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Full Quest Quanum EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About Quest Quanum


Formerly known as Care360, Quest Quanum is one of the leading electronic health record solutions in the country. From providing cloud-based services to offering e-prescribing capabilities, this software excels at increasing the efficiency of medical practices.

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Why is this little point important, you ask?

Office-based physician adoption of EHR has almost doubled within the last decade, rising from 42 to 87 percent. In other words, EHR has become an integral part of healthcare experience. Hence, medical professionals and patients demand software that improves productivity, as well as the outcome. Quest Quanum appears to offers these and more.

As a result, the software ranks high in the country for providing EHR solutions. In 2013, Black Book ranked Quest Quanum #1 EHR for customer satisfaction. Before that, it was the top solution for Single Physician practices and Stand-Alone ePrescribing Vendor.

With all these accolades, one begins to wonder if Quest Quanum is as good as it looks. This detailed review will provide the answers you need. We explored the features, benefits and the downsides of this EHS software. In addition to this, we offered information on the technical and support details.

Without wasting any more time, here is everything you should know about Quest Quanum.

What is Quest Quanum?


Quest Quanum is an electronic health solution that offers ambulatory services. Developed and sold by Quest Diagnostics, this software provides an integrated medical billing module and patient’s scheduling to users. Furthermore, physicians can access essential patient’s data from anywhere, and at any time.

The EHR platform is a comprehensive, secure, and mobile. For this reason, it is capable of increasing the efficiency of medical practices, productivity as well as flexibility. For one thing, users can access the platform on laptops, tablets, or smartphone.


How it Works

Quest Quanum helps multi-specialty, and medical facilities mobilize patients’ care from anywhere. And it does this in an accurate and secure manner. The software offers an impressive reporting capability, which enables physicians to create useful laboratory reports, medical history, etc.

Also, Quest Quanum offers other functionalities such as;

  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Electronic Lab Management
  • Customizable Templates

Aside from ensuring accurate reporting, these features improve patient care as well. It sounds complicated, doesn’t it? You would think that users may face challenges with its adoption.

However, adoption is stress-free, thanks to a step-wise approach. Quest Quanum functionalities are available at your practice pace to avoid issues with implementation. Furthermore, the EHS software is scalable and flexible enough to sustain this pace within the existing workflow.

An exciting feature is Practice Management, which offers functions such as appointment scheduling and medical billing. There is also a patient flow feature to document an encounter with patients. For the most part, a native app allows physicians and clinicians access these functions remotely.

Getting Started

First, you must log in to have access to Quest Quanum features. Upon login, you’ll discover a dashboard with an overview of your interaction with Quest Diagnostics. The left side of the panel contains a list of features to help users get started. Some of them are listed below.


The patient profile provides vital information about patients. These include the demographics, billing, and history. You should know that this portal prevents multiple entries. Not only does this prevent errors, but it also increases efficiency.


Physicians receive lab results on this portal. The results are color-coded to make it easy to read and reduce error. For this reason, you will quickly notice when a result is out of range.


The “New Order” icon at the top right part of the screen enables users to start a new test order on Quest Quanum. Also, reorder a patent’s test or select from a list of the regular tests for your practice.

The Order feature saves time by offering users;

  • An option of creating recurring orders for frequently used products.
  • Completing orders in three clicks
  • Ability to track orders in real time.

Specimen Pickup

Click on the “Start a New Request” icon to ask for a specimen pickup online. Users can input the date time and location. In addition to this, you can select your preferred specimen condition. Options include frozen, refrigerated, and ambient.

The system saves your pickup request details on completion. That means you can perform future requests with a click.


Quest Quanum allows users to manage supply order effortlessly. It offers a search feature that will enable users to find products fast and place orders with a few clicks. In addition to this, it displays an image of the item before placing your order.

Based on the features outlined above, Quest Quanum may be the perfect EHR solution for you. Be that as it may, this software is not perfect. Of course, it has a couple of downsides. First, let’s talk about the advantages it offers.

Quest Quanum EHR Software; The Pros

Here are the benefits of Quest Quanum.

It Supports the Workflow of any Practice

With Quest Quanum, users can manage their practice in an electronic environment which adapts to their unique needs. The user interface is friendly enough that it is easy to adopt. Hence, physicians can easily transition their clinical workflow in a seamless, accurate, yet secure manner.

In other words, Quest Quanum EHR software is designed to fulfill the evolving needs of any practice.

Offers Powerful Healthcare Connectivity

Quest Quanum allows users to send patient information in an industry-standard format securely. Conversely, you can also accept data from other physicians. How does this contribute to patient care, you wonder? Physicians will have access to an extensive lab history, which makes it possible to improve the quality of care.

Since Quest Diagnostic network contains over 470,000 clinicians in over 140,000 locations, the health care connectivity is remarkable, don’t you think?

Proactively Improve Quality

Aside from having access to real-time scorecards, users can also track and benchmark clinical quality measures. As such, improvement opportunities become easy to identify and evaluate.

Offers Features to Streamline Workflow

Quest Quanum provides a couple of features to help streamline workflow. The essentials include;

  • Lab Ordering
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Electronic Lab ordering
  • Documenting a full encounter with patients

As a result, physicians will spend less time performing administrative duties, and more time focusing on the patient’s needs.

