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Full Qualtrics Research Core Business Intelligence Software Review – All You Need to Know About Qualtrics Research Core

Qualtrics Research Core
Qualtrics Research Core

What is Qualtrics Research Core?

Founded and developed sixteen years ago by Qualtrics, LLC, Qualtrics Research Core is a BI tool designed for enterprise research. The software’s built-in library has thousands of survey templates which can be used by businesses to drive accurate decision and boost customer experience. Qualtrics competes with several other experience management tools including Google Forms and SurveyMonkey.

A subscription-based BI tool, Qualtrics is designed to gather, evaluate, and interpret data for market research, product loyalty, customer satisfaction, and much other statistical evaluation to gauge business and product performance. It is one of the most dynamic and trusted analytics tool simplifying market research and data collection.

The Qualtrics CX Management Software has ranked #6 on Forbes Cloud 100 in 2017 and has been one of the most utilized platforms around the world. The software, which goes by the tagline, “one platform with infinite use” has also won several recognitions It was awarded as for the Supreme Software and Expert’s Choice in 1998 for its capacity to change the landscape and business prospect of an organization

More than 9,000 brands using the system and its components to predict product loyalty and brand reliability. The fully functional survey templates and reporting interface has also been used by top Business Schools around the world to drive critical decisions and benchmark customer experience patterns.


Qualtrics has a number of significant uses in many industries including product testing, advertising, and market research to name a few. Users can utilize the software to track and understand customer behavior across diverse segments. The business research and customer management tool can also be used to conduct complicated academic research, measure company performance against its competitors, test product viability in the market, advertising, and so much more.

Simplified customer management and market research tool

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Qualtrics provides the most abundant amount of survey templates. Users from different backgrounds and level can find the BI tool uncomplicated with its multitude of customer monitoring system, segmentation protocols, and brand research tools. The software makes it easy to analyze, act, and capture business insights in a breeze. It also has collaboration features that simplify survey creation and sharing among your peers

Data-driven insights for actionable business plans

Qualtrics has such a powerful way of presenting a marketing research survey that it quickly generates actionable plans from both ends. Users are able to gather information about the business and product, while business owners are presented with deeper insight that allows them to act more quickly. This co-relationship creates a unified solution where business owners are taken to the root of issues so they can work on actionable plans and customers are valued for their opinions.

Qualtrics Research Core

Optimized survey questions for your marketing campaigns

When organizing a marketing survey, you need to recognize that there are different ways of asking questions to generate data that you need. Qualtrics frames questions using the ordinary scales technique so you get the answers that you want. This enables your business to gather much-needed information and to fully understand your respondent’s opinions. The re-framed questioning allows you to measure their agreement, understand their dissatisfaction, or determine what they like and anticipate for.

Safe and reliable customer data storage

Qualtrics was developed not just to provide users with an in-depth marketing analysis, statistics, and reporting tool, but also a reliable repository of customer information and campaign results you can refer to at any time. The software has an intelligent IQ directory which creates and organizes a set of valuable customer data including their beliefs, preferences, sentiments, and happiness about your products and services.

Cross-media connectivity and distribution

Using all possible platforms to generate customer participation, Qualtrics supports the most possible campaign audience so your business can have an accurate reading of your market. Campaigns can go through several distribution channels including social media, emails, mobile sites, QR codes or any other possible channels you might think of. Qualtrics also supports bulk respondent acquisition from vendors so you can have the most number of database response.


Qualtrics Research Core

Helping businesses understand market trends so they are able to improve brand recognition, Qualtrics is an all-powerful tool that allows users to generate and gather information in less time. There are a total of 23 question types with randomized features, advanced rationale and coherence, and different quotas that allow you to visualize and conceptualize your marketing campaigns. The in-depth reporting tools also allow you to make a well-informed business decision to prevent major setbacks and unproductive marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • Data management and statistical analysis. Users can create, modify, and test different surveys with its simple point-and-click user interface. Qualtrics has a powerful and intuitive survey flow with logic options that will allow users to collect organized and cohesive data. Campaign questions can be tailored using the scale questioning technique for a more favorable marketing analysis and survey campaigns. Data management is also one of the most powerful assets of Qualtrics as it provides comprehensive returns with a professional and easy to understand presentation. The software also details reports both past and present for future use.
  • Multimodal campaign channels and survey management. Using Qualtrics Research Core allows you can reach almost every possible channel you can think of. Segmentation and targeting is its most powerful feature which allows you to direct your marketing campaigns to the most possible and highly predicted audiences. Users can generate customer response using these channels:Qualtrics Research Core
  1. Email Surveys. Send email invitations that are customized to all of your intended respondents. You can also track their current progress, see a history of your scheduled mailings that you have scheduled, and provide users with complimentary notes.
  2. SMS Surveys. One of the easiest and simplest ways of interacting and engaging with respondents is through their mobile devices. Mobile surveys are usually hard to complete, but with Qualtrics, your respondent receives a consistent, branded, and clean mobile survey experience.
  3. Mobile Site and Website. Qualtrics is highly capable of reaching your respondents through sites they are visiting. This allows you to generate marketing data and makes the user experience is seamless and integrative.
  4. Social media. The analytics tool allows users can embed surveys into social media with just a few clicks. This is best for topics that are trending and has a good potential of being widely shared.
  5. QR Codes. By using QR Codes, you can direct people to your survey and marketing campaign. It is a very good option to elicit a direct response and can be embedded in posters, prints, and receipts.
  6. Offline Surveys. Qualtrics’ offline-enabled survey allows you to capture feedback from respondents even without an Internet connection. The software’s powerful system coverts your surveys into a specially structured data that can be accessed and collected offline and in real-time.
  • Respondent segmentation and targeting. Using the STP marketing strategy, Qualitrics is able to generate the most favorable response. This effective marketing communications technique enables Qualtrics to collect data more aggressively so you can prevent company losses because of ineffectual and unproductive marketing campaigns. Qualtrics provides users with better ROI and branding because the market is adequately tested and results are optimized because of solid marketing strategies.
  • User experience auditing and respondent benchmarking. Qualtrics is not only an effective marketing analysis tool but also provides you with a good user experience monitoring. The software creates a report about participants find your survey and how useful surveys are in meeting their needs. It benchmarks respondent feedbacks by creating an intuitive and easy to understand report that can be utilized whenever you want. The software easily holds project niches and generates powerful reports that can be impactful in your marketing strategies.Qualtrics Research Core
  • Brand and marketing concept testing. With Qualtrics, complicated marketing approaches are made simple. It eliminates hard work that done during the planning stages by utilizing its function in the Driver IQ, a key driver widget that automates regression analyses and generates recommended improvements. This key function provides real-time data that helps you prioritize key drivers for your campaign. One of the most relevant features of the Driver IQ is that it can also predict the respondent actions that will reap the best possible survey impacts
  • Compensation management. Qualtrics has a great way of engaging respondents by providing a commitment plan that increases their interests and improves survey response rates. Aptly called the Single-instance Incentive, Qualtrics provides active participants rewards like a free Tango Card or various other eGift Cards for completing tasks and answering questions completely. Qualtrics does not limit the amount of incentive a responder gets but is directed by vendor contract.

Pricing Details

Qualtrics Reseach Core has not publicly released information about their software pricing. If you are interested in their marketing analytics tool, you can request for details with their Contact Sales representative. You can send a request for information and have a Sales Rep contact you by clicking the “Have a Sales Rep Call Me” option on their Support webpage.

The North American Sales Department is open from Mondays through Fridays from 8 am to 8 pm MST.

You can also request for a free demo and set up a free account giving you the following features and letting you experience the power of Qualtrics Reseach Core before committing to a subscription. Your free account includes:

  • 100 survey responses
  • 10 outgoing respondent emails
  • 8 scale question types
  • 1 active and fully functional survey
  • Unlimited questions
  • Survey filtering and summarized reports
  • Randomization and survey logic
  • Online Reporting
  • No Expiration Date

Details regarding their different plans including its features and functions will be discussed by the Qualtrics Sales Contact upon request.

Qualtrics Research Core

Technical Details

Qualtrics Research Core is supported by different devices running in various OS and OS versions including Window, iOS, and Android devices. The marketing analytics tool is a web-based platform that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It also uses the Cloud and SaaS deployment platforms for mobility and data retrieval that allows you to access data whenever you need them.

With a flexible functionality that does not compromise its intuitive and convenient layout, Qualtrics creates surveys that are easy to understand and comprehensive both for responders and the surveying company. The customer experience analytics tool supports several languages including English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and French.

The customer management software makes it ideal for SMBs in need to understand their market viability. Customer experience and product marketability is an easy task with Qualtric’s robust and powerful evaluation of market trends and with its behavior-based CS Algorithm.

Using an advanced framework of solutions and an intuitive user interface, Qualtics is a powerful software that can be used by professional and advanced researchers. It is simple enough to be understood by interns and undergrads working on a marketing and analytics project. The vendor offers a quote-based pricing model based on the number of scalable options.

Software deployment is either cloud hosted or an on-premise installation that can be utilized with ease. The cloud solution offers mobility and data access from anywhere and the on-premise software provides a powerful solution for your marketing analysis needs.

Support Details

Qualtrics Research Core provides support for various components of its system. It has a Learning page for the Experience Management (XM) Platform, the Research Core Basics, and several other learning guides found on this page. The software developer also has a rich Resource kit for contents and templates commonly found in the software. They have a Blogsite and the Qualtrics Community to help users get an in-depth experience from the software and get constant updates and news about the product. Visit their blog posts here.

Users can send troubleshooting tickets to Qualtrics Technical department for issues relating to their software use an account. Brand administrators are in charge of fixing technical concerns and they provide excellent customer service by answering your queries right away. The technical support department can be found here.

Qualtrics LLC provides an excellent customer service and support for more information about the product, visit their Contact page or for License purchases, simply Contact Sales by sending them your details.