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Full Qt Creator IDE Software Review – All You Need To Know About Qt Creator IDE


Companies and developers across all industries can develop applications and create devices easily because of IDE software like Qt Creator IDE. Over 70 industry sectors in the world make use of this software.

The group behind this software, Qt Group, debuted in 1995 with its headquarters in Espoo. This company has offices in different locations such as Finland, China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Norway, France, the USA, UK, India, and Italy.

In 2017, the Qt Group net sales totaled to € 36.3. Also, over one million developers worldwide make use of Qt technology.

In this article, we will do a thorough review of this IDE software to uncover its features, benefits, and limitations. This way, you’ll have enough information to decide whether to use the software or not.

Let’s begin with the obvious question.

What is The Qt Creator IDE Software?

Qt Creator is a complete cross-platform IDE software solution with UI elements, C++ libraries, and tools to help companies develop C++ and QML applications for multiple, mobile, and embedded platforms. Also, you can seamlessly create high-performance, intuitive, and fluid UIs, applications, and devices on this software.

Also, the UI framework of this software features different tools and functionalities that bridge the gap between developers and designers.  Developers can also work with either  C++, QML, and JavaScript, successfully on this software.

Additionally, this technology-driven solution enables developers to create, design, maintain or deploy software across multiple devices.

Qt Creation IDE is also a fully scalable software that helps you create connected devices with high-performance graphics.

Furthermore, this software supports any IoT software strategy you might have by providing a development framework to connect everything. As a result, you can build a code base on this software for gateways, applications, devices, interfaces, and other things regardless of the size.

The code editor seamlessly integrates with other functionalities for designing, coding, testing, monitoring, and deploying the creation of your software throughout its lifecycle.

This software also features profiling tools, an integrated GUI layout, design UI creation, Forms designer, profiling tools, and others.

All this sounds fantastic, but before you make a decision, there are other parts of this review that you must read. These sections are essential to give you a full picture of what Qt Creator IDE represents.

Features of Qt Creator IDE

Qt Creator IDE features multiple tools and platforms such as code editor, Qt assistant, profiling tool, Project management platform, Integrated GUI layout, and forms designer.

Let’s take a look at these features associated with this IDE software, shall we?

End-to-End Project Lifecycle Management Platform

This software helps you transform your business ideas by eliminating technical risks. This project lifecycle platform also enhances your runtime performance, boot time, memory consumption, and others.

This lifecycle management platform ensures fast deliveries. And, there are also experts available to help you every step of the way with your project.

You can also validate the feasibility of your application or device to ensure that it meets all requirements. And, this platform also performs a Proof of Concept for you to eliminate risks.

The Qt Workshop teaches you ways to utilize this software to work best for your project. Technology migration is also effectively handled by this platform.

Other Functions of The Lifecycle Management Platform

  • This platform ensures that the design and implementation of your product is future-proof and scalable
  • Qt Creator will design the architectural design of your software with your team or review it to ensure that it meets all performance and functionality goals.
  • This software provides UI specialist that share knowledge of the latest technology trends
  • Qt can implement an entire solution for you
  • This software’s performance specialists analyze your product and solve any performance problems
  • Lifetime Extended Support is also available on this platform

Device Creation Platform

This platform provides the right development tools, framework, and technology for creating embedded systems. As a result, you can successfully create high performance embedded systems with 3D/2D user interfaces.

This platform also allows you to deploy and test these embedded systems on your target hardware from the beginning.

On-device Debugging

Users have easy access to remote debugging on this software. To set up this remote debugging tool, you have to probe run on the remote machine, and a counterpart runs on the host side.

Also, the host side which consists typically of Qt Creator is either integrated on a separate process running or into the running process. An external means such as CDB or GDB often give help to the host side. This setup procedure is relatively invisible to the QT Creator user.

Virtual Keyboard

This virtual keyboard provides a reference keyboard frontend and an input framework for Qt 5 on Linux and Windows Desktops. This tool also features customizable keyboard styles and layouts which you can switch dynamically.

The keyboard supports different character sets and input languages and also offers features such as resolution scalability, handwriting support, audio feedback, character preview, cross-platform functionality, and automatic capitalization.

Application Development Platform

This platform allows you to deploy a single codebase that provides common APIs across all supported platforms. This Application development platform will also enable you to develop applications for multiple targets seamlessly.

This platform provides all you need from idea stage to application deployment.

Model Editor

This tool is used to develop the Universal Modeling Language (UML) style models with behavioral and structured diagrams that give you multiple views of your system. This editor, however, also makes use of a variant of UML.

On the software, structural diagrams represent static aspects of your system while behavioral images represent the combination of dynamic and static elements.

Qt Assistant

Qt Creator automates different tasks like project creation by providing an assistant that offers a step by step through the project creation process. You can also view QT documentation using the QT Assistant.

This Qt Assistant also speeds up specific tasks such as checking code syntax, writing code, code completion, semantic highlighting, refactoring actions, and others.

APIs & Libraries

This software offers comprehensive, easy-to-use and well-documented APIs and libraries. You can use the Qt WebEngine module for embedded device applications and desktop.

