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Full Oracle Hospitality Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality

What is Oracle Hospitality?

Oracle Hospitality

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Oracle Hospitality is a new global business unit by Oracle, in the restaurant management software segment, dedicated to help the hospitality sector speed up its move into the digital economy.

The software delivers a variety of hardware and software related services and is centered on technology and expertise of the MICROS systems, which has over three decades of experience in the hospitality sector.

Oracle Hospitality has a rapidly growing portfolio of cloud solutions for customers to deliver superior experiences through superior service to guests in any location, through its unprecedented innovation and scale.


Oracle Hospitality

Hospitality Redefined

Oracle Hospitality allows you to deliver guest experiences that are exceptional and personalize service, in turn you win customers’ loyalty.

Revolutionize Change

In today’s dynamic world with guests’ demands changing every other time, you need to quickly innovate while offering new services with unforgettable experiences. Oracle Hospitality helps you orchestrate this change with its cloud solution for mobile devices to reporting tools thus elevates hospitality.

Embrace Growth

Seize the moment by capturing your restaurant’s operations in real time with the right information. Oracle Hospitality’s POS and property management tool helps you elevate the experiences for your guests and ignite growth.

Sail Smoothly

Guests today want things better, faster and without hassles. Oracle Hospitality helps you satisfy these demands with its suite of integrated technology solutions from fleetwide to shipboard property management, and management systems that are headquarter based so you can surpass their expectations as your efficiency and staff performance is elevated.

A Platform for Growth

With Oracle Hospitality, you can create a growth platform with the right system for restaurant management and hotel property management to manage and increase operating efficiency in your operations while enabling better guest experiences.

Create Exceptional Experiences

For businesses of all sizes and shapes, from a global chain to the single property can get Oracle Hospitality’s assistance to cater for every stage of their guests’ travel journey. The OPERA system can be deployed on-premise or cloud and you get to tackle full spectrum of tasks anytime and anywhere. OPERA optimizes operations with speed, efficiency and agility, and taps into analytics and reports, maximizes online booking, and orchestrates revenue management.

Integrated, Scalable, Modular

Oracle Hospitality is useful in managing your operations. It is flexible, all in one, and reliable so you get all you need from POS to reservations and distribution for both restaurants and bars.

Cloud technologies for your restaurant

Oracle Hospitality helps deliver exceptional guest experiences through its cloud strategy to meet the needs of travelers, innovatively. It offers mobile access to dining preferences, bookings, and service histories, plus much more. For restaurants, you also get single customer view, targeted marketing, personalization, monetization, and a complete data-driven, connected, and secure platform.

Deliver superior guest experiences while reducing IT complexity and costs

Through its OPERA Cloud services, Oracle Hospitality enables you to respond fast to dynamic market conditions and increased innovation speeds, while reducing complexity and cost of your IT infrastructure. The app and data center experts ensure you get 24/7 security and availability of your systems with patching, alerting, monitoring, auto-remediation, backups, upgrading, and endpoint security options.


Oracle Hospitality

OPERA Cloud Services

Oracle Hospitality offers the OPERA Cloud services enterprise platform for hotel operations & distribution, with next-generation comprehensive capabilities that your restaurant needs to improve operating efficiency and enhance guest experiences. It is scalable, flexible, secure and fully mobile. With it, you can serve guests anytime and anywhere, centralize and secure customer data, and simplify IT infrastructure, and much more. Its key features include reservations, front desk and cashiering modules, profiles management, accounts receivable, commissions, quick keys, reports, group management, back office interface, and much more.

Profile management

With Oracle Hospitality, you can store comprehensive profile information while handling ID documents with complete legal compliance, achieve meaningful profile information with match/merge and data cleansing services, manage relationships easily while linking sub profiles and master profiles, plus much more.


Use Oracle Hospitality to automate enforcement of booking schedules and rules, ease complex group bookings, analyze detailed booking origin through market/source/promo code reporting and statistics, and easy booking-related communication for guest and staff with various tools.


Oracle Hospitality offers audit capabilities to adjust postings, transaction and article code management, quick and batch post options, and accounts receivable and commission handling.


With Oracle Hospitality, you get flexible configuration options, multi-currency and foreign cash handling, multiproperty configuration template, and ability to translate hotel configuration into any language.


Use more than 360 standard reports with Oracle Hospitality with built-in report customization and you can also create new reports. It also has go-green capabilities so you can email reports, and also for further processing, you can schedule reports and use the report export options with programs like Microsoft Excel.

OPERA Sales and Catering

With this lite cloud service, Oracle Hospitality offers a contact and account management app that integrates easily with the OPERA property cloud service for operations that are streamlined. It also offers easy activity and customer management integrated with customer production data you can view in your sales office. Thus, employees can access account information needed for developing effective strategies around key accounts, while achieving strategies. Its key features include among others time management, syncing with Microsoft Outlook activities and contacts, a single and integrated database, account dashboard and international capabilities.

Hotel Mobile

This Oracle Hospitality feature helps enable mobile hotel operations. The native app extends Oracle Hospitality hotel functions to mobile devices so your staff can improve engagement with guests and offer personalized services from any of your restaurants. Its key features include check in/out, reservations, maintenance and housekeeping. With this Oracle Hospitality, you benefit from enhanced guest loyalty, improved collaboration in and across departments, increased operating efficiency, and enhanced hotel associate satisfaction.

