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Full Productive.io CRM Review – All you need to know about Productive.io CRM

productive.io CRM
productive.io CRM

What is Productive.io?

Productive.io is an integrated business management application targeted for Software as a service (SaaS) agencies. It collaborates with various features like project management, time tracking, sales pipeline, profitability, and CRM into a powerful all-in-one package. The main difference which differentiates Productive.io from the general established methods is that it provides users with a single yet strong solution to manage their business, ramp up the communications and team-ups and pave way for business growth, instead of opting for multiple system applications to manage their business.

Designed with keeping agencies and consultancy businesses in mind, Productive.io is built to address a certain set of needs and business requirements. Users can be restfully assured of a speedy optimal performance of their task routines with all of it centered at a single location which is not provided by any other solution providers.

Benefits of Productive.io

  • Individual employee pricing model to cater to the specific needs of the assigned employees in the company.
  • Intelligent profitability reporting.
  • Regular basis Team Time tracking.
  • Auto alert on completion of 80% of the work hours.
  • Detailed Project Overview.
  • Sophisticated Expenses listing (hosting, licenses, etc.)
  • Custom Budget Setting and allocation.
  • Smart Time Tracking.
  • Task level Grading for Employees and Time Estimation for any task using Scrum standups.
  • Client Project Access.
  • Timesheet Reporting.
  • Descriptive Invoicing with the listing of due invoices.

Features of Productive.io

Easy Deal Management

A detailed visual overview of your sales pipeline lets you easily understand the flow of your deal and lets you win more agreements.

Pipeline Customization

A fully editable sales pipeline makes it easier to adapt Productive.io to your desired sales Process.

TODOs Feature

With the help of the TODO feature, never forget to follow up on any potential business opportunity.

Deal To Project Converter

After a deal is fixed, the Software easily allows you to convert a specific deal into your real-time project, discarding the need for an extra Sales and project management tool.

Descriptive Sales Reports.

Obtain a better knowledge of your sales Process – discover the winning deals and the best performing team members.

Track Recorder.

Keep a brief track of a losing deal with the assistance of the ‘Lost Reasons Feature’ and improve your winning ratio.

Universal Contact Management.

Keeps all of your Company and employee contacts all at one place so that you can quickly reach out whenever you need them.

Email Inboxing

Attach emails directly to a contact, deal or budget just with the assistance of BCC-ing to a special Email address.

Intelligent Planning

Plan your Team’s work with ease by classifying your team members status like overbooked, free, vacation or sick leave presenting you with a pure top-down view of your team at a glance.

Project Assignment

Boost the project’s status by obtaining a clear picture of who’s working and for how long. A simple drag and drop action lets you accomplish the action of a clearing a booking.

Event Management

predict off times, vacations, sales reservations and more. Event management allows you to have accurate availability information and in this way, future work can be allocated with greater accuracy.

Statistical Scheduling

A detailed scheduling makes it easier for the teams to manage time with precision. Every Scheduled booking automatically becomes a time-tracking suggestion.

Graphical Progress Reports

Scheduling your team’s work allows you to forecast your cash flow in the upcoming period. The more accurate your schedule, the better the forecast you have.

Assign and Collaborate

Communicate with your co-workers and clients. Send file, mention them in comments or have a private conversation, all at one place.

Board and listView

Select a view that fits you best depending on the project allowing the software to remember your setup with ease.

Timely Notifications

Get Notified and keep up to date with the project’s latest developments.

Inbox Replies

Get back with responses directly from mail and productive.io will automatically post it at a specified location so that everyone involved with the project will be updated frequently.

Regular Timesheets

Simple and efficient prompting system allows tracking of more than 95% of employees regularly with ease.

Time Approval

Productive.io smartly only allows you to view the employee time entry before it becomes visible to the client. This also lets you decide if the work hours are billable or not.

Client Transparency

Productive.io Gives clients access to time logs in real time post-approval. No need to send over any time sheets.

Logged Time Reports

Obtain Detailed metrics around billed and non-billed hours, client vs internal hours and more.

Desktop Timer

Productive.io features Fast time Tracking and Direct Desktop editing.

