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Full PDFelement Document Creation Software Review – All You Need to Know About PDFelement


PDF documents usually come in read-only files. Lots of data that come through businesses are generally in PDF format. As a result of this, there may be the need to make adjustments to this forms.

Having the freedom to adjust your forms improves your workflow and saves you lots of time. Hence, companies need a tool that would make them edit PDF files and also convert them to a format they need.

One of the leading tools that help in doing this is called PDFelement. The tool gives you the capacity to edit the text in PDF files, mark up documents via highlighting, writing and drawing pop-up notes. It also lets you reorder pages and create PDF forms. With the aid of a scanner, it will also aid you in creating PDFs via paper documents.

In this article, we shall be taking a closer look at PDFelement, what it does, how to use it and if it would be an excellent fit for your organization. First, let us take a look at what PDFelement is all about.

What is PDFelement?

PDFelement is a system for editing PDF which is quite powerful but extremely easy to use. It allows you to create files and keep them organized and secure. Because of its fully featured modules, flexible pricing and fantastic performance, it is the top choice for lots of well-known organizations.

The solution was created with usability in mind. What this means is that it offers users complete control over their PDF content. It also provides a suite which offers an almost infinite possibility of transformation. Nonetheless, customization is not the only significant part of the PDFelement.

It also does well with intelligent technology as it lets users perform all the modifications they want. It is done without having an impact on your document formatting style. The interface is straightforward and depends on easy, yet thoroughly optimized UX designs.

The PDFelement 6 version which was released recently aids little and medium organizations redefine their workflows further. It also provides a design which is more streamlined and a host of leading features which consist of automated form data extraction and form recognition.

Users can now create and edit appealing forms with just a click as they now get a collection of ready to use templates. The text editor facilitates smart paragraph recognition which matches various styles and fonts. Better still, data can be exported easily in any format users desire.

It would make an excellent choice for teams bothered about the safety of their confidential corporate data. PDFelement goes past standard protection by providing 256-bit AES password encryption to safeguard PDF files. It also allows users redact texts, develop and manage virtual signatures.

Overview of PDFelement Benefits

Below are some of the benefits PDFelement offers your business. They include:

Robust Optical Character Recognition and Editing

PDFelement gives users complete control of PDF files. They have the capacity to make adjustments to anything which range from styles to fonts without having an impact on the original document format. The major benefit here is that users are able to edit scanned files.

It is possible by using the optical character recognition of the system. It makes documents selectable and searchable in over 20 languages. For fixing small typos and mistakes, there is also spellcheck available. It also supports the automatic adjustments of text the instant a line/paragraph is changed.

Developing and Merging PDF files

PDFelement aided in solving a huge issue in the industry for document management. It makes it possible to transform more than 300 file formats into professional looking PDFs.

Even better, it lets you combine entire files and rearrange pages irrespective of the original setting. It also offers PDF creation in batches and triggers a convenient and easy method of indexing to aid you in organizing files.

Complete text editing

PDFelement has one of the easiest and seamless text editors. Asides from preparing content how you require, it helps in fixing your offline documents which makes sure you don’t destroy the original layout of the file.

t also ensures you don’t lose all your formatting. Users also can change lines, words or complete paragraphs with the intelligent paragraph recognition technology of the solution.

Typos are noted and sorted instantly using the spell check feature. Also, by default, the font and style of your original document are not tampered with.


  • Users have complained that it is not too user-friendly and it could be easier
  • The form making functionality could be less difficult to make use of. It is not easy to get the lines of the form properly lined up with the remainder of the document
  • How to change the location of saving your documents is not obvious
  • There should be better markup tools for architectural plans provided in PDF format
  • There are not adequate instructions showing the function some tools perform. It requires lots of time using these tools and finding out what they do, which not everyone might have.

PDFelement Features

Great design

An overhauled design ensures you have fun while working on documents. It has a great look and offers a fantastic seamless user experience. It also allows for the production of enhanced results with improved icons, colors, and typography. These minimize eyestrain for lengthy editing and reading.

Commenting and Reviewing

PDFelement is ideal for teams as opposed to individuals. It is, for this reason, it provides a collection of features for collaboration. It is quite easy to make comments, highlight and mark documents.

Also, users can add annotations, stamps and standard sets of arrows and shapes to make documents stand out. It will assist your team in understanding how to move further.


PDFelement offers you the opportunity to make your form using text fields, buttons, and checkboxes. It also ensures you will have a list of already made templates available to aid in the process. Also, this system will ensure it is possible to transform a scanned document into fillable and operable files. You can then export these files in any format you desire.

Amazing security

PDFelement is one of the management systems available with excellent protection. It lets you store and share content without having to worry it will fall into unauthorized hands.

What this means is you will have the capacity to develop and manage your signatures and allocate various permissions to users. You will also be able to utilize 256-bit AES encryption for your passwords and erase confidential texts to ascertain privacy.

