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Full Phone.com Communication Software Review – All you need to know about Phone.com Communication Software

What is

VoIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol. It is one of the most widely used technologies available for small business to address their communication needs.

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It has helped several different industries that have prospered because of VoIP. Some of these industries include phone marketing, telemarketing, online sourcing, and the cab industry.

To understand it even better, VoIP means that instead of using the standard direct landline, Phone.com’s smart VoIP software enables you to put internet into use.

It makes video and voice calls in virtually any part of the world where internet is accessible.

Additionally, this software is super compatible for use on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other smart gadgets. Essentially, VoIP technology converts audio or video into moveable data packets on the internet and converts them back into audio or video on the other end.

An affordable, easy to set up and flexible software to use. Most of the small businesses now use Phone.com’s VoIP software to address their needs economically.

What is Phone.com?

What is

Phone.com ranks amongst the leading phone service providers through their solutions that are cloud-based.

It is essential for entrepreneurs and leading small business to address their growing need for an affordable telephone solution.

The company provides customer support to over 30,000 customers across America. The company is already in the process of expanding its offering to other parts of the world.

Phone.com has expanded its offerings for both iOS and Android users. This has significantly helped small business managers to effectively manager several phone numbers on one device.

To address privacy concerns, Phone.com ensures the customers can manage or toggle between their personal or professional profile.

Simply download the app by visiting the App Store of iOS or Play Store for Android and download the Phone.com app in seconds.

As soon as you’ve downloaded the app and provided necessary permissions, enter the phone number, voicemail password, an extension.

The voicemail password access is in your voicemail settings of the app. You can start making calls using your cell phone carrier data network or an existing Wi-Fi connection.

Sit back, relax and make phone calls with the ease of access.

Benefits of Phone.com


There are various benefits associated with Phone.com which can be helpful. When you are running a business, you need to know what can help you.

To have good software, you should know its benefits also. Here are a few ones who are there to enhance your knowledge.

Customer Support

You get to receive the customer support all the time. Even if you are running the software in the middle of the night.

Reach out the support service immediately. The representatives are there for your assistance.

There are solution-based ideas and innovative strategies to keep you away from trouble. If there is a feature which you do not understand you can contact the support.

If the application gets stuck or any problem occurs, you have to contact the support immediately.

They help you out with figuring the instant solution to your business activities does not stop. Experts help you out instantly, so you do not fall back on your business.

They want your business to keep on flourishing through the help of the application.

Low Cost

With the packages, there is also an option for affordability. You can have the packages at a reasonable cost and multiple features.

The cost involves relevant features which fit the needs of the business. Along with that, there are extensions which will work best for your business needs.

You can also get the voicemails under low cost which increase the efficiency of your business.

Toll-Free Numbers

Not just the access of local numbers but also the toll-free numbers option is there for you. There is no additional cost for it as you have bonus minutes through phone.com.

The convenience of this software is the main reason why people consider it. There are rules for call forwarding, and call holds. If you follow the rules, there won’t be any problem with the application.


If you wish to customize the greetings or any other thing in the software, you can do that. You do not have to work with the basic interface.

Make it as you like to work with it and even for all the employees who have its access. It works great internally and externally for the businesses.

If you want to get customized hold options, those are available with phone.com.

Features of Phone.com


There are various features included with phone.com. You have to opt out for the best features which are compatible with your business.

According to the needs of the business, the representatives serve you the best too. If you know about all the features, you can use them well too.

It helps you in operating the software in the best way. Here are a few features for you as guidance.

Call options

With phone.com, you can use the call forwarding, call transfers and call waiting for options. If there is a call and you are busy, you can get the call transferring option easily.

If there is someone on the call with you and you cannot attend it immediately. You can use the call waiting option so that they do not go away from the call.

For the caller ID, if you wish to block the number, it is available too. An option for conference calling is there too if you wish to hold meetings.


You can also customize the software according to your needs. If you wish to add the greetings when the customer calls, that is there too.

If you wish to record it in your voice that is possible too. There are multiple options such as auto-receptionist which tells the catalog of the service.

You have to add the options yourself to make it compatible with the business. Functions are reliable with clear communication with the clients or employees.


Voicemail option is also there for you avail. As there are business closing hours, you will require the voicemail option.

You can leave the voicemail in your voice or get the automated one. Voicemail helps in leaving the message for the business so when there are business hours, you can contact back.

The clients rely on it because it helps in easy communication. You have to set it up if you are the source of communication software for a company.

It makes it reliable and easy to manage when you have the record of voicemail in your system.


Not only are the local but also global numbers accessible through phone.com. You can also make calls to toll-free numbers with unlimited minutes.

The minutes for each number would depend upon the cost of the plan. As there is no trial version, you have to pick a suitable plan.

There are bonus minutes for you related to the toll-free numbers.

Mobile Application

There are the web-based software and the application for mobiles too. You can download it whether you have android or iPhone.

It runs smoothly on the system without any complications. The interface of the application is friendly, there is nothing to worry about it as you download it.


There is also an option for faxing, and the number is there for you. Even if you are operating the application through phone, you can send the fax.

You can connect it with the number, and anyone in the office can send a fax. The document you share through faxing reaches to the other end convenient.


If you want to transfer any number to another mobile, that is possible too. You will have to make the settings accordingly, but you have the option to avail it easily.



The pricing plans for phone.com come under three versions. There are different costs for each plan so you can select the best one for yourself.

As it is best for the small business, you can opt out for the version which fits your budget. They are adorable, so you do not have to think twice before getting them.

There are some of the plans for you to explore.

Basic Pricing Plan

There are pay per minute plan which costs $9.99 per month. Along with that if you want, you can pay $12.99 month to month.

For the unlimited plan, you can pay $19.99 annually and for a month to month payment; you have to pay $22.99.

Along with that, the features in it are call forwarding and bonus minutes. You can also have the access for toll-free number through the unlimited plan.

Plus Pricing Plan

The pay per minute plan for this one is $29.99 per minute annually. For month to month payment, you have to pay $39.99.

For the unlimited plan, you have to make the payment of $24.99 monthly for annual. And for a month to month payments, $27.99 is the cost.

The features support is unlimited minutes monthly, call analytics and HD video conferencing. Along with that, you get the free access of three toll numbers.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

Phone.com supports multiple devices whether it is for the smartphone or laptop. You can download the software of Windows, Mac, and web-based systems.

Along with that, it is compatible with Android and iPhone.

It helps you get the access anywhere despite location. If you have a smooth internet connection, then you can use this application.

Language Support

This software supports English only.

Pricing Model

With the amazing pricing model of this software, there are many clients attracted to it.

You can opt out for the monthly payment. If you want to get the automated payments, then you can get that too.

Each month you have to make the payments on time so that you can have the complete access to the software.

Customer Types

For the small business, this software seems to be perfect for them. Even for the freelancers, it proves to be the best.

If you have the project for calling, then phone.com can work best for you. You have to make the payment to avail all the features which are reasonable and affordable.


The deployment for phone.com is through the cloud hosting accessible anywhere.

Support Details

With phone.com, you have the option to utilize their amazing support service. As the main source of communication allows you to have access to email and phone.

You can call directly to the representatives to know about all the relevant information. If you wish to submit the tickets, you can do that too on the official website.

They respond to you immediately with the solutions. There is a valuable solution for the clients which they can use it.

The representative gives value to the client with fulfilling their needs and providing them accurate information.

When you contact them through live support, they are responsive. If there is something to fix right away, they do it instantly.

If it takes time, then they give you the approximate time for you to wait, the solution is there for you.


 Working with communication software is not easy unless you understand it fully. The features within this software are easy to manage and handle.

For someone new, you can also get the help through the support service. The representatives are helpful, and they guide you accordingly.

If you face any problem with the application, then they find the solutions for it. The instant service of phone.com is there for you to assist the clients.

People do not depend on any software without trial, but this software is reliable. The pricing packages are affordable for anyone to avail.

Even the freelancers can communicate through this software. Their job becomes easier with phoe.com when they have to build trust with the clients.

The tools which you require for the small business are there in this software. There is no need to add any other thing when you have this software.

Whether it is on the phone or web-based system, you get the effective output from it which you will love.

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