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Full Pipedrive CRM Software Review: All You Need to Know about Pipedrive


What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a CRM and sales pipeline software solution which enables businesses to plan sales activities and monitor deals. The platform streamlines every action involved into converting a potential deal into a successful sale, enabling managers to view the progress of their team, and which deals should be prioritised.

Full visibility of different sales pipelines is offered to sales personnel, who are provided, via a comprehensive dashboard, with the complete detail of the next actionable items, displaying the progress stage for each deal.  Through the Activity & Goal feature users are able to track the pending activities in each pipeline. The program also offers custom sales reporting tools to monitor individual and team targets, analyse sales and data, and generate visual reports.

Pipeline’s email system integrates with multiple email clients like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo. Through their Pipedrive account, users can send and receive emails from multiple accounts. In addition, the program offers integration with leading CRM systems, business tools and applications, like MailChimp and Google Maps.

Pipedrive is cloud-based; it can be accessed from any web-browser and there is also a dedicated native mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Special features for mobile apps include push notification and a Day View in mobile calendars that consolidates all existing appointments in a way that is optimised for mobile viewing. The application is currently used by more than 75,000 sales teams globally.


The benefits of Pipedrive include, inter alia:

Simple to use

One of the main features of the program is that it is very simple to use, with a clear and intuitive User Interface (UI).  It provides a highly visual ad easy to understand view of the sales pipeline, and deals can be moved quickly with drag-and-drop tools. Reports are easy to understand and visually appealing, whilst on-screen icons appear to each deal in a pipeline providing details about all activities associated with it, and their current status.

Extensive Customisation

The application offers extensive options for customisation. For example, users can insert custom fields into sales pipeline in order to best mirror their own business processes and workflows, whilst whole modules of the system can be enabled, or disabled, with a single click. Editing filters allow all messages to clients to be personalised, whilst files can be published, or shared with colleagues where relevant. The program provides users with a pre-set list of activity types but, recognising that every business is unique, they offer subscribers the ability to create as many activities as they need, and then to customise them to best fit their sales process.

Third Party Integrations

Pipedrive offers an open API which allows users to integrate the platform seamlessly with a broad range of CRM, Sales Management, Live Chat, Accounting and other solutions as well as with Google and Microsoft products. Developers can use the API also to integrate Pipedrive’s platform with their existing business systems and applications.

Mobile Apps

Pipedrive offers native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices which provide full system access and functionality for those on the go or signing in remotely. Remote users can quickly see their contacts, deals and activities, or find important information through the search function. They can also use call tracking functionality to log calls, take notes, and schedule follow-up actions.  Desktop and mobile data is automatically kept in sync.


Key features of Pipedrive are:

Pipeline Management

At the core of the feature is the concept of the pipeline, a proven methodology for management of the sales process. Pipedrive offers a visual display of the sales pipeline that prompts users to take action, remain organised, and stay in control of the entire sales process. All deals are categorised according to their stage in the process, allowing teams to develop a clear understanding of priorities, and to tailor their activities accordingly.

Pipelines are fully customisable, so subscribers can add as many sales stages, activity types or team members as they need. They can give each stage a name and start completing actions. Whilst the platform provides certain standard pipeline features, such as lead in, needs defined, proposal made, and negotiations started, users have the option, if they are not required or not needed at the moment, to turn these stages on and off if they wish.

Additional functionality is provided by the statistics tool which helps show the health of a sales pipeline, and where improvements are needed. Users can access an in-depth and personalised analysis of their pipeline through the application of relevant filters.

The program offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and simple menus, making it easy to add deals, contacts or activities to a pipeline.  In addition, its zoom feature enables users to narrow in on deals that have been agreed in the past day or week.

Contact Management

The program records all online interactions between sales staff and leads or business contacts, as well as offering a complete history of all deals. Through Contacts, users are able to search for individual contacts by name or organisation.  This is especially useful for those who are using the mobile app because they can filter their searches by deal, and, with one click, start a new call to a prospect or begin emailing them. In addition, notes from any meeting can be added to the user history of any contact.

Timeline Views

Business users are able to select the deals and leads that they should be focusing on at any given point in time with Pipedrive’s Timeline View which acts a personal sales manager. It categorises and arranges deal according to their expected close date, prompting sales personnel to discover what activities they should be working on if they wat to close the transaction.

The Timeline View can be customised based on existing sales workflows or personal preferences – for example, if users want to view deals arranged by delivery to implementation date.  This feature can also be utilised by sales managers to give them a broader overview of the progress of their sales teams.

Sales Forecasting

Pipedrive provides subscribers with a set of tools enabling them to predict company performance over the following month or quarter, making it easy for managers to adjust their plans, or take corrective action where necessary.  They can alternative between two views – the Pipeline View or the Timeline View – with a simple click to view daily and longer-term work and planning schedules. The application also enables automatic notifications to be generated when a deal is getting stuck in the pipeline, or is in danger of being lost – what it terms “deal rotting” because of insufficient engagement by sales staff.

Using the scheduling tool activities can be attached to deals, and users can see their entire to-do list on a single, easily navigated page that syncs with their Google calendar. Based on organisational preferences, activities can be assigned to teams or individual staff members.

Reminders and Notifications

Through the Pipeline view, sales managers are able to see clearly where activities relating to particular deals are pending, overdue, or have yet to be assigned to a team member. For deeper insights, they can use the activities view to filter t-do lists by contact or deal. Reminders or key actions and important deadlines can be sent directly to user’s inbox, or to their mobile device by way of a push notification.

Sales Inbox

Through the Sales Inbox, users are able to track emails, use a range of customisable templates, and sync fully their inbox with any major email client. They are also able to send emails to their contacts directly from within the program; these will then be synced back to their inbox instantly.

Smart Email BCC

This feature is useful for organisation where email is not such a vital part of their sale process and allows users to copy emails to Pipedrive using a personal email address. By simply blind copying that address, regardless of which email provider or client is used, the emails will appear in the program and can be copied to relevant deals and contacts.

Web Forms

Web Forms are a way to collect pipeline and contact information and input web-based leads into the CRM system. These forms, which are fully customisable, can be created by an admin user, who can place the code in a newsletter or on to a company website. Custom text and single and multiple option fields can be added to forms as well.

Data Import and Export

It is easy to import existing data into Pipedrive or to export it to another program. The application checks automatically for duplicates or incomplete records, enabling users to delete or amend and update these at will. It offers combined import for all data objects, meaning that all data can be imported into a Pipedrive account in one session.

Data can be imported from an Excel or Google spreadsheet, or via a program like Sugar, Highrise, or Zoho CRM, as well as from any other systems, and data fields mapped with drag-and-drop functionality.

Additionally, customer data can be exported at any time, and the program’s API used to export some, or all, of it.


Pipedrive offers a range of customisable reporting options enabling managers to track key metrics such as the number of sales calls made by individual team members, and the number of sales pitches completed within a given time frame.

Through fully customisable sales dashboards, users can filter information by product, service, category, or team member.


The vendor offers three pricing tiers – Silver, Gold and Platinum. All plans offer full access to Sales Management features, and include functionality such as a Calendar View, Smart email BCC, Personal and Company Goals, a customisable dashboard and user permission sets. In addition, multiple and customisable pipelines are provided, as well as the ability to sync with Google Contacts, Calendar, and Drive. Chat and email support is also on offer.

Silver (€15 per user per month)

Gold (29 per user per month): In addition to all the features of the Silver Plan, subscribers also get a Sales Inbox, Workflow Automation, Smart contact data, a Scheduler, and a Products Catalogue.

Platinum (€59 per user per month): Advanced features offered under this plan include Multiple Dashboards, extended user permission sets, SSO (Single Sign-On), Revenue Forecast Reports, and the ability to organise sales staff into teams for the purposes of performance reporting.

(The prices quoted above are on a monthly basis – discounts of up to 17% are available to users if they opt for annual billing instead).

In the event that more than 50 seats are required, prospective customers can contact the vendor for a quotation.

The vendor offers a 14-day free trial – no credit card details are required.


Pipedrive is a cloud-hosted web-based platform that supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.  The application offers native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices which are simple to use and navigate.

The program provides a REST (Representational State Transfer) API which offers integration with a wide range of Sales Management, CRM, Live Chat, Customer Service, Accounting and other programs, including ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Live Chat, QuickBooks, Asana and Slack. There is also integration with Microsoft and Google products, and, through Zapier, users are able to access hundreds of other business apps and programs. Furthermore, developers can use the API to integrate the platform with their existing business systems.


Direct Support is available through live chat in English and Portuguese between 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday across European and US time zones. In addition, email support is also available. The vendor can also be contacted via social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In terms of self-service functionality, resources on offer include FAQs, and video tutorials, and a blog, which features product tips and developments, as well as generic sales management topics and advice. There is also an extensive Knowledge Base which incorporates guides, case studies, free templates and tools, and a range of articles on sales and CRM.

Subscribers can also sign-up for the Pipedrive Academy, a two week e-learning course that will enable them to sell more at the end of it.

Apart from English, the program supports a number of other languages, including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian.