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Full Pervidi Environmental, Health and Safety Software Review – All you need to know about Pervidi

Pervidi Inspection Software

What is Pervidi?

Pervidi is an inspection software that is designed to be rich and robust. It is made to help you streamline and automate your inspection processes and to help you with audits as well as safety checks. This inspection software is designed to help you transform paper-based inspections to be digitized by letting you do all your inspections via your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

It was founded out of Techs4Biz which was a technological innovator that provided solutions for organizations like your to be able to manage all your resources, operations, services and even your safety activities. Pervidi launched in 1999 and became on of the first 4 inspection solutions that introduced doing inspections with a mobile platform. Today it can help you to a variety of very powerful things to help enhance your business. It has been proven to be successful as it has over 10000 users worldwide. Pervidie solutions is a very versatile and powerful application that is designed to be used on mobile devices for the workers who aren’t stuck to one location.

Pervidi solutions is very versatile and can be configured to suit your organizations needs. It is an ideal inspection software that has a platform that will suit most businesses and can be used for any industry. You can use Pervidi to help you adhere to all compliance regulations and prevail to industry standards without all the complications. This makes your organization of inspections highly achievable.

You can use Pervidi to help you organize inspections, schedule them and use the safety checks and audits to help you carry them out. In the end, it will help save you time and increase your profitability as you will not be wasting so much on paper-based processes.  Their approach is to adhere to your organization needs instead of your changing to suit theirs. The believe in creating an effective solution that will be proven to use best business processes that are tailored to your unique needs.

Pervidi professionals will help you to analyze your business processes and be objective about their recommendations. They will help you to see where there are critical business issues and help you to implement an appropriate solution that will, in the end, enable change that will benefit you both time and profit wise. They will be clear about what they can do that will advantageous to you and what issues you might encounter with a variety of technological solutions. They will also do their best to integrate their inspections software with your existing legacy systems.

The Benefits of Pervidi:

There are a variety of benefits that make Pervidi a preferred method of doing inspections. Here are a few of the highlighted ones for your consideration.

  • It is designed with the mobile worker in mind. This means that you can do your work from anywhere, anytime on any device. This will make the ability to do inspections and create reports so much easier for you.
  • Pervidi helps you to eliminate human errors by recognizing where these most common errors occur and making sure it won’t happen to you.
  • It is completely paperless cutting out the time spend to transfer paper-based inspection processes to internal computer databases.
  • You can print, email and even generate reports directly from the software without having to first download it onto a system.
  • There are over 1000 checklists that are already pre-made that you can utilize in your business. This will save you both time and money.
  • Each of their checklists come with multiple layers that can help you immensely. These layers include additional instructions, thresholds and where there are possible deficiencies.
  • By using Pervidi, you will have an inspection software that is customizable to suit your organization and workflow processes.
  • This inspection software can also help you to keep track of your assets by providing you information on their health and status.
  • Pervidi offers you the option to have it launched on either your own organizations server or in a cloud-based atmosphere.
  • It has offline capabilities that will update records automatically the minute you are re-connected to the internet.
  • They will work with you to create customized checklists that will help suit your inspectors means of use and your business practices.
  • It has a speech to text option making the ability to add additional notes so much simpler.
  • You can integrate pictures and mark on them for future references.
  • Bonus: It includes free software upgrades for as long as you have it.

Pervidi Inspection Software Features:

A software is only as good as it’s features. To find out if Pervidi is right for you, take a look at the features it comes with.

Have the tools needed to do the job.

Due to the fact that inspectors are often out in the field, they don’t always have the tools necessary to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Pervidi helps eliminate that problem by having all the tools available to you as long as you have a mobile device on hand. The intuitive mobile applications will help your inspectors to improve their field activity dramatically. Through the combination of web portals and software on a hand-held device, your inspectors can now do their jobs faster and more accurately.

Be able to do any type of Inspection while being compliant.

Pervidi inspection software will help your organization to be able to do any type of inspection that it needs to do. It will also see you through the audit process and even help with quality activities. You are able to easily use any template and customize it to meet whatever your requirements and regulations might be. It can be a point-solution for you to keep track of all regulatory requirements or it can be used to track competencies in multiple areas.

Automatically take corrective actions.

Through the ability to configure Pervidi, you can automatically create corrective actions that are based off of deficiencies that were recorded by your inspectors. All of these corrective actions can be automatically emailed to the correct user and it will include all the information needed to rectify those deficiencies.

Be proactive through the use of triggers and notifications.

Through Previdi, you can now send out notifications that are scheduled and organized. These notifications can include reports and email alerts. This is all done by your already established criteria. It will take out the need to remember everything that you need to do as it can remind everyone of their weekly meetings or overdue tasks.

Follow a deficiency life cycle to completion.

This inspection software will help you to track and complete all deficiency life cycles. It will help you accomplish this through alerts and management reporting. This will make sure that all deficiencies are addressed quickly and follows through to completion.

Improve overall productivity in your organization.

By using Pervidi software, you can considerably improve the productivity within in your organization. This will be done while helping you to reduce your operational costs. It achieves this by automating things like maintenance repairs or field service that needs to be done. As all data is accumulated through a device, you no longer have to waste papers, pens and pencils. The web portal will allow you to record data and view those reports without having to print them off. As a plus, Pervidi software is scalable to suit your organization despite its size.

Pricing Details of Pervidi.

There are 3 types of packages you can look into that come with a variety of costs.

Hosted/Cloud (SaaS)

This particular one is a monthly subscription that costs $99 USD per user per month. It is hosted in their data center that is secure. It comes with unlimited inspections, sites and assets.

Desktop (In House and Stand Alone)

This one has a one-time fee that allows you to install it right into your computers. It has an Annual Maintenance and support option that you choose to put on after the first year since the first year it’s mandatory to have. It will support any mobile device connected to the stand-alone computer. The cost of this one starts at $2995 USD. (Cost depends on customization)

In House Network

As with the desktop version, this one is also a one-time fee that is installed into your organizations network. It does come with the annual maintenance and support option, but again the first year is mandatory to have that. It supports all Android and iOS devices. The cost of this one starts at $9995.

Technical Details of Pervidi Software:

Due to the fact that it is designed for the mobile worker and to be used in and out of the field, it is compatible with every device. It can be used on any mobile device, any tablet and any operating system without issues. There is an app for it that can be downloaded onto your various devices making it easy to access.

The languages supported by Pervidi are predominantly English.

Pervidi Support Details:

Pervidi has some highly skilled and knowledgeable technical support staff that are available to help you out. Through their maintenance and support agreement you get unlimited access to this support.

  • Phone Support: It is a local number to call, but they are always willing to help.
  • Email Support: You can always email them with any issues you might be having.
  • Live Support: You have to have the maintenance and support agreement to access this one, but it puts you in touch with a technical expert via remote services.


This is a unique app that can be utilized easily. Pervidi software inspection solutions will ultimately save you both time and money as you can utilize it according to your specific needs and keep your workflow processes paperless.

You need to do some thorough homework in order to make sure you are getting the configuration that suits your business best though. Know with absolute certainty what you will utilize and what you won’t before you get your Pervidi software.

Ultimately, Pervidi comes highly recommended and it is award winning. Just make sure it is right for you before you utilize its fantastic mobile worker options.