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Full Pagestead Website Builder review – all you need to know about Pagestead Website Builder


What is Pagestead?

Pagestead is a complete self-hosted and white-label website development software mostly employed by enterprises to develop a competent and efficient website that reaches more into their clients and customers. As this software is used by all range of businesses, the website shows an easy path for its users in developing practicable web pages with the help of multiple components and an array of blocks.

So, making the use of components and blocks will be helpful in creating awesome and good-looking web pages just within few minutes and also provides more controllability rather than conventional tools.

This website builder is more intended to support the businesses in initiating the SaaS projects just in less period of time and enables them to seamlessly create various membership plans and then quote their clients and customers. There is also the option of making this software to get integrated with leading applications such as Stripe and PayPal. Integration with these applications will show an uncomplicated way for businesses to receive payments automatically into their bank accounts without any kind of complexities.


Some of the benefits supported by Pagestead are as follows and let’s have a clear picture of these benefits:

  • The drag and drop intuitive modelling interface will be easily used by clients and customers in the development of their websites and allows the finish the development in less time.
  • Pagestead consists of blocks where those include covers, content sections, and slideshows and these all benefits will surely decrease the time invested in the creation of web pages. Also, multiple components offer great authorization on web pages and then easily customization of pages on canvas.
  • The components support insertion of maps, pictures, videos, navigation bars, headings, and various text blocks.
  • Businesses those are using Pagestead can also develop packages in a simplified way where its clients and customers can get subscribed to those packages. The developed packages include components and blocks that substantially turns the builder an important answer to web building. After the selection of package, customers can now go with making their payments through Stripe or PayPal which makes the payments to be directly credited into business accounts.
  • So, these payment scenarios and the entire procedure of package formation, subscription and payments will be simpler for enterprises that provide Saas supported services.
  • The website builder is itself available to its users with a pre-defined HTML editor that shows entire authorization on the source code and manages various types of error detections.
  • Users are also allowed to embed various style cases, or they can even integrate different styles when they desire to require something other than the particular properties.
  • Moreover, configuration files are also loaded into the website that shows more easiness and flexibility for the website development.
  • Application administrators have the entire authority on all the classes and styling properties for various elements.
  • The software also provides revision history benefit that directly accumulates previous versions of web pages and then permits users to simply move back to the previous versions of web pages.


Site Builder Pro is available to its users and clients through various features and now let us have a detailed insight into those features:


Pagestead presents with a wide variety of professionally developed blocks like slideshows, features, covers, content divisions and many others. Users can make use of these blocks to come up with the designing of most beautiful and brilliant web pages just within the span of a couple of minutes. Allow your web page to be designed in canvas and that makes your website to have an awesome look with the help of implementing just one or two blocks. Canvas also offers the flexibility of drag and drop features which allows you to modify the order in which they are visible.


Components are mostly employed by those who are in the cogitation to have improved control on their website pages. Pagestead also allows you to choose multiple components to design web pages on the canvas. Using the inbuilt components, one can also have a greater control over their web pages. Components those are already placed in the canvas can adjust to various places on the page through drag and drop interface.

Some of the components those come under components are headings, images, navigation bars, videos, and maps etc.

In-built HTML editor

With the help of Pagestead’s inbuilt HTML editor, one can have complete authorization on every block’s code. This HTML editor also available with inbuilt error detection capability.

Flexible style editor

On the canvas board, you can practically change any kind of style property for multiple elements on the canvas. Along with the settings, those are in properties, style editor also has style classes where those can be implemented while designing various styles.

 Enhanced flexibility and configuration

Making use of configuration files, administrators who are using Pagestead can have enhanced authorization on which style properties are implemented for which elements.

 Revision history

Pagestead holds the capability of storing previous versions of your web pages and allows you to have the ability to reflect to those older versions at any time.

 Form handling

Pagestead also provides you with the unique feature of form submissions and these can be simply handled. With the form submissions, Pagestead will email the information on the specified data to the specified address.


Once the website is designed, it allows its users to simply publish their website into the market. Sites can be broadcasted to the public either through subfolder, custom domains, and subdomains.

 Image repository

Users can upload, crop and resize the pictures in their library itself. Furthermore, they can also make use of the normal image library.

Customized templates

Develop and save complete page templates where users can gain accessibility and employ to develop their own web pages in a quicker way.

Easy set-up process

The installation process of Pagestead is so simple and it is available with an accumulated installation script. Along with these scripts, the application also provides free installation service to its users where users can save a lot of time.