Easy to Access

You don’t have to be stuck with your laptop to enjoy the services this EHR software offers. Use your iPhone or iPad to access the app from anywhere. That’s right, Quest Quanum exists on a cloud-based architecture. As such, physicians will have access to EHR solutions anytime, anywhere, on any smart device.

Quest Quanum EHR Software; The Cons

Based on users’ reviews, here are the downsides;

  • The Performance is Uneven
  • Quest Diagnostic offers poor customer support
  • It only supports the English Language
  • May not be available on Android

Features of Quest Quanum EHR Software

Quest Quanum offers the basic features that are a practice demands from an Electronic Health Records Software. Some of these are ePrescribing, lab ordering, and the result, as well as messaging and tasking. Another essential feature is the documentation of encounters with patients.

The following are some of the exciting features of Quest Quanum EHR software:

Messaging and Tasking

One feature that excites most practices is the messaging and tasking function that Quest Quanum EHR offers. The remarkable thing is that. This feature is not limited to Quest Quanum users alone, eLabs users can also use it. What does it do, you ask?

Well, it offers physicians and other medical practitioners a way to send email type messages from any location. Send messages in a HIPAA compliant manner from your office with the desktop, or using the app while on the road.

The Messaging has some functions to enhance effective communication between medical professionals. For example, you can attach patient charts to messages to make it easy for recipients to read and respond.

In addition to this, you can also share;

  • Lab results, medication information and patient history to other consulting or referring physician
  • Patient Electronic Health Records across different systems
  • Automatically alert staff to patients requiring follow-up tasks
  • Standing orders and email reminders for patients

Aside from messaging, there is also the task feature. As the name implies, it offers the ability to send tasks to others. For example, a physician can assign the receptionist a task of scheduling a patient’s appointment. Furthermore, it allows you to track your tasks to know when it’s complete.


Medical professionals that are pursuing Meaningful Use (MU) under the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs must depend on ePrescribing via a certified EHR software. As such, Quest Quanum’s Electronic Prescribing is one of its most popular features among physicians.

ePrescribing on the Quest Quanum EHR platform allows users to do the following;

  • Make prescription requests
  • Review medical history
  • Complete refill authorizations

Professionals sometimes use the electronic prescribing function alone to qualify for the ePrescribing incentives. Also, they do it to avoid penalties.

Electronic Lab Result Delivery

Quest Quanum EHR software enables users to order result electronically. Furthermore, the result is delivered in an electronic format on your iPad or smartphone. Electronic lab results offer an advantage of quick delivery and prompt reaction to the results.

You’ll have the option of graphing the result over time. In effect, it becomes easy to spot trends, and patients will be able to read the positive outcome of complying with your treatment.

Patient Encounter Documentation

With Quest Quanum EHR software, users have various ways to document a patient visit. One interesting feature is the way everyone involved in a patient’s care can write about the stay from their perspective. As a result, it leads to effective coordination, which improves the quality of care delivery.

Here is an example of how it works;

  1. The medical assistant documents the patient’s vitals
  2. Physician documents assessment and diagnosis using a customizable SOAP template
  3. Phlebotomist adds details about the blood tests
  4. Biller sees and documents the charges

It’s all fascinating, isn’t it? Quest Quanum offers some features to ease the documentation of a patient’s encounter. These include;

  • Checkboxes
  • Free form text boxes
  • Dictation software solution, e.g., Dragon Naturally Speaking™

Data Security

One of the essential features of any software may be data security. As such, Quest Quanum EHR software comes with strong 128-bit encryption. So, your information is safe whenever it passes over the internet, between data repositories, and your browser.

Other features offered by Quest Quanum EHR software include;

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Appointment Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Calendar Management
  • Charting
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Customizable Templates
  • Document Conversion
  • Document Distribution
  • Email Invitations & Reminders
  • Move Management
  • Records Management

Features Limitations of Quest Diagnosis Hardware

There are certain features you won’t have access to when using Quest Quanum EHR on a computer provided by Quest Diagnostics. We are referring to any function that doesn’t include;

  • Ordering lab result from Quest Diagnostics
  • Receiving or Reviewing Result from Quest Diagnostics.

Other services features such as the ePrescribing are not available for free. It’s time to talk about an essential part of this review. Let’s discuss the pricing, shall we?


First, Quest Quanum’s pricing information is available only on request. That said, the pricing model is subscription-based. Users can enjoy free trial and freemium.

Technical Details

Here are the technical details for Quest Quanum;

Devices Supported

Language Support

Quest Quanum supports only English Language

Customer Types

The EHR software solution is ideal for;

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Large Enterprise




United States

Support Details

Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support

Final Thought

Quest Quanum EHR offers an intuitive user interface that adapts quickly to different practices. With the cloud-based deployment, users can seamlessly transition workflow from one device to another. Be that as it may, Quest Quanum may not be as accessible as you think.

According to Quest Diagnostics’ website, Quest Quanum is available on the Android platform. However, we couldn’t find the app on Google Play. Also, other sites identified iOS as the only supported mobile operating system.

As such, the EHR app may be available on iOS only. Since 46.7 percent of smartphone users in the United States are on the Android platform, Quest Quanum may be restrictive. That said, the web-based version works perfectly on an Android device.

Users can track and benchmark clinical quality measures. In addition to this, you’ll have real-time access to scorecards to help assess and recognize improvement opportunities.

So, is Quest Quanum EHR software worth the hype? We have presented the facts and it’s your turn to give us the answer.

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