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Full PaySimple Accounts Receivable Review – All you need to know about PaySimple Accounts Receivable

PaySimple Accounts Receivable Main

PaySimple is cloud-based accounts receivable software geared towards small businesses. PaySimple simplifies the accounts receivable process giving business owners more time to actually run their business.

What is PaySimple Accounts Receivable?

With PaySimple, users can accept payments, send bills to customers, keep track of customer details, and even set up recurring payment systems. These features are customizable and don’t require any professional knowledge to use. Overall PaySimple is user-friendly and lends itself to increased productivity in your business. It comes with several features which will save business owners time such as the ability to set up recurring billing schedules, and the ability to set up appointment bookings.

PaySimple Benefits

  • Informative Dashboard: PaySimple’s dashboard gives users an overview of their business, providing information on paid, overdue, and pending invoices. In addition, customer information can be viewed.
  • Accept Online Payments: Business’ can use this accounts receivable software to accept payments online. A portal can be set up which customers can pay through. Payments can be accepted with credit cards, debit cards, and ACH e-checks.
  • Calendar for organization: Use the calendar application to view all appointments for staff, to assign personal time, and to define lead dates. You can also send automatic reminders and follow-ups to clients about appointments.
  • Email Marketing: Stay in touch with your customers with the email integration provided with PaySimple. For instance, with the MailChimp integration, well designed campaings can be easily launched.
  • Accept ACH Payments: Businesses can save time on processing paper checks and accept ACH payments easily.
  • Quickbooks Online Integration: The fact remains that Quickbooks is an industry leader in accounts receivable software. Integrating Quickbooks Online with PaySimple gives users access to Quickbooks’ desired features and to PaySimple’s innovative features such as digital storefronts. Data is synced in real-time and safeguards are in place to prevent bad or duplicate data.

PaySimple Accounts Receivable Features

With PaySimple, small business owners can easily begin using the software because of its intuitive design. Here are the main features that make doing accounts a breeze for small businesses using this accounts receivable software.

Accept Payments Online And In-person

PaySimple Accounts Receivable Accept Online Payments

Using PaySimple means that you give your customers several flexible payment options which make it convenient for them to pay for goods and services offered. Providing this facility also increases the chances that customers will pay bills on time.

With this accounts receivable solution, you can accept payments online 24/7. This is essential in today’s world and completely necessary if you’re running an ecommerce business. There are several online storefront templates to choose from and embeddable solutions such as Buy Now buttons which can be added to your website.

Payments can also be collected on the go with the PaySimple mobile app. If you already have a mobile app that your business currently uses, then PaySimple AppConnect can integrate your current app with PaySimple.

In addition, PaySimple offers a useful point of sale solution which allows customers to easily make transactions in-person, by phone, or with a billing schedule. Each order and payment can then be linked to a customer record. This allows customers to subsequently login online or call to pay with an account on file.

PaySimple Mobile

PaySimple’s mobile app doesn’t just allow your business too accept payments. It also lets businesses accept and update customer information. Additionally, the services your business offers can be managed from the mobile app, and all reports and dashboards can be viewed.

You will also be pleased to know that PaySimple’s mobile and web apps are synced, which means that the same data is available whether you’re handling business activities from your phone or from the web.

Online Customer Management

PaySimple facilitates the combination of payments data with customer records which can lead to the discovery of growth opportunities.

Customer follow-ups can be automated. Automated receipts, appoints, and more can be setup. All customer information is kept secure thanks to PaySimple’s PCI-compliant customer management platform.

Another plus is the ability for customers to access their records via the Client Portal. Here Invoices and bills that need to be paid can be viewed. In addition, account payment preferences can be updated.

Contact information, payment information, and communications from all of a business’ customers can be retrieved either individually or grouped together under dashboards.

Customer insights are provided, giving concrete information on a business’ best customers. This can be an indication of which customers are the best, which gives clues as to where to focus your time as a business.

Businesses using Paysimple will also have the ability to access all of their customer accounts to send receipts, notifications for purchases, failed transactions, and credit cards which are not updated.

