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Full Planon Real Estate Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Planon

Planon Real Estate Management Software
Planon Real Estate Management Software

What is Planon Real Estate Management Software?

Having a number of real estate properties that you need to manage could mean a burden at some point. There could be times when you no longer know how to handle everything, especially if there is a bunch of queries that you need to attend to.

With your surmounting responsibilities, you could be wishing to have a business solution that will manage your real estate properties for you. Your wish has already been answered, actually.

The Planon Real Estate Management software provides the much-needed capabilities of an IT-based solution. It can help you maximize your real estate properties’ performance, including the financial and technical components of your operation.

With it installed in your system, you can do more in

This software is part of the developer’s Integrated Workplace Management Solution or the IWMS, which is also known as the Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers. As such, it gives you a hand on how you take control of your real estate assets. It collects data about your properties then organize them in a manner most beneficial to you.

Planon Real Estate Management Software Benefits

If you are managing numerous real estate assets, you will definitely thank Planon for designing and developing this business solution specifically for the industry. The following are among the noted benefits of Planon Real Estate Management software:

  1. Organization of assets-related data is made simpler. Those who have multiple real estate properties must be familiar with the many spreadsheets they need to access whenever they want to check a particular asset’s details. However, with the help of the software, accessing them has already been made simpler.
  1. Local administrators are eliminated. The Planon Real Estate Management software no longer needs a lot of local administrators for each of your properties. In fact, you can personally manage them by yourself because of the system’s friendly interface and the comprehensive reports it is capable of generating.
  1. Generated data are with high relevance. The business solution is capable of generating quality, reliable data that you can use in assessing how your real estate properties are doing.
  1. Dashboards can be customized. One major advantage you can get out of using Planon Real Estate Management software is the dashboards that you can be fully customized. You can design them according to your key performance indicators (KPIs).
  1. Data management is made easy. In just a single window, you can already manage the data of your real estate properties. You no longer need to jump from one window to another just to get a glimpse of the apartments you are renting out or the buildings you are leasing to several people. Within one platform, you can already have a full view of how your investments are performing.

Planon Real Estate Management Software

  1. Enjoying savings because of the centralized data management system. By getting a full view of your real estate properties’ performance, it would be easier for you to come up with a sound decision, particularly in strategizing on how to improve your income from these assets.
  1. Obligations related to money can be addressed with ease. Attending to all your financial-related responsibilities can be done with ease with the help of the Planon Real Estate Management software. You will be reminded of your due dates and you can easily retrieve your financial reports as well.
  1. Discovery of strategies on how to increase the value of your assets. Since you will be given a holistic view of your properties, it would be more convenient for you to find ways on how to increase your income. By looking at the available reports, you will have an idea as to which assets must be developed and which among them are doing well.
  1. Identifying of available properties is no sweat. You can easily identify which among your current real estate assets still have available spaces for rent or lease. With Planon Real Estate Management software, you can immediately say which properties you would recommend to clients.
  1. Time and budget management are being given importance. The business solution assists you in tracking both the timeline and budget of your projects. You will be updated if what you are spending on a particular project is still on track or not anymore. You will be oriented as well if you will meet your targeted completion date.
  1. The centralized database can give you an overview of how you craft your strategies. By having a whole picture of your operation and existing assets, you can align your strategies according to your organization’s objectives. The software supports the input of data as well as its maintenance.
  1. All data, whether the basic or most complicated ones can be registered in the system. The single registration capability of the software makes it possible for you to register the most basic data to the technical and functional ones.

Planon Real Estate Management Software

Planon Real Estate Management Software Features

To enjoy all the benefits of the software, you need to be familiar with its features. You need to to know how it works and how each feature can be taken advantaged of. Here is a list of the Planon Real Estate Management software features:

  1. Integration with relevant tools. To ensure that its users will maximize the advantages of using it, the software from Planon makes sure that it can be integrated smoothly with relevant real estate-related applications. You can install the Building Information Modeling (IBM) and AutoCAD into your own system once you subscribe to Planon Real Estate Management software.
  1. Processes are in full cycle and ready to use. This real estate business solution ensures that every important aspect of being in the industry is being looked into. Its processes, which are ready to use, cover both the strategic and operational requirements of your business.
  1. Availability of an information tool that is web-based. The Planon Real Estate Management software allows you to create intuitive KPIs for your real estate assets and generate reports using a web-based platform.
  1. Talking about KPIs, you can create and access them through your dashboards. You can define them according to the existing trends in the market and how your company can maximize your properties. These dashboards provide a picture of your real estate properties’ valuations, analyses of your occupancy rates and lease contracts, financial status and performance, and space.

