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Full Passageways OnSemble review Collaboration Software – all you need to know about Passageways OnSemble Collaboration Software

OnSemble Employee Intranet Software
OnSemble Employee Intranet Software

What is Passageways OnSemble?

Passageways OnSemble is an intranet platform designed and developed for the employees of Small, medium, or large businesses with a varied number of departments. OnSemble does not require coding and offers a simple drag-and-drop interface. With a plethora of attractive features, Passageways OnSemble is a collaboration platform with an unlimited amount of possibilities. Using OnSemble, you are able to improve communication and collaboration among your team members. The aim of OnSemble is the strong engagement of employees with their managers and co-workers. With OnSemble, you are able to serve your customers in an enhanced way.

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Passageways OnSemble offers an always-connected hub in which employees can chat with other members of the team, keep track of their goals, discover the latest news about the business, and many more. Thus, Passageways OnSemble helps you to collaborate from anywhere on any device. Passageways OnSemble makes your team more productive.

Passageways OnSemble makes the onboarding process of new employees very simple. This software remembers all the procedures followed in the team or all the documents possessed by the team. Passageways OnSemble is always ready for making new employees feel right at home by providing them all the required information and documentation.

Everyone can create beautiful pages with the help of OnSemble. You do not require any coding knowledge for creating pages with OnSemble. You only have to imagine the layout of the page. Then you can drag and drop everything you need. OnSemble helps employees initiate a discussion by starting a forum thread. Or, they can comment on the blogs created by their managers. With OnSemble, managers can create surveys and polls to get feedback from their team members. Managers and leaders of a business are also able to make project-related or business-related announcements with the help of Passageways OnSemble.

Passageways OnSemble also lets administrators easily create employee profiles. With OnSemble, administrators can provide permissions to employees depending on their role, department, or team. OnSemble also makes the project collaboration process simpler. Team members are able to look for and share any project-related documents, files, or reports easily.

You can use OnSemble on mobile devices. The application for mobile devices is known as OnSemble Mobile. It helps you keep all of your team members in your pocket. You can search anyone’s name, send an email or give the person a quick call in seconds. The mobile directory offered by OnSemble Mobile helps you connect with your colleagues immediately and effectively. With OnSemble Mobile, employees receive latest updates on projects or any organizational updates. The notification feed of OnSemble Mobile helps employees stay up-to-date with what is happening in the organization. Moreover, employees can create and share announcements at any time from anywhere using OnSemble Mobile.

If you opt for the Enterprise edition of OnSemble you can pick several add-on applications you require. Some of them are as follows: Vendor Management, Help Desks and Request Management, Supply and Inventory Management, Product and Services Directory, Dashboards and Visualizations, Employee Recognition, System Permissions, Instant Messenger, Learning Management, Single Sign-On, Strategic Planning, Forms Management, Task Management, and Lobby Management. OnSemble can also help you build applications for Sales Management, Project Management, Referral Management, Invoice Management, Timesheets, and Visitor Management.


Let us discuss the benefits of using the Passageways OnSemble software in your business.

  • OnSemble is an intranet portal that is easy-to-use and effective that increases the productivity of your team.
  • OnSemble contains all the information related to the projects handled by a team or the documents used by the team. When new employees join a team, OnSemble can help them with all the necessary information. Thus, OnSemble makes the onboarding process for new employees to a team easy.
  • The Passageways OnSemble software helps you to create beautiful pages without having the knowledge of HTML or any coding. OnSemble offers the drag-and-drop menu from which you can just drag the component you want and drop it to create the page you desired.
  • You can use Passageways OnSemble software in any kind of devices: desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. With OnSemble, you can get a unique intranet experience.
  • The OnSemble team plans, develops, and deploys the software for your business in a few weeks. The team has quite a few years of experience in carrying out this process.
  • Passageways OnSemble offers two deployment modes: on-premise and cloud hosted. Depending on the need of your business, the OnSemble team with deploy the software either on-premise or in the cloud.
  • The OnSemble software is fast and flexible. It can scale according to the requirement of its users.
  • Using Passageways OnSemble, users can integrate the platforms and applications they are using in their businesses with their intranet.
  • The SharePoint connector offered by OnSemble enables employees to work on their documents from the intranet directly. Employees can co-author documents using their intranet. If any changes is made to a document, it can be tracked down with the help of the version history feature.
  • The OnSemble software offers the Active Directory connector. Using the Active Directory connector, users can pull data from their active directory automatically. Hence, it is easy to create and manage user profiles using the OnSemble software. OnSemble also makes it easier to grant access to the employees with the help of the credentials and data that are present in the active directory.
  • With Passageways OnSemble, employees are able to share ideas and opinions with co-workers and managers. OnSemble provides a forum in which employees are able to create threads. In case of any query, an employee can create a thread in the forum to receive answers and opinions from his/her co-workers. With the help of forum threads, managers and are able to receive feedback on any project-related, business-related, or organizational-related matters. This can be done by conducting surveys and polls.
  • Passageways OnSemble helps managers make sure that their employees remember the scheduled events and activities. The connected calendar feature of OnSemble helps employees remember all the scheduled events and activities. OnSemble also lets employees categorize the calendars by event type or by the team. The built-in Outlook calendar of OnSemble allows users to connect Outlook calendars with their intranet.


Passageways OnSemble offers a plethora of attractive features. They are as follows:


With this feature, you can search for anything in your network drive from the intranet. This is done with the help of an instant index. The instant index can find any documents, files, FAQs, projects, reports, training materials and many more.

