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Full OnSIP Business Phone Software Review – All you need to know about OnSIP

OnSIP Software

What is the OnSIP software?

With their Headquarters in Manhattan, OnSIP communications is a powerful tool. It is also a simple to use unified communications system. OnSIP software offers a VoIP phone service that is flexible and customizable. This cloud-based phone system has over 100000 customer accounts. All the users are benefiting from the various features offered by a business phone system.

Cofounders Mike Oeth, Rob Wolpov and John Riordan wanted you to have a business phone system. This system is one that is easy to use and implement. They make setting your unified communications system a breeze with simple clicks of a mouse. There are other 50 plus business phone system features that you can utilize and hundreds of configuration options.

Your VoIP phone service is a reflection of your business. OnSIP communications have made it their mission to provide you with a geographically distributed platform. As OnSIP software holds a 98% satisfaction rating, you are sure to get the best. This cloud-based phone system on the market when you choose this VoIP phone service.

Benefits of OnSIP software:

Your communications internally and externally are the very foundation of your organization. You need it to connect with customers and staff members alike. You want to be sure that when you choose a business phone system, you are choosing one that will benefit you and your customers. Here is a look at the benefits offered by OnSIP Software.

  • You can work smarter using this cloud-based phone system. This communications system fits seamlessly into your already established business workflows.
  • Have the ability to make better staffing decision. With various tools that will enable you to have full control over your company.
  • You will be able to boost your sales and support your staff better through the use of one-click applications in your browser.
  • There is the opportunity to take control of your communication finances. You will not have to worry about monthly fees per phone or extension.
  • Not having all the components of your VoIP phone service in one location benefits you by having low amounts of service downtime.
  • Hardware you already own will work seamlessly with this cloud-based phone system. As a result, you will have fewer maintenance issues tying up your system.
  • You will never be charged with VoIP phone service when calling internally. Regardless of geographic location you will not pay for organizational calls. As long as your contacts are within your organization, your calls are free.
  • The functionality of the OnSIP software is perfect for the mobile worker. You will have the option to make and take calls anywhere you are.
  • You can seamlessly jump between devices. This provides you with the freedom to move around without having to have certain devices on hand.
  • This business phone system is very easy to use and to implement. Even your least tech-savvy staff members will find OnSIP communications a breeze to operate.
  • You can choose to try out this cloud-based phone system before purchasing it as there is a free plan you can upgrade from.

OnSIP Software Features:

Along with the various benefits offered by OnSIP communications, there is also a vast range of features. Each feature was designed to make your business communications a much simpler task. That will result in increased productivity and efficiency. Here is a quick look at some of the features offered by this VoIP phone service.

Your business phone system basics.

Utilizing OnSIP communications allows you to have a comprehensive list of various business phone system features. You can impress your customers with an auto-attendant that will help direct calls to the appropriate team member. You also can create groups for various inbound calls.

Make use of the dial by name directory to help your customers find the person they want to speak too. If they aren’t sure, you can have staff members paged when calls come in for their department. Make use of the inbound bridge that will allow your organization to always be interconnected regardless of location.

Enjoy the customization options that can allow you to create queues, choose phone numbers and make companywide or customer-based announcements via your cloud-based phone system. You also can set up a personal ring strategy so that you get certain rings when you receive calls from certain customers.

Additional Features:

  • Get your voicemails in your email
  • Utilize the find me anywhere application that will help you keep track of staff.
  • Host HD conferences through the conferencing suite offered by OnSIP communications.
  • Create business hour rules
  • Use the busy lamp field.

The various call center features.

Keep on top of your call volume by having an enhanced queue dashboard. You can also use the Instacall feature for placing calls that are common. Stay connected with staff for training purposes by having access to call monitoring, barging and whispering.

Make use of the various integrations that are included with your VoIP phone system. These integrations include being able to use Zendesk, Highrise and Google Analytics. You also have the ability to use the OnSIP assistant for Google Chrome.

Additional Features:

  • Queue video on hold.
  • Queue reporting so that you know what calls were taken and which were dropped.
  • Enhanced queue call recording.

Various business phone system collaboration features.

Have the ability to keep connected with staff and customers alike. You can use the 5-way video conferencing for meetings or conferences. Make use of the individual video chatting feature. Stay on top of costs by having free in-network calls.

For the mobile workers, you can use the OnSIP is a mobile option and install the OnSIP app on your smartphones. You can also get some new external phone numbers for those who are not onsite.