Planon Real Estate Management Software

  1. Optimization of space strategically. If you want your business to thrive, you need to keep up with the changing landscape and requirements of the industry. You need to make sure that the policies and strategies you are adopting are still applicable and updated. With the software, you will be given an idea as to how your organization must embrace change.
  1. Management of the portfolio. If you want to improve the occupancy rate of your real estate properties, the Planon Real Estate Management software has the portfolio management feature to monitor them. You will be provided with a comprehensive report indicating the performance of each of them. You can visualize their locations as well via the GIS tools (Google Earth and ESRI).
  1. Management of financial and lease-related concerns. Any money-related concerns, whether on your part or your clients’, can be managed accordingly using the Planon Real Estate Management software. Changes in the rental and lease rates as well as the needed adjustments in the existing contracts can also be tracked. Furthermore, the contracts’ expiration can be monitored, too.
  1. Planning of the so-called strategic space. Planning is the operative word here. This means that if you strategize and think ahead of the game, you will be able to come up with a plan to address future demands and potential gaps. You can assess now the projected future requirements for new units and strategize how to address this expected concern.

Planon Real Estate Management Software

  1. Management of transaction. Acquisition of properties and disposal of some are the two most common activities when dealing with real estate assets. The transaction management feature of the software gives you the opportunity to evaluate your options when it comes to the projected demands and trends. Should you build a new office building? Should you stop operating an apartment and invest in condominium units instead? These are just among the things you need to think of when managing a real estate business.
  1. Management of projects. All processes involved in the management of your real estate projects are integrated into your Planon Real Estate Management system. The required renovations or refurbishments and additional budget can be identified using the software. You can check each portfolio to find out if you need to do something to improve the asset’s performance. You can likewise be alerted whenever there is a possibility that the budget you have allocated for a project will not be enough.
  1. Single registration of data. This feature gives the Planon Real Estate Management software user the control of available real estate-related data. This could be about your property, financial situation, lease contract, sustainability or space. The property data can range from the property name, code, type, address, registry records of land, as well as the rentable, gross and net areas of a workplace. Meanwhile, the financial records can include the scheme of depreciation, payments, and invoices. Data on lease contract are those about the start and end of the agreement, addendums and payment details. The data on sustainability can cover the label of energy, annual records of carbon emission and energy cost and consumption. On the other hand, the space name, code, category, type, hazards, and permits are part of the space data.
  1. Real-time generation of KPIs. If you are using this business solution from Planon, you can expect that you are going to generate your KPIs real-time. In short, what you are seeing in your system are presented as to the last processes and data entered into it. With this feature, you can access the most important and updated information relevant in coming up with a sound decision.


Since the software is part of the Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers suite, you have two options: to take advantage of it as a standalone solution or as part of the whole suite. When it comes to the rates the developer is charging for subscribing to it, there has been no published information relative to this. You may contact them through any available communication channels –phone, email or tickets. Interested? All you need to do is contact Planon and find out more about this interesting application.

Planon Real Estate Management Software

Technical Details

Supported Devices

  • Web-based
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MacOS

Supported Language

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch

Model for Pricing

  • Interested clients may contact them for a quote since Planon does not offer the software at fixed rates

Types of Clients/Customers

  • Small enterprises
  • Medium businesses
  • Large companies


  • Hosted via Cloud


Technical Support

When using a new and unfamiliar software, it is expected that you will have a number of concerns and questions to raise. The developer of the Planon Real Estate Management software has a team of experts on-standby to respond to you accordingly. You can reach them through the following channels:


If you want a real-time response from Planon’s pool of experts, you can dial their phone number and expect an expert advice from them on how to resolve your concern. This is recommended to those who are more comfortable communicating verbally.


Sending a concern through email is the best option if you want to keep track of your conversation with Planon’s technical team. By choosing this channel, you can have a record of their exact response and the length of their response time.


When communicating through phone and email are not your thing, you may consider the third option. You can send them a web form or customer ticket in order to get a word from them about your concern.


To further equip you in using the Planon Real Estate Management software, the developer offers a free training for you. Through it, you will be guided on how to maximize the business solution’s advantages.