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Full Qgiv Donor Management Software Review — All You Need to Know About Qgiv


Qgiv is donation software that helps non-profit, political, and faith-based organizations raise the money they need to grow. Our first look at the tool revealed that it did a lot to provide users with several ways to raise and collect money, all packaged within a friendly user interface.

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As a donor management software, Qgiv appears to be focused primarily on the giving side of the equation—and the tool’s features are built to support your mission.

Part marketing tool and part donation collection platform, Qgiv allows users to create customizable forms, collect donations via mobile app, enables social sharing, and more.

At a glance, Qgiv appears to be one of the more comprehensive giving platforms on the market—they’ve also got the added benefit of unlimited customer support, whether that’s over the phone, via email, or in the form of webinars and instructional guides.

What is Qgiv?

Qgiv is a fundraising platform with a focus on donor engagement. The main benefits of the platform are the expansive customization option and peer-to-peer fundraising tools, which allow you to leverage the power of community to achieve your organization’s goals.

This software arms users with the ability to process donations anywhere—be it on social media, via text message, or in-person.

According to the Qgiv homepage, the platform has been shown to boost donations by nearly 40% and has a 160% higher than average donation rate compared with the industry standard.

The tool offers a CRM, custom reporting, and grants donors the ability to control their user accounts.

In all, the platform looks pretty promising. It’s not the most robust donor management solution on the market, but smaller organizations, particularly those with a peer-to-peer focus are bound to find a lot of value here.

Here is a look at some of the key features, benefits, and pricing.


Virtual Terminal

The software offers users a virtual terminal with a simple navigation system. Users can easily process and manage donations and registrations. What’s more, the terminal carries over to the mobile app. This way, users can process transactions on the go.

In addition to website and mobile transactions, users can collect donations via Facebook. Donors don’t have to leave their page to help out, which give nonprofits another opportunity to reduce friction during checkout.

All Facebook donations sync up to your Qgiv account, too. This way there’s no issue with reporting—Facebook donations are recorded in the same place as your text donations, checks, and website transactions. What’s more, donors can share their contribution with their friends, giving you more opportunities to expand your reach.

Boosts Donor Engagement

Qgiv’s main selling point is that it allows nonprofit staff to build donation pages without hiring a graphic designer. The templates come pre-designed for ease of use—so the giving experience is as simple as possible.

Additionally, Qgiv makes it easy to send customer receipts that build donor loyalty. For example, you can customize your thank you messages to reflect the specifics of the gift. We like that this allows organizations to make donors feel appreciated, while at the same time, offering convenience and automation.

Finally, the built-in reporting features allow you to keep donors engaged for the long haul. This tool allows you to segment your audience and create messages that connect with each group.

Build Your Own Event

Again, the benefit of using Qgiv for your donor management efforts is that the platform allows you to build all of the web materials needed to promote your event.

Like many marketing tools, the platform comes equipped with a form builder. The editor is a drag and drop interface, that allows you to add branding, widgets, thermometers, and more. Customize. Your web copy, change up the colors and start raising money.

Additionally, event sites aim to “make fundraising fun.” Incorporate things like badges for fundraisers who help you reach specific milestones, add leaderboards that showcase top-performers, and create custom email campaigns and social messaging that get people excited about the cause.

Manage and Track Campaign Success

The platform also comes with an interactive dashboard that allows you to keep track of your participants’ efforts, manage teams, and monitor progress on the way to achieving your goals.

Sell Merchandise

If you’re running campaigns with a sales element, Qgiv has you covered. The platform offers a peer-to-peer storefront that allows you to manage inventory, sell items, and easily add and update your stock. You can also add merchandise to the registration process. For example, when someone registers for an event, they can add on extra items at checkout.

Additionally, Qgiv makes the checkout process super simple. This way, donors won’t get frustrated and leave your site at the last minute.


Fundraising Thermometers

Explore crowdfunding, set goals, and keep track of every milestone. By adding a customizable thermometer, you’ll be able to demonstrate your progress to donors and build excitement as you work toward your goal.

The Qgiv site shows that you can play around with different colors, finding the thermometer that fits with your brand and design.

Online Fundraising

The platform comes with branded, easy-to-use donation pages that allow you to collect more donations and reduce donor turnover.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising allows your supporters to raise money on your behalf. Social media tools allow supporters to pass your story along to their friends and connect you with new supporters.

Additionally, the peer-to-peer platform includes unlimited donations and event forms, text-to-give options, and gift assist (which allows donors the option to pay for processing fees).

Content Management System

Build beautiful pages for your fundraisers, campaigns, and events. Qgiv’s content management system is more than a landing page or form builder. Here, you’re able to create blog content, build websites, and more.

Add widgets, customize colors, incorporate your organization’s branding. The platform makes it super easy to build pages, without any prior coding knowledge.

It’s also worth pointing out that while the page editor doesn’t allow users full control over the content posted, the templates look really modern and professional.


