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Full Pipedrive Contact Management Software Review – All you need to know about Pipedrive

Pipedrive Contact Management Software

As a company, are using the best contact management software? Pipedrive contact management software will clear your way so that you can focus on doing what you do best. It can automatically track your emails, calls, and progress. The Pipedrive software will direct your mind and efforts to the pipeline and this makes it possible for you to see where you are and what you should do next. Choose this contact management tool, and you will achieve great results.

In general, a contact management tool like Pipedrive software is a great addition to any company that is interested to keep their contact lists updated, and to streamline their customer relationship while avoiding putting a burden on their financial capacity. And what are the type of businesses targeted by tools such as Pipedrive Contact management software? Pipedrive software and similar applications will target the following businesses.

Small businesses that are interested in providing online support to customers

When you are an online business that is kicking off, the sooner your contacts come on board and are made aware of your activities the better. Contrary to the traditional CRM tools and customer support programs, current CRMs have revolutionized how businesses interact with their customers online as most of them are able to integrate with social networks and email services. A small company could take advantage of contact management software such as Pipedrive to build a compact brand that is trustworthy and establish a much larger client base that exceed expectations.

Medium businesses that want to eliminate unnecessary information from their database

For medium businesses, they are on a stage of continuous development and this means that their sales teams have lesser time to eliminate unnecessary content from their database. With a contact management tool, such information will be updated automatically while keeping nothing except the relevant leads on the list of contacts.

Large businesses that want to provide their customers with the full picture

Traditional contact management tools are not account-centric and this means they cannot differentiate between contacts and leads. Consequently, they will provide tons of unnecessary information to everyone, instead of the significant pieces to only those who are actually concerned. Large companies build their reputation solely based on the individual they are contacting as this is more than beneficial to them.

What are the benefits associated with the use of a contact management system?  When you are among those companies that are caught in the dilemma regarding whether to purchase a contact management tool or not, you should be aware that the longer you wait, the higher the likeliness that you will miss lots of indispensable opportunities. Generally, companies will acquire more benefits by implementing a contact management tool such as Pipedrive as opposed to choosing to maintain their database without relying on these tools.  A contact management system will do you good through enabling the following.

Record interaction

Companies that rely on contact management systems are provided with convenient lists of their interactions with regard to each of the content in their database and this means that the system records every email, phone call, or meeting in a unique accounts history. Companies will, therefore, rely on this data when preparing their upcoming interactions and this allows them to estimate the likeliness that they will make a deal. Companies use this data to prepare for their next interactions and to estimate the probability of making a deal.

Shared information

A Contact management tool is important because of its accessibility as each of the information that is entered is visible to every agent instantly and this allows it to tackle every problem even when communicating with a specific customer for the first time.

Improved efficiency

Companies that rely on Pipedrive software or any other contact management tool have a greater chance of improving the efficiency of their lead management in comparison to any similar software as CRMs will keep your contacts organized. CRMs come with tools that allow companies to achieve goals in sales and marketing.

Choice Marketing

By using a contact management tool, you will have access to marketing templates, lead lists, automated and timed functionalities, and client notes which will help you to prioritize customers based on their interests. Client groups are also very customizable and this allows you to implement your company’s brand design for each channel.

What is Pipedrive Contact Management Software?

Pipedrive contact management software is a simple but robust CRM and sales pipeline management application that can be used by different medium-sized and small business organizations across the world. Designed by experienced web app developers and sales professionals, the Pipedrive software gives you the ability to organize your leads and acquire a clear view on sales and this helps you prioritize deals.

Pipedrive software

Pipedrive software is an easy to use CRM application and salespersons can access it from a mobile device or from their PC. The application integrates successfully with Google apps such as Google Calendar and Google Contacts. With a strong foundation in direct sales, you can use Pipedrive contact management software in your company’s sales pipeline.

Pipedrive - apps and integrations

As a sales pipeline management and CRM solution, Pipedrive contact management software helps businesses in planning their sales activities and monitoring deals. The application is developed using activity-based selling methodology and this allows it to streamline the actions which are responsible for converting potential deals into successful sales. As a cloud-based solution, Pipedrive software is accessible from any location at any time using any web browser or dedicated mobile applications.

Pipedrive - Mobile apps

Users of Pipedrive contact management tool can rely on its activity and goal feature to track pending activities in every pipeline. The application also comes with custom sales reporting tools for monitoring team level and individual targets, analyzing sales data and generating visual reports.

Pipedrive - sales forecasting

The mailing system of Pipedrive software can seamlessly integrate with several email service providers and these include Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. Through their Pipedrive account, users are able to send and receive emails from more than one account. This contact management tool can also integrate successfully with several leading CRM tools for the purposes of transferring contact details, to communicate history and additional information across applications. Additionally, Pipedrive software also integrates with MailChimp, Google Maps, Trello, and Zapier.

The Company responsible for Pipedrive contact management software mentioned it as the current leader in their CRM software category and the winner in their Expert’s Choice Award for 2017. It was also identified as the best performing CRM and sales pipeline management tool for developing businesses and sole vendors.

Most of its first-time users will love the application at first sight because of its user-friendliness as a result of being fully optimized.