Also, there are classes for inter-process communication, web integration, high level, and low-level network are available in this library. You can also consult this APIs and libraries for data storage resources used to write and read text, files, and binary.

Qt Creator Locator

You can search from currently open projects on your system with the advanced search functionalities while the incremental search function highlights the strings that are matching in the window.

The locator is also a simple way to browse through files, projects, functions, classes, file systems, and documentation in the Qt Creator software.

Code Editor

The QT Creator code editor features code completion, semantic highlighting, code indentation, syntax checking, in-line error indicators, and context-sensitive help.

You can write well-formatted code by highlighting code blocks and elements with this editor. This code editor checks for error while you are writing code and displays them inline.

Other Features of the Code Editor

  • This software helps you complete code by anticipating what you are going to write
  • You can perform text and code indenting on this software according to your separately specified rule
  • Qt Creator allows you to cooperate with other developers by fetching and pasting code snippets from a server
  • You can use this code editor to record a keyboard sequence as a macro

Benefits of Qt Creator IDE Software

Developers are attracted to Qt Creator because of its multiple benefits.

Highlighted below are the key attraction points of this Integrated development environment (IDE) software.

Immediate development and deployment

This software offers a comprehensive, mature and intuitive APIs and cross-compiling support that ensures rapid development, prototyping, and implementation of any project.

Reliable and Stable Platform

Qt Creator offers instant and seamless hardware integration with full optimization and zero overhead. You also have absolute control over your code. Hence, there is no compromise on the native performance of your system.

Intuitive User Interface

This software’s design, hybrid development, and script programming enable you to develop responsive and fluid 2D/3D UIs. You also have the option of choosing the best design approach that represents your team and project.

Additionally, the user interface of this software offers a native-desktop feel and look. You can also easily modify and customize the style of the existing user interface if you want a custom branded UI.

Customizable UX

This software allows you to customize and create a modern interface to give end-users a natural user experience in all environments. Qt Creator also features the creation of 3D/2D/AR/VR or touch-based UIs scalable for different screen sizes.

Scalable Software

This software ensures that you effectively optimize the performance of your hardware resources with C++, QML or other programming languages. Also, You can seamlessly scale up to target high-end multiple screen devices and scale down to focus on small devices.

Fast and Easy

This IDE software is flexible and easy to use with its tools and functionalities available to simplify the development process. This cross-platform software also offers libraries, tools, and APIs for a better time to market.

Qt Creator is also future-proof as it allows you to change the requirements whenever you need to.

Cons of The Qt Creator IDE Software

Even the best software has limitations, and unfortunately, Qt Creator IDE is not exempt. Let’s take a look at the weakness of this IDE software, shall we?

Occasional Glitching

Users have complained about this software crashing unexpectedly. Thus glitching affects workflow and productivity adversely.

Search Engine Limitation

The search engine on the interface is difficult to locate. This limitation is very restricting as it causes users to waste a lot of time searching for the tool.

Rarely Updated Qt Creator Library

This software’s library is seldom updated, so users are limited to the material and resources already available. Qt Creator IDE has to look into upgrading their library regularly as it will improve the workflow of users.

Price and Pricing Plans

This software is available under a 1-3 year flexible licensing model. The price model is per developer seat per term, and it also varies depending on the features and tools selected.

There is a free trial available for users to try out before committing. Pricing starts at $459 per month and the essential elements in this pricing plan include

  • APIs and Libraries
  • Application Development Components
  • Embedded devices and solutions
  • Official Qt Support Helpdesk

Technical Details

Highlighted below are the technical details associated with this IDE software.

Platforms Supported

This IDE software supports a variety of platforms and operating systems such as

  • Windows ( 10, 8.1, 7)
  • Universal Windows Platform
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Embedded Platforms ( QNX, INTEGRITY)

Language Supported

  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Business Type

  • Freelancers
  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Large Enterprises


  • On-premise
  • Open API

Contact Support

This software offers stellar customer support to its users. The support team also works closely with RnD to help you solve technical issues and assist you with the functions, programming techniques, and methods of your project.

Additionally, the support agents help users to plan upgrades and fixes strategically as well as reduce security and technical risks. You can reach these agents via phone, email, and tickets.

There are two contact support types available on this platform with distinct features and functionalities.

Standard Support

  • Granted to all License holders
  • Support on functions, APIs, programming techniques, and methods.
  • License transfer and recovery support
  • Access to 24/7 personalized support portal
  • Bug Fixes
  • Two Business Days Response Time
  • Software updates and fixes

Premium Support

  • All Standard Support features
  • Dedicated Qt Support Engineer
  • Bug Fixes
  • Full application code analysis and debugging
  • Remote troubleshooting and assistance
  • One business day response time

To Wrap It Up

The Qt Creator IDE Software is a complete cross-platform IDE solution for developers to seamlessly create applications for multiple desktops, mobile devices, and embedded platforms. This software also offers tools and features which help developers to write code, reduce project risk, and increase productivity

Even more, companies of different types and sizes can comfortably make use of this software. This software also offers pricing plans for commercial and open source users.

Even though this IDE software has its limitations, it is still a very robust software. So is Qt Creator IDE the best in the market? We don’t know, why don’t you tell us?