User Management

This feature of OnSemble helps administrator easily set user profiles up. It is very simple for the administrators to manage user profiles and pull out data from active directories. Moreover, administrators can also easily assign permissions to users based on their teams and roles.

Employee Directory

OnSemble helps you create and customize a directory on the basis of the requirements of your business. Employees are able to search the directory by department, title, location, branch, specialty, and so on.


You can create a list with the help of Passageways OnSemble. A list is a collection of important links. For example, you may need to find a sales report or a project-related file. Lists help you with a quick way to find them. Lists are ideal for organizing documents.


This feature of OnSemble helps you to listen to your employees. By conducting surveys and polls, you can collect feedback from your employees regarding any topics. Later, you can analyze the feedbacks across branches, teams, or the whole organization with the help of OnSemble.

Content Editor

Passageways OnSemble offers a powerful content editor. Using the content editor, you can develop rich content without having any coding knowledge. Thus, everyone on the intranet is able to create and share their stories. This makes the intranet interesting.

Teams and Workgroups

OnSemble makes sure that the projects handled by your team reside in a single hub. This is done with an aim for easy collaboration and communication across projects. You can find the information that is relevant to your role.


With OnSemble, you can create leadership blogs. Management and departments of a business can share what is important through these blogs. If a post is comment-enabled, employees can provide their feedback or ask questions from within the intranet. Thus, OnSemble helps create an open business environment.


This feature of OnSemble keeps you connected to the relevant events. You are able to customize alerts and also the way you receive them. For example, you may choose if you want the event notifications via popups, text messages, emails, or the Employee Instant Messenger.


With OnSemble, you can receive announcements and group discussion directly on the intranet. You have the option to get the announcements specific to your team.


This feature of OnSemble lets you import photos and photo albums. You just have to ensure that the photos are safe for the work environment.

Rooms and Reservations

With OnSemble, you can limit reservations by user permissions. The room reservation facility can be directly connected with Outlook. You are able to streamline everything you require to reserve rooms and supplies on the intranet.

Document Management

This feature of OnSemble helps you keep your documents organized with an intuitive document management system. This system takes out files from a SQL database or a shared drive. You can set document permission by roles or departments. The database documents have check-in and checkout options along with version history.

Report Analytics

This is an analytics tool that offers the metrics you require to understand your organization’s performance. Report analytics also helps to set strategic objective and track goals.

Custom Themes

With OnSemble, you are allowed to customize the theme of your intranet to make it look different from others.


OnSemble offers connected calendars that can be filtered easily. You can categorize the calendars by event types or team.

Discussions and Conversations

Using OnSemble, you can create a forum for all the members of your organization. The members can start a thread, gain input, ask a question, and so on.


The Pricing information of Passageways OnSemble is available only upon request. You can contact the Passageways team for more information and ask for a quote.

Technical Details

The Passageways OnSemble application supports systems with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Mobile devices with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems are also supported by Passageways OnSemble. The language supported by The Passageways OnSemble application is English. This application can be deployed in the cloud. If you have the infrastructure required for its setup, you can deploy Passageways OnSemble on premise.

Support Details

The Passageways OnSemble team offers you an ample amount of support so that their products remain useful and relevant always. For immediate support, you can contact the team via phone. For US customers, the contact number is 1.765.535.1880, Opt. 1. For the UK customers, the contact number is +44 (0) 1628918202. You can also your query through an email. The email id is help@passageways.com. Or, you can fill in the details of the form present in the webpage https://www.passageways.com/contact and send your query to the support team.

Passageways OnSemble offers a help center where you can find information on various topics related to the application. You can go to the Passageways OnSemble help center by visiting the webpage https://support.passageways.com/hc/en-us. You can take help of the search box to find an answer to your query. Below the search box, there are quite a few sections. Each section refers to a topic related to the passageways OnSemble application. For example, if you have any queries related to the dashboards, you can click the section “Dashboards and Visualizations”. Inside this section, you will find another search box in which you can search for topics related to dashboards and visualizations. You will also find training videos, PDFs, articles, and recordings related to dashboards and visualizations in the “Education and Training” section. In the “Self Help and How-Tos” section, you can find tips on how to perform certain operations. The next section “Release Information” contains articles on the releases of various versions of Dashboards. The “Archive” section also contains articles related to some topics on dashboards and visualizations.

When you opt for the annual plan of the Passageways OnSemble, the team assigns you a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). The CSM is responsible for walking you and your team through the implementation process. The CSM will also conduct meetings regularly throughout the implementation process to ensure that you can visualize a return within your desired timeframe.

The Passageways OnSemble team also offers communities. You can visit the webpage https://support.passageways.com/hc/en-us/community/topics to check the community topics. The community offers the customers of OnSemble to share knowledge and collaborate with their peers. The Passageways team believes that the sharing of best practices in a transparent and open format is beneficial to everybody. The communities are useful resources to discover new techniques to enhance your experience of the Passageways applications. With communities, you can constantly learn from your peers.


With a plethora of features, Passageways OnSemble is a powerful employee intranet platform. This platform is easy-to-use, and it provides an ample amount of freedom to the users. The built-in applications and built-in connectors make OnSemble a popular intranet platform among its users. You are also allowed to pick add-on applications if you require. The OnSemble team conducts annual customer conferences and besties so that customers can share their best practices with each other. The online communities also serve the same purpose. The Passways University offers training programs. Moreover, Passageways donate 1% of their time, revenue and product to charity.

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