But why is Pipedrive contact management software so convenient? The application derives its usefulness majorly on enabling direct sales. When you are looking for a contact management tool that can efficiently manage your organization’s sales pipeline, look no further than Pipedrive. Pipedrive software has a downright intuitiveness for distinguishing priority leads and hot leads, and it creates an individual approach for each of these while saving time.

It provides flexibility during the process of deal negotiation or maintenance of lead relationships and it can be quickly customized for the purposes of promoting your brand or adjusting the conditions that you no longer need. In fact, while using Pipedrive CRM and sales pipeline management tool, you will be able to switch entire modules on and off while guaranteeing no side effect to the quality of the service being offered.

Benefits of Pipedrive

Pipedrive software is incredibly flexible

Web-based CRMs are known for their flexibility as you can access these applications from any location as long as you have internet access and use them on any devices. Pipedrive contact management software integrates with the entire pool of web-based services that you use and this lets you streamline your working process thereby making you more super-efficient.

Pipedrive contact management software reduces the work of admin

With Pipedrive software, manual data entry has been outdated. Data is manually handled very rarely and thus more time is spent making sales.

Pipedrive CRM and sales pipeline contact management tool is fully customizable

As a user of Pipedrive contact management software, you can fully customize the application to suit your needs. The software is simple, easy to use, and personalize.

Pipedrive - customize

Easy to use and set up

Instead of playing the role of a weekly reporting platform, CRM software needs to be an easy one-stop-shop for your sales tracking needs and that’s what Pipedrive provides.

Pipedrive software is designed for salespeople

Any customer management tool needs to be designed to help the trade of salespeople. However, while using regular CRMs could prove effective, the real magic only happens when you rely on tools such as Pipedrive that have been built to manage leads and drive sales.

Pipedrive contact management tool is available on the go

Pipedrive CRM and sales management tool is available for both PC and mobile devices and therefore it is accessible from any location at any time.

Pipedrive - in phone


Pipedrive software is offered at prices that are affordable to freelancers, growing companies, and startups. There is also a free trial available to any new user. No hidden fees that are applicable to this application and there are also zero charges for support through email and phone. Pipedrive software comes with a free API key. With no commissions and hidden fees attached, it means the CRM software is a relatively cheap option, highly effective and globally acknowledged.

Pipedrive contact management tool - Sales reporting

Highly effective statistics and reporting

Statistics remains to be among the most helpful tabs in this application and it can also be linked to the dashboard and presented to other individuals for them to better understand the critical metrics. From here, you can follow each individual agent’s performance, each lead’s history, and the value that each separate deal brings. On reporting, Pipedrive software is able to store all conversations and information that is relevant in a centralized database, from where it can be exported to other systems, or you can rely on your own app to retrieve detailed summaries.

Efficient sales management

With Pipedrive, you have a personal sales manager from which you can pick the right activities and deals to act on. This makes the tool very important to business owners and sales managers and it is also an effective and useful tool for salespersons. The sales software has an effective sales methodology built into it and also provides a clear view of your sales pipeline. Pipedrive software also has great security and thousands of customers around the world trust the application.

Pipedrive’s reports are simple and easy to digest

No organization that is interested in making more sales wants to deal with complex reports and thus organizations need to rely on applications such as Pipedrive which allows them to view the data in the simplest way possible – Deals added, Average age of deals, Number of open deals and Conversion rate.

Features of Pipedrive

  • Great Sales Pipeline View
  • Contact History
  • Reliable and safe
  • Roles and Organizational Hierarchy
  • Google Calendar and Contacts Integration
  • Simple data import & export
  • Email integration
  • 24/7 Support
  • Goal Setting & Reporting
  • Full Customizations
  • Timeline view
  • Google Apps integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Powerful API
  • Email tracking
  • Mobile Apps
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • Multi-Language
  • Powerful API
  • Sales reporting

Pricing Details

Pipedrive CRM and sales pipeline management software comes in three pricing plans for small, medium, and enterprise organizations. All these payment plans include a 14 days trial and this also gives you a chance of using the tool free for 2 months in case you decide to pay annually. These are Pipedrive’s pricing plans.

  • Silver for $12 for every user per month and is billed annually or $15 per user if billed monthly
  • Smart email BCC
  • Full sales management features
  • 2GB storage per user
  • Native integrations, API access
  • Chat and email support
  • Gold for $24 per user per month and billed annually and $29 for every user if billed monthly
  • Two-way full email sync
  • Full sales management features
  • Open and click tracking
  • 5GB storage per user
  • Native integrations, API access
  • Scheduler
  • Chat and email support
  • Smart Contact Data
  • Platinum which is billed at $49.17 per user per month when billed annually and $49 per user if billed monthly
  • Two-way full email sync
  • Full sales management features
  • Chat and email support
  • 100GB storage per user
  • API access
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Native integrations
  • Advanced security

Pipedrive CRM and sales pipeline management tool- pricing

Technical Details

Pipedrive CRM and sales pipeline management tool support devices that run on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and web-based. The application supports the English language. The pricing model is based on annual subscription and monthly payment. The customer types served by this contact management tool are Freelancers, small businesses and medium businesses. Pipedrive software is deployed through cloud hosting and as a SaaS.

Support Details

The sellers of Pipedrive software provide their support through email, live support, tickets, and training. Visit pipedrive.com for more details about the application.