OPERA Customer Loyalty Tracking

Use Oracle Hospitality to increase customer loyalty while growing your business, as this customer loyalty tracking tool enables you to deliver exceptional experiences for guests while maximizing loyalty, and gathering and managing data on guests centrally. Its key features include a centralized guest database shared by multiple properties, corporate and travel agent data management and reporting, support for the creation of flexible, advanced profile management, tailored loyalty programs, deduplication and rich profiles functionality.

OPERA Central Sales

With Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA central sales, you get a lead-sending module to communicate to your sales team over prospective business. Its key features include account performance snapshot split into group/individual production, customer and contact management, FIT contracts, lead management, and room and function space inventory overview.

OPERA Channel Management – Self Service

This Oracle Hospitality tool helps you leverage on channels for driving growth. It offers other features for rate optimization and allocation of inventory across distribution channels, so its is best for hotels that need distribution management. Its key features include single point for inventory and rate management across channels, booking engine for direct website bookings, acceptance of online bookings minus fees, ability to view bookings, support for complex operations like loyalty memberships and shared reservations, CRM, and much more.

OPERA Channel Management – Fully Managed

This Oracle Hospitality helps you effectively manage distribution channels as it is a hosted solution; it also offers connectivity to online travel agencies and global distribution systems. Its key features include everything in the self service portal, plus seamless integration with the whole Oracle Hospitality OPERA product family, quality control, customer support, online training, data loading recommendations and best practices, static content integrity checks, and much more.

Simphony POS

Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality Simphony is the premiere mobile and cloud hospitality management platform that offers back office functionality and enterprise POS to support a variety of food and beverage operations. It goes beyond the POS to deliver speed deployment, save on maintenance, deliver guest-centric content and marketing, manage multiple operation styles in one enterprise, connect to mobile payment, mobile and online ordering, digital menu boards, and leverages a comprehensive tools’ suite to identify theft and prevent loss, labor, loyalty and gift cards, inventory and table reservations. Its key features are the centralized menu/pricing/promo management, cloud-enabled business efficiency, customer engagement with live content, rich user interface, conversational ordering, flexible order management controls, cash management, powerful reporting, kitchen management functionality, labor management, and optional services for gift and loyalty cards, plus multilingual and multi-currency support.

Suite8 Property Point of Sale

With this Oracle Hospitality tool, you can connect your restaurant using the fully integrated solution to manage your restaurant, minibar bookings, or front office sales. It grants full access to guest data, but is only available in EMEA. Its benefits include creation of unique experiences, the perfect welcome to guests every time, and you get to be an attentive host all the time. It ensures your hotel’s processes and departments work together optimally for smooth running, and you enjoy more success. With this Oracle Hospitality feature, you can:

  • Know guests and everyone on your team can offer perfect service throughout the journey of the guest
  • Give guests multiple options to search hotels online, or GDS, ADS, and direct sales on your website
  • Ensures you’re positioned attractively and are updated on all relevant booking websites so your hotel can be seen in a highly crowded and competitive market
  • Oracle Hospitality’s Suite8 solution makes changes, reservations and additions for your guests as easy as possible
  • With the pre-stay communication, guests are happy even before they come to you because they’ve been in touch via text messages, email or fax and are sure they made the right decision
  • Check in helps guests check in from a kiosk terminal or mobile device and reach out to them with convenient and multiple check in options to make their arrival quick and easy
  • For a memorable dining experience with entertainment and spa, Oracle Hospitality offers you an excellent way of differentiating your service while increasing revenue what with its offline offers for restaurant, bar and wellness areas for extra sales
  • The check out options are easily accessible from mobile device, reception desk, or a kiosk terminal. You can easily streamline departures, ensuring guests are relaxed and offering a personal note with a bill that’s easy to understand and pleasant goodbye
  • Use guest surveys, loyalty programs and special offers to stay in touch with guests while earning repeat business and encouraging them to post positive reviews and share with others

Kitchen Display Systems

Oracle Hospitality offers a kitchen display system that simplifies the workflow in your restaurant kitchen, while increasing efficiency, enhancing food quality and service speeds, and reducing errors.

Seamless Kitchen Communication

With Oracle Hospitality, you can fulfill the following tasks in your restaurant’s kitchen:

  • Enhance communication in the kitchen and increase the efficiency of your restaurant
  • Display orders for preparation
  • Monitor timing for delivery of meals
  • Measure the complete guest experience
  • Get real time reporting on kitchen performance
  • Increase service speeds for superior guest experiences and enhanced quality of meals

This is available for Oracle Hospitality Simphony, Oracle Hospitality RES 3700, and Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition. Its key features include instant order transmission, seamless kitchen communications, detailed reporting and statistical data, table buttons showing kitchen statuses/table, and orders, and multimedia support. The benefits of using this tool include improved quality of meals, increased productivity, reduced service delays, better guest experiences, and accelerated table turnover.


Contact the vendor directly for information on pricing and pricing packages, or to get a custom quote for your restaurant business.

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish

Pricing Model: Quote-based

Customer Type: Small Business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Online contact form
  • Blog
  • Help Center
  • Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube
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