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Full Property Matrix Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about Property Matrix

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Looking for a customizable property management tool? Try Property Matrix! This software allows you to configure its interface and tailor its functions to the needs of your firm.

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In the past, property management software are either powerful and sophisticated or simple and easy to use. Today, there has been a perfect blend of the two set of functionality; hence, we now have highly powerful and easy-to-use property management tools. One of the most notable mentions in this regard is Property Matrix property management software.

What is Property Matrix?

Property Matrix is a dynamic suite of property management tools, equipped to provide property managers with the right set of modifiable solutions, to effectively manage their properties. It is designed to facilitate your service delivery to your tenants, just the way you want it and not the other way round.

property matrixThis property management software hosts a powerful set of features, all of which are easy to use and highly customizable. These features range from core property management tools to powerful accounting features. Overall, these features include Tenant Portal, Owner Portal, Reports, Custom Fields, Check Scanning and Printing and more. All these are available on a centralized platform and each of them can easily be customized and aptly executed, in line with the needs of your firm.

In addition, Property Matrix is equipped with an advanced communication system, which is technically tagged “Communication Hub”. This hub serves as a centralized unit, where a traditional communication system like “Email” has been enhanced and incorporated into the hub.

Furthermore, the software’s flexibility is not only a function of its customizability. Property Matrix is also flexible in its accessibility, as it is a cloud-hosted software. Hence, it is supported on smartphones and tablets, as well as on computer systems. With this, you can easily access the software’s integrated interface from anywhere.

In essence, Property Matrix is a cloud-based hub of customizable property management tools, which is powerfully built to improve your operational efficiency and boost overall productivity.

Benefits of Property Matrix Property Management Software

Ease of use

Property Matrix is flexibly built all-round. It is supported, as a web-based application, on virtually all computer and mobile systems. This makes the platform easily accessible across the web via iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows or Linux.

Basically, all you need is a web-enabled device and internet connection, to enjoy the innumerable benefits the software offers. As such, either your own variety of computers or all you have is a smartphone, you are good to go!

Furthermore, Property Matrix hosts a user-friendly, easy to navigate, interface, which enables the seamless flow of your work process. The interface is fitted with a centralized display, which optimizes visibility. Also, every relevant information can be accessed directly at the click of a button and the icons are self-explanatory and easy to understand. With this, you don’t need an advanced digital skill to successfully navigate the platform.

Nevertheless, Property Matrix provides you with the flexibility of accessing its platform from various devices, to ensure you can use it conveniently, at any time and from anywhere.

Customizable Interface & Workflow

property matrixProperty Matrix is designed with unique flexibility, which affords you the opportunity of tweaking the software’s functionality to run in line with your workflow. This enables you to apply the software’s functions directly to your work process, without altering your workflow in any way.

Basically, this property management software hosts a wide range of customizable functions. Of these functions, Custom Fields stands out. It is the basic function, which allows you to customize and focus on only relevant information. With this, you are able to keep yourself focused and spend your time (and resources) on only relevant tasks. Also, the software offers you in excess of five hundred customizable report templates, from where you can create custom reports on any aspect of your business.

In essence, Property Matrix technically makes you the master of your business, as it is only designed to assist you and not take over. Hence, it is designed to enable you to add, remove, adjust and modify everything as you like, to fall in line with your business’ operational methods and goals.

Powerful Accounting

Property Matrix offers you a powerful set of accounting functions, which is durable enough to manage the finances of any scale of property business, regardless of size and number of property units. The software is equipped with the latest accounting tools and principles; hence, your financial base is covered.

The accounting function enables you to keep track of all your financial dealings, information and related tasks, ranging from significant tasks like income and expense tracking to less significant ones like lease agreement tracking. This helps you stay on top of all your finance related activities and you are able to maintain a steady rise in revenue.

Furthermore, rent payment is made very easy, as everything is processed online. This is further facilitated by the automated scanning and printing of checks. With this, you are able to easily scan checks and have them reflect in your account in minutes.

Ultimately, Property Matrix ensures you have your base covered, with respect to receiving payments, making payments and staying in control of all your finances. It is a known fact that proper financial management invariably translates to improved profitability.

Improved Communication

Property Matrix offers you reliable communication channels, which keep all your renters, property owners and vendors connected to you. The software allows you to maintain all your communication on a central hub, to facilitate interaction with all your stakeholders.

Basically, Property Matrix streamlines all your emails, messages and relevant documents on a central location known as “Communication Hub”. Every document in this hub is tagged with the owner’s contact details. With this, you are always up-to-date about what belonged to who and who belongs to what.

Furthermore, there are dedicated portals, which are specially designed for your tenants. Your tenants are provided direct access to you via this portal,

In essence, Property Matrix ensures all your stakeholders (vendors, tenants and owners) are provided unhindered access to you and you, on the other hand, are easily able to attend to their respective needs, promptly. This will greatly improve clients confidence, which is very vital to the growth of any business.

File Storage & Management

This property management software eliminates the need for maintaining a congested file directory for your property-related documents. Besides, this property management software is equipped to save your files and documents on its cloud-hosted servers.

Property Matrix enables you to create and upload documents on its platform. In fact, every uploaded file is indexed, to facilitate its retrieval. Also, this property management software allows you to scan and send bills, attach signatures and so on.