Additional Features:

  • Slack integration
  • Professional call linking
  • Simulring phone for ensured connectivity between customers and teams.
  • Extension dialling from anywhere.

Have full control with administrative features.

Utilize the intuitive administrator portal for keeping track of all call activity. Get network status updates so you can have a clear line of sight into your VoIP system. Keep note of all the real-time changes made to pre-established calls or those that were unexpected.

Have access to all the call volumes and missed calls that go on within your organization through the reporting dashboard. Also get detailed call records to see what calls were handled and by whom. Add or remove a user by having access to the unlimited number of users allowed.

Additional Features:

  • Easy Provisioning
  • SIP domain hosting
  • Developer APIS
  • Get multi-location support to always be connected.

Pricing Plans for OnSIP Communications:

There are a variety of pricing plans that are associated with the OnSIP software. Here is an overview of the various plans offered.

The Free Plan:

As a free of charge plan, there are extensive features you can utilize. You can have up to 100 users, web video and voice calling, have multiparty video capabilities, web call buttons and links. You can also create Presence, have web phones, slack integration, Chrome extensions, integration with Zendesk and SIP domain hosting.

There is also the customization option of setting your business hour rules for your business phone system. There is unlimited SIP internet calling via your cloud-based phone system and knowledgebase access. Your developers have access to APIs and additional A la Carte.

The Pay as you Go Plan:

This one is as stated, you don’t pay month-to-month fees, but you do pay as you use it. With this VoIP phone service plan, you get access to external PSTN calling and all the support options.

You also have 5 voicemail boxes 3 auto attendants, 3 ring group, 1 dial by name directory, 1 announcement and 5 hold channels for your choice of music. There is also the ability to record 1 user calls.

Metered User Plan:

This one is $8.95 per user per month and it includes everything you can see in the pay as you go plan. Additionally, you can have ring groups, announcements, busy lamp field, call parking and voicemail boxes per user. There is also an auto attendant and choice of hold music. You can even enhance your hold music and use the dial by name directory.

Unlimited User Plan:

This plan costs $24.95 per user monthly and it includes everything you get in the metered plan plus unlimited standard area calling. You also have access to call recording.

OnSIP Software Technical Details:

This cloud-based phone system gives you open API as well as the cloud access. As a result, you can use this business phone system on any device that is Windows or Mac operated.

There is the ability to use this VoIP phone service on other devices since there is a web-based application. This means you can use it on your cellphones and tablets as well. Provided you have internet connectivity either directly or through your data, it is usable.

The language supported by OnSIP communications is English primarily. If there is any other supported language, you would have to contact the vendor to find out.

Support Details of OnSIP:

When you are dealing with a cloud-hosted phone system for your business phone system, you want to be sure that you are going to be fully supported. Your VoIP phone service is crucial to your day-to-day operations and therefore, you need to know it will work for you continuously.

Here are the various support options offered by the OnSIP software.

  • Email: By sending an email to the staff at OnSIP communications you can get replies within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Phone: Contact OnSIP communications via a toll-free number that you can call for support in North America.
  • Training: There are a variety of training options that you can utilize to become more familiar with your cloud-hosted phone system. You can utilize webinars or onsite training.
  • Tickets: Through a helpdesk set up, you can create support tickets to get help with any technical issues you may have. They will handle all tickets in order of queue.
  • Online: There is an online database of comprehensive information that you can access. You will be able to find answers through the FAQ section or by downloading their various guides.

Noteworthy: Almost all of their support is handled within the United States. They do have various locations across the multiple time zones.


Your business phone system is crucial to your operations. You need to have the ability to keep in contact with customers and staff in a comprehensive manner that is stable and constant.

When utilizing the OnSIP software cloud-based phone system, you will benefit from the ability to have constant connectivity. The various features and added benefits that are provided by this VoIP phone service makes it a very appealing business phone system.

Knowledge of your business is what helps you make the most comprehensive decision you can. When seeking out a cloud-based phone system, you want to be able to know exactly what you need and who has it to offer. Make sure you do all your homework and research thoroughly every option there is for your communication solution.

As a whole, OnSIP software is a great contender as you can utilize the free version or only pay for it as you go along. Anytime your needs change, you do have the option to upgrade seamlessly to a different package. OnSIP communications are definitely worth looking into on a deeper level.