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Full Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud CRM review – all you need to know about Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud CRM

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud CRM
Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud CRM

What is Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud?

Philanthropy Cloud created and managed by Salesforce.org is a first of its kind network platform that connects employees, corporations, and nonprofits at scale. With Philanthropy Cloud, we enter into a new era of corporate philanthropy. It aims at transforming the way people give, volunteer, and engage with the cause they feel concern about. Companies will be able to manage their philanthropic efforts on a single network using Philanthropy Cloud. The giving and voluntary activities of employees can be tracked by this network and their impact can be measured easily.

Philanthropy Cloud sets a new level of intelligence and simplicity to the act of giving back. If an employee has a Philanthropy Cloud account, it will follow them throughout the employee’s professional life. On his/her journey as a citizen philanthropist, the employee will receive guidance from Philanthropy Cloud. Using this new network, employees are able to collaborate with their teams, coworkers, and friends in expanding their impact. The next generation of citizen philanthropists will get motivation from Philanthropy Cloud to find out what they care about the most. By investing their talent and money, they will be able to drive social impact in their communities.

Philanthropy Cloud leverages the technologies of an organization to empower educational institutions and non-profit organizations. The technologies are utilized to connect people, information, knowledge, and organizations with the missions and causes supported by them. The Philanthropy Cloud is developed for two kinds of organizations: companies and nonprofits. The Philanthropy Cloud for companies focuses on the engagement of employees and the elevation of the culture of giving of an organization. The Philanthropy Could for nonprofits helps an organization to expand their donor and volunteer network. Thus, both the types connect employees with the causes they care about the most.

Philanthropy Cloud has partnered with United Way, the pioneer of workplace giving. With the service and content expertise of United Way, Philanthropy cloud offers world-class Salesforce technology. For nonprofit organizations, it has partnered with GuideStar, which is the world’s largest database for nonprofit organizations. This partnership ensures that a vast selection of nonprofit organizations occupy Philanthropy Cloud so that organizations like yours can engage with and provide support to those organizations. Again, if your organization is a nonprofit and you are using Philanthropy Cloud, the name of your organization will be included in the database of GuideStar.

The simple, intuitive, and maintenance-free interface of Philanthropy Cloud helps your employees engage with their giving and volunteer programs easily. Its intelligent case management feature connects you with the corporate philanthropy experts of United Way Worldwide. The corporate philanthropy experts can you in organizing and jumpstarting the employee programs for your organization.

In general, the nonprofit organizations conduct online fundraising, advocacy, and outreach with the help of emails. Philanthropy Cloud utilizes the powerful email marketing tools of Salesforce.org. With the help of an instinctive email builder and dynamic content, the email marketing tools help you create professional-looking emails. Hence, you are able to maximize your impact with the flexible scheduling of emails, delivery optimization, multivariate testing, spam analysis, and so on.


The benefits of using Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud are as follows:

  • It helps in turning the employees of your organization into citizen philanthropists. With Philanthropic Cloud, you can empower your employees to volunteer or give back and make a difference. According to a research conducted by ‘Povaddo’, almost 57 percent of employees employed in some of the largest companies of the USA feel that the companies should play a more engaging role in addressing social issues. Philanthropy Cloud provides the employees a network so that they can get involved in the noble act of giving, volunteering, and advocating for social issues.
  • Using Philanthropy Cloud is good for your business too. It helps your business by attracting new talents, keeping employees engaged and motivated, and building powerful customer relationships. It converts your business to employee-driven philanthropy. When the employees get involved with the causes, your business acquires a new position in the society. It helps your business to boost the social impact initiatives.
  • Philanthropy Cloud helps you increase employee morale and engagement. It enables employees of your business to manage the time they spent in giving and volunteering. Employees can also select and get matched with a nonprofit organization that is in need and fits their interests.
  • Using Philanthropy Cloud, you are able to manage and control corporate grants as per the causes. With pre-set or custom metrics, you can keep an eye on the progress. To fit the requirements and wishes of recipient nonprofit organizations, you can customize the disbursements.
  • With Philanthropy Cloud, organizations, employees, nonprofits, and end-users can work hand in hand. They are able to collaborate with each other for managing fundraising and volunteering campaigns. They can share their experiences and stories with each other, invite more donors and participants.
  • Using Philanthropy Cloud, a nonprofit organization can secure a position in the world’s largest database of nonprofits GuideStar. If a nonprofit organization in the US, which is active and non-revoked 501(c)(3) on GuideStar, it will get included in Philanthropy Cloud network automatically to receive help and donations. If a nonprofit organization is in Canada, data is sourced from the Canada Revenue Agency in a similar manner for verifying the charity registration status.
  • The Nonprofit Cloud from Salesforce.org is the one and only complete platform for nonprofit organizations. It provides you with a 360-degree view of your goal and mission. This platform has a community made up of over 30,000 trailblazers. This platform grants you the flexibility and potential of the world’s number #1 CRM Salesforce.


Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud helps employees connect to the causes and issues they care about. There are two types of Philanthropy Cloud: Philanthropy Cloud for companies and Philanthropy Could for nonprofits. Both have different features. Let us discuss their features one by one.

Features of Philanthropy Cloud for Companies

Employee Giving Campaigns

The new generation of employees entering your workforce value their purposes over paychecks. They care about their personal impact as well as their employer’s impact on their societies. To connect each of your employee’s passion to the right opportunities for giving back, Philanthropy Cloud offers you a platform. This corporate impact platform is designed for the new age of giving. It helps you smoothly conducting various employee giving campaigns. These campaigns provide your employees with the opportunities to volunteer, donate, and advocate for social issues they care for. With Philanthropy Cloud, you can welcome employee-driven philanthropy to your workplace.

Volunteer Organization and Tracking

Philanthropy Cloud helps your organization find and support causes or issues easily and in an impactful way. The donor organizations or employees create profiles on Philanthropy Cloud. This is followed by the selection of causes the organizations or employees care about the most. Next, the donors can make donations to the recipient organizations and schedule different volunteer programs. The employees can also connect with their teammates, colleagues, and friends in those giving and volunteering programs.

The platform also keeps track of all the activities of donors with the help of the artificial intelligence technology called ‘Salesforce Einstein’. The tracking facility helps the donors by suggesting them about recipient organizations and activities they might take interest in.

Cause Recommendation and Discovery

When donor organizations and employees join the corporate impact platform provided by Philanthropy Cloud, they might not have a clear idea about how to proceed. To help the donors in this case, the platform asks them to select the causes or issues they care for after the creation of profiles. Thus the platform gets to know the requirements of the donors. Again, the platform has the list of recipient organizations along with their requirements and wishes. The artificial intelligence technology of Salesforce.org ‘Salesforce Einstein’ matches the requirements of the donors to the requirements of the recipients. Thus, the platform recommends the donors causes or issues they can support. Moreover, Salesforce Einstein keeps an eye on the donors’ activities. After careful observation, this artificial intelligence also offers suggestions to the donors. In this way, donors can discover recipients to volunteer, give, and advocate for.

Grant Management

When a donor organization opts for Philanthropy Cloud, it gets an enormous amount of requests from its employees. It is not possible to fulfill everyone’s wish. However, the donor organization does not have to worry in this case. Philanthropy Cloud provides donor organizations with the solution for grant management. With pre-set or custom metrics, you can monitor the progress of your employee giving campaigns, fund disbursement, and so on.

Corporate Impact Assessment

With Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud, donor organization receives a platform for giving, volunteering, and advocating for the causes they care for. In this way, they have a corporate impact on the society. The platform keeps track of all the giving and volunteering activities performed by the donor organizations. When required, the donor organization can evaluate or assess their corporate impact on the society. The same is the case with the employees. They can also evaluate their personal impact on the platform. The Philanthropy cloud profiles of employees are transferable. This facility allows employees to carry the records of their philanthropy to their future opportunities.

Salesforce CRM Integration

With Salesforce CRM Integration, Philanthropy Cloud offers you all the features of a CRM system. A CRM refers to a long-term strategy of the way to engage loyal customers. With Salesforce CRM (the number #1 CRM in the World), you are able to collect, sort, and process customer data easily.

Features of Philanthropy Cloud for Nonprofits

Pledge Processing

A pledge refers to a promise to pay a particular amount over a specified period of time. When a donor decides to support the cause of a recipient, everything related to pledge processing is handled by Philanthropy Cloud. Both donors and recipients do not have to worry about any issues.

Nonprofit Portal

When a nonprofit organization registers itself with GuideStar, Philanthropy Cloud creates a nonprofit portal for the organization. In this way, the nonprofit organization can become a connected nonprofit. This platform provides the nonprofit with the power of Salesforce CRM.

Content Creation and Management

Using Philanthropy Cloud for nonprofits, nonprofit organizations can create their content on the platform. The platform also helps them in managing their content.

Salesforce CRM Integration

With Salesforce CRM Integration, Philanthropy Cloud for nonprofits offers the nonprofit organizations the powerful and flexible features of the world’s number #1 CRM Salesforce.


You can purchase Philanthropy Cloud through United Way. To get more information on pricing details or to get a quote, please contact the vendor here.

Technical Details

Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud supports desktops and laptops with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. You can also install its mobile applications on your smartphone or tablet. For this purpose, your mobile device should have an Android or iOS operating system. As indicated by its name, Philanthropy Cloud is deployed in the cloud. This application supports the English language. The customer types are small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises.

Support Details

If you have any queries related to Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud, you can visit the page http://www.salesforce.org/philanthropy-cloud/contact-us/. You should fill in the required details in the form and submit it. One of the representatives from United Way will get in touch with you as soon as possible. To stay up-to-date with the latest news, expert insights, and resources on Philanthropy Cloud, you can sign up for Salesforce.org communications here. Once you sign up for communications, you will receive notifications about webinars, events, and resources that are relevant to your role and industry. You can also follow Salesforce.org on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.


Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud provides a 360-degree view of an organization’s or an individual’s social impact footprint. It helps donors find the causes they care for the most and also to give back, volunteer, and advocate for the causes. Philanthropy Cloud requires very minimal configuration. It provides a few automated tools for reporting, personalized giving recommendations, and so on. Therefore, the employees of a business get more time to engage with the causes, to make their society a better place to live for everyone.