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Full OnContact CRM Software Review – All you need to know about OnContact CRM Software


OnContact CRM is the flagship customer r/p product of the WorkWise that is recognized for so many competitive benefits in the industry.

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It has won Great User Experience Award and Expert’s Choice Award in the year 2017.

It has currently introduced its 10th edition that’s alleged to have a reinvented CRM from several different aspects.

Why select OnContact as the future CRM? For 60 dollars per month and per user, the companies get the contact center, compact sales, customer service, and marketing automation, while the functionalities are together on one single dashboard. There’s no need to deal with complicated navigation patterns ever again.

Irrespective of so many phases in the marketing campaign or some complexity of the sales funnel, you’ll be given a large number of different configuration hacks in order to make the OnContact exclusive for your business.

It is also all set to use on your mobile device and a large number of different operating systems. Also, the OnContact would be a great handy asset for the remote and large team.

What is OnContact?


The OnContact is built according to the needs of experienced marketers. Its ease of use is just out of question.

The friendliness, as well as intuitiveness which differ this from similar apps actually, adjust it according to the requirements of novice users. They are running this right off their bat, and also reap advantages long before they have discovered all modern management tricks of the system.

Those who would skip the setup process, as well as maintenance tasks, would benefit from the completely cloud-hosted version of this system. Its expert support help would still be available for them because of the IT experts and on-premise users.

What’s also nice to know about the developers of the professional system is that they considered the requirement for this to synchronize in the accounting data. It also enabled the streamlined connection to the QuickBooks.

It means that users would be able to just access the financial data. But also relate its customers to the payment information from the comfort of one single dashboard.

Benefits of OnContact


The OnContact CRM supports the native integrations along with G Suite products, WorkWise ERP, and Microsoft Outlook.

What actually makes the OnContact some kind of unparalleled CRM solutions is its rare combination of intelligence, sales, customer service, marketing automation, and contact features.

Along with a clear interface which is basically adaptive to any business environment, the system could replace a diverse and expensive software setting that you’ve put in place in order to keep your contacts under control.

The OnContact CRM showcases entire sales management, contact center functionality, marketing automation, and customer service.

Sales Automation

The core beneficiaries of the OnContact would be the sales agents because they get a system which would guide them via daily activities, generate different quotes, scheduled meetings, and boost the journey of its customers for as long as their purchase lasts.

They’ll also achieve the batch of detailed reports in order to understand what practices actually work the best, and also forecast opportunities faster than ever before.

Automation and Marketing Planning

The OnContact CRM basically collates the marketing info from several resources. It uses this information to analyze, build, and execute the market plans which cater to the requirements of your audience.

It assists in developing the successful marketing campaigns even without the necessity of adhering to 3rd-party trends, guide its users to buy with the purposeful promotions, and make a comparison of progress in order to pull out good practices.

The OnContact also guarantees useful opportunities for businesses. This takes total control over important operations, processes leads & distributes emails, also follows leads’ behavior, and therefore, adds multiple opportunities to the sales pipeline.

Customer Service

The team of OnContact CRM believes that the core task of the successful marketers is to just keep their customers happy, and puts in place the trustable service hub.

Its main role in the communication along with its customers would be actually to extract the valuable intelligence, track incidents, resolve problems and enhance calls to action, and track cases which can compromise its quality of service.

The similar system actually directs the customer as well as purchasing history to the single reference knowledge-based, from where this could be typically used for every type of reporting.

Features of OnContact

The OnContact CRM provides the feature-packed customer r/p management solution which is actually geared toward the mid-market businesses.

The OnContact is available as a cloud solution and on-premise that is a competitive benefit in the type of this industry. Its solution also contains a mobile app for the salespeople who want to stay connected even outside of their office.

The OnContact provides a number of robust OnContact CRM features of a product available on the market. These’re only a few of prominent features that the OnContact actually brings to the table.


Contact Center

The Contact Center of OnContact assists in making the most of all interactions because it depends on some features that include call scripting, calling queues, and CTI integration.

It means that you’d be there to examine the customers’ problems without even using some other communication as well as troubleshooting system.

Mobile-optimized CRM


The OnContact CRM basically does not impose any restrictions to such as how you are about to use this, as this functions and deploys seamlessly on all devices and operating systems.

It would be quite useful to remote and large teams which want constant communication along with their coworkers and clients, and who would like to get information accessible irrespective of the location.

Streamlined Integration with the QuickBooks


Acknowledging a need to just bring CRM, as well as financial data together, the developers actually made sure that you can connect the OnContact account along with the QuickBooks.

Technically, it does mean that you could have an access to the finance and accounting information without even leaving the platform, just follow payment history of the buyers, track the balance, and even much more.