Essentially, Property Matrix ensures all your files and documents are kept secure (and retrievable) and you are afforded the convenience of sending the relevant document(s) to the relevant individual(s) or group, at the clicks of few buttons.

Key Features of Property Matrix Property Management Software

Enterprise Class Accounting

property matrixProperty Matrix hosts a complete accounting solution, which assists you in managing all your firm’s finances, including revenue and expenses. The software equips you with the right set of tools, to facilitates the accurate execution of all accounting functions.

Property Matrix’s Enterprise Accounting manages different booksets for different properties. Besides, there is a host of other noteworthy accounting functions, which include: Management Company Accounting, Transactions History, Line Items, Owner Statement, Multipay and more. Each of these functions serves specific accounting needs, which, altogether, ensure you keep balanced books.

In essence, Property Matrix’ Enterprise Class Accounting provides you with solid financial tools, which ensure you stay in control of all your finances and improve your revenue base.

Website & Portals

Property Matrix hosts a set of websites and portals, which are designed to serve different purposes. These hubs of access are specially created to serve the needs of your tenants and those of your prospects.

This property management software allows you to create “building websites” for each of your properties. Prospects can apply for vacant units via this website, and all applications are linked directly to a page known as “leads page”, where all applications are screened before approval.

Furthermore, there is a dedicated tenant portal for each building. This portal affords your tenants the opportunity of conveniently paying their rents online, making maintenance requests and having unfettered access to you, around the clock.

Other features under Websites and Portals include Property Websites, Vacancy Posting, Maintenance Tickets, Lease Page and more.

In essence, Property Matrix’s Websites and Portals equip you with relevant channels, to facilitate the exposure of your business and generate more leads. In the same vein, your tenants are duly served by the portals.

Communication Hub

property matrixThis hub is a centralized platform, where all your emails, payment invoices, documents and so on are organized and stored. This hub, unlike the portals, serves as a form of “integrated inbox”, where emails from home owners, renters and other stakeholders are streamlined.

In addition, there are email templates, which assists you in constructing your emails. There are many templates; hence, you can select as many of them as you want. Also, the “Email Blast” function allows you to send an email to multiple recipients.

Essentially, Property Matrix’s Communication Hub serves as the central unit, where all your engagements with every stakeholder in your business are planned, executed and documented.

Comprehensive Document Management

This solution assists you in organizing all your relevant files and documents as appropriate. It affords you the opportunity of keeping all your documents in an organized central location.

Basically, you are afforded the opportunity of uploading your document on the software’s cloud-hosted servers, and such document is indexed, for easy search and retrieval, when needed.

In addition, the document manager allows you to duplicate bills, receipts and invoices by simply scanning and automatically forwarding them to the appropriate quarters. More often than not, these scanned bills are attached to Owner Statements, which are then sent to homeowners, periodically or upon request.

Also, this property management software hosts an “e-Signature” function, which facilitates the signing of documents, electronically. The good thing is, you don’t need a third-party app to do this; Property Matrix features an in-built Document Signing tool, which is specially designed for this purpose.

Furthermore, Property Matrix’s Comprehensive Document Management ensures you don’t need to keep a cluster of files on your system, as you are offered a durable avenue for securely storing and managing all your documents.

Apart from the features outlined above, Property Matrix hosts a good number of other relevant features. Some of these features include:

  • Online Payment
  • Credit Reports
  • CAM Charges
  • Check Scanning & Check Printing
  • Custom Fields
  • Customize Templates
  • Multi-theme Support
  • Unique Settings
  • Fee Structures
  • Flyers
  • Third-party Integrations


property matrixProperty Matrix offers three basic pricing plans to new and existing users. These plans include:

Standard: $350/month when billed on a monthly basis

  • 250 Units Included – $1 For Each Additional Unit
  • Set Up Fee of 1 Month
  • Maintenance, Marketing, Portals, Enterprise Accounting, Custom Reports, and Unlimited Phone Support
  • Standard Features:
  • Custom Reports
  • Automatic Actions
  • Custom Labels
  • Users with Roles and Permissions
  • Properties Page
  • Multi-Theme Support
  • Independent Set of Books
  • Sub Accounts
  • Transaction History
  • Owner Statements

Ultimate (Most Popular): $400/month when billed on a monthly basis

  • 250 Units Included – $1 For Each Additional Unit
  • Set Up Fee of 1 Month
  • All Standard Features, including:
  • ACH
  • Credit Card
  • Check Scanning
  • e-Signatures
  • Mobile App

Enterprise: Custom Pricing (1000+ Units)

  • Volume Discounts Are Available For 1000+ Units
  • Volume Based Pricing
  • Set Up Fee of 1 Month
  • All Standard and Ultimate Plan features

Technical Details

Supported devices: Any web-based devices, Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android

Serviced Locations: Canada, United States, Australia, Africa, United Kingdom, Africa, India, Middle East, Europe

Pricing model: Quote-based, Monthly payment

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Small Business, Medium Business, Real estate Professionals, Large Enterprises

Popular integrations: Master Card, VISA, ACH, TransUnion. Also, it integrates with check scanners

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Support Details

Property Matrix property management software offers users the following after-sales support:

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