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Full QiK Circle A.R.M.S Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About QiK A.R.M.S


The Qik Circle Hotel Management software solution is a robust platform for hotels and resorts to manage their properties. The tool is powerful end-to-end management software for businesses in the hospitality industry.

The company behind the product has its headquarters in Delhi. The Qik Circle solution is one of their many software products for the hospitality industry. The software team focuses on improving management efficiency in hotels and resorts. This way they can ensure customers and guest have an awesome experience during their stay.

The software tool is designed to meet the needs of any hotel or resort business. This means it is built for all sizes and scale of operation. It integrates numerous intelligent solutions to optimize workflow and customer service processes.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the software solution. We’ll highlight its features, benefits, and cons. Only you can decide if it is worth a try for your business.

What is Qik Circle Hotel Management Software Solution?

The software is a cloud-hosted solution for hotels, resorts and serviced apartments to handle all aspects of their operations. It features an all-around toolset to help your business manage customer requests and reservations optimally. This, in turn, boosts your profitability.

The tool features superb hotel management tools to help you track and optimize your reservations. You can also monitor the rooms being reserved and make changes on pricing and rentals on the fly.

You can also manage your table and restaurant operations using the tool. It provides a platform for customers to book and reserve tables online. All bookings and reservations are synced in real time. That way you know how much rooms and tables you have left at any time.

The payment solution integrated into the tool, lets you receive payments seamlessly. It connects to multiple payment channels and automates all chargebacks and refunds on your behalf. Overall it is a solid hotel management software.

How Does the Qik Circle Hotel Management Software Solution Work?

The cloud-hosted solution is designed for businesses in the hotel or hospitality industry. It features numerous robust tools to help you manage the hotel operations efficiently.

To use the tool, you have to sign up on the website. The software presents a registration form for you to log in all your company information. You also need to provide a phone number for verification purposes.

As soon as you finish your registration, you’ll need to purchase the hotel services you are interested in using. This will depend on your business type and scale. Once you make the purchase, you can start using the product.

You’ll be able to onboard your staff on the platform and configure it to suit your business needs. The set-up process is not too difficult, and you can expect to master it in no time. As soon as you get the hang of the tool, start implementing your own custom hotel management workflow.

Benefits of the Qik Circle Hotel Management Software Solution

1. Pretty User Interface

The user interface of this software is one of the best available in this segment. Its tools are neatly and colorfully arranged on the dashboard. The links to the software features are also arranged with precision to prevent obstruction to workflow. This greatly improves the overall workflow of the tool. It also dramatically enhances the user experience and rating.

2. Robust Toolset

The Qik software boasts of some of the most advanced tools and features in the industry. It works like an end to end solution for hotel management. This diminishes your need for any other third-party tool to a great extent. The tool handles all processes from booking and reservations to check out with very minimal intervention from your end.

3. Offline Usability

Unlike most other cloud solutions, this tool offers some measure of offline usability. The tool provides a means to store and save settings and entries offline. Once the internet network is back on, it syncs the new information with your online account. Other customer service tools don’t need any special network to operate and sync with local servers installed in your hotel.

4. Links To Popular Online Travel Agencies

To improve your profitability, the Qik Circle software integrates with popular Travel Agencies like Bookings, Expedia, etc. This ensures that your hotel comes up when users browse the agencies for recommendations. It also exposes your business to more customers and hence improves its overall online presence.

5. Responsive Customer Support

The support team for this software is very quick to respond to queries on the tool. They are available on telephone email and live chat. You can contact them at any time of the day to resolve issues that you have with the platform. The company also provides training for staff and users who want to improve their knowledge of the tool.

Cons of the Qik Circle Hotel Management Software Solution

1. Expensive Compared To Similar Solutions

The pricing for this tool is quite expensive compared to other solutions in this space. The tool segments its core features and offers each of them independent of one another. Going by their pricing, a full subscription to all their products for 20 rooms will cost over $200 per month. This is quite steep compared to other tools.

2. Documentation and Help Center Absent

Despite the robust tools and features available in this software, the company has no documentation or help center page for it. This makes it difficult for users to troubleshoot and solve their problems on their own. It also increases the workload of the customer agents overall. A detailed help center is quite necessary for a product of its caliber.

Features of the Qik Circle Hotel Management Software Solution

1. Front Office Tools

The front end modules abstract the complications of handling front desk operations from your staff. The tool features a powerful, yet intuitive interface for booking requests in the hotel.

It also lets the front desk officer manage reservations, checkouts, and complaints effectively. They can also perform invoicing operations and make multiple bookings without errors.

It features a touchscreen capable interface that simplifies the entire front desk operations.