Real-Time Profit Monitoring

Trace the profitability on the projects in real-time, making it easier and faster to react to problems and fix them easily.

Price Scheming

Run Both type of financing schemes; fixed price and hourly classified on the basis of Time and project materials. Productive.io also allows you to easily mix such schemes too.

Factor Over heading

This feature allows paving way for the productive factors in all costs your company has, that includes both facility costs like office rental and overhead costs like non-billable hours.

Salary management

This software stores all of the employee data, enabling you to get accurate costs for anything they are working on.

Profitability Reports

Get descriptive reports about profitability by client, project and it’s correlated manager and more.

Recurring Budget

This feature allows the retainers for monthly maintenance details

Eased Invoicing

Post Financing in productive, Creating invoices is just a couple clicks away.

iCal support

See your bookings in your favorite calendar app

Unified financials

Budgets, Expenses, Invoices and Payments in one place where you can access everything

QuickBooks integration

Send invoices directly to QuickBooks.

Simple proposal export

The option to export a simple proposal/cost estimate PDF document eases the documentation part

Better importing

We can currently perform manual imports of data (contacts, deals) for customers. This feature would bring in-app imports.

Bulk edit of time entries

Editing many time entries at once will soon become a breeze!

Custom views & data filtering

Productive.io allows creating custom views to have better and discover more flexible insight into your data.

Zapier integration

Integrate Productive with hundreds of different tools by using third-party service Zapier.


Predict your future revenues and expenses by comparing project progress and future scheduled work.

Xero and Exact integration

Send invoices directly to Xero and Exact accounting software.

Team Collaboration Function

lets a various member of the team work on the same accounts at the same time.


Productive.io offers a single enterprise pricing plan for all users. Productive.io offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card information required. Here are the details:

Full Plan – $12/employee/month

  • Project Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Time Tracking
  • Profitability
  • CRM

Technical Details

  • Cross-platform Support (Windows, Linux, Mac, Web-based, android)
  • Cloud, SaaS, and web-hosted deployment
  • Calendar integration support from Google, Apple, and others
  • Remote link with regular calls to sync with ease from Trello, Jira, slack, skype, etc.
  • Intuit Quickbooks online integration to link up the accounting tools
  • Repeating Tasks ensures automation of several tasks like Design, marketing, web development, and data security ensuring automatic task completion monthly or weekly
  • Custom work days definition allows for setting your custom workdays and holidays
  • Multiple Boards feature to group tasks and it’s related lists.
  • Separate Desktop timer addon software to manage all of it right from your home screen.
  • Scheduling Tool to manage time distribution of the team members
  • Weekly Email Reports
  • Integrations for Xero and Exact accounting apps coming soon.
  • API Implemented using JSON API specification
  • Zapier integration for hundreds of tools by the use of this third-party service.



The manufacturer assures you better assistance by communicating you via the e-mail medium for your all sorts of queries.

Live Support

The users in the need of an immediate assistance can reach out to the live tech support guiding you with the best of their knowledge.


The training sessions ensure that you never miss out on the utility of any kind of features you do not know but want to try out.


The tickets also support by providing a learning curve to you.


If you are in search of an all in one business management and customer relationship enrichment software, look no further. With Productive.io you can easily manage Your Teams, your Tasks as well as your relationships with customers without any kind of hassle. The Productive.io has a wide array of support ranged across several platforms like Windows, Linux, android, ios, and web-app support. It’s monthly per employee model also saves up your costs on a large scale.

It really has the potential to unify the agency processes and eliminate the need for several tools. It brings together time tracking, project management, CRM and sales, financials, invoicing. One of the really cool options is the fact that you can use as much or as little features that you need. You adjust the software to your sales and business process, not the other way around. It’s UX details that make everyday tasks like logging time simpler. And, over time, getting more and more simple, taking fewer and fewer clicks to perform the desired action.

The Software has also acclaimed several titles under several categories like “top 200 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Softwares”, “Top 500 project management software” and has also scored 49th position in the category of “Time Tracking software”. The software has also been awarded certain quality certificates like “Rising Star-2017” and “Great User Experience-2017” by finances online.