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Full Perimeter 81 VPN Services Software Review – All You Need to Know About Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81
Perimeter 81

What is Perimeter 81?

Perimeter 81 is a highly secured VPN cyber security application that effectively protects sensitive data transfers across the internet. It provides an easy-to-use VPN management and monitoring features to keep track of user access and ensure that information are protected against online attacks.

The VPN software provides protection against the ever-changing threats in network security. Perimeter 81 prevents hackers from installing malicious files onto your computer by encasing your network with a quick and easy-to-setup firewall program. With the advancement of today’s technology, most people use their smartphones for work and requires a need to be consistently connected to a network. Most of the time, people go to coffee shops, malls, parks, and other places that provide Wi-Fi hotspots. Public networks are the usual playground for hackers and internet perpetrators. With Perimeter 81 VPN encryption capabilities, internet users no longer fear of connecting into public networks. Data transmissions are easily encrypted to ensure that no one is prying over to your sensitive information.

Perimeter 81

In addition to Perimeter 81’s VPN security benefits, it also allows internet users to experience a non-capped, unlimited bandwidth internet surfing. Perimeter 81 uses its own dedicated and public server locations to provide connections with reduced latency, unlimited bandwidth, and access to global data that are restricted in your region. With over 700 public servers in more than 36 sites, internet users can easily access global content with ease. Videos, music, movies, and other files on the internet can be blocked by the government and prevents any outsiders from accessing critical data. Perimeter 81 VPN solution masks your IP and renders it untraceable that allows internet users to access global data without any restrictions.

Perimeter 81 VPN solution is designed for start-up, small businesses, and large enterprises. Small-scale and start-up business can easily secure any cloud-based and internal resources with the software’s comprehensive and easy-to-use controls. Setting up VPN networks can be really frustrating and cumbersome. With Perimeter 81, IT managers can deploy high-speed, private servers with static IPs solely to manage the needs of the business. Network managers can easily monitor each team member’s network activity. Making it a very convenient tool in implementing protocols over network usage. Using the VPN management software, you can easily add members to your network, create user groups, and set up group-specific permissions on network and data access.

Perimeter 81 Benefits

Secures Information on Public Wi-Fi

Public networks are extremely convenient. It helps people stay connected with work, keeps you updated with the latest news, or lets you play online games to kill some time. However, connecting to public networks increases the chances of getting hacked. Online perpetrators can easily install malware on your devices even after leaving the network. Malware can gather personal information or banking information and transmits it to the hacker. You might end up a victim of phishing or identity theft. Perimeter 81 prevents it from happening by encrypting your IP and hides any activity that you do within a public network. It masks IPs and uses Perimeter 81’s IP addresses to ensure that your activity online is not being tracked. Additionally, the software detects any unsafe network and checks for any malicious scripts that are trying to gain access to your device. It blocks any download and sends a notification to the user regarding the prevented attack.

Keep Employee Visibility

Perimeter 81 is designed to track of network activity within the enterprise. Network administrators can easily check for website access by employees to ensure productivity. Website access unrelated to the business can be easily blocked to make sure that members of the team stay focused on tasks at hand. Additionally, it also grants access for team members that travel a lot. Perimeter 81 allows the application to add more devices and users on the network regardless of their location. Network administrators can also check privileges and website access to team members that are outside of the four corners of the office. It promotes visibility to all members of the team.

Reduced Latency

Although not everything can be blamed on your internet service provider (ISP). There are some other ways to increase the speed of your internet and reduce its latency. Perimeter 81 provides a solution by allowing internet users to change the location of their server. Latency is being measured by how fast light travels from the sender to the receiver. All computer networks possess an inherent amount of latency and there are factors that may cause changes to it. If the server is quite far from you, chances are your internet is going to be slow and applications end up unresponsive. Perimeter 81 allows you to do a lot of things like choosing a server with the least number of concurrent users, nearest server to your location, and any other options. The VPN software ensures optimal speeds by allowing users to choose any physical or virtual servers to improve connection and reduce latencies.

Perimeter 81

User-Friendly Interface Applications

Perimeter 81 understands the importance of having an easy-to-use user interface for an application. The application’s UI and UX are designed to help application users get started on tasks without having problems in navigating the application’s interface and functions. It promotes work efficiency that would later result in better performance. Perimeter 81’s user interface and command tools are effectively organized to enhance in-app navigation and for a better view of information.

Aside from the stunning user interface, Perimeter 81 also simplifies tasks by automating setup and configurations. One of the many problems faced by network administrators is the complexity of setting up firewalls and user access. With Perimeter 81, setting up networks can be done with just a simple click of a button. Whether you choose to have a static or dynamic IP, setting up user access individually or by the group, everything can be done with just a few clicks. Application users can utilize automatic setup or manual setup. It allows network administrators to get done with their tasks fast and saves more time for other important jobs.  

