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Full OmniMD EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About OmniMD


Over 120,000 of professionals in the medical practice and healthcare industry has benefited from EHR software like OmniMD. This software is a division of Integrated Systems Management Inc., and it has been offering transforming financial health, health care, and clinical operations since 2001.

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This platform has had over 15 million patient encounters and over 3 million patients. OmniMD ranks among INC.’s fastest companies in the US. With this software, health practitioners can control the chaos associated with health care by streamlining their medical practice processes.

OmniMD has accreditation and certification from different accredited bodies such as EHNAC, Surescripts White Coat of Quality, ONC, and others.

Choosing the right Electronic health record (EHR) software can prove to be quite a feat as there are different factors such as pricing, supported platform, functions, and others to consider.

In this article, we will do a deep-dive review into OmniMD to uncover its features, benefits, weaknesses, and other factors. In the end, you’ll know enough to decide whether to use it or not.

Let’s begin with the obvious question.

What is The OmniMD EHR Software?

OmniMD is a cloud-based electronic health records software platform that offers practical management, medical documentation, patient engagement, and billing solution to health professionals.

This software provides a specialty workflow, template library, reports, and content which can be developed distinctly for your specialty by OMniMD’s medical team which consists of physicians, medical billers, and specialty advisors.

The primary aim of this software is to provide care management with multi-specialty clinics, ambulatory outpatient clinics, and practices. OmniMD can index, convert, and retrieve business and clinical documents for easy accessibility.

This software features a voice recognition system that converts voice to text to enable users to change unstructured data into structured information.

The business support system offered by OmniMD helps to improve financial performance, patient care, and clinical operations. This system provides insights, feedback, and analytics on workflows, practice, transactions, and medical records.

Communication with patients is secure with this software as it sends them automatic reminders about their appointments. OmniMD integrates seamlessly with practice management, EHR, laboratory, biller/payer, and health information systems.

I know all these might seem fascinating, but there are other parts of this review that you must read. These sections are vital to give you a full picture of OmniMD. Let’s take a look at the features associated with this electronic health records software.

Features of OmniMD

This software has different functionalities and platforms such as a patient portal, medical billing, Lab interface, patient reminders, practice management platforms, chronic care management, e-Prescribing, and others.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

This platform helps you meet operational, patient care, and operational standards. With this PCMH, you can improve the experience of patients and drive quality improvements.

This software integrates behavioral healthcare and care management. It also makes use of electronic or paper charting tools to organize information about the clinic.

This patient-centered medical home platform tracks test, critical referrals, and follow-up test results systematically. This software also makes use of relevant data to identify vital diagnosis and conditions during practice.

Specialties Platform

This software does not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ system as without specialty workflows and requirements; it is difficult to make use of OmniMD successfully. OmniMD which is specially designed by specialists provides specific practice management and EHR solutions for different specialties.

This software provides you to templates, macros, and workflows that you improve your performance, health care quality, and productivity. The specialties that this platform offers workflows and templates include  Urgent care, occupational medicine, OB/GYN, Pain management, wound care, vascular surgery, physical therapy, and more.

Practice Management Platform

This platform makes use of practice management technologies and capabilities to help you to maximize staff, revenue, and operational satisfaction. This practice management platform allows you to upgrade your system so it would be compliant.

With this platforms knowledge and technology base, your practice’s revenue and catch flow will increase while the number of rejected claims will decrease. This software automates claims submission, and it ensures that you are not over-coding or under-coding.

You can manage the financial lifecycle of your health organization with the comprehensive tools that this platform provides.

Other Functions of the Practice Management Platform

  • You  can identify and execute billing and collection process efficiencies easily
  • With this platform, your revenues will increase as your denials decrease
  • The follow-up and automated collection module allows you to manage outstanding claims effectively
  • This platform reduces Total Accounts Receivable, resolution turn-around time and A/R days
  • Intuitive analytics for billing
  • Easily customizable dashboard with clear and visual reports and graphics
  • You can bill multiple practices with a single login with this platform
  • This software platform reduces payment processing and response time

Medical Billing Service

Health practitioners can partner with OmniMD for their medical billing and revenue cycle management skills for some reasons such as seamless access to financial and clinical data, data analysis, audit risk minimization, and others.

The integrated Cloud EHR and practice management solution powers valid claims submission. This service also provides a support team and a dedicated relationship manager when needed.

With this platform, you can successfully pursue denied or underpaid claims and resolve eligibility and credentialing issues as well.

Other Functions of the Medical Billing Service

  • The proprietary coding scrubber hunt for incorrect coding
  • You can minimize audit risk and build coding confidence with this service
  • The billing team of this software performs responsibilities such as denial management, claim submission, and follow-up
  • This software combines proprietary technology with consulting and financial expertise to deliver sustainable and measurable value to your practice
  • This billing service manages all your back-office operations  through its Practice Management system

Patient Reminder System

Increasing no-show rates are damaging to your patents health, your revenue, and your reputation. OmniMD has an automated patient reminder system which helps to reduce cancellations, no-shows, and missed appointments by over 30 percent.

OmniMD provides tools and functionalities through an integrated approach to help increase the effectiveness of your reminder system.

