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Full Ordyx Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Ordyx


What is Ordyx?


Ordyx is a state of the art restaurant management software and POS service for modern day hospitality establishments.

The software uses the most advanced technology to offer you a reliable and ongoing service you can count on.

Whether you need better ways of managing your multi-location restaurant operation, or return your delivery side of the restaurant business, or you are starting out and opening your first location, the software can help.

It’s focus is on working with you in partnership while listening to you and knowing your needs, then studying the latest in market trends to offer an ever-growing features set for the success of your restaurant business.

You can start with one iPad and grow as your needs require, or begin with over 30 terminals, as the software is able to scale up and grow with you.



Use your equipment or Ordyx equipment

Ordyx offers you options such that if you used Ordyx-compatible equipment, you get to continue using it. Its support team offers a quick evaluation of the equipment you’re currently using, but if you need to buy equipment, it gives you an easy to read and clear hardware quote.

Innovative tools to maximize efficiency and profitability

The software does this by enabling you to focus your time in the daily running of your restaurant operations, while servicing your customers, instead of management of traditional in-restaurant back office via the Ordyx server, which is internet based and resides outside your restaurant business. Each touch-screen in the restaurant syncs continuously with the server and applies the highest encryption standards.

Easily segment and target customers

Remembering facts about your customers is important as it leads eventually to increased interactions with the company. Drive repeat business through several ways like tailoring promos to specific customers via mail, phone, or email among other communication types. There are endless possibilities most of which can be explored easily using detailed analytics through your POS system.

Assists businesses achieve their goals

Ordyx has an incredible features set that helps your business grow. Whether that is managing your first restaurant or a multi-locational business, the restaurant management software is right by your side to help you attain the goals of your restaurant business.

Stay connected to your business anywhere anytime

Ordyx has a remote authorization functionality and is compatible with iOS devices so you can stay connected to your restaurant business from any location over the world, so you have the freedom to make approvals on the fly. The software’s system also sends real time SMS messages automatically, or email notifications with regards to store hours, comps, store closing, voids and much more.

Always be on top of food and alcohol inventory

When your restaurant’s bar area is busy, you need to know which items are moving fast, running low or have run out. Ordyx offers benefits such as a detailed inventory which updates itself in real time as orders keep coming. When the items run out, you can ’86 the item instantly and it is displayed conveniently on the home order screen.

Access detailed bar reports anywhere, at anytime

View detailed bar reports at anytime, on liquor, sales, and food cost percentages, employee reports, inventory and consumer reports that are easily accessed and read from the Ordyx App. These reports are accessible and live from any location, so you just need a device that’s internet-enabled.

Switch seamlessly between different menus

Don’t worry about adjusting the prices for happy hour or specials, or even switching menus. The bar POS system, and pre-scheduled menus and prices adjust automatically for select times.

Target your customers with CRM integrations

With it’s customer database, you can track contact info, customer names, and their purchase history so that you are ready to provide everything that your loyal customers need.

Quick employee training

Ordyx has its focus on ease of use and simplicity. Busy restaurant establishments that have a high employee turnover need to quickly train new staff, which it makes easier as a new cashier or waiter can be trained and begin working in a few minutes.

Instantly split checks with ease

Ordyx alleviates the stress that comes with splitting of bills as it offers a check splitting feature that lets you drag/drop and split the items between customers.

Customized for your specific needs

Enjoy the benefits of Ordyx POS which is fully customized and equipped with specific features that can match with the needs of you restaurant. In many cases, you can even use the hardware you currently have or if you want to upgrade with your own current software, the team will guide you towards the best solution that matches your specific needs.

Enable mobility

Ordyx mobile app makes tableside ordering much easier than ever before as employees take customers’ orders and send them directly to the kitchen, split or merge checks by individual items or seat number, and take payments without the hassles of running to and from the kitchen. This lets the servers maximize on time in contact with the customer and on the floor.

Real-time online reporting

When running a restaurant, tracking your expenses and sales is one of the most urgent tasks to ensure you stay profitable. With Ordyx restaurant POS software, you can access reports for up to five years from the past, and broadly analyze them or as detailed as you would like whether it is daily, hourly, yearly, or weekly and much more. This also lets you compare KPIs with historical data and gives you the best view, overall, of the items on sale and when they’re being sold, and helps you make the best decisions for your business.

