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Full PagerDuty Network Management Software review – all you need to know about PagerDuty Network Management Software


The modern computer industry is driven by the thrift of highly potential applications. A large variety of applications not only serve to the primary purpose of the enterprise but only open doors for serving in an enriching way to each and every customer it shares the relationship with. The applications have greatly reduced the manual human efforts for the enterprise employees by the provision of multiple digital formats of the forms and the services the companies generally offer.

A blackout situation can create a havoc for enterprises. It is a situation where every digital solution provided by the company falls out and fails to function properly, resulting in unsuccessful service provisions. It is obvious for any enterprise to avoid running into such kind of problems since they can cause a huge amount of loss to the company which caters solutions in the digital form. This is where the network management softwares come in action. These state of the art solutions cater to monitor the network-based hindrances and offer pre-alerting solutions to the enterprises they cater in order to effectively avert disastrous situations. Such softwares have been greatly recognized by the technology giants for their robust ability to alert in case of the emergency situations.

What is PagerDuty?

PagerDuty serves as a digitally designed operations performance platform designed to upgrade the performance and stability of several sorts of businesses by chopping off several manual like time-consuming activities throughout the lifecycle of operations. PagerDuty provides IT and development operation teams with a large variety of powerful capabilities like escalation policies, alert monitoring, incident monitoring, and on-call scheduling to solve the problems arising in their applications, servers locations, and website pages.

PagerDuty allows the DevOps specialist computer scientists to offer top of the line high-performance applets as well as applications along with intuitive customer experiences. The platform also offers real-time alerts with the pure visibility into critical enterprise workflows and services, the platform also allows the operations teams for quick detection, evaluate, and resolve incidental problems arising from the service development through rapid overlooked creation.

PagerDuty has a huge support for hundreds of natively located integrations along with operation based tools like guaranteed availability, advanced reporting,  automated scheduling. Furthermore, PagerDuty is a widely acclaimed trust by more than 7,000 organizations across the globe to significantly increase business efficiency and employee development. PagerDuty is well renowned for excellent incidence responding and rapid alert service that is both straightforward as well as powerful and assures that every member of your team members are in the same level of paging when it comes to IT infrastructural status.

In a nutshell, PagerDuty leads the digital operations management platform for businesses by empowering various section dignities like DevOps, IT operations, support, security and business leaders. The platform openly allows changing any signal into brief insight and open doors to real-time action across any operational use case. PagerDuty allows for displaying exceptional digital experiences which can effectively work for the prevention and resolve the business-related crucial decisions.

Benefits of PagerDuty

  • Support for Event Grouping & Additional Enrichment for any specific event.
  • Reliable & intuitively crafted Alert system.
  • Schedule management & Automated Escalations algorithm encoded.
  • Easy to access mobile based quick incident management tool.
  • Real-Time Collaboration support.
  • Detailed system level & user based reporting
  • Always-On, guaranteed delivery status
  • Enterprise-grade security encryption & control extension
  • Service grouping enabled.

Features of PagerDuty

PagerDuty analytics

The application smartly integrates the machine as well as human resourced data to deliver top of the line and updated operational insights to operational as well as business based leaders, significantly driving them towards maturity processing and raised business outcomes. The latest metrics portrayal using the prebuilt assets ensures a better understanding of the impact of certain team-based operations, the customer desires as well as the current business status. Presence of highly prescriptive dashboards and self-servicing analytics lets you completely visualize the operational metrics along with KPIs to obtain a better cross-organizational alignment and realize the scenarios when it comes to better business outcomes. Benchmarking clubbed with advanced analytics allows the users of the platforms to leverage the top best of the practices in the industrial rankings. Additionally, the wonders of machine learning have been creatively joined in the core software to rapidly improve the operational maturity over the due course of time.

Operational Review Analytics

The application platform smartly incorporates to manage the operational review meetings with metrics in the form of creatively crafted review analytics that keenly focuses on the amount of traction it creates of the operations on people, customers, as well as business.

Prescriptive Dashboards

The detailed reports coming in the form of the dashboards easily shows the pathway to the users through the drastic medium of search on the basis on their area of operations or interests they like. All of this is showed by an easily explanatory dashboard experience.

Operational Metrics Beyond MTTA/MTTR

PagerDuty incorporates one of the most powerful modern metrics evaluation based platform, including several utilities like MTTEngage, MTTMobilize, MTBetweenFailure, Time w/o Major Inc, Escalations, Reassignments, $ of Response and much more.

Peer and Industry Benchmarks

PagerDuty allows Challenging your team to drastically improve their work efficiencies, pit right against your designated peers, allowing your team employees to directly focus on areas that require urgent attention.

Pagerduty Visibility

PagerDuty is the one and kind of only network management platform that focuses on both sorts of that is technical as well as business stakeholders for a completely share-able, actual live view of how the technical incidents are vastly making a huge effect on the digital intuitions, enabling them actively perform a righteous thing for the real-time business. All of this vastly connects the insights to the real-time action. The connection of insights directly into the action scenario lets you drive the highly active business response by automated connection of the business and technical sorts. Quantify the impact in a true real-time by seeing the real impact of the incidents on your business on the run, completed contextually with real-time respondents. A highly lightweight, decentralized approach for arranging the relationships related to the service and outcomes paves an elegant way for a simplified service alignment. All of this is built on a highly rich and unique dataset which leads to effective yet smarter real-time decision making with a creative view of machine data, services, teams, business impact, and several other corresponding actions.

