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Full PhraseApp Translation Software Review – All You Need to Know About PhraseApp


What Is PhraseApp?

If your business in the course of venturing into a new foreign market, you will soon acknowledge the fact that there is more to digital translation than merely typing words and using Google Translate to understand it. Contingent on the type of your business, the touchpoints that require translation and adaptation for a new territory could be vast and treacherous. The task ranges from precisely translating a copy of a website to restructuring apps to amending software. Managing all of these tasks at the same time could be tasking if not intimidating.

You can hire an agency to handle this dilemma but it may not be necessary because there are many online and web-based applications that you can now use to solve this problem. One of these is the popular and widely used software called PhraseApp.


PhraseApp is a web-based software for managing translation. It is an online service or tool that enables various software companies to make their products or services available to various languages. Developers can utilize this software to work together as they create their web or mobile application available in numerous languages. This app also offers several tools that aid project and product managers in different tasks, especially in localization.

This software started out as a prototype dubbed as a phrase. It is currently used by numerous businesses in more than 40 countries and is still rapidly increasing in terms of users. Aside from providing contents for mobile and desktop application in multiple languages, it also eradicates unnecessary processes in regular localization making the process more simple. The platform is driven by API software that mines data of language from the source code and offers it through an online editor for use in localization.

Users of this platform work on their projects from a user-friendly dashboard that provides real-time stats of the entire process of translation. Through this, you can monitor and see the latest tasks, lost translations, and texts that entail editing and proofreading with just several clicks. In the event that you are away from the desktop, the application lets you get updates on comments and translations through in-app alerts, email, or through its built-in messengers such as Slack. Adjustments and modifications in translations are guided by one of its many functions, which is the search function.

This can easily determine all the text resources that contain a particular word for an easy fix in several areas. It has a proofreading feature that allows other translators on the software to quickly authenticate text if necessary.

PhraseApp Benefits

Over the years, many companies are experiencing the struggle of trying to interpret applications or software by moving CSVs of string to and fro from one translator to another. Well, if until now you are still doing this, you should at least save yourself the difficulty and use the efficient platform that is PhraseApp. There are several problems that obstruct progress when you are utilizing spreadsheets to gather translations. By using the localization software PhraseApp, you eradicate these problems, simplify the entire process, and most importantly, make everything easier for everybody in the project. This is just some of the many benefits that you and your business can take advantage of when using this software.

Use Of A Single User Interface To Translate All

This platform will save you from wondering if you have the latest copy of the Spanish translations. It will stop you from trying to monitor whether or not you included the most recent strings into the Italian file prior to sending it. The beauty of this platform is that everything that you need is in one place and can be updated. It is very efficient, easy to use, and saves you a lot of time. All you have to do is upload the strings that are localized and make a locale for every language. This is possible because the platform backs numerous types of file formats.


Another amazing benefit that users can enjoy from using this software is that it offers a space where the whole team can work together on the strings’ most recent version. This is very helpful since the copy in the software continues to vary. Aside from that, revisions and modifications are essential to the present translations. The user interface is easy to navigate and use. Activities like exporting and importing are fast and easy enough for those who are not very technical or those who have limited knowledge in software development.PhraseApp

In addition to the benefits mentioned, PhraseApp has a Reports feature that offers an easy way of talking about development to a higher level of management. This eradicates the tedious process of making personal reports or asking for the most recent updates from the translator. With the availability of this type of statistic, anyone can access the necessary information that he needs without interrupting his teammates.     

This platform advantage over the spreadsheet is further highlighted by its interface. In here, users can view the changes and its history, can add comments, affix attachments like images or screenshots, and can even set limits to the number of characters. you can do all these by using the software thereby reducing the clutter, reducing manual work, and eliminating the risk of introducing error. In addition, PhraseApp has a powerful search function and can filter the output, just a few of the many things that supersede the customary CTRL+F function of the spreadsheet. Users, also have the choice to omit a translation. This is possible by removing the strings that are not visible to the user. This saves a lot of time on the part of the translators since they no longer have to translate words that are hidden. However, this platform is not the only one capable of solving the issues related to the translation based on spreadsheets but it goes the extra mile aside from the benefits mentioned earlier.

Proactive Team and Customer Support

This software was design to be an internal tool and its makers have the first-hand experience on the trouble of localization. They are the end users themselves, which place them in a position to be aware of the needs and preferences of its users and clients. The team behind this software is hands-on in asking for the app users’ feedback or suggestions. They receive any type of reviews from its users with humility and eagerness.

In addition, the team is innovative and committed and they incessantly enhance the tools and regularly update and enhance the software’s functionality. Moreover, the team is dedicated to offer quick and ready support to its users and unlike others, they do not cower behind FAQs and user forums. They are willing to go the extra mile to customize the support to fit the needs or preferences of its users.

Translation Center

This platform offers a Translation Center, which comprises the essential dashboard of the translation project of the user. The dashboard is engineered for ease of use, convenience, and speed. It is loaded with simple but useful tools like editing and converting localization data online. Since everything functions in the browser, the users no longer need installations or updates.