Manage location(s) anytime, and anywhere

Running a successful restaurant business takes time and hard work and sometimes you may need to be away physically from the location. Ordyx’s remote capabilities are made in a way that no part of your restaurant has to suffer because of your absence. Use any smartphone or PC to gain remote access to your restaurant via the Ordyx Remote app. This app lets you manage the restaurant as it enables execution of all duties in management like approving comps and voids, opening and closing the store, and running sales reports.

Increase overall efficiency in delivery management

Ordyx helps you do this as it automatically populates online orders in kitchen printers or displays.


Ordyx is simple and easy to use; train new employees to get working within minutes.


If you lose your internet connection, Ordyx automatically stores order information and syncs them seamlessly once the connection is restored. Security and reliability are part of its service.


Whether you’re using your phone, or PC, or you’re on the road or at home, Ordyx.com is available from your internet browser; log in and stay connected with your restaurant.


Ordyx is affordable and available for everyone. Just pay for whatever you need.



Auto update

The touchscreen syncs menu changes and automatically updates itself with new versions of the software, so you need not pay for upgrades.

Auto sync

Even if your internet connection is temporarily disconnected, Ordyx is designed in such a way that they can detect this disconnection and maintain information locally while syncing automatically with the server once the connection is restored.

Innovative business model

The innovation of this software reflects in everything from how the software is designed to its service structure. The business model is innovating allowing the software to offer high service quality compared to traditional POS vendors.

Automatic sending of SMSs

With Ordyx, you can send a text message automatically to your phone based on alerts that are predetermined like employees working more than x hours, store closing, managers doing more than x amount on comps and other instances. Even where there is no manager, Ordyx can do manager approvals from outside your restaurant.

Future ordering

This new feature lets customers of Ordyx accept orders in advance days or even weeks. Managers can start preparing and having the appropriate labor for orders so they can be efficiently delivered.

Ordyx Mobile


This is an innovative handheld feature for Ordyx POS that lets cashiers and wait staff at bars or restaurants take customers’ orders straight by the tableside or anywhere in the restaurant. By taking the customer orders at tableside, the waiters get to maximize on time spent by wait staff talking to customers, thereby increasing the possibilities for overall revenues. Ordyx Mobile can be used as a line buster as it takes orders from customers in line quickly at Quick service restaurants, thus reducing overall waiting times. As the feature takes orders, you get access to all modifiers and menus. The POS lets you manage your establishment anytime and from anywhere, so you get features such as:

  • SMS alerts for high comps and voids
  • Time and attendance
  • Full reporting
  • Remote authorization for manager functionality
  • Detailed inventory tracking
  • Loyalty program
  • QB for export for sales information
  • Delivery functionality
  • Automatic upgrades every two months, and enterprise ready
Ordyx remote

View the status of your stores and approve comps, voids and much more remotely. With Ordyx Remote, you can manage your restaurant anytime, from any location.

Online ordering

This feature is on mobile and integrates with other software features thus rids you of the need for extra work adding/changing menu items. It also has a tip adjustment tool and full integration with your website plus flexibility for branding.

Customer Loyalty program

Ordyx has simple tools you can use to reward customers for their loyalty to your restaurant, encouraging them to keep coming back. The loyalty program can be a great win-win incentive, as you benefit from frequent visits and they gain great rewards in return.

24×7×365 Support

This is a huge part of any business that is time critical and Ordyx offers no exceptions. Its service is monitored 24/7/365 to avoid downtimes, while ensuring smooth operations and maintaining high integrity of data. Its customers get highly reliable technical support when they need it.

Simplified Data & Reports

Track level inventory and ingredient inventory to access reports for calculating, monitoring and forecasting portion costs, food costs, and recipe costs.


Lite Plan: $49.99 plus $9.99 for gift/delivery/loyalty

  • Time and attendance
  • 1 remote printer
  • 10 staff and 10 menus
  • 24/7/365 support
  • SMS alert and Offline mode
  • Credit card processing
  • Automatic upgrades and Daily backups
  • Enterprise ready and iOS compatible
  • QuickBooks integration and Payroll integration
  • Table layout

Standard Plan: $59.99 (plus $14.99 for additional terminal and $9.99 for attendance and time, gift/delivery/loyalty, and inventory)

  • Everything in Lite plan
  • Unlimited remote printers and Unlimited menus
  • Unlimited staff
  • PC/Mac compatible

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows Mobile

Languages: English

Pricing Model: Monthly payment

Customer Type: Small and Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • Demo
  • Phone
  • Blog
  • Online forms
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ,SMS, Vimeo