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Full Optimizely Content Marketing Software Review – All You Need to Know About Optimizely


Every business has its unique customer base. Some site visitors will come daily and other periodically. Knowing these visitors better improves your chances at marketing to them successfully. Hence the need for a tool like Optimizely.

Your website’s success depends on extensive testing. ou want to read their customer behaviors and draw profitable inferences from them. Hence, data analysis is a critical prerequisite for success.

Although lots of people consider marketing an art, some people don’t share that opinion. They consider marketing a science.

Some of these leading “marketing scientists” include Brian Clark, Neil Patel, Avinash Kaushik, and Danny Sullivan.

Small businesses find data analysis tough. Converting data to profits isn’t a walk in the park; you can’t take things at face value. You’d need additional analytics tools is a necessity.

You’re in luck! These tools abound. If you manage a sizeable business with a marketing team, then you can take advantage of A/B testing features. Testing helps you identify profitable business options.

To simplify your search for the right optimization tool, this Optimizely review will come in handy. We’ll explore this platform’s benefits, features, and drawbacks. In this review, we’ll take a deep dive into how this will impact your business.

What is Optimizely?

Brief History

Before we look at what Optimizely is, let us look briefly into its history. In 2010, former Google staffs, Pete Koomen, and Dan Siroker established Optimizely. During the Obama campaign, Dan Siroker was the Director of Analytics and also worked as a Google Chrome, product manager. His partner, Pete Koomen, was also a product manager for the Google App Engine.

Also in 2010, Optimizely was able to complete the Y Combinator program. The close of the funding round was in November later that year. It received a total of $1.2 million from investors during this round.

In 2011, there was a positive cash flow for the company. An announcement regarding new funds was made in May 2012. Investors who provided these funds include Interwest Partners, Battery Ventures, and Google Ventures.

How Optimizely Works

The Optimizely platform offers you the chance to develop and personalize the website of your business. It also allows you to streamline the experience of users to enhance your good reputation. It will enable companies to do this across mobile applications, websites, and linked devices.

Optimizely lets companies comprehensively experiment into their technology stack and widely across the whole customer experience.

Having a customer service which is effective is a primary requirement for online marketing. Attracting a lot of business is much easier if you use your customer preferences in your website optimization.

There is a large variety of businesses that the Optimizely platform supports. It also boasts of over 6,000 companies which have benefited from its services. There are various packages available. It is through the price per quote system which Optimizely adopts. With this, it can cater to both small and big businesses in enhancing the digital experience their websites can provide for customers.

General knowledge that the behavior of customers changes with time. Helping in keeping up with these changes is a crucial function of Optimizely. Using these records, it is easier to make adjustments on your platform so it can interact more effectively with customers. With some great services available, no wonder this product has created more than 30 billion optimized experiences for its customers.

The platform is also intuitive to use. Also, the deployment speed has empowered companies to develop and carry out bold experiments. These experiments have aided them in growing quicker and making data-driven choices. Till now, developers, project managers as well as marketers have delivered more than 700 billion experiences. These experiences have been tailored to the requirement of their clients.


How does it work?

Certain website adjustments can help your business in generating maximum profits. Identifying these changes is a crucial function of Optimizely. Maximizing profits and traffic is possible by optimizing your website using this software. It works similar to most SEO tools. There is a unique aspect which differentiates it from other SEO tools. After directing traffic to the website, it shifts focus on the customer experience.

Using Optimizely, multiple versions of your current website can be designed. It then records the user’s response to each version, by highlighting the version with the best response rate. There are tests such as Multivariate, A/B, or multi-page tests which Optimizely can adopt in testing the website variations.

Click-through rates are one of the statistics which Optimizely tracks. It represents the number of visitors clicking on parts of the website which can take them to a new page. Users can also monitor conversion rates on the site. The conversion rate represents the number of customers who purchase a product through the website or perform any other follow up action.

There are various platforms through which customers can access a website. Optimizely ensures that your website is accessible from all available platforms. It supports devices like Android and iOS and also helps in creating the variations of the website. It eliminates the need for a team of web developers while saving time. Coding skills are not a requirement. With the visual editor which Optimizely provides, you can click on a section of the website to implement changes.

Criteria like Geography, cookies, or ads are available as the basis for selecting the version of the website which is visible to a particular audience. Depending on your preference, Optimizely can display results based on a specific element like campaign, or device.


Enhance marketing strategy result

You can maximize the results of your present marketing strategy using Optimizely. The analytics feature of the program keeps track of the user experience on-site. Through this record, it is easy to separate the helpful features on your website from the detrimental ones. Some of the positive effects include higher time spent on the website, increase in traffic, bounce rate reduction, and others. It becomes a lot easier to improve customer relationships as well as provide the well-tailored services.

Aids in setting up webinars

Optimizely can also set up webinars for those who do so for their customers. Essential aspects of webinars are easy to incorporate using this program. You can have the upper hand you’re your competitors and still customize marketing campaigns to your liking.