In-Context Editor

PhraseApp features In-Context Editor that supplies translators contextual data that are very helpful in improving the quality of the translation. This transforms any method into a constant localization procedure while taking into consideration that every method varies. It has a highly functional API that enables the users to incorporate the service into the workflow of the platform. Users can choose to either work with their own team of translators or request for professional translations from the partners of the app.

Easy Synchronization

Projects made using this platform can be automatically synced to the GitHub storehouse. It also has a feature that allows the app to recall different translation changes. This allows users to easily search and find for the older forms of translations and even restore them if necessary. This app supports numerous localization formats that are being used by different platforms.

Improve the Quality of Translation and Lessens Errors

In addition to In-Context Editor, sector annotations, as well as screenshots, provide more idea to the translators that contribute to the framework of translation. It aids users to avoid functional and linguistic errors in translation. PhraseApp has Translation Memory that saves you a lot of time and decreases the cost of translation. It also has a Glossary that helps users come up with consistent messages through Term Base Management.

PhraseApp Features

This platform is worth getting and a big help in managing various translation projects. You can learn more about the features of this software and other details below.

Translation Center

This is platform has an all-inclusive dashboard that you can use for translations. Through this, you can monitor the progress of your project and can easily communicate with the translators involved in it.

Supported Files

PhraseApp supports a wide variety of file formats used in localization across numerous platforms and encoding languages.

One-Click Translation

You can easily do translation projects by bringing your own translator or by hiring professional from various partners of the software.

Excellent Support

The team behind the platform offers vital documentation and guidance anytime you need it.

Versatile Search

It has a flexible search function that helps the user find what he is looking for. It saves time and provides convenience especially to those who are translating projects that has numerous entries.

Easy Collaboration

You can bring in as many users as you like to engage in the project that you are working on. You can invite translators, developers, managers, and community users to be in your projects.



Transform your process into a continuous one using PhraseApp. While each process is different, the highly functional API allows users to incorporate service into the workflow. It is easy to achieve continuous localization using this software.

Purchase Translations

You can order translations from expert translators through various partners of the platform. You can also work with your own team in your translation projects.

See Your Progress

You can quickly see the things that require your attention. You can also review past translations, discover new content, and work with your team.


This software can show you the history of the translations giving you more comprehensive knowledge. Also, it is more convenient to check for the older versions of the translations. This platform also allows you to restore the previous history if necessary.

Integration of Slack

The integration of this patented feature gives the users the most recent activities in the projects under PhrasApp.

Sync to Repository

Your projects in the platform are automatically synchronized with your Bitbucket or GitHub repository. So you do not have to fear about losing and retrieving important data.

Workflow Branching

Currently on its Beta mode, this feature allows the users to work on several versions and releases simultaneously.


This feature is currently on its Beta version enables the user to get all translations with just one click. The Autopilot feature translates language files into several languages automatically and directly as soon as you upload them.


This feature uses real-time feedback in translating while using the software’s Translation Editor. This boosts your translation capability and increases your consistency.

Directly Translate on your website

PhraseApp enables translators to browse your website and edit texts. Moreover, it supplies vital contextual information to enhance the quality of the translation.

There are many other features that businesses can enjoy using this online translation tool. This includes the following:

  • Extensive Permission Management
  • Pluralization Support
  • Tags
  • Change Tracking / Version Control
  • Machine Translation
  • Right-to-Left support
  • UTF-8 support
  • Translation Memory
  • Style Guide
  • Notifications
  • GitHub Sync
  • API
  • Placeholder Detection and Validation
  • Format Conversion
  • Professional Translation
  • Real-time statistics
  • Emoji Support
  • Reporting
  • Client Libraries & Plugins
  • Glossary



PhraseApp offers a few pricing bundles based on the number of words managed by the user. Currently, there are three SMB and enterprise pricing bundles that users can choose from.

Startup Plan

This bundle costs $83 per month and includes 50,000 managed words. Users could also use the In-context editor and can modify the history of the projects.

Professional Plan

This plan costs $175 per month and covers 120,000 managed words. It has In-context Editor, Translation Memory, and allows users to modify history.

Business Plan

The business bundle costs $263 per month and covers 250,000 managed words. It includes In-context Editor, Translation Memory, Glossary, Extended Statistics, and users can modify history.

All of these bundles come with unlimited users, access to API, and premium customer support. Higher bundles come with more exciting features. Users can also choose a custom bundle but the company will directly give the price. If you want to try the product first before purchasing, you can avail of its free trial that covers a particular amount of distinct translation units.

Technical Details

Supported Devices

  • PhraseApp can run on devices running on Windows and MAC operating system and on the web.

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Bundles
  • Monthly payment

Types of Customer

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business


  • Cloud Hosted
  • Open API


Support Details

The team provides support representatives that are always enthusiastic to assist and resolve customer issues. They offer inclusive documentation, tutorials, and personal assistance whenever necessary. Users can communicate with the support team through email and phone.