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Full Pike13 Club Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Pike13


Running a membership club or association can be quite challenging if one does not have the right tools to ensure smooth running of the club or association.

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Clubs or associations are places where individuals and groups come to unwind, others come for business meetings and at the same time a member could be hosting a party for their family or friends, to commemorate a graduation or a wedding, a birthday party or anniversary. Others might be having a fundraiser or donations drive.

All these activities must be handled simultaneously and the members must continue receiving the obvious services of serving them food and drinks and in the right manner. Others like gyms and health and fitness centers might not have all the above but they will still need to keep a proper record of all their members, their contacts, and all their data.

On top of this they must constantly update these records, payments made, payments due, new members and Potential members. The club or association also has to constantly communicate with all these parties. This can be quite an arduous task and may even overwhelm the club or association management.

Worry no more. With club management software all these needs will be met and ensure smooth running of the club.

This technology can simply be defined as a system that assists its users to be able to manage all sorts of clubs or associations such as golf membership clubs, dance studios, gym clubs sports teams, health and fitness centers etc.

Club management software helps in processing payments, producing invoices, tracking members’ accounts or profiles etc. it is in-built with certain features such as account relationship management to be able to achieve its management goals.

Pike13 is one such type of club management software and as we study Pike13 and all that it entails then you will not only see that this is the best solution software to meet all your club’s or association’s needs, it will also exceed them and ease management of your club or association.

What is Pike13?


Pike13 was originally known as Front Desk. It was created in 2011 by six gym owners to better cater to their needs of effectively running their business and enabling them to concentrate more on the customer than on administration.

It is a client management system that is cloud based and it is also a scheduling software that targets gyms, martial arts clubs, dance and music clubs, franchises etc. It is designed to meet the management requirements of special services businesses and franchises.

Pike13 is a business tool that business owners can rely on to be able to handle their administration needs.

These administration tasks that Pike13 handles are such as client management, payroll management, billing, scheduling capabilities, sending out notifications to members, monthly collection of member subscription, signing up of new clients, online booking etc. Pike13 also enables clubs or associations to custom brand the app to better represent the club or association to users of the app.

It is a very simple application to set up and also to use. Pike13 also enables its users to be able to access it from any computer, smartphone or tablet so long as there is an internet connection.

It is also equipped with analytics which assist its users in preparing reports on sales, tracking revenue, a club’s retention rate of its members and many other trends. It is also very efficient in managing class rosters, tracking attendance, managing courses etc.

Pike13 also integrates brilliantly with other applications such as MailChimp, DocuSign, Emma, Google Analytics etc.



Easy registration

Pike13 allows clubs or associations to register clients for appointments, classes etc. it is very fast and with no paperwork unlike a few years back where you gave the client a clipboard, papers and pen so that they could register and the club had to have a lot of storage capacity to store these filed papers and come up with a system of arrangement so as to easily retrieve records.

Online Payments

With the pike13 platform payments can be made online and updated all throughout the system. Payments can also be made from various devices.

Managing Schedules

Pike13 also assists both clients and employees in effectively managing their schedules by enabling the scheduling of workshops, classes and appointments at anytime from anywhere.

Device Accessibility

Pike13 is also very easily accessible from various devices.

Class Enrollment

Additionally, the Pike13 software also helps a club’s clients to enroll for classes by being able to access the schedules of classes available and comparing with their own diaries to be able to find a suitable time for them and all this from any device anywhere and at any time. Pike13 allows its users to sign clients into classes, update the register, and confirm class participants. The auto-enrollment and waiting lists features make for easy scheduling of clients and also improve on client retention.

Account Management

Clubs or associations are also able to easily manage their members’ accounts and all that is needed administrative wise to maintain, monitor and periodically update members’ accounts as changes occur.


By using Pike13 as its management software a club or association is guaranteed of a 99.9% uptime and hence it is able to operate its business at all times.

Personal Coach

When setting up Pike13 users are assured of a personal coach who will guide them through the whole process of setting up the software. In case of any issues or queries this personal coach will be on standby to assist and provide any help required.

Customer Service

If a user encounters any issues they can be assured of a quick response and correction of the issue by contacting the Pike13 customer service team of experts.

Mobile Device compatibility

Pike13 also enables its users to easily access the platform from a smart mobile device and perform certain operations such as updating client profiles, schedules, notes, photos, history, etc.

Billing Alerts

Clubs or associations are also able to set alerts or limits for billing issues so that the users are notified when these limits are reached and hence able to sort out the issues before they affect the club’s or association’s cash flows.