What we like about Qgiv is the obvious commitment to making things easy for both donors and nonprofit staff. The reporting features are a great example of this focus on UX. Dashboards are interactive and customizable—so you can easily track your progress, segment different groups, and more.


The Qgiv CRM allows organizations to build relationships with donors. This feature allows admins to keep track of contact information, communication records, issue receipts, and more. On the donor side, users can edit their account details, see receipts, set up recurring donations, and change payment information.

It’s not the most robust solution, but Qgiv puts a strong emphasis on the donor experience, allowing them to control your access to their information. As such, it seems like it’s a positive way to both store donor records and provides a transparent and straightforward experience.

What’s more, the CRM will alert admins when a card is expiring or if there are other issues. Donors will see this information, as well, and can manage issues from their own account.


All plans come with the same standard features. You’ll be able to add unlimited users, customize donation forms, and more.

Plans are listed below, and pricing reflects the amount billed per month on a quarterly basis.

Here’s a look at what you’ll get with each plan:


The Start Plan is free and comes with unlimited event registrations, unlimited donation forms, and unlimited training and support. Should you opt to collect donations, you will be charged 3.95% plus an additional $0.30 per transaction. This plan supports year-round giving and events, but is probably best for organizations that run an event here and there.

Those collecting higher volume donations will benefit from investing in a more robust plan.

Grow, $49 per month

The Grow Plan comes with everything you’ll find in the Start, with some extras. You’ll now have access to Facebook donations, mobile text giving and fundraising thermometers. In all, this brings more value to the table than the previous plan—but there’s no discount on processing rates based on volume.

Peer-to-Peer, $199 per month

The Peer-to-Peer plan comes with everything you’ll find in the Grow plan. Now, you’ll have access to participant and team registrations, peer-to-peer fundraising (same rates, plus an additional 1% per transaction) and peer-to-peer event storefront.

Impact, Pricing available upon request

This plan is for high volume organizations. You’ll get the same features from the previous plans, plus a dedicated success coach, free donation page branding, and two mobile card readers for collecting payments on the go.

Finally, organizations with any plan can add a handheld kiosk for an additional $99 per month. Users can try the device for free for 99 days, and use it to collect on-site or recurring donations or get people to sign up for events.

The portable kiosk comes with built-in power and internet and a customizable interface.

Technical Specifications

Qgiv is a cloud-based platform built for users seeking a straightforward way to collect donations, as well as promote their cause with branded materials. Users can access the software through any device that connects to the web.

PCI Compliant

According to the Qgiv site, the platform was the first online donation software to become a Level 1 PCI Compliant provider. As such, it’s clear that the company takes donor security seriously. This means that sensitive information is stored safely, so you can rest assured donors are protected from data breaches or mishandling of data.

Who is this For?

Qgiv is a super versatile platform. Where some donation platforms might be built for faith-based organizations specifically or for non-profits, Qgiv supports any organization that relies on donations to carry out their mission.

This platform starts with a free plan, opening access to newer groups with smaller budgets. Larger organizations can customize their plan to support their high donation volume—so, it’s clear that Qgiv is appropriate for a wide range of groups—and scalable as you grow.

Because the platform is customizable, users have the ability to design their pages in a way that works best for them. The idea is, no two organizations are the same and users can adapt the tool to meet their specific needs—whether it’s a major political campaign or a church collecting food bank donations.

Support Details

Another benefit of using Qgiv is, the makers of this product seem committed to users’ success. All plans come with unlimited support—including phone support.

According to the website, Qgiv won’t force you to talk to robots. Instead, users will get a real person on the line, there to help with questions or facilitate a training.

Beyond their accessibility, Qgiv offers some on-site resources to customers and curious prospects. Here’s what they have to offer:


Qgiv hosts regular webinars, free of charge, covering donation/nonprofit-specific topics. This resource serves as a method of helping users level up their skills.


The blog covers a variety of topics ranging from social media fundraising to choosing fundraising events. Almost all of the content centers around fundraising. The focus is not so much on things like donor management or other non-profit issues.

Online Articles and Videos

This portion of the website is all about giving you step-by-step instructions both in written form and as video tutorials. We like that they’ve included both types of content, as everyone learns differently.

Both the guides and videos show users how to use the tools and features included in the program, and should serve as a solid basis for getting started and becoming an expert.

So, Would We Recommend Qgiv?

In all, Qgiv appears to be a great company. It’s obvious that they care about the donors, the users, and anyone involved in the giving process. This tool isn’t as granular as something like NetSuite Nonprofit, but it strikes a balance between the entry-level tools like Wild Apricot and the unwieldy solutions built for massive organizations.

Things like the drag-and-drop editor, the Facebook integrations, and the excellent user-experience make Qgiv a solid option for nonprofits that want to expand their reach without getting overwhelmed.

Finally, Qgiv works with a long list of organizations. Faith-based groups, environmental advocates, and 5K organizers can all find tons of value, here. The customization options make the platform exceptionally versatile.

Add in more features like the kiosk, access to integrations, and the online store, and users are bound to have a great experience with Qgiv.

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