Code-free and Unparalleled Customization

There is one more thing which makes the OnContact CRM perfect for the business environment. It is the customization.

The users could easily modify, add, or remove tabs, screens, and fields, until this system resembles what they’d had in their minds as an appropriate CRM for their business.

The configuration spills over the workflow automation as well that makes this possible to create rare business processes even without the coding knowledge.

Out-of-the-box Additions in the OnContact CRM 10

Its Version 10 is currently launched that work around particular customer requests for giving much better services. It is also tools enriched with a few modern whistles and bells which are tough to find among some other providers.

This also aims predominantly for inspiring the business development and growth. It enables the busy marketers to just keep control over several market opportunities and trends.

A perfect example of these is its latest Daily Planner. The users could schedule their activities, manage and monitor leads, and also add several panels and badges to the dashboard according to their needs.

The most amazing part of its planner is a To-Do list that is right-centered. They can schedule priorities, adjust the status on their drawers slide, and get notifications timely on the due dates.

Its Company Screen has been reimagined in order to make the logical relation between the customer profiles, opportunities, and activities.

By checking out the recent Version 10, I really like its Global Search Panel. In there you could locate entire records and cases, and allow the system to match them to the activities and contacts.

There has been done much to automate the opportunity tracking. And, as a result of this you could now view all details of an opportunity, and thus list down those activities which must be completed to use this.

On the other side of the axis, the incidents also got special screen along with contacts, details, and notes.

There is a large number of different training materials that are available in the knowledge base of the company in order to assist you to promote the content the way it should be done.


The OnContact CRM has so many features. This software is the mid-market CRM application. It also provides you the power in order to grow, as well as cultivate the outstanding relationships.

There is no other CRM product available on the market that includes all these functions without any additional charge.

The OnContact CRM provides both the 1-time enterprise license and the monthly subscription.

There is an amazing 14 day free trial which you could actually use to check out the main features of this software.

OnContact Cloud CRM – $60/month/user (Annually Billed)

This pricing plan of the OnContact has so many features. It offers sales automation, marketing automation, and customer service.

This package also includes marketing management, mobile CRM, and contact center.

OnContact On-Premise CRM – $995/user (Annually Billed)

The On-Premise pricing plan includes all features. It is an amazing pricing plan. The on-premise pricing plan also provides the yearly maintenance fees that are not specified clearly on its pricing page.

This software is actually the Enterprise solution. I would not recommend to buy the OnContact for cloud installation. But in case you want the on-premise option then this product is a great option.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

The Oncontact is compatible with any device that is available on the market. This feature makes it accessible on any device across the world.

This software supports Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and web-based devices.

Language Support

The OnContact supports the English language. It is very easy to understand.

Pricing Model

The pricing model of the OnContact is quite easy. There are 2 main pricing models that are available so you will not have any problem with choosing any one of them.

Its users also got a choice to select between one-time payment and annual subscription model. You need to keep one thing in your mind. The annual pricing model is far better than the one-time payment model.

Customer Types

In case you give a quick look at the pricing plans that the OnContact provides then you would come to know that this software is suitable for every type of the customers.

The OnContact is appropriate for a business of any size that is the small business, medium business, and large enterprises.


It is versatile in terms of deployment. This software uses both on-premise software and cloud-based hosting.

Support Details

The customer support of OnContact provides a large range of the customer services. Of course, in order to assist its customers to make the cost-effective and right use of this product.

This includes assistance in upgrading, planning, maintenance, installation, troubleshooting, and training.

The customer support is very good. It has almost every possible communication channel open to provide the customer satisfaction and also boost the customer retention.

The OnContact provides support through different communication channels. Communication channels include email, live support, phone, and support tickets.

This way, you could learn how to use this software. But also get benefits from this with the help of its expert team.


The OnContact CRM is easy and simple to use. It also adapts to you with amazing flexibility. The users would enjoy a boost in the productivity and a decrease in costs. There is a direct connection to the marketing, developing effective sales, and customer service strategies.

The OnContact CRM drives the productivity through a central dashboard. The dashboard permits its users to access crucial information from the single screen.

It has so many capabilities. Such as in the website visitor tracking, sales management, issue tracking, email marketing, multi-channel marketing, campaign management, and escalation.

The OnContact software also delivers a full solution along with unparalleled functionality and power.

The rare Customizer tool gives a better way for the users to change toolbars. Or even adjust the screen formats, fields and buttons to fit their individual business rules and workflows. This is letting this system appeal across several industries along with specialized requirements.

OnContact is the well-established CRM solution. There is no doubt it provides a large variety of the features. These features which go beyond the basic customer r/p management benefit the users the most.

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