Get Real Time Business Insights

PaySimple Accounts Receivable Business Insights

Data from your transactions, appointments, and customers is stored and displayed so that it can be used to help make business decisions. Moreover, data from PaySimlple is displayed so that it is easy to understand by the end-user. Trends are uncovered, showing the areas where your business should capitalize on.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow is extremely important to small businesses and it’s something that should be monitored constantly in order to ensure the health of a business. PaySimple helps users keep close track of received, and outstanding payments to facilitate effective cash flow management. You can also access payment statuses in real-time. This ultimately leads to businesses getting paid more quickly since they are immediately aware when a payment is overdue, or if it failed for some reason.

Powerful Integrations

PaySimple Accounts Receivable Integrations

PaySimple is powerful in it’s own right. However, there are several integrations/apps available which can add useful functionality to this accounts receivable software. Customer and payment data can be used to improve the effectiveness of how you do business, leading to business growth in the long run.

For instance, a MailChimp email marketing integration is available among many other integrations. By accessing your customer database with the MailChimp integration, you can easily reach out to customers when it’s necessary.

Handle Multi-Location and Franchise Businesses

PaySimple saves you time and money by allowing you to manage payments and billing across multiple locations in a singe location. PaySimple’s platform lets businesses collect payments through digital storefronts, in-person with point of sale, and through the mobile application in all of their locations.

Manage Taxes and Fees

You can manage taxes and fees with PaySimple, adding them to any item so that they can be assessed at checkout both in the case of ecommerce and point of sale transactions.

Let Customers Book Appointments

PaySimple Accounts Receivable Appointments

This accounts receivable software is also great for setting up appointments. Appointment times, the corresponding staff member, and customer information can be added to an appointment schedule. After setting up an appointment, both the staff member, and the customer will receive a confirmation email.

Send Professional Electronic Invoices

PaySimple also enables owners to send professional email invoices with click to pay buttons, recurring billing can be set up as well. Businesses using PaySimple will always know the status of an invoice thanks to the real-time tracking feature which shows if an invoice has been paid or not.


Pricing for PaySimple is straightforward. There is a free trial and if you’re satisfied you can opt for the PaySimple Pro plan or the PaySimple Enterprise Plan.

PaySimple Pro Plan

The PaySimple Pro plan is priced at $49.45/mo and offers the following feature set:

  • Credit Card Processing as low as 2.39% + 29¢
  • ACH / eCheck Processing – Flat 55¢ / each
  • Payment Acceptance
  • Customer Data Management
  • Billing Automation
  • Payment Vault & PCI Compliance
  • Free Mobile App
  • BookSimple integration
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Recurring Payment Schedules
  • Unlimited Payment & Appointment Reminders
  • Unlimited Branded Online Payment Forms
  • Unlimited Users

PaySimple Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is priced at $99.95/mo and offers the following features:

  • All PaySimple Pro Plan features, plus:
  • High Volume Discount
  • API Development Key
  • Multiple Account / Locations
  • Customer Adoption Materials
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Existing Merchant Account Integration

Technical Details

PaySimple has a web app, Android, and iOS apps. All data is synced to the cloud and can be accessed from multiple devices. It’s only available in English at the moment. An API is available for developers to use with their software and apps as well.

There is lots of documentation provided for developers who wish to integrate PaySimple’s functionality into their applications which reduces the difficult of effectively using PaySimple across many platforms. PCI compliant payment integrations are also supported.

Support Details

PaySimple provides a vast knowledge base, providing users information on a variety of topics ranging from How do I get Started? to How do I Refund a Payment. Additionally, there is a list of FAQs, providing lots of information on commonly asked questions such as What are the main differences between PaySimple and other payment processors and What exactly is Recurring Billing?.

A large collection of resources is also provided specifically for small businesses. The information provided is meant to empower small businesses by providing them with information essential to running such a business.

For instance resources on accepting payments, and credit cards available. Guides with insights intended to help your small business grow and thrive are also provided, in addition to informative webinars, helpful downloads, demo videos and customer stories.


PaySimple simplifies the accounts receivable process for small businesses. Freelancers would also find this software useful. With PaySimple you will get real time business insights, features for managing business cash flow, access to powerful integrations, the ability to manage the accounts receivable needs of multi-location businesses, tax management features, appointment booking capabilities, and the ability to send professional looking electronic invoices. Mobile apps are available for PaySimple which means that you can manage your businesses accounts receivable needs even when you’re on the go.

Moreover, PaySimple lets you accept payments online or in person using their point of sale solution which is quite useful for doing business on the go.

Using PaySimple, given the feature set provided, can potentially save businesses a significant amount of time which will ultimately result in growth.