visionaries and technologists, QuestionPro is passionate about developing the tools you need to make informed business decisions. With customer satisfaction as their top priority, QuestionPro provides you with survey software that lets you create and distribute a vast array of survey and questionnaire types to your chosen target groups.

Benefits of QuestionPro:

Choosing as survey software is dependent on a variety of reasons. One of those reasons could be the benefits your survey application will offer you. Therefore, here is an overview of the various benefits that you get when you choose to go with QuestionPro as your survey software.

  • QuestionPro is fully customizable so that you can make your surveys, questionnaires, polls and evaluations whatever you want them to be.
  • There is a mobile app that you can use this survey software on that makes it adaptable. Use this survey application anywhere at any time you desire. QuestionPro is ideal for the mobile worker and those who work remotely as well as customers who want to answer surveys while on the go.
  • This survey software will automatically detect what type of device you are using and reformate itself accordingly.
  • There is a relatively small learning curve to start using this software. You can use this survey software with little to no training.
  • QuestionPro is constantly striving to remain competitive by expanding their software and features to be proactive.
  • This survey application is easy to use by both the survey creator and the respondent making it flexible for even those who are not very tech savvy.
  • There are solid support options when you encounter issues or have any concerns. You will be able to get help almost immediately.
  • Try it out for free using the free trial before making the decision to implement it indefinitely within your organization.
  • The design is intuitive and efficient. You will find it very easy to navigate through the various properties.
  • You can use a vast range of features and options that will make this a suitable survey software for any organization in any industry.
  • QuestionPro is a fast way to gather and share information across a variety of platforms.

Features of QuestionPro:

You needs to know the types of features that are offered by any survey software before you can determine if it is the right fit for your organization. QuestionPro provides you with a full range of advanced features that are powerful and effective. Here is a look at those features you would need to conduct online surveys efficiently.

Utilize a variety of online survey templates.

Create and disperse a wide range of survey types using online templates. With over 250 designs to choose from, you will be able to pick a survey for any purpose. Do a survey for market research, customer satisfaction, community-based research and even academic research. Whatever the purpose, there is a template for the online surveys you are trying to achieve.

Make use of ready-made survey question to take the guesswork out of development.

Regardless if you need simple or advanced questions to complete your online surveys, this survey software has them. There are over 80 ready-made question types that you can choose from in order to get the best online surveys possible. Everything from image and video type questions to multiple choice, QuestionPro has it all. You also have the ability to make these questions in over 108 different languages to reach a wider demographic.

Gain robust reporting and analysis of your surveys.

There is a full suite of reporting and analyzing options that you can make use of for better business decisions. Quickly turn your data into actionable insights through such segments as cross tabulation, text analysis and even tables or charts. You can export your data into any format you choose. With export capabilities for Excel, SPSS, text, DropBox and Google Drive, you can get your information in whatever format you are most comfortable using.

Get customizable and professional survey service.

When you are working on online surveys and various other projects that coincide with that, you want to have professional help. QuestionPro offers you a wide range of customized professional services. These services include logic and custom scripting as well as custom design, professional survey creation and even customizable support and training.

Benefit from multiple survey distribution options.

Once you have created your survey, how are you getting it out to the chosen demographic? Through this survey application, you can send out your online surveys through a variety of platforms. Email your surveys for the convenience of choosing when to respond, send out a custom link via your social media platforms or even embed them into your website. There is even the option to send out surveys via SMS using that integration. Whatever way you choose to distribute your survey, chances are QuestionPro can do it.

Have access to smart online survey logic and branching capabilities.

Use the wide range of drag and drop features that allow you to use survey logic without spending countless hours training. Through the survey logic and branching feature, you can arrange your surveys to flow along according to respondents’ answers. Furthermore, you can use survey looping, text pipping or ever randomization to make your online surveys unique and engaging.

Ensure your data is safe and secure from breaches.

QuestionPro uses state of the art security features to help ensure that your sensitive data is free from breaches, intrusions or dispersion. With SSL secured surveys you are sure to have fully encrypted data responses that will not be breached by malware or intrusions. Furthermore, there is global password protection you can add to any survey type to prevent non-authorized personnel from accessing your surveys and the data they hold.

