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Full Proper Channel Mind Mapping Software Review – All You Need To Know About Proper Channel

Proper Channel

Processes can make or break your business as companies live or die by them.

Business gurus from Jack Welch, to Peter Senge, and Edwards Deming all put sharing and documenting information as their top to-do priorities on their lists for what makes a company successful.

For organizations that are knowledge based, your competitive edge leaves almost every day, which is why Proper Channel was designed, to ensure that the company knowledge stays right there in the building.

Proper Channel is an easy to use software classified under mind mapping and offers a single database for all your company’s process documents. These can be anything from sales, to onboarding to HR, or tech support; any process is made easy by Process Channel.

Creating simple and clear instructions ensure your business experiences faster conversion cycles, has less errors, and both your workforce and customers are super happy.

So stop reinventing the wheel and get down to sharing the expertise among your employees to supercharge productivity, using Proper Channel mind mapping software today.

What is Proper Channel?

Proper Channel

Proper Channel is an online, community based system in form of a single database that lets you create instructional guides easily.

The guides are built by users that want to create a difference, with details on how to navigate specific systems with bureaucracy including every day things like getting a motorcycle license, to onboarding HR, or opting a child out of Common Core testing, and even sales to tech support.

It is your first software when you want to navigate bureaucracy.

The mind mapping software makes processes simple and easy as it creates instructions that are simple, thus businesses experience conversion cycles that are faster, with reduced mistakes, and happy employees and customers.

Proper Channel is the creation of a civil engineer from Tallahassee, William McCluskey, who became an entrepreneur. His idea of managing or handling some of life’s common processes that can be vexing from getting a passport or permit to applying for college, proved useful to date.

McCluskey says he intends for Proper Channel to be life’s answers in visual form, and indeed the software is fast becoming the answer in form of a tool that makes this possible.

It’s like a Wikipedia of sorts, only that the information is knowledge from processes, and it is shown in form of flowcharts.

McCluskey and his team built a collaborative yet simple tool so you can create, share and use the process maps to navigate through any task.

This empowers them to solve their own problems, put the power back in their hands, and build community.

McCluskey is probably remembered more for his honor as the Renegade Entrepreneur in the recent 2014 Dandi Awards for the area’s top entrepreneurs.

Proper Channel thus grew from the CEO’s experience in navigating bureaucracies, so if you know and understand a particular process, you will find it easier to navigate the different steps and achieve the results you desire.

Employees in government offices hail this software because they always want to simplify things for their constituents, which is their number one priority: making things easier for people.

It has three different avenues for successful businesses including:

  • Content website from which you can contribute a flowchart or find one for your specific need. Related ads will be on that page for any visitor intending to make purchases
  • Resource for productivity enhancement or process efficiency, which usually requires a consultant
  • Branded content where companies use it to teach visitors on specific tasks like how to apply for a home mortgage given on a bank’s page in form of a flowchart.

The software, McCluskey says, has seen various improvements to help it run much faster and it gets thousands of views on a daily basis.

Over time, he suspects you’ll find more good answers in the software too as it will have updated information, and if better paths are found, the best will rise up to the top.


Proper Channel

Easy to use

Proper Channel is easy to use and hosted on the cloud, as a central database for process documents. It helps make processes more simple as you have your materials accessible at any time for different departments from sales, to HR, and tech support. You can create easy to understand and clear instructions resulting in reduced errors, faster conversion cycles, and increased customer satisfaction.

Encourages self reliance

Proper Channel also helps businesses through training of employees and standard procedures for operating the business. Self reliance is thus encouraged such that users can be more independent and productive.

Clear features and instructions

Businesses can enjoy clear features and instructions that help with continuous improvement of processes. By identifying areas that work and what needs improvement, companies can maximize profitability by adjusting their strategies. Continuous Process Improvement solutions help identify the procedures that need amendments to streamline workflows and use less company resources to accomplish more tasks.