Day to Day Tasks

By using Pike13 users will also be able to easily manage the day to day operational tasks of the club such as processing monthly payments, signing customers up for classes, electronic signing of waivers and much more. This in turn allows the club management to be able to better focus on its core business of diligently serving its customers and expanding its business.

Multiple Branches

Pike13 club management software is particularly endorsed for clubs or associations with multiple branches as it is operated within a cloud. This is great news for clubs or associations with multiple branches because it means that Pike13 can be used as the club’s or association’s management platform at numerous business locations and even in clubs or associations without a centralized location.

Smart Reporting

Another benefit of the Pike13 app is that it offers its users the feature of smart reporting that offers actionable insights and data which enable the users to quantify and measure the well-being of the club or associations operations.



Payment processing

Pike13 enables clubs or associations to process payments on its platform and this saves both the club and its members a lot of hassle and time.

Managing attendance

This helps the administrators to monitor attendance in classes and to address any issues they may detect from the platform in regards to attendance.

Client history and profiles

Pike13 also enables the club or association to be able to create a database of its members with all of the profiles and client history. It also allows for regular updates to be conducted on the profile and also report creation is possible because of the storage of client history.

Custom Branding

Pike13 gives this unique feature of being able to brand the app with its own colours and logos and this gives the user a unique experience because it gives the users a form of familiarity and association which is always good for business.


This is an essential feature of Pike13 because it ensures that the club management platform is able to organize and use resources on different kinds of activities while at the same time functioning at 100%. It is also useful to members because it enables them to be able to choose what they want to do and at what time.

Native iOS mobile app

This feature keeps in line with Pike13’s high standards and offers iOS users an app that enables them to be able to interact with the club and any and all of its activities.

Automated billing and payments

By automating these processes a club or association is able to save on a lot of time and administrative costs it would have incurred if it were still using the manual system. It is also very helpful to the members because they no longer have to visit the club to know what their monthly bill is. All members have to do is log in to the club’s Pike13 system and they will get an invoice of all they owe and it is also detailed transaction by transaction. Furthermore even after receiving their bill members do not need to visit the club to make payments. They can make payments via the platform and at the comfort of their homes and this payment will reflect throughout the system.

Staff payroll system

Pike13 also offers its users a feature on staff salaries and payment.

Easy pricing for all businesses

Users of Pike13 are able to choose from various price packages that would suit their business.

Digital documents

Able to store all documents in a digitized format.

Communications and updates

Provides constant communication and updates to members and employees alike.

Integrated email marketing

This feature allows the club or association to be able to market itself to different target markets by email.

Access from any device

All users i.e. clients and employees can access Pike13 from any device with an internet connection.

Real time reports and analysis

It provides reports and analysis upon demand.


Pike13 pricing is as below and all plans are inclusive of staff app, client kiosk app, guided setup and training, customer success manager and help when migrating your data;

Business Plan: $129 per month

  • Automate billing and payments
  • Integrated merchant processing
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Manage your schedule
  • Brand your Pike13 site to your business
  • Track attendance
  • Real time reporting and analytics

Pro Plan: $179 per month

  • Access to insights reporting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Automate billing and payments
  • Customize the look and feel of your website
  • Integrated merchant processing
  • Design and automate email marketing campaigns
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Digitally send and sign contracts
  • Manage your schedule
  • Embed your schedule on your website
  • Brand your Pike13 site to your business
  • Manage staff pay rates and run payroll
  • Track attendance
  • Sell merchandise in-person
  • Real-time reporting and analytics

Enterprise Plan: Quotation

  • Access to insights reporting.
  • A site manager for a bird’s eye view of the business
  • Customize the look and feel of your website
  • Analytics to check the health of your entire business
  • Design and automate email marketing campaigns
  • Easily manage multiple locations, franchisees, or licensees
  • Digitally send and sign contracts
  • Reporting lets you see performance of specific locations
  • Embed your schedule on your website
  • Tools to quickly create new locations
  • Manage staff pay rates and run payroll
  • Sell merchandise in-person

Technical Details

Devices: iPad/iPhone, Mac, Web based and windows.

Language: Dutch, Polish, English, Swedish and; Turkish.

Pricing model: Quotation based; monthly subscription.

Customer types: freelancers, medium and small businesses; and large enterprises.

Deployment: Cloud hosted.

Support Details

  • Live support
  • Email
  • Training
  • Social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
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