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Full Product 360 Product Information Management Software Review – All you need to know about Product 360

Product 360 Product Information Management Software

What is Product 360?

Product 360 is a data management software that is designed to help you achieve all business processes goals. Take charge of your data platform in order to stay on top of the user’s internal data and all related business processes to manage vast amounts of information. Integrated with Omnichannel commerce, you can manage all your master data in one centralized location. Product 360 enables you to include volumes of supplier data in large quantities and their assortments by using data-driven review mechanisms that are automatic.

This data management software is the latest product developed by Informatica. Informatica is an organization that has a culture of integrity, innovation and quality. With offices around the world including North and South America, Europe and in Asia, they are delivering a quality data platform to many organizations like yours across a vast range of industries. Some of their current customers include Puma, Unilever and Stuller. You can join them in getting the data management software you need for your organization.

Leverage a unified approach to data management and inheriting a variety of tools that are built-in and derived from the highest quality MDM architecture. Product 360 enables you to start smart and to grow quickly by making it easy for you to adapt to all market changes and the competitive landscape of your organization. You can rely on this data platform offered by Informatica to allow you to set up clear rules for handling all business processes and data.

Benefits of Product 360:

Product 360 offers your organization a wide range of benefits that you can reap from to help you grow and stay ahead of the market. Using this data platform, you will be able to leverage some powerful capabilities that will help you meet all your organizational goals. Here are the various benefits you get with Product 360.

  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate through. You will be able to leverage the use of this data platform without having to deal with the complicated user experience.
  • Have access to rich and comprehensive product information that you can manage while attaining and publishing the right information when you need it.
  • Through this data management software, you will have the capabilities to meet and exceed customer expectations and standards.
  • The information you need will always be readily available to both your customers and your employees so that you can have gain increased value within your organization.
  • You have the option to submit a request for a free trial so that you can test drive this data platform before making costly purchasing decisions. Be sure that Product 360 is right for you.
  • Grow advertising revenues and get real-time consumer insights to help you drive your business processes forward and on point with market demands.
  • Increase your ecommerce potential through the ability to set up and maintain hundreds of micro-stores for your customers.
  • Juggle effectively between all your products and catalogs so that your customers see only what they want to see.
  • Avoid having duplicate records within your master data and improve all your data quality from a single source.
  • Have access to complete customization options so that you are delivering your organization brand and style to your customers.

Features of Product 360:

When you are handling your ecommerce and sales targets from one data platform, you need to know it can do what you need it too. Therefore, here is an overview of all the robust and powerful features you can gain using this data management software within your organizational business processes.

Through the provided easy to use interface, you can configure it to meet tasks according to your specific business processes. Furthermore, you can configure the user interface to specific users based on their roles. Have easy and efficient collaboration with all employees using both internal and external data contributors. Keep your entire organization on the same page by allowing your users to see what you need them to see and what is critical to their individual business processes through the user interface.

Access one Omnichannel through this data platform.

You will have the option to see editable channel previews that enable you to make changes are you need to make them. Additionally, you can review all the channels before going live with them. Connect with all the organizational systems that you use including systems like Google Manufacturer. Furthermore, have access to other systems like Merchant Centers, IBM, Oracle and Salesforce Commerce Cloud in order to drive your ecommerce into the future with room for growth.

Utilize the only data management software that is end to end on the market.

You can start your organization through this software and be able to do so in a smart fashion. Furthermore, you can grow quickly through the use of either cloud based or on the premise-based deployment of your data platform. Master all business processes and related data like customers and suppliers by using various applications on the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform.

Have complete data management and data quality using Product 360.

As this data management software comes embedded with a way to automate your quality checks, you can ensure all data is standardized. Start at the beginning and move forward keeping all master organizational data in one standardized way for easy viewing on the dashboard. Furthermore, you can use the included digital asset management that is embedded. Using this asset management function, you can automate all your data processing capabilities. Easily handle complex product data and large collections of media assets. Finally, regardless of the format, you can centrally manage all complete data without missing any crucial information.

Utilize Product 360 to have superior collaboration with your suppliers.

