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Full Primaseller Procurement Software Review – All you need to know about Primaseller Procurement Software

Primaseller Procurement software main

With Primaseller procurement software you can synchronize your retail stores, online presence, and business to business (B2B) sales all from a single inventory management platform.

What is Primaseller Inventory Management Software

Primaseller is an easy to use procurement software offering which adapts to the needs of your business. You will have access to state-of-the-art point of sale features, you’ll have the ability to track, fulfill and ship all of your online and B2B orders, manage your business relationships, and have access to powerful tools such as insightful analytics, automated purchase orders, and integrated accounting.

Primaseller Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using Primaseller:

  • Centralized Inventory Management: With Primaseller you will be able to manage inventory from both your online and brick and mortar stores.
  • Simple order fulfillment: Orders are gathered from across all of your platforms and fulfilled through Primaseller.
  • Intgration with great shipping companies: Primaseller integrates with companies like USPS, UPS, and DHL.

Primaseller Features

Primaseller gives users access to several features which help to optimize their procurement process. We’ll walk through the major features below.

Inventory Management

Primaseller Procurement software inventory management

With Primaseller, you will be able to sell across multiple channels. If you sell your items online through multiple platforms like Amazon and eBay or through webcarts like WooCommerce or Magento, your inventory needs to be accurate and synchronized. If you use Primaseller to manage the inventory of your online channels every time a purchase is made, your inventory will be automatically updated to reflect changes.

Another benefit of using Primaseller is its digital catalog. Traditionally something like a spreadsheet would be used to store product information. With Primaseller, you can create a digital catalog. It can be used across all of your online channels. If an update is made to the catalog, it is synchronized across all of your channels. This saves a lot of hassle.

It’s also possible to create composite stock keeping units (SKUs) in Primaseller. This basically means that it’s easy to create product bundles/kits which gives customers more attractive options when buying multiple items.

If you own a business with multiple physical locations, you will sometimes have to transfer stock from one location to the other. This is facilitated simply with Primaseller.

Point of Sale Functionality

Primaseller offers advanced point of sale functionality which integrates with your ecommerce channels. For your physical locations, all that is needed is a PC/Laptop or a tablet to get up and running.

This procurement software is also capable of syncing inventory across physical locations and online channels. This means that regardless of if you sell an item in person, or over the internet, your inventory will reflect the changes.

Customer information can also be stored in the cloud. You will be sending invoices frequently and you have the option of choosing a custom invoice template with this procurement software. You can customize it with details such as your logo, brand, and contact information. The invoices you send can either be printed out and presented physically, or simply emailed.

You can send invoices with a payment link to customers worldwide. In the case of returned items, you have the option of giving customers store credits for use within your store. These credits can be synced with Quickbooks Online. Overall this assists in customer retention.

You can generate barcodes with this software. They can then be printed using a list of barcode templates provided.

Transactions can be made in multiple currencies at retail stores and through your online sales channels.

Owners have the ability to set permissions related to point of sale operations. You can define permissions for every store and register, allowing for better control of your sales team and processes.

Billing and invoicing can also be manged across registers in a unified manner. This ensures that you’re able to keep track of sales representatives at each cash counter.

Handling returns is also made simple. The updated invoice which indicates that a product has been returned can be generated instantly.

Effective Inventory Control

Primaseller Procurement software inventory Control

With Primaseller, you are able to effectively manage inventory flow and purchase, making sure that you only buy what you need. You are also able to track exactly what you need to stock at any point.

With this effective procurement software, you are able to optimize your inventory planning, with easy to define re-order and re-stock levels. You are able to map your products to suppliers, and automate purchases to match your actual demand.

You can easily define your re-order points so that you are alerted about low stock levels. You can then proceed with procuring according to your needs.

Primaseller uses a back order based inventory management system. Essentially this means that you only purchase what you see to maintain a zero working capital business.

You can also automate purchase orders with Primaseller. You can automate this process by setting Primaseller to automatically re-order, when your inventory is at low stock levels or on back order.

This procurement software also lets you keep careful track of returned and damaged items. You’re able to track items returned from online and point of sale orders. Damaged inventory is handled separately, which allows you to effectively determine if it can be fixed, or just discarded.

You’re able to get low stock alerts to your inbox every time your inventory drops below your set-point. It’s also possible to transfer orders between locations. This way, if one location has more stock of an item you’re out of at another location, you’re able to make the transfer and save on shipping costs.

Multichannel Order Management

Primaseller Procurement software Multichannel Order Management

With Primaseller, you can fulfill your ecommerce orders from a single location or from multiple stores and warehouses. Your inventory is also updated in real-time whenever changes are made. You are also able to set alerts which will be raised when your stock levels fall below a certain level. In addition, businesses can control pricing across all of their channels using this single software.

When it’s time for your business to fulfill an order, life is made easier thanks to the ability of Primaseller’s Picklists and Packing Slips functionality. Picklists lets you know what you need to take off of your shelves for bulk orders. You can then sort the items into their shipments using Packing Slips.

Additionally, Primaseller integrates with the leading shipping providers worldwide. These include USPS, UPS, Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, and Australia Post. This makes it much easier to fulfill orders. You can access the relevant rates, get labels, and print the labels in batches with Primaseller, making it much easier to process your online orders.

Primaseller can also sync with Quickbooks. This lets you get to-to-the-minute financial status updates about your company.

Effective Purchase Order Management

Purchase orders can be automatically create when your stock falls below a certain level. You also have the ability to track supplier pricing. In fact, you can even assign multiple suppliers to item SKUs. This allows you to easily see which supplier has the best pricing.

When you make an order and the items arrive, you have the option of scanning individual products or simply marking all items as received. You will also be able to optimize your bulk purchasing.

Pending purchases can be viewed against all of your SKUs. This lets you quickly identify whether you need to follow up with suppliers on the progress of an order.

In addition, it’s up to you whether you want to print or email your purchase orders when you finish working on them. You can also maintain a supplier database which contains their business names, contact names, email IDs, addresses, payment methods, and payment periods.


There are several integrations available for Primaseller. You can add functionality across a wide range of categories with these integrations. The integration categories available are webstores, marketplaces, payment, accounting, and shippers.

Primaseller Pricing

Primaseller Procurement Software pricing

With Primaseller, there are 4 pricing tiers which we outline below.


This is geared towards single store owners with low volume online sales. It goes at $50/mo if billed annually and $79/mo if billed monthly.


This package is ideal for 1 – 2 stores and a growing online business. The price is $99/mo if billed annually or $119/mo if billed monthly.


This is geared towards businesses with multiple retail stores or high volumes of online orders. It is priced at $299/mo if billed anually or $349/mo if billed monthly.


This tier is geared towards high scale retail businesses. You will have to request a quote from Primaseller in order to get the pricing information.

Technical Details

Primaseller is completely web based. This means that it can be accessed from a variety of devices such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac devices. English, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, and Swedish are all supported languages.

Support Details

Support is offered via both phone and email. A searchable knowledge base is also available. This allows users to search for helpful information which is useful for things such as getting started, and other categories such as online order processing, and accounting.


With Primaseller you will be able to manage multiple physical stores with multiple cash registers. You will also be able to collect payments through integrated payment portals. In addition, you will be able to print and scan barcodes, as well as email invoices. The ability to connect with your website and marketplaces for inventory syncing is also a useful feature which users will have access to. There is a single and consistent catalog across stores, and Primaseller works across all devices since it’s a simple web based application.

It’s ease of use shouldn’t be understated. You will also be able to manage inventory and purchase orders easily.