Additional Features:

  • Salesforce integration for customer database unity across all your business process platforms.
  • Trend analysis for market research and product launch information.
  • Reminders that you can send out so that surveys get completed by the respondents.
  • Electronic signature capabilities in order to have respondent sign off on your online surveys.
  • Offline survey access for the time when internet connectivity is an issue.

Pricing Details of QuestionPro:

There are a variety of pricing options you can choose from using this survey software. Each pricing plan is dependent on your needs and organizational type. Choose the one that will suit your needs best.

Best for Individuals


Costing you nothing, you get ten questions per survey and up to 100 responses. Furthermore, there is email support and mobile screen optimization.


This plan costs $15 per month or $144 per year. With this plan you get 1000 responses per month, unlimited surveys and questions along with priority email support. Furthermore, there is data export and reporting, global password protection and mobile screen optimization. Finally, you get the question and answer pipping along with skip logic and theme customization.


At $99 per month or $899 when billed annually you get all the features you see in the professional plan. Additionally, you get 24/7 email, phone and chat support. Moreover, there is advanced question types, API integration, data segmentation, multi-user access and multilingual services. On top of that, you get offline data collection, panel integration, report scheduler, and save and continue options for online surveys. Finally, there is scheduled survey reminders, SPSS export and text analysis with trend analysis.

Best for Teams and Enterprises

Team Edition:

This edition requires you to contact the vendor for the pricing details. What is included in all the features you see in the corporate plan along with automated reports, company branded login portal, custom scripting and expert training. Furthermore, you get an extended email list size; extended media support, premium support and Salesforce integration. Finally, there is section-based scoring.

Enterprise Edition:

Once again, you need to contact the vendor to find out the pricing of this option. What is included in all the features in the team edition along with complex question types, conjoint analysis, consolidated reports and data view and storage? Furthermore, you get datacenter versatility, Google analytics and HIPAA compliance. Finally, there is the option to import data, use Salesforce Sandbox integration, have single sign-on access, survey encryption and webhooks.

Technical Details of QuestionPro:

As a cloud-hosted survey software, you can use this survey application on any device you currently own without needing to purchase additional hardware. This survey software is compatible with Windows and Mac systems and has web-based capabilities that work as long as you have reliable internet connectivity. Finally, there is an app that can be used for both Android and iOS devices. See the respective devices stores to get the app.

Supported language is English, Chinese in both simplified and traditional, Portuguese, French, Danish, Japanese, Hebrew, Dutch and Arabic.

Support Details:

QuestionPro boasts that they have the incomparable support that is offered to all their users. Their support is 24/7, and the staff strives to get back to you within a reasonable time frame. Support is very important when choosing a survey application as the results of these surveys help you make better business decisions. Here is the various support option that is available with QuestionPro.

Email: Email a representative anytime you desire with question or concerns. Often times the representative will respond to you in a matter of hours depending on how complicated your question or issue is.

Phone: There is a variety of phone in options you can choose from depending on your location. There is a toll-free North American number along with local UK, Germany, Australia, India and UAE numbers where you can get in touch with a representative.

Live Support: This support option isn’t offered to all customers as it comes as part of a pricing plan. However, it is 24/7, and it enables you to live chat with a representative through your dashboard. There you will get help to issues or answers to questions remotely.

Training: Through the vendor website there is a vast array of resources you can use. There are webinars, FAQs and ebooks, case studies and articles. Furthermore, there is a blog that deals with common issues you may encounter. Finally, there is training either in person or online that you can use.


QuestionPro comes equipped with a variety of plans that are sure to meet your needs regardless if you are an individual company or a large-scale world-wide enterprise. The wide range of features that are offered is comparable to none when it comes to surveying software. Through the various integration the elite security features, you are sure to get a fully robust and powerful survey application.

Ultimately, you know what you need best. Take the time to review the various features that are offered and compare them to the pricing plans available. You can then use this information against other survey software that is on the market to help you make an educated decision for your online surveys. Listen to experts and read reviews before making your final decision.