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Full PhoneWagon Call Center Software Review. All you need to know about PhoneWagon


What is PhoneWagon?

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PhoneWagon is a call tracking solution that helps businesses understand which outbound marketing campaigns are working.  It is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed via web browser on any internet enabled devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.

The application helps a business to track every phone call, sent text messages, set and define call routing rules, records phone calls, and automate call escalation processes.  It allows companies to run multiple marketing campaigns across different communication channels as well as track the number of phone calls and the sales lead conversion ratios for each of those respective campaigns.

The company was founded by Ryan Shank, who has started or been involved with companies that have collectively raised over US $100m in venture capital and who, from working in the industry, identified that call tracking, and the use of unique phone numbers for each marketing campaign, is essential to determine which marketing channels are driving high quality phone calls. In December 2017, it was announced that PhoneWagon had raised US $1.2 million in seed funding from venture capitalists and angel investors.

Set-up of the solution is a matter literally of minutes. An area code search provides a unique local phone number for each marketing campaign. Subscribers can configure these numbers to track where the calls come from, and close down the campaigns that are not working.

PhoneWagon also offers call recording features which enable campaign managers to monitor the quality of conversations between agents and customers.  The platform provides a centralised dashboard where key campaign metrics can be monitored, and leads tracked, with customisable reports that can be exported in multiple formats.

Unlike many existing call tracking services, PhoneWagon is easy to set-up and priced at levels that are affordable by SMBs (Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses).  It is particularly suitable for freelancers and small businesses that are looking for a simple online call tracking solution to understand their customer behaviour, and monitor the progress of their marketing campaigns.

It is used by a variety of industries including accounting, legal, home services, and medical, although, it is primarily aimed at businesses in the United States and Canada at present, because of its local number coverage.



The main benefits of PhoneWagon are:

Very Easy to Set-Up and Cheap

PhoneWagon is very easy to set-up; subscribers can literally start tracking sales campaigns within minutes of signing-up for the service. They can choose from selection of thousands of local, toll-free and international numbers, and start monitoring their sales campaigns almost immediately.

It is deliberately set-up to appeal to non-technical subscribers, whilst, it is also more affordable for smaller businesses than many competing call tracking products.  They are also prepared to work with customers to offer them a customised pricing solution.

Call Tracking Capability

PhoneWagon is equipped with call tracking capabilities that are effective in determining whether marketing strategies are working, which ads prompt people to call and make a purchase, and which are poor or non-performers. Configuring the software to track a campaign is very simple; once set-up campaigns can be tracked immediately.  Dynamic numbering allows users to assign unique phone numbers on their website to different sources of traffic, making it easier to track which are the most valuable channels or marketing campaigns.

Text Messaging

PhoneWagon comes with a text messaging feature that enables a team or individual to send and receive text messages with potential clients, leads, prospects and clients, There is no need to have separate phone numbers for text purposes; the solution lets subscribers use their existing business phone numbers to send and receive text messages via the system’s dashboard.  This helps ensure that no possible leads are dropped due to missed or dropped calls.


Key features are:

Phone Numbers

PhoneWagon enables subscribers to set-up local, toll-free and international numbers in less than a minute.

Local Numbers: Research has shown that people are much more likely to respond to a call from an unknown number, if that call has been placed from a local number. This has a corresponding impact when it comes to the success of marketing campaigns. PhoneWagon offers local phone numbers in over 300 area codes throughout the United States and Canada.

Toll-free Numbers: For those who operate nationally, or want to show a national presence in either the US or Canada, PhoneWagon can meet their needs. They offer thousands of 888, 877, and 866 phone numbers to track nationwide marketing campaigns.

International Phone Numbers: Phone numbers for more than 40 countries are available through PhoneWagon. Users can set-up international phone numbers, and international dynamic phone numbers, to track campaigns in many countries around the world.

Dynamic Phone Numbers

Dynamic number insertion is a call tracking feature that assigns a unique phone number to each online source and then displays that phone number to visitors who arrive at a website.  With dynamic number insertion, the phone number on a website dynamically changes to a tracking number based on how the visitor came to a site, providing users with valuable insights on how their advertising channels are generating sales.

PhoneWagon enables subscribers to dynamically swap phone numbers on their website depending on traffic source.  The program assigns a unique phone number for each source of traffic, such as Google AdWords, organic search, Facebook, Yelp, or any other website. Rich, session-level, and even keyword-level data can then be extracted about visitors to a website, and that data can be fed into an analytics platform.

Users just need to add a snippet of JavaScript code to their website, identify the target number they want to swap out, and Phone Wagon does the rest. A unique phone number will then be shown to visitors, depending on how they arrived at a website.