Business Impact Dashboard

The network management applications for a quick and easy display of the insights on-the-run with the assistance a frequently updated, mobile-based brief look of the current business and the active operational status.

Operations Dashboard

The Operations Command Console in the application offers a detailed technical view of momentary system status when updated, the identity of an employee working on a certain issue, as well as display the visual correlation of event for effective tri-acceleration.

Business and Technical Services

PagerDuty easily allows mapping the technical utilities to the business-related services, for bridging the gap longing from the technical ownership to the customer impact.

Real-Time Performance Indicators

To monitor what is the true level of accomplishment achieved by the employees, the platform enables true ownership by simply quantifying the real-time impact (considering several aspects like costs, number of affected users and several other key factors) in the form of performance level indicators.

Real-Time Stakeholder Updates

It is essential for any business or enterprise to be frequently updated of the statistics of their current business. This is the core reason as to why whenever a business service is degraded, PagerDuty automatically notifies the stakeholders with to the point understandable business contextual aspects.

PagerDuty Modern Incident Response

PagerDuty supports several brands by shielding their posh revenues and ramp up their customer experiences by resolution of the emergently escalated events faster and preventing more of such future occurrences. The platform also brightly cheer ups the teams with elegant automation solutions which rapidly and accurately build up the most accurate right response, every time. This allows to get majors of the best incidental works to your enterprise with a point to point response automation system, a smooth real-time integration with the ITSM toolchains, and robust breakthroughs. The automated yet precise responses range from mono-triage towards mobilizing the rightly – crossed utilizable team assets just in some seconds from anywhere in the device. Let the stakeholders of your business be informed in real – time, cheer up the entire company for collaboration and classify in a coordinated response with the assistance of the business-wide orchestration. Take full advantage of the platform’s orchestration capabilities for a well-coordinated response for various incidents regardless of the source and seamlessly synchronize the crucial information related to your employees or work or any other enterprise related aspect without worrying about the hassle of varied platforms.


PagerDuty currently offers its network management services in four different packages catered as per the needs of users who are looking for such. The four set of plans include: Lite, Basic, Standard, and Enterprise perfectly classified as per the needs of the users.

Lite Plan – Retails at $9/month/user (annual billing) or $10/month/user

  • Unlimited SMS, Phone Alerts for USA and Canada provinces.
  • Reliable Alerting system
  • Support for 100+ Integrations
  • Automatic Escalation algorithm
  • Support for the Knowledge Basing system

Basic Plan – Retails at $29/month/user (annual billing) or $34/month/user

  • Includes all of the lite plan features, plus
  • Support for 25 Global SMS and Phone Alerts
  • On-call Scheduling
  • Incident Urgency allocation
  • Email client Support
  • Support for 500 API Requests on a monthly
  • 1 Year Data Retention

Standard Plan – Retails at $49/month/user (annual billing) or $59/month/user

  • All Basic Plan features
  • Unlimited Global SMS and Phone Alerts
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Single Sign-on
  • Team Organization
  • Unlimited API Requests
  • Custom Incident Urgencies
  • Phone + Email Support
  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Service Agreements

Enterprise Plan – Retails at $99/month/user (annual billing)

  • All Standard Plan features, plus
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Customized SLAs
  • Unlimited Read-Only Users
  • Downtime Insurance Protection

Technical Details

  • PagerDuty integrates with many business systems and applications including: Ansible, Apica ,App Dynamics ,App Formix ,Aruba ,Catchpoint ,Bitium ,BMC Remedy ,Desk.com ,Flowdock ,Freshservice Gitter ,Glip ,Demisto ,Crashlyticcs ,Ghost Inspector ,Honeybadger ,HP Sitscope ,Kayako ,Keynote ,Intellinote ,LogicMonitor ,MailHop ,Microsoft Azure ,Monitis ,Okta ,Slack ,Raygun ,Opsee ,Zapier ,Zendesk.
  • Cross-platform support. (windows, android, iphone/ipad, mac, and web-based)
  • Single language license: English.
  • Comfortable pricing models: monthly payment or annual subscription
  • Built to cater Small, large as well as medium scaled businesses


PagerDuty offers a variety of assistive support methods. You can easily reach out to them by following the set of contact choices they offer:


PagerDuty offers an elevated level of assistance by utilizing the email client approach for better understanding of the query you have. You can easily get to them using the provided email client in case of query you have or in case of a problem you face.


PagerDuty also offers right away support with the help of the cell contact stored right in your hands so that you can quickly resolve the queries you have.

Live support

The live support enables you to quickly resolve the queries you have right away with the help of the live assistance provided by the PagerDuty team.


Even if you find this network management platform difficult to understand, PagerDuty offers a variety of approaches to resolve your queries and drastically improve your learning of the platform through interactive training mediums.


The platform currently offers supportive assistance in the form of tickets


If you are in the market looking for the effective network-based application solutions for your enterprise, you will be happy to take this one into consideration. With its powerful set of features, robust nature, detailed reporting, a vast array of platform compatibility and a platform that never lets your crucial virtual assets down even in the crisis like situation, this one will definitely serve as the best pick for you.

PagerDuty has also acclaimed a huge fame by earning its name in several categories like “Top 50 IT management software products” and “Top 5 network management software products” by finances online.