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Full Perfect Gym Club Management Software – All You Need To Know About Perfect Gym

Perfect Gym

As more people become aware of the health risks associated with sedentary lifestyles, they are opting to exercise more frequently and this has led to the growth of the fitness industry.

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According to The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association released in 2017, 162.1 million people visited 201,000 clubs globally resulting in $83.1 billion revenue. $27.6 billion of the revenue came from the US which has 36,540 fitness clubs and 57.2 million.

As much as the industry is growing, the competition is stiff as every fitness professional wants a piece of the cake. People have a plethora of options to choose from, therefore the professionals must keep up with the industry trends in order to satisfy their members and attract more clients.

Trends like group training, bodyweight training, strength training, and use of technology (like streaming) are projected to dominate the industry for a while.

Therefore, anyone in the fitness business need to leverage on technology to offer the best services to their clients.

Thankfully, club management software has made it easier both for businesses and their clients to leverage on technology to ensure they keep fit, stay healthy, and in an organized and efficient way.

What is Perfect Gym

Perfect Gym

Perfect Gym is an all-in-one club management platform owned by Perfect Gym Solutions. The software solution has over 20 innovative features that are aimed at helping fitness professionals measure, develop, and achieve their business goals.

Perfect Gym is ideal for the management of different types of fitness facilities like fitness clubs, swim schools, trampoline parks, physiotherapy studios and yoga studios.

Perfect Gym Solutions is privately held company founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland.

The company has other offices in New York, Moscow, Melbourne, Madrid, Stockholm, and Mumbai. It boasts of over 2 million clients in more than 1,000 fitness clubs in at least 35 countries.


Perfect Gym

All-in-one platform

Perfect-gym offers users all the necessary tools required to manage a club. Users can manage several aspects of a fitness club without necessarily integrating a 3rd party solution. The solution has features to manage members, employees, sales, marketing, revenue, business strategies and hardware integrations.

Accelerates business growth

The solution has lead generation features that can track a customer from first point of contact and all through the sale process. If a lead is not converted to a client on the first contact, there are tools that the sales team can use to make follow-ups. It also offers club staff useful information that can be analyzed and utilized to increase engagement with clients thus improving retention rates. Additionally, the software has smart marketing features that use machine learning to study clients’ behavior. The reports can be used to develop specific campaigns to specific individuals that increasing sales.


The solution has automation capabilities that reduces the pressure on staff and also gives clients convenience. Clients can do a lot of things on their own like registration, bookings, and making payments. This increases client satisfaction as it saves time, maintains quality and consistency. Perfect Gym’s automation also enhances metric visibility, reduces turnaround times, reduces costs, improves operation efficiency, governance and reliability. Automated marketing activities, like smart promotions, also contribute to business growth.

White labeling

Perfect Gym’s customizable mobile app has great features that enhance customer engagement and retention. Club owners can set up challenges and ranking systems via the app that can keep members motivated, competitive and engaged. The management can also gather a lot of feedback from the clients through the app and act on them accordingly.

Universal support

The company also has a comprehensive support system that ensures that any problem that arises is solved immediately. The support team offers services like free account maintenance, daily payouts, refund and complaint processing. They can be reached via several channels like email, social media, and telephone.


Perfect Gym can be integrated with a number company’s hardware and other 3rd party equipment like turnstiles, facial recognition, biometric entrance, and RFID and barcode access systems in order to ease day-to-day workflow. It can also work with other fitness apps like VirtuaGym for more benefits.


Perfect Gym

Real time CRM

Perfect Gym has a real-time customer relationship manager (CRM) tool that can help club managers to convert potential leads into paying customers through sophisticated lead generation features. The CRM tool allows managers to assign leads to sales representatives and has a dashboard from which one can easily see which marketing campaigns are generating the most leads. Additionally, it has lead follow-up tools that enable the sales team to make phone calls, appointment re-booking, and meetings. Once a client is acquired, the tool enables managers to monitor customer’s entire journey. From this, one can tell at which point of the sales funnel do most of the drop-offs happen and adjust accordingly. It also makes rewarding the sale team easy as all the earned commissions can be automatically calculated.

Point of Sale

Perfect Gym also has a user-friendly point of sale (POS) feature that can be easily integrated with a number of hardware within a fitness facility. The tool allows for integration of identification gadgets, credit card readers, receipt printers, and other hardware needed in client registration process hence making it easy and fast. The POS can also be used for 24-hour management of the access control permissions for club members like attendance, sessions, class bookings, access to facilities within the club. The club manager or staff can further use the feature to create notes about individual clients that need to be taken into account and be share among the staff. Additionally, it can ease the process of managing product inventory.

Club Management tool

This is a customizable feature that can be adjusted to meet a business’ specific needs in order to allow managers run nearly all their management tasks right from the platform. Perfect Gym has an interactive dashboard that gives the managers useful insights from over 160 reports with regards to sales, marketing and membership management. All member’s information – like account details, payment history, attendance, and notes – can be found in one place thus making it easy to know and meet a client’s needs efficiently. Additionally, the tool can be used to track revenue from different sections of the club and also manage employees’ operations like access, schedules, and commissions. Staff can further use the feature to process payments manage schedules.

White label mobile application

This feature can be branded with a club’s unique logo and colors. The app can increase customer loyalty and retention by allowing clients to know and book available classes right from their mobile phones and tablets. It can also be integrated with a workout tracking tool in order to monitor a client’s progress. Challenges and challenge ranking systems created in the app can also be accessed by all members of the club thus keeping them motivated and competitive. The club can use the app to notify clients about available deals that a relevant to each individual with the help of the Perfect Gym’s Business Intelligence tool that analyses information like member preferences and workout history. This not only increases revenue through items and services sold but also overall customer experience as the clients only get notified about what matters to them. The mobile app can also be used as a check-in tool and progress tracker by club members. The app is also a great marketing tool as members can refer friends by sending them guest passes and update their workout progress on Facebook and other platforms. Lastly, the app is a great way to gather useful feedback from clients as they can rate confidentially their trainers, classes and their experience at the facility. Management can then act based on the feedback to offer better service, acquire more clients and retain existing ones.

Client Portal

This Perfect Gym feature gives members full control of their membership as they can register, book facilities and personal trainings, make payments and redeem discounts from whatever device. Clients can also use the portal to update their account information, and billing details without having to physically got to the club to do it. Clients can also use the tool to sign up family members under the account.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Perfect Gym uses machine learning to study the clients’ behavior, analyze and: create sales predictions based on past sales results; recommend relevant products and promotions to clients depending on established correlations between the clients’ purchases and behavior; and establish important forecasts like retention rates and attendance. The BI tool also helps the club management to establish which products and services generate revenue and which ones do not; one can also tell which client demographic generates more revenue. It can also help to optimize class schedules by recommending what to schedule when base on members’ attendance trends and behavior.

Marketing and automation

This feature greatly increases retention rates and client engagement as it makes several processes smooth. This feature can be used to develop automated marketing campaigns that send messages to clients about new products, offers, and even motivational emails to those who do not frequent the fitness facility. It can also be used to send group or personalized alerts, newsletters, coupons, vouchers, and reminders to clients.

Self-service Kiosk

This lets members register accounts and carry out membership tasks such as account details update, bookings, payments, and redeeming offers. The kiosk can also be used to collect digital signatures, send/receive confirmation notifications.


This feature has globally-recognized simple, secure and innovative solutions. Express transaction module makes payment information to be displayed in real-time thus leading to fast activations. The company has deals with several payment providers that make it convenient for clients to make their payments in a number of ways like online payments, recurring payments from subscriptions, credit-card transactions, international transfers, and phone payments.


This enables linking of the software to the company’s hardware and other 3rd party equipment like turnstiles, facial recognition, biometric entrance, and RFID and barcode access systems in order to ease day-to-day workflow. Perfect Gym can also be linked to popular 3rd party fitness apps like VirtuaGym, Club Planner, and FunXtion.


Perfect Gym

Perfect Gym has a dynamic pricing system with a free demo option for potential clients.

If one is satisfied with the demo, they can opt for monthly or annual subscriptions that come in three different packages and rates: studio for €99 per club monthly, club for €299 per club monthly, and business for €399 per club monthly.

The business package has extra features that are not available in the other two packages like Employees Commission Management, Corporate Portal and API Access.

Other than the three packages, one can also opt for a custom plan that meets their business needs. The tools available for custom plans can either be added to the standard packages or picked independently.

The tools are: Members Portal, Kiosk Application, CRM, Whitelabel Mobile App, Loyalty Program, Business Intelligence, Facility Booking, Courses, Premium Support. Their prices range from €49 to €499 per month.

Technical Details

  • Perfect Gym supports Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and web-based operating systems
  • The software solution is available in English, Chinese, Russian, and Polish
  • It is scalable to fit any size of business size – small, medium or large
  • It can either be deployed via cloud hosting or Open API.

Support Details

Perfect Gym has:

  • A support email address
  • Phone numbers that potential clients and existing customers can use to reach them published on the company website.
  • There is also live support plugin on the website that let clients get near real-time response from the support team.
  • Additionally, the company produces educational videos, compiles FAQs and publishes informative articles on the its blog for users who seek to know how the software works.
  • The website supports 9 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Finnish, Polish, Swedish, Russian, and Japanese.
  • There is also a dedicated support team that deals with payments. The team offers a 24/7 universal support that entails free account maintenance, daily payouts, refund and complaint processing.
  • Interested entities can also visit the company’s offices in Warsaw, New York, Moscow, Melbourne, Madrid, Stockholm, and Mumbai.
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