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Full Procurify Procurement Software Review – All you need to know about Procurify Procurement Software

Procurify Procurement Software Main

Procurify procurement software provides businesses with the tools they need to analyze their spending patterns.

These tools make spend processes easier to manage, and makes them more convenient and accessible overall. With Procurify, you will have the accurate data you need to prepare detailed, and accurate financial reports.

This software makes managing spending streamlined for hundreds of companies across the world.

What is Procurify Procurement Software?

Procurify is procurement software geared toward making the procurement process as easy as possible.

This is enabled by features which turn data into actionable intelligence. Data is organized well which makes the requisition process even easier.

In addition, users can make requests in seconds from desktop or mobile devices and pre-approval workflows are set up so that decisions can be made as quickly as possible on critical matters.

Purchase orders (POs) can be made quickly, tracked, and their status can be easily tracked. Procurify is also capable of matching POs with packing slips and invoices which makes expense management more manageable.

Procurify Benefits

You can control, track and report your company’s spending from one location with Procurify. You will also have request to approve functionality, PO management, and delivery authentication. These are substantial benefits and there are even more as you will see below.

  • Approval routing: Approvals will vary from business to business. Businesses can design their approval structure based on their unique dollar thresholds, locations, departments, and other factors.
  • Web and mobile apps available: Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can safely access your information and carry out your procurement process since all relevant data is synced across all of your devices.
  • Three way matching: Invoices, packing slips and POs can be matched in one step. This saves lots of time, freeing up teams to spend their time on more productive tasks.
  • User Role Controls: You will invariably have multiple team members working with your Procurify setup. They will be dealing with varying levels of confidential financial data. You can control access rights across users, teams, departments, and locations depending on who is authorized to view what.
  • Expense Tracking: Procurify aims to simplify the entire procurement process and this is displayed in several areas. Expense tracking is no different. Teams can submit expense forms simply by dragging and dropping receipts and invoices into expense reports.
  • Cost allocation: Procurify lets users split and allocate costs to match their financial structure.

Procurify Features

Procurify has been built with several features which streamline the entire procurement process, making it easier for businesses to manage. Here are some of the most crucial features which make this software tick.

Easy Purchasing

Profurify Procurement Software Purchase Orders_1

Procurify facilitates effective working habits for your team, while eliminating paperwork and supporting good spending habits.

Just the process of sending POs is made quite simple with Procurify. Teams can send out POs to vendors in a matter of seconds. Relevant details are automatically filled in. This allows you to send out the PO as quickly as possible.

This procurement software also makes it easy to get a breakdown of spending. Spending can be categorized according to parameters such as users, approvers, departments, and vendors. This data gives businesses a big picture view of where money is going and facilitates the process of improving spending habits. You will be able to grasp amounts spent, the purpose for spending the money, and where the money is going.

Businesses naturally purchase some products regularly. It is therefore reasonable to simplify the process of purchasing these items. Procurify facilitates this by letting you set up catalogues of regularly ordered products. This helps save you time and money.

Organized Receiving

Procurify Procurement Software Receiving

Procurify lets users keep close track of all purchased items so that businesses are always aware of what they purchased and when the items were purchased. With this feature you won’t have to worry about wasting time placing a phone call to keep track of an item.

Procurify also makes receiving orders easy. During the various stages of an order, the software will automatically update itself, and send updates about the order’s status. It can also inform specified individuals, and even match up received orders with company records.

Keeping track of expenses is made easy since you can upload your receipts. This helps on saving physical space. If you upload a picture of your packing slip, it can be matched with the associated invoice and PO.

The importance of communication can’t be understated. This is facilitated by Procurify. It lets purchasers, requesters, and receivers easily connect with each other using the comments box, and/or the in-app chat. To facilitate ideal spending policy, Procurify also makes it easy to ensure that invoices are always attached to received orders before your company sends the payment.

This app will also let you mark missing, damage, or incorrect items as unreceived in your records. Detailed logs are stored as well. This lets you easily check who received the order along with the date and time of receipt.

Accounts Payable Made Simple

Procurify Procurement Software Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is made simple and streamlined with Procurify. Some services might be shared between the different departments or locations of your business. With Procurify, it’s easy to keep track of this. It lets you allocate such purchases accordingly.

Before you make a payment for a received item, with Procurify you will be able to compare the invoice with the corresponding PO and packing slp. It’s therefore easy to find out if the invoice you are trying to make a payment for corresponds to something you haven’t even received yet.

Notifications for bills that will be due soon are sent out. This prevents you from having to rush to make payments.

Your administrative team can rest easy with the approval processes in Procurify. It’s easy to create a chain of payment approvers, which adds a layer of security and reduced the possibility of fraud and other discrepancies.

Doing reconciliation for credit cards can be tedious work making sure that your statement matches up with your recorded expenses. With Procurify, it doesn’t have to be this way. You are able to display your company’s credit card statement side-by-side with recorded expenses, allowing you to spot discrepancies quickly and with little effort.

Checks can be generated in seconds as well. It’s also possible to generate a visual representation of spending and expenses. This makes it easy to examine spending and expenses according to parameters such as employees, departments, and vendors.

Responsible Requisition With Procurify Procurement Software

Procurify enables your business to have a modern, streamlined requisition process. With Procurify, you will have access to a requisition workflow which gives your team the information they need to make informed decisions quickly and as correctly as possible.

With Procurify, all requisitions related communications are grouped together. This ensures that everyone stays in the loop and that approvals don’t get lost.

Some requisitions will have a higher priority than others. With this software, teams can set due dates for their requests. This lets managers know which requests might be of higher priority.

Procurify’s mobile app make’s life easier for things like travel and expense reporting. Team members can create expense reports while they’re on the go traveling on their mobile phones, and upload receipts. Requests can also be made on the go. The apps notifications are also crucial for keeping team members updated. The notifications are sent in real time, ensuring that relevant parties stay informed about the process of orders etc.

You can build a catalogue based on preferred suppliers and vendors. This enables your team to take advantage of these relationships. Orders can also be autofilled, which helps to save time by minimizing manual effort. It’s also possible to replicate orders which also saves time. This works for items found online. All a team member has to do is copy and paste the relevant URL. In addition, teams can create bundles of products which lets your team select pre-selected packages which are probably often ordered, saving time in the long run.

You can also upload requests as CSV files. This allows Procurify to consolidate entire lists, so that a system of record can be quickly assembled.

Accessible Approvals

A solid approvals process is necessary for creating an effective spending culture within your company. This creates an environment of constant awareness, making sure that teams make informed decisions.

Procurify provides a very flexible approvals framework. Approval process controls can be created for every user in the various teams, departments, and/or locations.

It’s quite easy to see how various purchases affect your business’s budget. You can enter an expense, and you will be able to see a preview of how it will affect the budget before going forward with a purchase. Making sure that this is set up, helps your team to make better spending decisions.

The way Procurify is set up naturally lends itself to excellent permanent records being kept. This means that it’s easy to create an audit trail of every single purchase that is made by your company. This can lead to greatly reduced audit times.

Procurify’s mobile app never fails to disappoint and assists with approvals as well. Even if you’re out of office, approvals can be carried out from your phone using the mobile app.


Procurify Procurement Software Pricing

Pricing is provided by quote with Procurify, so you will need to contact the company to get a dollar figure. There are 3 tiers available however. Below the features offered with each package are outlined.


This tier offers the following:

  • iOS & Android mobile app
  • Easy request & approve
  • PO creation
  • Custom CSV exporter
  • Phone, live chat & online support
  • Mobile receiving
  • Real time budget tracking
  • Custom Fields
  • Vendor benchmarking
  • Advanced reporting
  • Three way matching
  • Accounts payable
  • Vendor Purchase Agreements
  • Amazon Business Punchout integration*USA only
  • Basic integrations (QuickBooks + Slack + Flat-file)
  • Google Sign-on
  • Community Customer Success Manager
  • Multiple locations


This package offers all of the features that come with the Pioneer tier and the following:

  • NetSuite integration
  • Multiple business units (up to 3)
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Okta SSO Integration
  • MS Azure AD Integration


The enterprise tier offers all of the packages offered by the voyager tier and the following:

  • Priority product and customer success team support
  • Advanced onboarding
  • API access and support
  • Data and security documentation
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • After hours or emergency support

Technical Details

Procurify is available via a web interface. There is also a mobile app available for iOS devices and Android devices. Currently English is the only language which is supported.

Support Details

Procurify offers support via email and phone. There is also a comprehensive resources portal available. There you will find whitepapers, product information, webinars, case studies, and an interactive quizz on spend culture.


If you’re aiming to streamline your procurement process then Procurify is an excellent contender for a procurement app for your business. You will be able to design your own approval structure, have access to the app’s features on the go with the mobile app, match invoices, packing slips, and POs in one step, control user access, track expenses, and allocate spending.

All of this is quite easy to manage with the user-friendly interface of both the web and mobile apps.