Other Functions of the Patient Reminder System

  • Multi-Modal Channels: These channels offer varying communication methods via email, text, and interactive voice technology.
  • Customizable Messages: You can personalize and automate reminders with response options to change, confirm or change the appointment
  • Generation of Tracking Documentation: You can successfully generate reports for all your reminders including their statutes and methods of communication used
  • Appointment Scheduler and Cloud EHR Integration
  • You can tailor custom messages for high-risk patient groups to increase alerts for these patients

Document Management

This document management and indexing tool can change existing business and clinical documents from paper to digital form easily. With this platform, you can retrieve patient information on time and find any records in seconds.

This document management tool eliminates time wasting and risk of lost or misplaced files. With this platform, you can quickly and efficiently respond to litigation, inquiries, and audits with digital back-up.

All your patients’ record is free from any disaster with this tool, and it also complies with CMS and HIPAA retention guidelines.

Lab Interface Services

This lab interface service is at no cost to users, and it helps to streamline your result and lab ordering processes. This service enhances information security and reduces communication and duplication errors.

This lab interface service features direct and secure data transfer which works well with any EHR as well as OmniMD EHR. This software can build a quick lab interface for you within days.

Patient Portal

This patient portal helps patients with medical information accessibility, secure communication with physicians, seamless healthcare management, appointment scheduling, prescription refill requests, and streamlined billing functionality.

Patients, physicians, and family members can access the patient portal online regardless of where they are. This portal features medical history, patient scheduling, lab results, intake forms, and secure two-way communication with the physician.

Other functions of the Patient Portal

  • This portal features automatic health alerts and reminders which you can send and track
  • Patients can also receive automatic communication about upcoming lab tests, appointments, and procedures on this platform.
  • You can make medical refill requests automated  to reduce administrative follow-up
  • You have easy access to required child and adult immunization documents on this portal
  • The bill paying interface makes billing quicker and simpler
  • The online statements have the same details available in a paper statement

Data Analytics & Reporting

This software collects practice data and analysis it to help physicians optimize revenue and practice management as the patient care elevates. With this analytics and reporting tool, you can catch feedbacks to improve the outcome and financial performance of your clinic.

This analytics solution examines critical data such as medical records, office workflow, billing status, lab results, and others for improvements and insights. You can recognize significant opportunities and trend that help to improve financial strength and patient care with this analytics tool.

Population Health

This platform consolidates data from financial, operational, and clinical sources. You can reduce medical risks and diagnostic errors with this feature.

The central data warehouse gives administrators, physicians, billers, and physicians access to patient data. You can easily exchange and interop date with local, national, or regional sources on this platform.

OmniMD Interface

This interface allows for secure data exchange, standards-based messaging, and reliable connectivity between hospitals, labs, billers, clinic, EHRs, payers, and practice management systems.

The dashboard allows for easy message flow management and monitoring. The interface features automated alerts, drop-box capability, and seamless integration with interoperability standards.

Patient Kiosk

This patient check-in kiosk helps you simplifies the check-in process for patients while improving patient care, processing, and communication with clinicians.

On this platform, patients can update their information effectively and make payments & co-payments. Patients can also quickly sign consent forms and complete pre-appointment questionnaires.

This kiosk integrates seamlessly with the Cloud EHR to give you a patient dashboard which contains their personal information and current health plan.

Benefits of the OmniMD EHR Software

Health practitioners are attracted to this electronic health records solution because of its benefits. Highlighted below are the key attraction points of this EHR software.


This software can be customized to fit your practice as it is not a ‘one-size fits all’ type of EHR software. OmniMD accommodates all request regardless of the specialty.

Easy To Use

This software user interface makes it easy for users to navigate irrespective of whether they have a tech background or not. The library also provides resources which help users quickly learn how to use the software.

Multiple Functionalities

The different functionalities on this software help to simplify different processes such as billing, patient care, critical care, and others. The various features are also effortless to use.

Cons of OmniMD Software

Even the best software is not immune to weaknesses, and unfortunately, OmniMD is not exempt. Let’s take a look at the drawbacks of this electronic health records software, shall we?

  • Poor Customer Service
  • Price Ambiguity
  • Not Compatible with Google Chrome

Pricing and Price Models

The OmniMD EHR software’s pricing plan is on a quote basis. You have to contact the company to give you a quote.

Technical Details

Highlighted below are the technical details associated with this EHR software.

Platforms Supported

OmniMD supports a wide variety of platforms and operating systems such as

  • Mac OS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web Browser (OS agnostic)

Language Supported

  • English

Business Types

  • Freelancers
  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Large Enterprises


  • Cloud-based
  • On-Premise
  • SaaS
  • Open API

Contact Support

OmniMD provides support to their users in different ways. You can reach their support agents if you have any issues through live chat, telephone, and email. They are always ready to help you with any software issues you might have.

You also have the option of speaking with a medical expert if you have any medically-related issue. The self-help section, on the other hand, provides users with training and resources.

To Wrap It Up

OmniMD is a fantastic solution for EHR, practice management and medical billing in the health sector. This software simplifies the entire process of running a clinic or health center with its tools and functionalities.

OmniMD’s integrates with different devices and laboratories, and it also generates analytics and reports to improve your practice. OmniMD has its weaknesses; it is still a very functional software.

So is OmniMD the best electronic health record and practice management software in the market? We don’t know, you tell us.

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