Offers a variety of layouts

Nowadays, customers desire more improvements. A lot of customers want a layout which is customized for their use. With Optimizely, you can make such layouts available. The growth of your business can reach higher peaks if you can retain your customers. Providing the needs of all individual customers will assure you of their loyalty for extended periods.

Offers a broader reach

It also helps in reaching a broader demographic. This includes users on PCs, mobile devices, and more.

Easy to use

As a new user, learning about the specifications and other features of Optimizely is quite easy. This is through the use of a testing kit which it offers. If you are unsure about the usefulness of the product, a free trial can help you decide. The probability that the services do not meet your requirements is quite low considering a lot of big brands use the product.


  • It does not enable the use of ZIP codes when Geo-targeting for tests
  • If you have a list of unrelated URLs, the mass upload option is not available for URL targeting
  • Each account is limited in use to one user
  • In comparison to other software in its category, it is quite expensive
  • There are often differences in the reports you get from Optimizely when you compare to Google Analytic results
  • Getting most of the great features requires a subscription to higher tiers
  • The performance of the preview feature falls short of expectations
    As the page loads, there is often a flicker

Features of Optimizely

  • Enterprise-grade security,
  • Multipage testing,
  • Developer tools,
  • Predictive Analytics,
  • Support for Multi-domain,
  • Compatibility with Mobile Web,
  • Simple Visual Editing,
  • Management of campaigns,
  • Audience segments recommendation,
  • Platforms which can be customized,
  • Behavioral Audience Targeting,
  • Multivariate Testing

Other core features

A/B Testing

Test page changes by administering the change to a portion of measuring conversion and visitors.

Conversion Goal

The solution allows users to set the action of a user as the test’s conversion goal

Traffic Percentage

Optimizely gives users the capacity to make adjustments to the total percentage of traffic undergoing tests. Users can also adjust the percentage of proportions of tested traffic that sees B and sees A.

Adjust Confidence Level

Users can make adjustments or view the needed confidence level of their tests.

Multivariate Testing

Users can test numerous changes simultaneously by diverting traffic to an indiscriminate combination of all the changes undergoing analysis.

Split URL Testing

Divide a page’s web traffic and share it between two different URLs.

Build landing pages and Web Pages

With this solution, users can develop variant web pages with a WYSIWYG editor which is very easy to use. It also allows users to build landing pages for individual entry into the website.


Users can break down a user population using numerous variables. Some of these could include time, demographic, and sequence actions. It also allows for the development of custom segments.

Dashboards and reports

It gives users access to custom and pre-built dashboards and reports.

Mobile Optimization

It offers optimization tools for tablet and mobile versions of the websites. It allows you to use it conveniently on your mobile gadgets.

Custom and Standard Targeting

  • This is instrumental in the deployment of several webpage versions.
  • Helps you to base this on user activity, demographics among others and is done using out of the box configuration.
  • It can also display distinct versions based on any setup variable. The variable can be set up to ensure tracking at the back end of the website.

Click Reporting

The solution allows users to view the total click rates and percentages for any link on a page.

Reliability and Performance

The software is available consistently. It also lets users quickly finish up tasks because there is no wait time for software to respond.

A role, Access Management, and User

It provides access to select features, data, and objects among others. You can base this on user role, users and groups.

QA Testing

Optimizely allows users to test that variable and event setup is accurately reporting data.

Optimizely Pricing plans

The pricing plans of Optimizely is customized to the needs of each user. There are three prices available for SMB and enterprises. To give users the opportunity to make the right decision, they can try out various features during a free trial period which runs for 30 days.

After completing the trial period, a customer representative will get in touch to help in the selection of the right plan. They will also give the pricing for the plan you select. The plans available include:

Standard Plan

Below are a few features you can benefit from this plan. They include:

  • Stats Engine
  • Multi-page experimentation
  • A/B testing
  • Visual editor
  • Platform compliance and security
  • Analytics integration


Below are a few features you can benefit from this plan. They include:

  • All features available in the Standard package
  • Improved targeting options
  • Experiments which are mutually exclusive
  • Additional roles and permissions
  • Program management
  • Extensions


Below are a few features you can benefit from this plan. They include:

  • All features on the Business package
  • Customized campaigns
  • Third-party audiences
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Recommendations for contents and products
  • Advanced program management

Technical details of Optimizely

Devices Supported:

It supports a host of devices which include:

  • iPad/iPhone
  • Web-based
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows

Supported language is the English language.

Pricing Model

It follows a Quote system as seen on the official website

Customer Types

  • Freelancers
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses


  • Hosted on Cloud

Support Details

There are two means through which the vendor offers support to users. These are through;

  • Phone
  • Email

Wrap up

Personalization and web experimentation are critical areas on which Optimizely focuses. The program provides cross-platform testing, A/B and multi-page experimentation which are easy to use. Through a Stats Engine, it can also display results in segments.

Using various criteria like cookies, ad campaign, geography, and more help in targeting experimentations using Optimizely. Depending on your audience, you can also personalize and optimize the content of the website. Optimizely is a safe place to get started.