Extracting and transforming PDF documents

Using PDFelement, you have unlimited conversion possibilities. All your files can become images, HTML, Microsoft docs and a host of others with ease. If you desire, you can divide the data into smaller documents with diverse formats. It also allows you to extract them to a location which is convenient and converting in batches won’t be a problem as well.

Export Form Data into Excel

The intelligent form automation offered by PDFelement makes the extraction of data accurate, seamless and efficient in just a click. It does not require any complex coding or Javascript. Users can also extract data from numerous interactive forms filled by their customers into an Excel.CSV spreadsheet in a matter of seconds.

Development of PDF forms which are easily fillable

The automated form recognition technology PDFelement provides lets organizations improve productivity. It also transforms their deals with appealing forms and helps saves time which in turns eradicates all paperwork.

You can convert any non-fillable form you have developed in Excel, word and other applications in an editable form with just one click. Better still, PDFelement lets you add all the boxes, buttons and fields you desire. You can equally develop a new form using some of their appealing templates.

Sending out data from scanned PDFs

This is a significant step further when it comes to automation technology. Users of PDFelement will have the capacity to utilize OCR technology to eradicate manual work. It also aids in analyzing the data from their files at their original look.

You can easily extract all custom filed data on your scanned invoices or forms. You can trigger the same extraction rules can be triggered for all PDF files that have the same layout.

Overview of some other PDFelement Features

  • Robust Editing
  • Merge PDF from Multiple Files
  • Text Autofit
  • Create PDF from Files
  • Batch Convert
  • Batch PDF Creation
  • Bates Numbering
  • Secure and Sign PDF Files
  • Add Watermarks, Backgrounds, Headers, and Footers
  • Password Protection
  • Annotations and Comments
  • Convert PDFs
  • User Permission
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Spell Check
  • Split PDFs
  • Extract Page
  • Redaction
  • Markup
  • Fillable Forms
  • Edit Paper Forms
  • Intelligent Paragraph Recognition
  • Data Extraction from digital and scanned PDFs
  • Customized Form Extraction
  • One-click Form Creation
  • Automatic Form Recognition
  • Ready-to-use Templates
  • Match Fonts and Style
  • Form Data
  • Annual Product Updates
  • Free Customer Support
  • Custom Fields
  • File Size Optimization

PDFelement Pricing

PDFelement provides plans based on the operating system of your desktop. The number of PCs you plan on implementing the system is also a consideration. Users may first try to use the free trail PDFelement provides for their professional and personal edition. Although the free trial does not have any date for expiration, there are specific limitations when it comes to premium features.

Users get a money back guarantee of 30-days, constant product development, and free customer support. Below are the pricing options you can select from.

For windows

  • 1 PC comes with a price tag of $89.95
  • 2-10 PCs – begins at a price tag of $169.11 for 2 Laptops
  • 11-20 PCs – starts at $890.51 for 11 Laptops
  • Over 20 PCs – For more than 20 Pcs, you will need to reach out to the vendor to get a quote

For Mac

  • 1 Mac comes with a price tag of $99.95
  • 2-10 Macs – begins at a price tag of $187.91 for 2 Macs
  • 11-20 Macs – begins at $890.51 for 11 Macs
  • Over 20 Macs – For more than 20 Macs, you will need to reach out to the vendor to get a quote

Technical details

The Devices Supported consist of:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android

Language Support comes in:

  • English
  • Dutch

Pricing Model could either be:

  • Quote-based
  • One-time payment

Customer Types range from:

  • Small Business
  • Freelancers
  • Medium Business

Support Details

PDFelement offers support via Training or Email.

How does it work?

Making use of this solution for operations related to PDF is quite easy. If this is your first time using this solution, you will be directed to the home window where you will view various options in bold button.

The first has to do with editing PDF, which is the core job of this software. Once you click on the button, you will be asked to open a file in PDF format. When you do this, the file will open in a new edit window where you will see various options for adding links, images, and texts. For editing, you will be able to select between Paragraph or Line mode.

In the event you need to change your PDF files into other formats, all you need to do is click the convert PDF button located on the home screen. It will urge you to open a PDF file which will come after the selection of location and output file. From a collection of file formats, select one and click on the save button. Based on the size of the file, you will be able to save the output.

If you desire to do the opposite, like change a file to PDF, you will be offered an option on the home screen dedicated to that. Just select the option tagged “Create PDF,” choose the input file, and you are great to go. For the combination of PDFs and carrying out batch operations like documents conversions and, there are dedicated options available.

Wrap Up

A PDF is the closest to a paper you will see on your computer. It is an excellent choice for training manuals, official forms, and academic documents. But PDFelement gives you more functionalities than just reading PDF documents.

It allows you to edit a file with ease or change it to an Excel or Word document. Here, you can edit it with apps you know how to use. It allows you to develop new PDFs from any computer document or paper. You can even generate a form for your customers to fill in by transforming a document from Microsoft office or a paper form.

This solution is quite versatile and has an intuitive interface. If PDF files are a core aspect of your business, then this solution is undoubtedly an excellent choice for you. It comes with a host of beneficial features and is quite easy to use.