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Full Plerdy Conversion Rate Optimization Software Review — All You Need to Know About Plerdy

Plerdy Homepage

Plerdy seeks to improve conversions through a combination of heat maps and smart forms. Heat maps have become a popular solution for those seeking insights into how their content is performing. And, they certainly can be useful–it’s a great way to gain an understanding as to how the general public uses your website–and uncover potential problem areas.

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Plerdy is a landing page and popup builder, too, but seems to think everything you need to know lies in the heat map. And, we’ll accept that–to a point. Heat maps, of course, will highlight certain issues or successes.

Below, we’ll look at Plerdy and evalutate whether its a worthwhile conversion rate optimization platform–or if there’s something better out there.

What is Plerdy?

Plerdy is an online optimization platform ideal for users with an online store or a growing list of subscribers.

The software aims to allow users to measure and evaluate their marketing efforts by creating popups and tracking their performance using heat maps. It’s a simple two-punch solution which seeks to uncover where your UX has gone wrong.

The tool comes with a smart form builder which allows you to customize the display and content on any page. Push out surveys and ask customers for feedback—or use your popups to grow your list of subscribers.

Use the tool to find out your clickthrough rates and increase conversions—as well as increase your site’s usability.


Displays Your Most Clicked Areas

Heat maps showcase the areas customers like best. While you’ll need to do some additional research into the “why” behind your lack of conversions, it’s important to note that heat maps reveal whether your calls to action are connecting with your audience or that your headlines aren’t quite working.

Boosts Conversions

Plerdy is a combination of smart forms and heat maps. As such, you’ll be able to create opt-in forms and the heat maps to back up your lead generation efforts.

The benefit here is two-fold. Landing pages and popups give you more opportunities to go in for the ask—and offer tailored messaging to specific groups. Heat maps reveal whether those efforts are working and will give you a sense of which areas need to be improved.

Present Your Products and Services

The smart form builder is designed to help you show off your products and services. Use the tool to create showcase pages for new products or those that need a little boost.

Increased Your Subscribers

Smart forms allow you to prompt visitors to join your email list. All you need to do is set up a lead capture form and start collecting emails and phone numbers to propel your marketing efforts down the road.


Drag and Drop Editor

You don’t need a background in programming or design to add or edit forms. Instead, you’ll paste your script in the backend of your website so forms show up properly on your site.

Editing is a breeze, too. The Plerdy editor looks a lot like some of the competing tools out there. You’ll have the ability to customize forms you choose from a selection of pre-designed templates. Add in your branding specifics and you’re good to go.

Smart Forms

Plerdy’s smart forms are basically just popups. They’re customizable and can function as lead magnets, banners, promotions, and more.

Displays may be based on time, action, scrolling to a certain point on the site, or device type. You can send discount offers to e-commerce shoppers upon entry or when they perform a specific action. Ads can specifically target mobile users or be used to promote blogs.

Essentially, the platform aims to help you get more conversions—however you define the metric—be it webinar signups, newsletter subscriptions or making a sale.

Landing Pages

With Plerdy, you don’t have to choose between a landing page tool and a popup builder. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to build landing pages you can promote on social media and tailor to different target markets.

Dynamic Banners

According to Plerdy’s official site, the platform offers dynamic banners, which apparently work best for SaaS products. Again, banners can be customized through a variety of specifications—actions, behaviors, demographics, and more. Banners work best to promote offers and new products or features.

Heat Maps

Heat maps are the core of what Plerdy is all about. The platform works to track user behavior and banner/landing page/popup performance. The maps do more than provide the standard visualization of data with its hot and cold blobs, you’ll also get a breakdown of clicks by each section of your forms.


Pricing is offered at a few different price points. There’s a free plan which allows you to try things out with limited functionality, as well as four paid plans which progressively bring more to the table.

If you’d like to test things out before committing, Plerdy offers a 14-day free trial, no credit card details required.

