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Full Pimcore Information Management Software Review – All you need to know about Pimcore


What is Pimcore Software?

Pimcore Software is a digital asset management platform that allows you to gather, share and utilize digital files across your entire organization and various platforms. This service is presented as one of the most flexible open source digital asset management platforms on the market. There are many useful tools that come with Pimcore Software and that can help users to manage and consolidate all their digital assets in a more consistent fashion.

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Pimcore was founded in 2013 and it is home to some of the brightest people in digital asset management, product information management, content management and ecommerce. The founders of Pimcore Software push their limit of this digital asset management platform and have been doing so for over seven years. Pimcore Software is being used in over 56 countries and by over 80000 organizations that include Audi, Intersport, Nissan and Gant. You too can grow your own digital organization by using this software.

You can easily use files in any format and amount and they can be easily uploaded into a central repository that is powerful and tagged with all the detailed metadata you could need for proper filing. Furthermore, the tags can be used for proper convenient retrieval. This digital asset management platform can also deliver your assets across various output channels via a flexible and reliable single-source publishing and as such, it is more searchable for you.

Benefits of Pimcore Software:

You need to know that whatever product management software you use is going to be one that will benefit not just you, but your entire organization. There are so many aspects to consider that it can quickly be overwhelming. As a result, you should focus on the critical points. With that said, here is an overview of all the various benefits that your organization can gain with Pimcore Software.

  • Pimcore is a very flexible software that allows you to use it however you need to when it comes to all your data and asset management. As such, you can improve all your business processes according to how you want to do so.
  • All the features of this digital asset management platform are extendible. You can add customized features or extend on the existing ones according to what your business processes require.
  • This software is scalable to meet all the expectations and needs of your digital organization. Therefore, wherever you take your organization, you can bring this software along.
  • You will be able to make all your various day to day tasks easier and more manageable with this software.
  • Pimcore comes complete and ready to be personalized in any capacity you need it to be. You can personalize all your content and let customers adapt to the various possibilities you can make available.
  • Through this digital assets’ management platform, you can streamline and automate your entire business processes to make them more efficient and overall productive.
  • You can simplify all your technology and enable your customers to participate fully in the entire digital revolution that you are launching.
  • This software makes it easy for you to start and develop your digital organization. You can quickly grow and develop your digital organization beyond the boundaries of your expectations.
  • Pimcore Software is an out of box solution that you can deploy into your organization and start using immediately with a relatively shallow learning curve.
  • This digital asset management platform is easy to use and it can be used by any of your staff members regardless of their technological knowledge.
  • There is a free trial that you can utilize to give this software a test drive through your business processes before making any purchasing decisions.
  • This software is complete with mobile capabilities and so that you can work on your digital organization any time you desire and anywhere you want to.

Features of Pimcore Software:

The features are what is going to make or break your decision to choose one digital asset management platform over another. As a result, you need to know what features Pimcore boasts in order to make a solid decision. As such, here is an overview of all those robust and powerful features that come with Pimcore software.

Data Modeling:

Data modeling is in regards to the data, your data characteristics as well as how each data piece relates to another. You need to comprehend how to handle our needs and how to arrange your database in order to make it effective for your organization. Pimcore Software ensures that your data modeling will be flexible and enable your organization to grow. There is a web-based data modeling engine that will allow you to create new products within minutes using more than 40 high performance data types. Each of these data types is capable of handling millions of various products that contain thousands of attributes.

Get multi-lingual data to provide the data model and data editing that you need. Furthermore, you can get the translation interface for effective working across global organizations and taking your organization into the global frontier. Out with the flat data model, such as an Excel spreadsheet, and move into the future using the full range of wonderful attributes, specifications and relations that you need to adapt to real-time changes. Hndling text, media, relationships and static attributes have never been easier and really is just scratching the surface of Pimcores features for data modeling.

Data Integration and Delivery:

Efficiently aggregate data from a variety of internal data sources such as your ERP software or your CRMs. You will be able to place special emphasis on data integration by giving you full control through an easy import and export of data between this digital asset management platform and other external systems. Utilize the holistic API driven approach in order to enable a whole slew of business enterprise systems within your organization. Furthermore, utilize the import and export tools that are free add-ons to Pimcore Software.