Dynamic Numbering is valuable for those kinds of business which get a lot of business over the phone, making it easier to break down which traffic sources, keywords and campaigns drive the most valuable calls.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking is at the heart of the PhoneWagon solution, providing users with powerful insights into which of their marketing campaigns, sources, or keywords, are generating phone calls from customers or sales leads. It enables them to assign unique phone numbers to track which online, or offline, marketing campaigns are driving phone calls. The solution enables subscribers to turn on advanced call functionality such as call recording, call forwarding, whisper and greeting messages and much more. Insights provided by these actions can then be used to gain knowledge, and optimise marketing campaigns.

Custom Tags

Customised tags allow subscribers to label any call by specific information that they wish to view and track. This gives them the ability to categorise all calls according to the purpose or outcome of the call.

Tagging can be done by selecting a company from the Phonewagon homepage, selecting the phone call that needs to be tagged, and then applying “Tag Call”. Users can customise tags according to business needs.

Call Recording

Recording a phone call in PhoneWagon is simple and can easily be managed through the dashboard. Users just need to choose the correct company, select the numbers and the campaigns they wish to records call for, and configure as required. They can also Play a Greeting to Callers, which is a message which will be read to a customer prior to the phone ringing, or Play a Whisper Message, where the message will be read to the person answering the call as soon as they pick up.

Number Blocking

The Block Number functions= allows users to block incoming calls from certain numbers, but still have the ability to see how many times blocked numbers are calling. Numbers can be blocked through the dashboard, by using call logs, or via Company Settings.


PhoneWagon offers powerful, easy to use reporting, with an attractive, intuitive dashboard.

Users can visualise their phone calls through the dashboard, and easily see which of their marketing campaigns are working best. They can view and analyse call data by source, page, keyword, duration and more. Advanced reporting also displays source-level and keyword-level data.

Users can analyse all phone call data by source, keywords, campaigns, pages, and more, and can also view multiple reports based on the type of call analytics and call tracking they are using.

The solution offers differing filtering options for reports so that users can choose which information they want to analyse and how. Bright charts and graphs enable them to analyse information quickly, with a range of customisable reports available through the PhoneWagon dashboard.


PhoneWagon enables users to integrate their phone call analytics with their favourite platforms to gain deeper customer insights.

It offers native integrations into Google AdWords, so companies can track calls by campaign, ad group and keyword.  Any PhoneWagon account integrated with AdWords has the ability to track additional parameters such as Keyword, Match Type, AdPosition, Device, and Network.

They also enable users to track phone calls in Google Analytics, alongside web and offline data, so they can identify which ads, keywords, social media platforms, and other sources are driving calls to their business. In addition, they can include call data in A/B testing.

Subscribers also have the option to integrate with Salesforce’s CEM (Customer Relationship Management) application and HubSpot’s marketing, sales and services product suite, whilst, through its integration with Zapier, subscribers get access to more than a thousand separate apps, including email, lead tracking, project management and team collaboration software. This means that calls that come from leads from PhoneWagon can be pushed into applications such as Google Sheets, Gmail alerts, Pipedrive, Marketo, Slack, and much more.

PhoneWagon’s customers are able to set-up and begin tracking calls in a matter only of minutes. They can input all of their clients into the system, create online and offline tracked phone numbers, and then add a snippet of code to their website (the vendor will advise on this for the non-technically minded).  They will then be able to track from which source phone calls are being generated, and make informed decisions about marketing spend, and current and planned campaigns.


PhoneWagon offers two pricing tiers – Standard, where the number of local minutes per month, and Unlimited, where, as the name suggests, they are not.  Within each pricing tiers, there are three pricing plans – Starter, Pro and Agency.

Irrespective of the plan which is bought, there are multiple features which are standard across the board, including instant number set-up, local, international and toll-free numbers, call recordings, whisper and greeting messages, unlimited user accounts, advanced reporting, and Google Analytics and Google AdWords integration.

Starter (US $25 per month): The Starter Plan offers 5 local numbers, 500 local minutes and 100 text messages. Upgrading to Starter Unlimited costs US $59 per month.

Pro (US $115 per month): The Pro Plan offers 20 local numbers, 2,500 local minutes, and 500 text messages. Pro Unlimited costs US $175 per month.

Agency (US $275 per month): Agency offers 50 local numbers, 10,000 local minutes, and 1,000 text messages. Agency Unlimited is US $349 per month.

In addition, PhoneWagon will design and create a custom plan to meet any business needs for customers on demand.

Prospective users can sign-up for a free 14-day trial, and credit card details are not required when registering. They are also able to register for a 5 minute Product Demo through the PhoneWagon website.


PhoneWagon is a cloud-hosted web-based browser which can be accessed through any internet enabled device – desktop, tablet or smartphone.  In addition, there are mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.


Customer Support is offered via a Live Chat facility, email and by phone. The company is small, as yet, which means that all support emails are seen via CEO Shank.  Support is currently only available in English.

Through the website, clients can access a self-service Knowledge Base, which includes user and product guides, articles on integrations, FAQs, and Product Announcements.

There is also a blog section on the website, although posts are only submitted periodically because all are authored by Shank who mainly devotes his energy to his YouTube channel where he uploads daily vlogs.

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