2. Housekeeping Tools

The housekeeping tools allow you to seamlessly track and improve the efficiency of housekeeping staff in your hotel. The housekeeping tool syncs with the front desk tool. You can assign cleaning tasks and track completion rates from the front desk.

The tool also lets you prioritize rooms and hence lets your housekeeping staff work more efficiently. Its colorful dashboard shows a number of important information such as the cleaning status of a room and occupancy status. It also shows you the time taken to complete the cleaning task for each room.

3. Channel Manager Tools

The channel manager helps you optimize your hotel booking processes. It also integrates your hotel booking engines with popular online travel agencies to improve booking rate.

It features an updated centralized channel. This channel syncs the booking status of your rooms across all the Online Travel Agencies. This way, none of your rooms can be booked twice. This software fully automates the process and requires no human intervention to work seamlessly.

4. Inventory Hub

The inventory hub is integrated with all the different departments in the hotel. It allows you to monitor all inventory concerning the hotel operations. You can track room availability, guest check-in, and check-outs and food services.

The tool also provides a color-coded status report tool. Each inventory gets tracked, and their status is presented in real time in color codes. This simplifies the entire monitoring process and allows you to restock in a timely fashion.

5. Maintenance Tools

The maintenance tools help you track the repairs and scheduled maintenance of hotel tools and devices. The tool tracks the time taken for each repair to be executed and create compliance registers.

You can also assign repair tasks and create work orders directly from the tool. The repairs can be tracked remotely as each worker updates the repair status. This helps you optimize your repair work and reduce total overhead.

6. Restaurant POS

The restaurant POS tool lets you receive payment for purchases made in your hotel. You can use the tool in the restaurant, bar, or spa to receive payments. It also integrates seamlessly with popular payment solutions to ensure that your payments are processed without hitches.

7. Mobile Application Support

The mobile application support offered by the tool is the Owner’s app. It offers a flexible way for hotel staff and managers to keep track of core hotel operations on their mobile devices. The tool supports both the Android and iOS devices.

Using the owner’s app, you can track employee performance. The app displays a total number of hours worked, and shifts completed. You can also track the inventory and stock and monitor depletion rates. It shows you many another hotel KPI in real time helping you make important decisions on the fly.

Pricing and Price Models

The price model for this software is more flexible than it is tired. The software is priced according to each feature you intend to use for your business. That way you can skip paying for features that don’t apply to your hotel scale. Currently, the pricing is as follows:

Hotel Manager

This pricing plan is for the hotel manager tool itself without any other add-ons. The tool features the booking engine, reservation tools, and inventory management tools. It also gives you access to night audit tools, analytics, and reports tools. It costs $5 for each room per month.


1. Task Manager

The task management tool is not a product on its own. It integrates with the hotel manager product, but it’s priced separately. This integration provides you access to communication tools and incident resolution tools too. It costs $3 per room per month.

2. Restaurant Manager

This is also an add-on to the hotel manager. It features a robust point of sale manager, inventory tracker, and store manager. The tool is also integrated with the mobile solution making it available as a flexible tool for your business. It costs $1 per table per month.

3. Customer Services

This features a mobile tool to connect the customer to the front desk and other hotel arms. The tool features an order request and management tool. It also lets the customer communicate with the front desk in real time. It costs $2 per table per month.

Platforms Supported and Technical Details

The company offers the software as a cloud solution to businesses in the service industry. The company provides all data management and security infrastructure for every account. They also provide server infrastructure for your business.

Accessing the Platform

You need a computer with a modern browser installed to access the Qik Circle platform. A strong internet connection is also necessary for setting up the tool for your business too. Currently, it supports the following operating systems:

  • Linux OS
  • Chrome OS
  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS

Mobile Support

The Qik circle platform provides mobile applications for your business. This application is available on both the Android and iOS platforms for free. It supports many of the features of the web-based platforms although it is not as robust.

Customer Support

The customer support for the software tool is very stellar. You can reach the support team on numerous channels. They are quick to respond and solve your problem. You can typically expect a resolution within a few hours.

Available Channels

The channels available include live chat, telephone, email, and support tickets. The live chat feature is available all day long. For emergency cases, you can also contact them during weekends and holiday.

The agents are friendly and smart. They will work hard to resolve your issues in no time.


The company offers training for staff and members of your hotel team. This helps them master the platform and reduces the number of incidents reported to customer service. You can take advantage of this training to improve your staff efficiency.

Wrapping Up

The Qik Circle hotel management software is a robust solution for hotel management for all kinds of businesses. The tool is available for use in small medium and large businesses.

The tool works seamlessly with other hotel operations to help boost your profitability. Although it is a bit pricey compared to the competition, it is still a powerful solution for hotel management. If you feel it meets your business needs, you can go ahead and subscribe to the solution.