Utilize the ability to import and export using CVS formats. This data import and export tool comes out of the box and it includes the functionalitys for mapping data and the definitions of data fields. Define, map, model, execute and manually import from third party data and use it with your Pimcore software.

Data Quality and Semantics:

Your digital organization is aimed at spotting revenue opportunities and meeting all your compliance measures. You want to increase the productivity of your business processes and deliver clean and trusted data. Pimcore software carries various functionalities that allow you to define, deliver and improve your data quality. Use the various data validation and data quality reports you can get using this digital asset management platform. Ensure and monitor that all yoru data is up to the quality you want to deliver and keep an eye on ensuring that your data fields are calculated for data completeness.

Since data validation is key to ensuring you have data quality, you want all data fields in Pimcore software to be validated based on rules you pre-determine. Include various data types, like selection lists and use that as a predefined possibility for values. Utilize the rich auditing and versioning features. Change a record to create a new version of that same record and save it for the audit trail. Gain better insights by comparing different versions and have the ability to highlight the differences.

Gain the opportunity to deliver custom reports through the reporting feature that are integrated directly into Pimcore. You can access your databases and create reports that can include things like quality reports, data completion reports and so forth. The possibilities are endless with the filtering options you can use. Once you generate your reports, export them for sharing or later reviewing.

Additional Features:

  • Utilize the digital asset management feature that allows you to manage, integrate and gather images, graphics, audio, videos and documents that pertain to your data.
  • Make use of the workflow management feature that allows you to take control of your business processes to ensure that your organization is meeting all standards.

Pricing Details of Pimcore Software:

There are three different pricing plans you can choose from in addition to the free trial. Have a look at the details and determine which one is best for you.


This plan includes the experience manager, data manager and the open sour GDLv3 License. Furthermore, you get the community support and can self-host.

Enterprise Edition:

This plan starts at $1.99 per year and goes up from there depending on your needs. At this level of pricing plan you can get all the free features as well as a Commercial License and SLA backed support.

Cloud Edition:

This plan is by quote only. Therefore, you need to contact the vendor to get the pricing details. What is included is all the Enterprise features along with services and support. The services and support that are offered to you includes business consulting, solution consulting, implementation and integrations along with enterprise support plans and training.

Technical Details of Pimcore Software:

There are two deployment options you get with this digital asset management platform. The deployment options are on premise and cloud-hosted. Therefore, this software works on any of your Window and Mac devices. Furthermore, there is the web-based version that you can use at any time, anywhere and on any device you desire. The web-based version works as long as you have internet connectivity.

Supported Languages are English and Dutch.

Support Details of Pimcore Software:

You are going to be relying on Pimcore to handle your business processes and your digital organization. Therefore, you need to be sure that this digital asset management platform will be working when you need it too at all times. For that reason, you need to know what kinds of support Pimcore will offer you. Here are those support details for reviewing.

  • Email: You can contact the staff at Pimcore when you have issues or concerns that are not immediate and do so via email. You can expect a response within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Phone: Speak to a live representative right away by calling the support line and getting immediate help to issues or concerns that you may have that are immediate in nature.
  • Live Support: Additionally, you can open a chat window from your dashboard in order to speak to a live representative who can help you out remotely. Be sure to have all the details regarding your concern ready.
  • Training: There is extensive training that is available and it can include in person training, online training and webinars. You will be able to learn how to use this software in the most effective way possible for your organization.
  • Resources: Through the vendor website there are resources you can make use of for your organization. There is documentation that you can view and a forum you can go to in order to gain help from other end users who may have experienced the same issues you have and have a solution for you.


Pimcore Software is a great tool for you when it comes to your digital organization and your business processes. There are an extensive amount of robust and powerful features that you can get with this digital asset management platform that will make your business processes more efficient and help to increase productivity within your digital organization. There is an extensive range of tools you can use that will improve all your organizational goals from now and into the future including expansion goals.

As always, you need to do your own research in order to best determine the right software for your business. You want to be sure that you get what you need when you need it. Therefore, be sure to read end-user reviews and read expert views on the various product information management software you are considering to help you make the best decision you can for your organization.


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