Access Global Information

Perimeter 81 allows global access to files, videos, music, and any important information under the sun. Since the VPN software masks IP addresses, application users are no longer associated with a specific region. Internet users will be using Perimeter 81’s IP addresses. It is guaranteed secure and allows internet users to access region-locked files that are inaccessible using your default internet service provider. Perimeter 81 has over 700 public servers scattered around more than 36 locations globally. Internet users can easily pick one of these servers and connect to region-locked information with ease. It is the same principle applied to popular sites like Facebook and YouTube. The VPN application can easily bypass these restrictions and allows connectivity that is unhindered and unfiltered.

Perimeter 81


Perimeter 81 Features

Unlimited Data Control

Perimeter 81 removes any restrictions to use of data. Internet Service Providers generally control data usage by setting a data cap. Not everyone has the same need for data consumption. In most cases, businesses require more data and it cannot be accomplished because of the limits on data usage. Perimeter 81 allows internet users to gain full control of their data usage by providing unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data, and unrestricted access. You can gain access to all information, videos, music, movies, files, and any other relevant data across the cyber world. Unlimited data usage makes streaming much convenient and enjoyable. No more buffering moments and any lags on video or movie streaming.

VPN Server Monitoring and Management

Monitoring firewalls and traffic can be a bit of a hassle. Perimeter 81 makes it all easy by automating processes in managing and monitoring the network. For large scale enterprises with multiple networks, managing large volume of teams can open risks of network mismanagement which would also point out to ineffective and time-consuming practices. Additionally, Perimeter 81 allows network administrators to grant specific users access to protected data. This ensures security over protected resources and prevents any risk of security breach. The VPN management feature includes a centralized management hub that handles access to network resources and cloud applications as well as provides full visibility to user’s activity.

Audit and Activity Reports

Perimeter 81 is specifically designed for the business that requires frequent performance and activity audits. Perimeter 81 provides a comprehensive dashboard that displays all network activity including all users within the network. The VPN application allows network administrators to manually add or delete users on the network, create groups and configure access priorities and privileges. The application traces all activity in a record log to keep business owners updated on the latest progress. It also helps determine inefficiencies by reducing instances of procrastination by preventing access on certain sites and shows online time. Business owners can make sure that their employees are actually doing work rather than laughing and drooling over kitten pictures on the internet.

Perimeter 81

Scalable Software Framework

Perimeter 81 is highly flexible and relatively easy to set up for growing companies. The VPN software provides network management features that scale with your business. Some VPN applications may only work for a couple of devices or concurrent users. Perimeter 81 provides cloud-based and on-premise deployments that will serve your company best for years to come regardless of the company’s size. Perimeter 81’s Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) transcends the traditional VPN services. An SDP architecture enables automatic server deployment and allows network administrators to whitelist them to the cloud environment and SaaS services. Since it is a service based on cloud, it nullifies geo-restrictions and allows users to connect to the network anywhere and anytime.

Automatic Wi-Fi Security

In any instances that your mobile device is connected to an unknown and unsecured network, Perimeter 81 automatically shuts down any attempt to infiltrate your device and steal sensitive information. Perimeter 81’s Automatic Wi-Fi Protection feature is a patent-pending network security feature that instantly activates on your devices any time you connect to an unsafe public network. This feature utilizes a highly sophisticated 256-bit AES data security encryption method to ensure that your internet traffic is completely secure. This method is being practiced mostly by banks and military operations. It is highly secured and it would take literally a thousand year even for the best of hackers to infiltrate and steal you critical and sensitive information. Perimeter 81’s Automatic Wi-Fi protection provides a 360° holistic data security to keep the frontlines, back, and side alleys protected from any attacks. This feature ensures that your email messages, banking information, user logins, and passwords will be kept hidden under the radar.

Seamless MDM/EMM Integrations

Perimeter 81 supports EMM and MDM integrations and allows the software features to be combined with other existing network security applications such as MobileIron, AirWatch, and more. The VPN software understands the need to collaborate with other existing technologies. For business owners that have already established a security protocol, Perimeter 81 can enhance it using its technically advanced network management and security features. This leads to fast and easy deployments with a number of applications that works best with the software.

Perimeter 81

Pricing Details

Perimeter 81 offers subscription plans in two options depending on the features needed and the size of the business venture.

Business Subscription plans start at $10 per month with highly innovate features such as:

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Shared Servers in 35 locations
  • Automated Wi-Fi Security
  • Compatible and User-Friendly Apps
  • Unlimited Data Use
  • Quick and Convenient Network Setup
  • Single Sign-On Options
  • Cloud Management Capabilities
  • Role and User Management
  • VPN Server Setup and Deployment Controls
  • Audit and Activity Reports
  • 24/7 Tech Support

Enterprise Subscription pricing information can only be requested through quote-only basis. Interested parties may have to contact the provider for a much detailed information. It contains all of Business Subscription features including:

  • Advanced Configurations
  • VPN Server Monitoring  and Management
  • Activity API

Perimeter 81

Technical Details

Perimeter 81 can be installed on desktop and computers utilizing operating systems such as:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux

Mobile applications can be downloaded on both iOS and Android supported devices.

Support Details

Interested parties may contact Perimeter 81’s support by sending a support ticket. For general inquiries, you may send a support message through their website.