Helps personnel document and share how things are done

Through its Job Aids, your team can document as well as share the procedures and processes in the organization, and avoid knowledge loss as all materials are stored safely in the central database that administrators can monitor. It also features a 24/7 Manager to boost employees’ self reliance, helping employees through nesting, by giving them clear guidance and direction.

Guides: Help navigate the bureaucratic maze

Proper Channel has guides that help people navigate bureaucracies from government services to social services, licensing, adoption, immigration, filing complaints and receiving governmental aid, all of which are processes people find confusing. If you map out your experience using the software, others expand on it, so you lay a foundation for a path that’s well traveled through the governmental system, helping the followers who come later.

Power of community

Proper Channel leverages the power of community as the instructions are created by people who have worked with the system, and the branching paths give you detailed customization. The instructions therein map branching decisions from multiple real world means to finding solutions so anyone can see your work without having to log in so you get to help others across the globe. You thus plant an instructional seed that can be edited by anyone, so if someone finds a new path, and want to add it to your instructions, they simply log in and do it. Your map can grow into a tree map with options so it can help your community endless and self-sustaining.

Become a guide’s author

You can create and edit guides without having an account but Proper Channel gives you credit by naming you as a guide’s author, besides adding many other useful features for account holders in the near future. Such features include storable drafts, tracking features, and awards if you do exceptional work mapping for your community. Account holders are the only users of Proper Channel that can vote on the usability of a guide.

Allow people to achieve the desired change

Bureaucracy can be tormenting to many people as it permeates all of life’s aspects, preventing people from meeting their goals. It is cited as one of the largest barriers to personal and business growth as the tools that exist to guide us through such processes can be outdated, confusing and incomplete. This adds to users’ frustrations especially for those searching for clear steps through the many challenges in life.

Easy collaboration

Through it’s web application, Proper Channel can let people collaborate easily to find the most efficient and navigable ways around bureaucracy. Paths to success are documented in the hope that barriers to change will be removed, and the playing field is leveled between those who can’t afford to hire experts and those that can.

Easy creation of guides

Guides are as easy to create as 1-2-3. To build a guide, drag and drop shapes to the canvas, label the shapes, add details like video or images, and lastly, tag the chart so that others can find and share it directly via social channels.

Knowledge transfer

Proper Channel is not just collaborative, but it helps us to learn from one another as its guides are useful in driving continuous process improvement.

Quick orientation through any process

You can stay on track using Proper Channel’s step by step guides as they orient you quickly through any process.


Proper Channel has a feature that’s pending patent called in-graphic training which lets you embed or link all training resources needed to ensure people know what to do and how its done, and have every resource they need to get things done.

Knowledge Loss

If an employee leaves the company or clears out his or her desk, they need not take with them your institutional knowledge. Proper Channel prevents this as it keeps everything in its database.


Proper Channel

Job Aids

With this Proper Channel feature, your employees can learn how to document and share processes or how things get done with one another.

24/7 Manager

Each guide available on any device like mobile or computers and through this Proper Channel helps encourage your employees to be self reliant.

Clear guides and direction

Your employees get help navigating through the nesting period as Proper channel gives them clear guidance and direction.

Continuous Process Improvement

This helps you improve your business on a daily basis, leaving your competition far behind.

Micro Learning

Relevant training is available instantly so your employees keep moving forward.


Software Only: $15 per user per month

  • Private Password secured environment
  • Search engine is robust
  • Patent pending knowledge management tool

Consulting Lite: $250 per half-day; $400 per full day

  • Private Password secured environment
  • Search engine is robust
  • Patent pending knowledge management tool
  • In-person training
  • Help for In-person process documentation
  • Guide editing and review

Full implementation: Custom quote

  • Private Password secured environment
  • Search engine is robust
  • Patent pending knowledge management tool
  • In-person training
  • Customized implementation plan
  • Help for In-person process documentation
  • Guide editing and review
  • Improvement plan with process review

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English

Pricing Model: Monthly payment; One-time payment; Quote-based

Customer Type: Small and medium business; Large Enterprises; Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • FAQs
  • Video tutorial
  • Virtual demo
  • Search using keywords and tags
  • Communities (coming soon)
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram