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Full Pro-Sapien Innovate environmental, health and safety Review – All you need to know about Pro-Sapien Innovate

Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate Software

What is Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate?

Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate is a platform for environmental, health, safety and quality management. It was developed in order to address all the requirements of EHSQ for businesses that are mid-sized and large who operate in high-risk, heavily regulated industries.

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It was established in 2012 and has won numerous awards related to their software. These awards were related to their Environmental, EHS and Quality software. They provide this software to some of the world’s largest organizations who operate in a high-risk or highly regulated sector.

They invested years of pragmatic experience in everything that has to do with Microsoft in order to become on the world’s most trusted solutions and resources for compatible compliance. The modules offered in their Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate software can be integrated seamlessly into Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, providing you with an easy to use platform that is familiar. This allows you to economically implement a powerful solution into your existing IT structure.

They cover a wide range of EHS areas including the ability to manage incident, audits, risk and environmental issues. All of this is done within their Modular system. This modular system is also configurable so that your business only gets what you need.

The Benefits of Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate Software:

The HSEQ software industry is huge with hundreds of solutions that you could choose from. What makes Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate stand apart is the numerous benefits that come with it.

  • It was designed and integrated to work with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 so that it can work within your already established IT infrastructure.
  • There is a single sign on that will give you an easier seamless experience.
  • Due to the fact that it is built on an already familiar systems and application, you can make use of this technology without the need to undergo extensive and time-consuming training.
  • It is very friendly with various user types making it efficient for any business.
  • This platform ensures compliance requirements of all EHSQ departments on a global scale. No matter where your organization is located world-wide, you can make sure to always meet the compliance requirements.
  • Since so many users world wide already use Office 365 and SharePoint, you and many others can leverage the vast amount of features and capabilities of this software seamlessly.
  • The customization of HSEQ Innovate software allows you to deploy it straight out of the box.
  • This HSEQ software is very flexible so that it can meet your specific needs while remaining scalable.
  • Data within the software can be sliced and diced throughout the data process with real-time updates.
  • You can also create real-time reports using other programs such as Excel and other applications.
  • There is the ability to request a demo for individualized modules or as a whole in order to see if this software is right for you.

Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate Features:

Everything sounds good, but you wouldn’t know for sure if this software is right for you without divulging into the various features it has. Due to the fact that there are so many different ones, here is a look at only a few of these features.

Capture and Analyze Audits straight from SharePoint.

Since one of the biggest jobs your HSEQ managers have is to ensure there is organizational compliance, they can now perform regular inspections within the workplace easily. The Audit and Inspections software allows your HSEQ managers to identify potential hazards or issues with compliance quickly. This allows them to prevent incidents before they happen. At the same time as identifying issues, they can be performing Audits to evaluate the effectiveness of your safe practices.

The EHS Audits and Inspections software provides you with the essential tools you need in order to capture a large range of data from various sites and escalate notifications in real-time. This software also enables you to produce associated reports on performance throughout your business so that you are always up to date.

Stay on top of your organizations Environmental Impact.

With the Environmental management tool, you can measure the impact your business has on the environment easily. This is done through the use of some dynamic forms and the ability to automatically assign follow up tasks throughout workflows. You can also identify areas that need improvement by using the configured KPI dashboards.

Other things the Environmental Management tool can do is:

  • Report on Environmental Incidents
  • Warn you of environmental close calls
  • Help you conserve energy
  • Provide a useful tool for waste management
  • Give you an action plan
  • Control your documents.

Know where there are potential risks in your organization.

Through the use of Risk assessment, you can always be aware of where there are potential hazards within your company. You can manage these risks and take preventative measures in order to avoid future issues. You can also schedule reviews with automated reminders while identifying various trends in risk areas. This is a great tool for helping you to adhere to safe working environment within your organization. In turn, it will help to increase productivity because your employees feel secure.

Stay on top of regulated work permits within your organization.

Through Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate software, you can keep your work permits in order. This allows you to always be in compliance with rules and regulations that are mandated. The Work Permits module is an effective way to making sure your employees and contractors know the associated risks with tasks before they start working. This tool allows you to asses both risk and issue associated work permits by tracking the entire process from approval through to sign off.

Always be in control of quality with the Quality Management tool.

Staying on top of your organizations performance is paramount in delivering optimal results. With many employees, your quality management processes need to be able to handle the consistently growing data that is provided. The Quality Management tool of this HSEQ software will help you to get visibility, consistency and accessibility across your organizations quality platform. Through the use of the dashboard, you can record quality incidents, contact clients, audit and inspect the various mechanisms that allow your company to shine.

Always capture, track and report any EHS incidents.

EHS related incidents happen all the time in high-risk industries. In order to be able to keep track of these incidents and in order to learn from them to take preventative measures, Innovate software has an Incident Management Software. This software can help you to capture any incidents that occur, be them small or large. It will also track these incidents so you can see where they happen most frequently in order to focus your preventative resources in those areas. It can produce finalized reports on the steps you took regarding these incidents and help you to assign actions on new incidents. When it comes to investigating incidents, this feature will be there to make the process easier for you and log all data so that you can easily access it in the future.

Pricing of Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate:

This HSEQ software has two pricing areas.

  1. License: It is a flat rate annually and includes access to support from their team.
  2. Implementation: The cost of this one will depend on your individual needs. It is essentially based on the number of days it will take their team to implement your EHS system.

Both of these pricing areas require that you contact Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate directly to get the exact dollar figure as they won’t provide it to you without an inquiry. (They should at least give the flat rate for Licenses, but they don’t)

HSEQ Innovate Technical Details:

Since this software is integrated right into Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365, it is web-based. Therefore, as long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can access it. There is the ability to use it on a smart phone and tablet also. However, due to the fact that they don’t have a specific app, if you were to use it on your phone or tablet (either iOS or Android) you would have to do so in your phone or tablet browser.

The primary language supported is English.

Support Details of Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate:

Any software is no good if you don’t have the appropriate support when you need it. At Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate, they (apparently) pride themselves on providing you with a support model that is designed to minimize disruptions to your organization.

Their various support methods are:

  • Phone: You can call in to speak to an expert immediately. There is not cost associated with is if you have license, but may be charged if your got implementation.
  • Email: You can email them at any time, this is free for both pricing structures.
  • The ticket system: This is only for those who have the licenses. You can log in and create a ticket right from your dashboard and they will respond within a reasonable time.
  • Training: There is training available to help you with various issues. In this section you can also access the client FAQ page for answers to common issues and how to fix them.


Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate software was designed for a specific niche. As it is only for high-risk and highly regulated businesses, it does deliver on what it is intended for. Being implemented right into Microsoft will save you time and energy when it comes to learning how to use it, so that is one great thing about it.

Having the ability to choose between an annual license that has an associated flat rate cost or simply the implementation model makes this software worth looking into. The benefits associated with it are also a great incentive to go with this HSEQ software.

With so many different software on the market for EHS, the fact that this one is primarily designed for high-risk and highly regulated companies, makes it especially appealing for those of you within that market.







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