Through the ability to allow suppliers access to your data uploads, you can have unified communication with them. The supplier on boarding can be done through a self-serviced portal that allows them to stay on top of your needs when it comes to supplies. Additionally, use the Supplier 360 application to allow you and your supplier to collaborate and negotiate more effectively. Through this application you will be able to maintain and improve your organizational and your supplier relationships.

Have the ability to exchange data via data pools through this data platform.

Through the Product 360 user interface, you can have access to a variety of data pools. You can streamline your data pools to meet business processes and to be located with ease. Furthermore, automate the synchronization of your data pools through integrated with tools such as Global Data Synchronization Network. You will always be able to stay on top of all your data and organize it into pools that are easily accessed.

Additional Features:

  • Provide your customers with a next generation customer experience that will make enhancing your business processes more effective and complete. Your customer will remain loyal to you with the opportunity to have services that suit their needs as well as the need of your organization.
  • Have access to information audit trails that allow you to perform organization audits in order remain compliant to industry standards. Furthermore, you can have access to real-time reports and analysis to see where improvements can be made and to stop potential issues from arising.

Pricing Details of Product 360:

This data management software is designed with your organization in mind. As this data platform is highly customizable for organizations like yours, there is no one plan fits all type of pricing plan. Product 360 offers complete and customizable plans for all SMB and enterprises. However, you need to contact the vendor to find out how much it will cost. The vendor will want to learn things about your organization such as how many team members you need to use the software, how many online platforms you have, the number of channels you use and what your business processes are within your organization. It is essential for Product 360 to know these things so that they can custom tailor a pricing plan for you that will suit all your needs and ensure that you are getting the product information management software you need and not just some generic one.

Technical Details of Product 360:

Product 360 data platform is hosted either on the cloud or premise. This software works with just about any device you own such as your Windows systems, Linux systems and even Mac systems. Furthermore, there is a web-based version that allows you to use this software anywhere you are and at any time you desire as long as you have access to the internet and have connectivity.

Additionally, there are native mobile apps that you can get for all your mobile devices. You can get the app for your iOS mobile devices from the iTunes store and your Android devices, you can find the app in the Play Store. Having apps is ideal for your remote and mobile workers.

Supported Languages are: English. However, there are other languages that are supported, when you speak to the vendor about getting your no-obligation quote, you can also discuss with them about the supported language of your preference.

Support Details of Product 360:

Product 360 is going to be your entire product information management software. As such, you need to be sure that it is going to offer you what you need when you need it. The entire backbone of your organization is going to rely on this data management software and all it’s functions. Since your greatest assets are your products and the various data that goes with it, you want to be sure that you are not going to have any issues with it and when you do, you need to know that the staff at Product 360 have your back. For this reason, here are the various support details that are offered by Product 360 to help you when issues do arise or even if you just have a question or two.

  • Email: When you sign up for Product 360, the staff will provide you with a dedicated email address you can use to communicate with them when you encounter issues or have concerns that are non-urgent. Though the staff tries their best to respond to all email in a timely manner, at times it can take up to 24 hours before you receive a response. Be patient.
  • Phone: Contact the support staff at Product 360 when you are having issues with your data platform so that they can dive deeper into the issue that is occurring. They will ask you a multitude of questions to ensure the right representative helps you out and rectifies your issue at first call.
  • Tickets: You can create support tickets through your dashboard to get technical help. These tickets will enter a queue in a help desk style setting and will be evaluated accordingly.
  • Training: There are a variety of training options that you can choose from including in-person, online and webinars. You can also gain a lot of knowledge through the resources section that is offered on the vendor’s website.


Product 360 is going to be your data management platform. Since this platform is going to hold all the information on your most valuable assets, you want to be sure the one you choose is going to be a good one. For that reason, Product 360 offers a wide range of robust and powerful features that you can use within your organization. This data platform is full of all the capabilities and security features you could need to keep close tabs on your business processes. Since it is a custom-tailored plan that you will be getting, you are sure that what you need and want will be provided.

However, it is important that you don’t just take one word for it. You need to do your own research by speaking to experts and reading end-user reviews in order to gain all the knowledge you can on various data management software options. Be sure the one you choose is going to be the one you need and want.