For your reference, here’s a look at the pricing breakdown by each plan:


The free plan covers 2000 page views across three active pages. Plerdy will store your data for three months, and you’ll be able to use one active form per month and track 100 banner clicks.

The free version doesn’t capture leads, and your forms have Plerdy branding on them. This option makes the most sense for users who wish to have more time with the tool following the free trial.

Econom, $29 per month

Upgrade to the entry level paid plan and you’ll now have access to 10,000 page views, event tracking, and unlimited active pages.

You’ll have one account for subdomains and now have the ability to capture 500 leads and 1000 banner clicks. You also have the ability to remove Plerdy branding from your marketing materials—which allows you to put a more professional face forward on your site.

Business, $59 per month

The Business plan now comes with six months of data storage and 25,000 monthly page views. With this option, you can have five active forms going at once and unlimited banner clicks

Premium, $99 per month

You’ll now get unlimited clicks and leads, plus 50,000 monthly page views. You’ll be able to have 10 active forms going at once.

Enterprise, Custom Pricing

Enterprise plan comes with over 50,000 page views and six months of data storage. You’ll need to call the company for specifics, as pricing will be based on the number of sites you have or the number of active forms you’d like to have going at one time.

Technical Specifications

Plerdy integrates with other email services and CRMs—and the platform supports API integrations, so you can white label the service and add your own branding.

When you collect leads, they get pushed out to your email platform—and there—you’ll be able to craft your newsletter and send content to subscribers new and old.

That said, it’s important to note that integrations are going to be a must if you choose to use Plerdy. The platform again only offers those two main functions, which serve to help you sort out big picture navigation problems, but may not do enough to help your marketing efforts on a holistic level.

Support Details

Plerdy’s English language site leaves something to be desired. It’s a little hard to understand the web copy—as it appears to be a poor translation. Plerdy does do a decent job of showing their offerings—a two-pronged approach to conversion rate optimization.

The site breaks down who stands to get the most out of the site. For example, online stores can take advantage of form builders, banners, and surveys.


The blog highlights a range of information geared toward demonstrating efficacy to potential clients. For example, articles cover things like why heat maps are an essential tool and the benefits of using a smart form builder. The blog also dives into how certain tools work—how, exactly do you use the heat map?

Beyond the blog, the Plerdy website does do a decent job of showcasing how the two-pronged approach to conversion optimization can improve your sales efforts.

Case Studies

The case studies tab doesn’t do much to showcase existing customers. They appear to have one actual “case” on the site, whereas the other articles in this section seem to be misplaced blog posts.

Ultimately, the support details weren’t all that great. It seems that only email support is available to consumers.

When through the features, it was hard to parse out which features came with the platform. It’s unclear if there are tracking and testing methods built-in–the web copy seems to reiterate over and over that heat maps can do x, y,and z. They don’t focus much on the other capabilities, which is kind of a bummer.

Conclusion—Would We Recommend Plerdy?

Overall, Plerdy seems like it’s on par with similar tools in this category. You’re able to build landing pages, banners, and popups—whereas some tools just allow you to create one of these types of lead capture forms.

What’s more is, pairing these features with the heat map allows you to analyze where people are hovering or clicking, as compared with the areas that get left alone.

It’s a little hard to evaluate the brand as the English on the website seems a little off. Some tools are described in a way that’s a bit confusing—though we feel that we got the gist of what they were trying to say.

The combination of smart forms and heat maps to check your work are a great starting point for a marketing tool. It would be nice to have access to more reporting features, actual conversion numbers, for example.

The website copy suggests that heat maps can solve all of your conversion problems, but we’re not sold. While the tool is useful, maps don’t account for individual behavior and opinions 100%. Plerdy will give you more mileage if you combine the software with something like UserTesting or Google Analytics.

UserTesting–or something similar would give you some insights into individual habits, the perfect complement to the heat maps offered in Plerdy.

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