Site Builder Pro provides mostly two scenarios of pricing plans. Those are the website itself hosted plans and the plans those are hosted by you. In the website hosted scenario, there are three SMB and enterprise pricing plans that allows users to select the one from those. Let’s have a clear picture of what the features that these plans offer:

Starter plan:

This plan is priced at $199 per month and its support the features of:

  • A count of 5 end-users
  • Installation of 1-server
  • The assistance of email and forum
  • Supporting more than 100 blocks
  • Automatic updates up to one year

Professional plan

  • This plan is priced at $699 per month and its support the features of:
  • Unlimited users support
  • Installation of 1-server
  • The assistance of email and forums and live chat
  • Supporting more than 250 blocks
  • Automatic updates up to one year
  • Free software set up service


This plan is priced at $2,499 per month and its support the features of:

  • Support of all the features those are in the professional plan
  • Installation of unlimited servers
  • Supporting more than 450 blocks along with forthcoming block releases
  • Github repository accessibility

Now, move into the pricing plans those are hosted by us.


This plan is priced at $49 per month and it includes the features of:

  • Handles 2TB of data per every month
  • Support of SSL configuration
  • 50 end-users
  • Consists of 450 blocks
  • DDoS protection
  • Automated backup
  • Shows enhanced optimization
  • Server configuration of 1GB – 1 CPU – 50GB SSD


This plan is priced at $199 per month and it includes the features of:

  • Handles 5TB of data per every month
  • Support of SSL configuration
  • 250 end-users
  • Consists of 450 blocks
  • DDoS protection
  • Automated backup
  • Shows enhanced optimization
  • Server configuration of 8- 4 CPU – 160GB SSD


This plan is priced at $499 per month and it includes the features of:

  • Handles 6TB of data per every month
  • Support of SSL configuration
  • 500 end-users
  • Consists of 450 blocks
  • DDoS protection
  • Automated backup
  • Shows enhanced optimization
  • Server configuration of 16- 6 CPU – 320GB SSD

The licenses for all these pricing plans are long-lasting, but one should renew the subscriptions per every year to keep hold of latest updates and continuous support.

If one wishes to move on with receiving all the latest updates and forever support other than the initial period in the package, then they must pay an amount of $300 per every 6 months.

Technical details

There are various technical details where one should have the keen observation of those:

To be capable of running Pagestead on your own managed server, the server should hold the below functionalities:

  • LAMP Stack server: Unix/Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP
  • When your application is operated on Apache web server, then it should consist of the modules “mod_rewrite” and “mod_headers” where those should be in enabled mode.
  • The mod_security will be in disabled mode only when the software is operated in the versions of 1.0.6 or below versions.
  • The supported MySQL database must be 5.5.3 version or the other latest version.
  • The supported PHP scripting language 5.4 version or newer versions (<7.2)
  • PHP has to use the latest MySQLi extension, it does not mean that MySQL extension will not support.
  • PHP, GD, CURL and mbstring extensions have to be installed for sure.
  • The application should load PHP ZipArchive class and permit _url_fopen directive.
  • Implementing sort of server-side cache such as Varnish can make the application to stand away from interruptions, but it is not the recommended solution.
  • Implementation of Nginx as a reversed proxy server will eliminate the interruptions in the application, but this is also not recommended.

Software hosting types

Even though the basic functionalities of Pagestead operates on cheaper hosting domains, some of the publishing features may not operate in the correct way especially in the cases of custom domains.

So, it is advised for customers to operate Pagestead on VPS or a completely dedicated server. To accomplish the complete performance of Pagestead, it is advised to operate your server on a dedicated IP address but not a shared server.


Although Pagestead permits its users to advertise the website on your application subdomains, the most recommended way is to go with organizing your infrastructure that shows a path for direct SSL for the application subdomains. So, it is advised to host DNS using Cloudflare as they provide basic SSL for the main domain and subdomains too.

Hosting provider

In general, Pagestead users are recommended to implement Digital Ocean as the hosting provider, but not always.

Free installation services

When you go with the packages of either Professional or Enterprise, they will be able to use our free installation service. The support team of Pagestead advises installing a Digital Ocean droplet supported with CentOD v7.4 x64. At first, it is better to initiate with 2GB configuration and later n you can move with higher upgrades.

Support details

Pagestead provides support to its users through the user manuals and technical documentation. More developer manuals are also supported by this application where there will be more helpful for the newbies, also one can go with installation guides. One can also seek the support of Site Builder Pro through email, tickets and via live chat support.

One can receive quick solutions and answers to their concerns those are related to Pagestead. So, you can then send the forms through https://support.sbpro.io/ and the support team will be in reach with you. Also, you can be in contact with the support team through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.


Provide a complete professional website to your customers through the extended support of Pagestead. Make use of Pagestead and then initiate your SaaS business, develop membership packages and then go with charging your customers. Make the best use of accomplishing all the benefits and features offered by Site Builder Pro, and then deliver the stunning web pages.